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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 25, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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right -- at poony ridge elementary school with the temperature coming in right -- piney ridge elementary school with the temperature coming in right at noon. >> reporter: let's look at the traffic cameras starting out on the beltway on the northwest side, this is at old court road south of 795. light traffic in both directions. a few cars on the outer loop making its way southbound through pikesville towards wood lawn. 95 south before the the tunnel the entrance to bore 2 there's an accident. traffic gets by around it. keep it slow and be careful. a warning for parents this morning in har forecounty after an a-- harford county after an attempted abduction in abingdon. way approached by a stranger in a dark -- a boy was approached by a stranger in a dark van. >> reporter: harford county sheriff office done firmed they are vegging an attempted abduction. the teen was approached by a
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stranger driving a dark van while he was walking to the bus stop around 6:30 yesterday morning. according to police, the suspect threatened the boy telling him to get into the van. the boy ran home and his mother called police. investigators interviewed nearby neighbors who report spotting a suspicious dark van. police searched the area but weren't able to locate the suspect. this morning police continue working trying to put together a description of the van. many neighbors say the area is normally safe so this incident has them worried. >> absolutely. having my daughter and one on the way, and we have always been pretty content here and felt very safe, and that just sort of uproots things. >> reporter: now the sheriff's office is urging residents to be on the lookout getting a detailed description or license plate and to call harford county police if they see anything suspicious. corinne redman, abc2 news. police in north baltimore are searching for suspects in the beating death of a woman.
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police were called to 41st street before 6 last night. homicide investigators are trying to find out what happened in the case but they say that they have little to go on right now. a couple in rockville died in what police are calling a murder-suicide. albert ballard went to visit his wife at the assisted living center yesterday morning. witnesses heard gunfire from the room and the couple was found dead. the statement from the community's ceo calls it a tragedy and does note that it's an isolated incident. a mother and her son will be remembered at a memorial in clarksburg. jane mcclain was found mereddered in her -- murdered in her home and her son was found later. the step father is accused in the death. in lieu of flowers the family is asking donation be made to the dwelling place a group providing housing and support
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services to a family in need. it will be used to establish a sports scholarship in their name. community members and parents fired up about a controversial plan that could close rment ec centers around baltimore -- rec centers around baltimore. parents say it's taking away a safe place for kids to learn and play after school hours. sherrie johnson joins us live with the details of what's going on and what parents are saying today. sherrie. >> reporter: good morning, charley. we are live here in front of city hall where controversy is building over whether or not to close several city park recreation centers. and all new this morning, one church group is planning a demonstration in front of the parks and recs headquarters building. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has a plan that could end privatizing some and closing others. it would happen on the first of the year and some parents and community members are not happy about it. many of the rec centers are packed with kids many they come in after school to get help with homework and can play with
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friends and it keeps them off the streets. a plan proposed by rawlings- blake would shift funding and operation of the city 55rec centers to private companies or charities. a call for bids on running them brought only 6 viable entries. several city council members say they have concerns with the mayor's plan. councilman bill henry called for a public hearing on this issue. >> this is not something that the city can step away from. these kids we see all the time the kid are our future. >> reporter: now there is a public hearing that is expected to take place on november 2nd and the head of the park and recs department is expect to be there to speak. reporting live, sherrie johnson abc2 news. a major bed bug ruling that could lead to more landlords going to court. a woman won 0,000 because herlandlord took to long to
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spray for bed bugs. they waited a month and half after she told them about the bed bugs. the land lor disagreed but lost. this is the first bed bug trial. but there could be more. the lawyer who won the case says he's been contacted by 200 people since the bed bug outbreak hit baltimore. an engineer evacuate from the south pole research center is back in the u.s. and will be treated at johns hopkins. renee douceur arrived last night. she believes she had a stroke eight weeks ago. initially she thought she would be airlifted out within a few days but the cold and wind and limited visibility delayed the mission. >> i am so glad to be home. i am glad to be here. it's great to be back in america. >> she says her condition is improving but struggles with speech, vision and memory problems. doctors expect a full recovery through treatment at johns hopkins. well, you know you are what you eat and we have heard that
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once or twice. research says it is true when it comes to sweets. why that doughnut this morning may be making you a little more likable. and if you are sim on -- sipping on coffee with the doughnut sign tests say enjoy every sip and they are saying a benefit that morning cup of joe. we will tell you what it is when "good morning maryland" continues on this tuesday october 25th, news time 5:05.
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now "good morning maryland." you may be wake up wondering what happened. if you are, you have something in common with the ravens. baltimore on road for football in jacksonville and it was a comedy of errors and lousy play. offense mustered 156 yards of total offense and one touchdown and jags seat franchise record allowing 16 yard in the first half including one yard passing by joe flacco. here's the hook in this. we will get to the hook on the game last night in a second. you tell us about the hook in
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the weather. >> i think you will like the hook. lots of sunshine. we had the cold front that moved through overnight. a couple sprinkles a little showers across the area but mainly we stay dry and that's going to be the scenario for today. plenty of sunshine out there. we are looking at maryland's most powerful radar and we are dry. and we will stay that way throughout the day. so, get out and go get the pumpkin if you need to or costumes for the kids. today is the day to do so. this morning, your morning commute is going to be a good one unless you heading to virginia, the d.c. area that is dealing with a dense fog advisory until nine. right now, temperature wise, a little bit chilly especially into westminster as of now coming in at 40 degrees. we should be now at about 43 degrees now for this time of the year. feeling better in edgemere and annapolis with the temperatures close to 50 there. as we go through the rest of today, 67 plenty of sunshine in the forecast. tanya, how do you like that? >> reporter: i love it. we hope you are loving 95 north at mountain road you don't have
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to worry about that any longer. let's look live at 95 at 175 in howard county. traffic is flowing freely between laurel and elk ridge heading down to dc between the beltways. we don't have major incidents reported. 95 at fort mchenry tunnel. good news is our accidents southbound in the left lane is now clear. all of your lanes are open. bore two towards the camera with the cars is flowing freely as well. charley. health news this morning. hpv most commonly known as the cause for cervical cancer may increase a woman's risk of heart attack and stroke a study shows it could be a factor in cardiovascular disease in women without traditional risk factors. doctors who conducted the study want more studies done to see if the vaccine could benefit cardiovascular health. the vaccine is known to be controversial. less than 50% of women have received that vaccine thus far. and it doesn't hurt to indulge the sweet tooth from time to time and may make you a
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nicer person. if you have a sweet tooth you probably more agreeable and have a better personality. the study says people who enjoyed sweet foods were pour helpful and friendly than those who didn't. and as you sip the morning cup of joe you are doing yourself more than getting caffine jolt you are fighting skin cancer am study says women who drank more than 3 cups of coffee a day were 20% less likely to develop basil cell carcinoma or skin cancer. caffeine in skin cancer. studies in animals says it promotes the elem nation of skincells that can be damaged by uv radiation. your kids may not be bringing home as much candy as they normally do. the rising price of the treats has some people cutting back this year. what's the reason for the spikeand it may surprise you. new information on the death toll after a earthquake levels parts of turkey. that's straight ahead.
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q. gl now "good morning maryland. the cost of halloween is going up from costumes to candy you will pay more for a night tricking and treating. -- night of tricking and treating. linda so is explaining why all of this is happening and i hate for the bad joke but some people may say this is nuts. >> reporter: it's not very nice. the decorations are up and kids are waiting to get dressed up and go trick or treating but may notice something different. kid might not get as much candy in the bucket because candy prices are up and some adults say they are not going to be handing can - handing out as much. as always, the treats are piled high at stores but shoppers havenoticed the prices are up. in towson it is on sale but cost more than last year. we went to the giant where shoppers are noticing the higher prices and we did the math and it will save you money to buy in bulk. the smaller bags will cost more in the long run.
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candy prices are up this year because peanut shortages is driving up the price of peanut butter and candy. the national consumers league says it comes down to the federal government subsidy to help some sugar growers. >> i think it's high. this is one of the cheaper bags we saw. everything else was more expensive. >> reporter: when your kid goes door to door next week expect to see perhaps not as many treats in the bucket. i know -- i know for parents that's a good thing. they don't want too much candy for their kid. for many of us tricking and treating on halloween is a long- standing tradition. but one connecticut lawmakers wants to move the holiday. state representative tim larson wants to change it to the last saturday in october. he says that would help families since they don't have to rush home after school and after work to get the kid out for a good time. he says that it would be safe for trick or treaters to go door to door while it's light outside. >> i think it should be october
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31st. it's always been this way and kids find a way to trick or treat and get to school the next day. >> my kids don't get home until 3:30 and it's like rush, rush get the costume and they have to eat and get home and want to go through the candy and you are like herry up you have to go to bed and a saturday afternoon would be awesome. >> obviously the change can't be pushed through in time for this halloween but representative larson says he is going to try to make it happen for next year and we want to know what you think. would you support halloween activities being moved off october 31st and moved to the final saturday of the month? that's pretty interesting. go to facebook and let us know what you think. lynette, how do you feel? >> i feel that some people do it anyway when it falls like the next saturday like it is this year they will celebrate on saturday even though it's falling on monday. as a kid i. liked it when it was because i am catholic and we celebrated all saints day so i am just saying. checking out temperatures this morning, we are right around 44 degrees in baltimore. and 37 in york, pennsylvania.
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so we are a little coolish further to the north you go. satellite and radar not picking up on a lot of weather. we have high pressure in control and things are going to be nice and sunny going through the rest of today. let me show you what's going on in the tropics because we are looking at hurricane rina winds at 100 miles an hour. a category 2 hurricane. it's going to affect cancun and resorts maybe cozumel. check out turn. this is good for the u.s. we are looking at no type of impacts with hurricane rina for us. the resort if you are going to cancun or cozumel you want to rethink that. our future radar not picking up on a lot until we go into thursday. but things look pretty good. maybe a few clouds moving in here going through tomorrow. and then that next system will move in here. an area of low pressure will affect us going into thursday bringing us rain into the forecast. for today, though, nice outside. mild and mostly sunny. the temperature coming in right around 67 degrees. and as we go into tonight, 45
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degrees a few clouds trying to move in. but still nice and cool out there. tomorrow, that temperature is at 70. partly cloudy and mild. we have the slight chance for a shower in the forecast. and here to check on the self- -day forecast, once again, whereby -- seven-day forecast once again it's going to be dry. very breezy and we will cool down going into the weekend and that will linger into halloween. tanya. >> reporter: thanks. and mta is reporting that bus and rail services are are on time. so you should be good to go if you are taking public transportation. looking live at traffic cameras on the beltway. traffic is flowing freely at frederick road. making your way through catonsville no incident to report. top side of the beltway at harford, light traffic in both directions. that's the outer loop to the right of the screen. inner loop is the oncoming traffic. and for the record i think halloween should be on halloween although in ohio we did have beggars night on another night. >> there you go. time for news around the
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world. the bodies of moammar qaddafi his son and former aide have been buried at sunrise this morning. the bodies were being stored in freezer for the past four daysch the three men are expected to beenan unmarked grave at a undisclosed location. the death toll has risen to 366 following sunday's earthquake in turkey that left more than a thousand people injured. it brought down hundreds of buildings across two cities and the groups are scrambling to set up tents and steel hospitals and kif tones help thousands that today -- kitchen to help thousands that today are homeless. >> the rescue people came late because the destruction in the region and couldn't make it quicker. yesterday, we tried to pull the rubble ourselves, but what can human power do? >> officials expect the death toll in the hardest hit cities to rise but not as much as initially feared. there have been more than 100 people found in the rubble. you ask yourself where all
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the money goes? the answer could be parked in your driveway. ahead, how much money we are spending on cars. we will look at that coming and it made a lot of customers unhappy and now netflix says they have gotten more bad news on the horizon. why the company says things may get even worse before it gets better. all that is straight ahead when "good morning maryland" continues on this tuesday. thanks for making us a part of your day. 
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now "good morning maryland." it seems the largest chunk of our paychecks are going towards our cars. we are spending more on driving than on taxes or health care. the survey find in gas prices are hurting our wallets the most. now we are on track to spend more than 490 billion on gas and that's collectively but you may feel like it is that case. the 100 billion dollars is 100 billion more than we spent last year. today consumer reports releases the annual auto reliability survey and honda
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andtoyota were the most reliable car makers. gm was the most improved but a lot changed in 2011. including the big three continue to duesing new -- introducing new technology. and the reliability report will be release later today. >> here's a story that has us shake our heads. customers at netflix are unhappy with the changes. they say they lost 800,000 u.s. customers in the last quarter alone. they outraged customers by increasing subscription rates and trying to separate the dvd by mail system and the video streaming plan. the company says there's probably more bad news down the road. more customers are expected to leave. coca cola is going to unveil a specially designed can for the marketing campaign aimed at protecting polar bears. they teamed up with the worldwide life foundation for the campaign it will be white unlike the traditional red and white can. it will be available through
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the holiday season. and first lady michelle obama is a wife, mother and an author. she has writ ann book highlighting one of the most vishible initiatives promoting nutrition and edible gardening. the book will be released april 10th and the publicker says proceeds goes to charity. -- publisher says proceeds go to charity. no sign of the missing baby from missouri. what police say about the parents and the community continuing the search for baby lisa. plus, he says did he it to get on tv show. what turns out he got attention from a news station. why a streaking college football game you see him there he goes. yeah. there's no call for that. what brought that about. let's go to new york for tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites without the usual fanfare apple updated the mac book. it has a larger hard drive and
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new operating system. and the screen size is 13 to 17 inches. gears of war 3 is the latest installment in one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time. dan being aerman expects it to top the list this holiday season and with good reason. >> it's a a really fun game with a lot of fans that they like fast paced action games and requires strategy and have inventive worldly things and that's what people like. >> reporter: it's exclusive to the x-box 360. and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the british version of the office all the popular tv show's episode is offered on itunes. those are your tech bites, i am rob nelson.
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