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tv   News  ABC  October 25, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland." could several city recreation centers close? i am sherrie johnson. reaction from parents coming up. and the president reaches out to voters hit hard by the housing crisis. what is his plan and how it works. and health experts say vaccinating half the pop lei lation solves half the problem. government is considering recommending bows get the hpv vaccine as well. all that is -- boys get the hpv vaccine as well. good morning. i am charley crowson let's say good morning to meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning. and we are going to be nice and dry. plenty of sunshine. we will see the late october sunshine. so a. little bit of a treat for us coming early. temperatures will be above average and showers will be likely as we go towards the end of the week and it will be much cooler by the weekend. and that will extend into halloween as well. and as we look at maryland's most powerful radar we are dry and it will stay that way
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throughout the day. you want to take the lunch outdoors. the temperaturen roland park is around 50 degrees and we are seeing more of the temperatures closer to average in millersville and old mill and 45 right there and that's going to be as we go through the morning and temperatures will warm up nicely as we go into the afternoon. i am forecasting right around 67. let's send it over to tanya with your traffic. you didn't hear me say let's play hooky. >> reporter: -- shall hooky. >> reporter: no one heard you. aviation boulevard at dorsey road southbound we have an accident with injuries in the right lane. let's look at our live traffic cameras. this is the beltway on the northwest side near 759 at old court road. most volume is on outer loop but oncoming traffic inner loop is moving well. jfx at northern parkway very light traffic in both directions. no issues to report here. as you move southbound towards cold spring lane you should be good to go making are way downtown.
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drive times are doing okay because of the light traffic. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway 5 minutes traveling 59 southbound out of white marsh 6 minutes and traveling the outer loop from bel air to providence 6 minutes and 795 to 70 about 7 minutes charley. community members and parents are fired up about controversial plan to close rec centers and parents say it will take away a safe place for kids to play and learn. sherrieionson is here and a lot of parents are reacting to this this morning. >> reporter: yes, they are. and they are not happy about it. we are here live in front of city hall and not just parents but some city leaders as well and community members. as a matter of fact, all new there will be a demonstration tomorrow on wednesday in front of the rec and department headquarters building a church group is going assemble there because they are not happy about it. basically what is going on is mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has a plan to end privatizing
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some rec centers and close others. many of the rec senters are packed with kids and they come after school to play and get help with their homework and keep them off the streets. a plan proposed by rawlings- blake would shift funding and operation of the 55rec senters to private companies or charities. a call for bids on running them brought only six viable entries. a spokesperson says that could mean many of the centers will be forced to close in a couple months. >> if they are closing the recs where will we send our children? what are we going to do? >> kids still come here and they are serving their purpose. i could see if wasn't no kids coming. that's a different story if they are not showing up. but they are here. what you going to do with them? >> reporter: there is expected to be a public hearing on november 2nd about the issue and the head of the rec and parks department is expected to be there. reporting live at city hall sherrie johnson.
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police in texas are asking for the public's help in identifying this man. investigators suspect he broke into the homes of four members of the same sorority and sexually assaulted them. all the alleged individuals are in mid-as -- 50s to mid-60s. police are not sure how the suspect learned details about the victims. and it's been almost three weeks since lisa irwin disappeared from her home. her parents have been less than cooperative from the start. the couple made several appearances on nbc's today show but have been staying out of the eye of the local media in their town. >> is it true you are getting paid to avoid local reporters? >> not at all. >> why won't you talk to us? >> because we are grieving. >> deborah bradley and the child's father shared grief with spores on sunday during a public vigil. one of the attorneys said the massive search the police and fbi are conducting are for
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show. police are not responding saying they want to keep the focus on baby lisa. a college student who streaked in the middle of a football game says he did it to get on tv show and wants to be on the abc show, wipeout. jays watch this guy. he comes out dries dressed as referee and makes -- dressed as referee and is on the field and then he is off. he tore off the uniform and ran up and down the field in a speedo during the ucla- university of arizona game thursday emmett wanted a good story for a question on the wipeout application. what is the craziest thing you've done and not only did he decide he was going to tell people in the written essay he was going to show with video proof. as result this young man could be expelled from the university of arizona but that may seem harsh. peanut, a drink and engagement ring. for one couple the destinationis going to mean so
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much more. and controversial new law requiring welfare applicants pass a drug test is now getting the setback. what happened and why it's on hold for now. good morning maryland continues. what's new now and next on this tuesday morning. kiss those lines goodbye! discover juvéderm® xc, the smooth gel filler your doctors uses to instantly smooth out those parentheses lines around your nose and mouth for up to a year! temporary side effects include redness, pain, firmness, swelling, bumps or risk of infection. lose those lines! the way you look with juvéderm® xc, might just change the way you look at everything. ask your doctor and visit
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now "good morning maryland." a delta flight from chicago to new york is something one woman won't soon forget. [ inaudible ] >> yes. [ applause ] >> now when the plane took off she was single but when the plane touched down she was engaged. her boyfriend popped the question mid flight. it came two years after the two met. now it was on a shuttle from new york to chicago. >> it was magical and it's been a he fairy tale from the moment we met and i can't say. [audio not understandable] >> i was enamored with her from day one and i said i would
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spend the rest of my life with her. >> they will take delta to the honeymoon destination. you want to know why? because the airlines surprised them with a free post wedding trip. if i sound cynical please, talk me off the cliff. you are laughing. >> i know. i am not talking you off the cliff i might be with you. >> you rolled your eyes. >> you know i did. i am going to the weather. maryland's most powerful radar is dry as of now. but watch the composit here. satellite composit with the radar. things looking nice and clear. we have a front that pushed through overnight but we have high pressure building in. so we are going to see plenty of sunshine as we go through the rest of the afternoon. so right now, temperatures coming in a little on the chilly side into annapolis around 46. but still not as cold as we should be for this time of year around 43. mount airy at 52. and as we go through the rest of today, it's going to be a nice one. make sure to get your -- eat your lunch outdoors but
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thingswill change and today be will be the best day of the week and into the weekend. the high temperatures coming in around 67 with ample sunshine. let's send it over to tan yeah. i heard you laughing. what were you laughing about. >> reporter: no comment. how is that? i will go into the traffic. we have an accident with injuries aviation boulevard southbound at dorsey road in the right lane. so stay to the left if you can. taking a live look at our traffic cameras 95 at 175 and howard county no incidents to report at this point. you should be good elk ring to laurel. steady flow of traffic in both directions. jfx, the view from the 41st streetover pass shows very light traffic in both direction. heading downtown past north avenue, all of your lanes are open. and heading towards fayette street. >> am i in trouble? >> no. >> she is sitting 4 feet from me and i got the eye. any guys out there you got the eye before i just got it. dancing with the stars took
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it to broadway and like any good production there was show stopping numbers and standing ovations. lowest scores chaz bono and lacey and they landed the bottom of the leader board for the third time. hope solo and her partner were behind and ricky lake tied -- rikki lake tied for first. nancy grace third and to find out who goes home tune into abc2 tonight live results show at nine and you can also talk to us as we are watching the results show on facebook. no agreement no game. decision nba made for the start of the season after failing to reach progress with the players. that story is straight ahead when or if the nba comes back to the hardwood. that's ahead. good morning maryland" continues.
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killing by telling police they were attacked by two masked men. trial is egg speced to last about two weeks. it's -- expected to last about two weeks. an inmate in maryland and family gets $18.5 million. jury ruled it was the state's fall phillip parker junior died six years ago. tbheas jail for robbery and murdered in a state prison bus by another inmatech the bus was on i-70 from hagerstown to baltimore when johns murder parker. johns is convicted and found not crim fallly responsible because of mental defect. johns took his life in prison 2009 and two correctional officers were fired one retired and two others have been disciplined. a federal judge blocked a law requiring welfare applicants pass a drug test before receiving benefits. aclu filed the suit against the state last month calling that law unconstitutional. nearly 1600 applicants refused to take the test since it began in mid-july and they are not
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required to explain why. applicants must pay $25 to $35 for the test and reimbursed by the state if they pass the test. president obama kicks off a trip to the west yesterday with a trip mixing campaigning and presidential business. and in las vegas he is reaching out to voters hit hard by the housing crisis and announced efforts to help homeowners refinance. >> if you meet requirements you will have a chance to refinance at lower rates which could saveyou hundreds of dollars a month. and thousands of dollars a year on mortgage payments. >> critics don't like the plan and they say it's not about interest rates. people are in homes they simply can't afford. president obama is in l.a. for a star studded fund-raiser and exec sped to raise more than 4 mill dwronlars during a -- during a 3 day trip and will meet up with celebrities like will smith and million any griffin. a controversial vaccine may
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be urged for every child in the country both male and female. health official ies say it could prevent virus in throat cancer. corinne redman is standing by with a report on what it could mean. >> reporter: it's common virus 80% of women will have it but most of the time it's harmless but in some cases it can cause cervical cancer and something expected throat cancer. phil says one day he was shaving and noticed a lump on his neck and it was stage 4 throat cancer. he is one of more than 8,000 hpv positive head and neck cancers diagnosed just this year. health experts think men are getting it from women spreading the virus through oral sex or other forms of close contact. the vaccine against hpv is effective but controversial despite recommendations less than 50% of girls have gotten it. abc's dr. richard besser talked to a health expert about the new findings. >> the sax ebbs are very -- vaccines are very important as
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important as mumps and all the other vaccines kids receive. >> reporter: now the centers for disease control is expected to weigh in on the topic asking if it should be recommended for boys. corinne redman, abc2 news. basketball fans may have to wait a bit longer to see the nba players on the court. the new york daily news reports the nba will cancel two more weeks of the upcoming season suspending the start until november 28th the monday after thanksgiving. according to the paper, an official announcement is expected later today. players and owners are still at odds over revenue sharing. well, you like your news, you don't like to have to pay for it. that's what a study found when it cobbs to tablet owners. 11% of man adults who own a tablet ipad or otherwise now the majority of it say they spend 09 minutes a day using the device. some of us use it more than that. consuming news is a major part of the popular activities with e-mail and popular things like
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social networking. 14% pay for the news content when they use the tablet. lynette. all right. let's talk about what's going on for today. because you know what? we should be at 42 degrees but the record setback in 1962 was 28 degrees. so it was very cold back then. our high now should be at 64. and the record high was set in 1931. it was 77 degrees. and check out sunset now. 6:15 p.m. so yes, the day is getting shorter. the lows this morning, a little chilly into york, pennsylvania coming in the 30s. 44 in baltimore and 50s at patuxent river on the eastern shore and easton coming in around 50. highs yesterday made it up to 67 in baltimore and that's what i am forecasting for today. satellite and radar is not picking up on anything and we are not dealing with clouds. the front passed through the area and it's gone being replaced with high pressure. that's some good news. it means we will get lots of sunshine. but going to the tropics, we are tracking hurricane rina a category 2 hurricane as of now.
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winds sustained at 100 miles per hour moving to the west northwest at 3 miles an hour. and it could be impacting the resorts, cancun, cozumel bringing heavy rain across the area. very gusty winds. but the good news is it stays away from us. as we check out what's going on in the future, future radar picking up on not a lot for today but we could be seeing rain in the forecast as we go into thursday as a disturbance moves in. for today, temperatures at 67 degrees. mostly sunny and nice and mild. by tonight, that temperature will be right around 45 degrees and a few clouds and it will be cool outside. and tomorrow, the temperature will be right around 70 degrees partly cloudy and still mild outside with a slight chance of showers in the forecast. let's send it over to you tanya. >> reporter: we still have an accident in the cleanup stages in glen burnie. it's aviation boulevard southbound at dorsey road over on the right lane right now. stay to the left if you can. let's look live at the traffic cameras. on beltway on the southwest side, moving smoothly through catonsville in both directions.
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most volume on the outer loop at this time. 95 north of white marsh boulevard steady flow in both directions here. to the right of the screen as well as southbound traffic towards the beltway. we are doing okay so far at this point. and drive times for the most part are okay on 83 and 95. and outer loop top side between bel air and providence about 6 minutes and outer loop between 795 and 70 starting to get volume so that may take 8 minutes. charley. well, he is falling in the polls and rick perry is mounting a come back. what he says monday about the economy and the president and the felly republican. and months after aquitting casey anthony of murder, the jury the trial is not over the jury who are they? we will learn that as the news continues on this tuesday, october 25th. stay with us.
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he addressed president obama's birth certificate and accused fellow republican karl rove of attacking him. president obama continues the west coast swing while barn storming and he will sit down with jay will beo and head to san francisco and deliver remarks at -- leno and head to san francisco and deliver remarks at a fund-raiser there and then head to denver. the defense in the michael jackson manslaughter trial is moving through witnesses. court reporter says the defense strategy appears to be conceding the negligence but denying that he actually had anything to do with michael jackson's death. four months after a jury acquitted casey anthony, the 12 members will be identified. jurors normally are ided once the trial is over but because of the high charged case the chief judge order the cooling off period before revealing the jurors names. and the texas rangers took a 3-game to 2 head following the 4-2 win in texas last
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night. mike napoli delivered a clutch 2run single to give texas the lead and win and they will move up two games one game closer to the first ever world series. game 6 back now in st. louis tomorrow night. it's been a nightmare for drivers over the past several months. what's taking a bridge rebuilding project so long and what's being done to help drivers get through the maze. plus one man is celebrating a milestone. how his honda accord put him in the spotlight. we will look at that when "good morning maryland" continues at six. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase.
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are's watching the station that work for you "good morning maryland ." parents and community leaders speak out about possible remit c center closing in the -- rec center closings in the city. heart mayor's lan. it has been


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