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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 26, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. the city wants all these tents and the people sleeping in them out of here. i am linda so. the new restrictions facing protesters with the occu and a former university of virginia lacrosse player will be back in court. what they are trying to prove about the murder of yeardley love coming up. and shocking stats. college students owe $950 billion in student loans more than a credit card debt in the country alone. those stories of struggle starting out is coming up on this wednesday, october 26th. good morning.
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i am charley crowson the hump day. and let's get a check of the forecast and say good morning again to meteorologist lynette charles in for justin berk. >> hey, you know what, it's not going to be as nice asyesterday. it's going to be mild but we will get increasing clouds in here as we go throughout the day. and also late day shower possible. showers will be likely as we go into tomorrow and then it's going to be cold by the weekend. maryland's most powerful radar is dry as of now. but as we go through the rest of the day, it's around 4:00, that's when we have a chance for showers in the forecast. as of this morning, temperatures right around 55 degrees in fed ralsburg elementary school and 5 # in -- federalsburg elementary school. let's talk to tanya. >> reporter: an accident reported at route 108 and beaver brook road. no accidents on county roads or baltimore city roads. let's look live at the beltway on northwest side. this is near 795 south of 795 at old court road.
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very light traffic. a few cars on the outer loop should have a smooth ride from pikesville to wood lawn. checking also, this is 695 at liberty road, south of where we, were the outer loop traffic to the left with the oncoming traffic no incidents to report here either. back to you charley. >> arrest continued early into the morning but it's not stopping. several hundred occupy oakland protesters. police blocked off broadway and order them to disburse but mosdidn't say they had the right to retake the space they were evicted from. >> power to the people and not corporations. >> that's what's being held in orlando among students gathering at the university of central florida saying the job market after graduation is not what they expected from america. they are gathering petitions in pour support of the dozens of trespassing arrest that has been hand down. here in baltimore, things are beginning to turn for occupy baltimore protesters.
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police have been monitored giving them a host of restrictions. and linda so is live with the protesters. has this crew outstayed their welcome? >> reporter: well, they plan to stay here and they say they are going to stay here until as long as it takes. take a look. midnight was the deadline. the city wanted the tents and all the people sleeping in them to scale back and say it's illegal for them to stay overnight when the plaza technically closes to visitors. but the protesters with occupy movement say they will stay. the city has begin an ultimatum either clear out your tents or they want you to leave. but ann marie among the protesters here this morning, you guys had a important meeting last night after the new restrictions came in. what was the word? >> well, we went through several of the propositions that was given to us, and we discussed them as a general assembly and came to consensus of some and others we put aside to discuss tomorrow. and we will see how that goes then. >> reporter: you plan to stay? >> absolutely. >> reporter: how long?
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>> until -- as long as it takes. >> reporter: what are you planning to do if police come out and say it's illegal for you to stay? >> i can only speak for myself in that and i will not leave. >> reporter: got it. well, you heard her saying that's speaking to many of the fox they plan to stay. but they are camping out and plan to stay here. they have their lap tops and tvs, food, and everything you can management port-a-potty but they are camping out. next half-hour we will talk about the social media aspect of everything. and just as far as being the # 9% of the -- 99% of the occupy movement. >> new for you this morning a house fire sent a man to the hospital. fire officials say he he suffered minor smoke inhalation after the fire started in the electric room of a home on north patterson park avenue before 3 a.m. the man was the only person inside and investigators are currently look for a cause. in other news, we know the
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name of the woman who was beaten to death yesterday in north baltimore. the attack happened on pen lucy neighborhood. officers found sherry montgomery canty unconscious on the 900 block of 41st street. when police found her after 5 she suffered severe head trauma and there's no word on the suspect who are a possible motive. and this is jack baity charged with indecent exposure a custodian in pasadena. he went up to the window of a house and in front of a woman inside dropped his pants and began committing a lewd sexual act. terry johnson is the mother of four doesn't feel safe especially after long she may have been the target. -- after long she may have been the target -- after learning she may have been target. >> who called he said and i was like. >> jason has been released and spokesman for the school says he has been reassigned to
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warehouse duty where he will have no contact with children pending the outcome of the investigation. a judge is limited the use of graphic photos the prosecutors may show in the opening statements in the trial of a woman charged with killing a coworker at yoga shop. jury selection is expected to conclude today in the case of brittany norwood. opening statements could begin as soon as tomorrow. and back in charlotsville, a charlottesville, george hughley will be in court. he and his defense team are trying to gain access to love's medical records. corinne redman is standing by with with a we can expect in the courtroom. >> reporter: the motion was field by his attorneys last week in charlotsville circuit court them the want love's medicalrecord because they are trying to prove she died from a irregular heartbeat. they were college lacrosse players that dated at the university of virginia. he is accused of entering her apartment and slamming her head
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into a wall. authorities have charged him with love's murder saying she died as a result of trauma caused to her head. but his ternes are trying to say that love died -- his attorneys are trying to say that she died from an irregular heartbeat. a judge sealed the medical records except for information about the prescription for a drug. the hearing for the medical records is set to begin today. hughley's trial will begin in february. corinne redman, abc2 news. 4:37. we are talking about the deadly listeria outbreak in canteloupe. the death toll has risen. new deaths are in colorado, kansas and missouri. the cdc says there are 28 confirmed deaths and 133 people sickened. the tainted canteloupes are off shelves by now but symptoms can take up to two months to materialize. death toll continues to rise. that recall was announced back on september 14th. one couple got an unwelcomed visitor at their wedding and left behind a mess.
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but it didn't make for -- it did make for an interesting wedding story. what happened coming up in a bit. also a new report shows which cars are the most reliable. does yours make that list? what you need to know this morning before you pull out of your driveway. you are watching, "good morning maryland" what's new, now and next everything to get your wednesday started off right.
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>> "good morning maryland" at 4:30. and welcome back many you know it's normal you want to blow everyone away on your wedding day burks not like this. the -- but not like this a giant sandstorm blew through a wedding. gus and jennifer were exchange vows when things turned crazych the sandstorm is also known as haboob. but everybody kept their cool and wrapped things up. that's sure a make for a great wedding story but not good on the white dress? >> no. they were having a sand
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ceremony so you know drought begets drought well sand begets sand. so for today, no sandstorm whatsoever. we will be dealing with is maybe a few showers moving in here throughout the day. but looking at maryland's most powerful radar we are dry. if you have anything to dooutdoors, you might want to do it this morning because this line of showers could pass through as we go into the afternoon time frame. right now, as you step out the door, temperatures in the low 50s to mid-50s into annapolis. and as we go throughout the day, that temperature on the mild side but we have a chance for showers by # p.m. let's go over to tanya with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have an accident on route 26 east liberty road. at 32 in sykesville. that's in the wrap-up stages. let's look out this at 95 and see how things are moving along. at 175 in howard county. light traffic in both directions. no issues reported between the beltways. so you should be good to go there. let's look at 29 at 32. overnight we did have an
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accident on 29 at broken lamb parkway that cleared out of the road. so you should be okay in either direction traveling on 29. charley. >> in catonsville executive ken cameins in the will celebrate -- came nits is -- cameents in is celebrating a opening. he have ken's old fashioned candy shop that's going to open. the ribbon cutting ceremonies will begin at 10 this morning. we have an overview coming up for you. president obama made a late night debut with jay leno last night. the fourth time he's been on the show as candidate and commander in chief. what did he talk about and who did he defend? that's coming up next. and a fast-food frenzy. what customer did after the chalupa was not up to par. you are watching good morning maryland. a live look at the inner harbor. back in a bit.
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five things to know on this wednesday morning. today, baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will take part in a demonstration showing how to use one of nine new charging stations for hybrid vehicles. baltimore city will again collecting polysty reason. and cbs reports andy rooney is hospitalized after complications from minor surgery. he worked for cbs for 62 years until retiring earlier this month. and a federal judge in arizona turned down a special hearing request for jared loughner regarding forced medication. he pleaded not guilty from charges from the january shooting that left 6 people dead and 12 wounded. and if you are a fan of harry potter get your hard copies of the film.
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reports say the movies will no longer be available after december 29th. harry potter and the deathly halos part 2 is due to be released november 11th. this morning washington is now tackling the sos and 6 million americans many college students own more than the entire debt of the country. they are broke before getting started in the professional world. >> reporter: more than a thousand of you sent us three words graduates drowning in debt worried parents back in their old world. this graduate nearly 25,000 dollars in debt just getting started. paying it off. this graduate 78,000 in debt will never end and this young woman, 100,000 in debt moved back home. something we heard from so many of you. graduate ashley meyer took us into her bedroom she slept in before she went to college the
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same dresser, the only thing different is the pile of bills. >> these are some of my student loans. >> reporter: ashley graduated from ut austin about 70,000 in debt. she pays 750 dollars a month which is why she is back with the family dog.and her dad back with mom who just like she used to asked her college grad if she will be home at a decent hour. >> we will leave them alone and let them watch the game. >> reporter: but living down the hall. one recent survey of collegegraduates revealed 85% moving back home. 5.9 million young adults 25 to 34 now live at home. 25% in just the last four years. you can. >> you can talk to people in the generation who find themselves in place they never expected to be. four, five, six years out of school and back in the bedroom they had in high school. >> reporter: the president and first leady have spoken of the student loans they had still paying them off nine years into their marriage until a few years before he was president. the amount of student debt in the country is up dramatically.
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college tuition spiking just as young graduates are unable to find work to pay it off. >> you are seeing this tremendous debt that weighs down the young people especially in the economy like this where so many are having trouble getting on the first steps of the escalator and beginning a career. >> reporter: there was 26-year- old carolyn who simply said spirit not broken. she too now lives back with her mother and her brother also a college graduate who is back home. she is 109,000 dollar in dead and paid off 6,000. >> who doesn't want the american dropple and i am not talking about living in mansion. we just want a nice paying job where we can pay our bills. >> reporter: kiss for mom before being off for the day like when she was a little girl. now grown up but back home just like ashley back in texas. saying simply still have hope. >> and speak of student loans, if you are online last month, the u.s. department of education direct loan website
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there were 67 minutes worth thousands of people information was made public. according to an education official, the accounts were accidentally made available. the organization is trying to improve the site's performance. really? a spokesman for the department says they don't believe theinformation was accessed by anyone with malishous intent -- malicious intent. your heating bill may be dropping. bge could see a decrease. they announced tuesday the price of natural gas is gone down about 2 cents per unit meaning a savings of about 5% is going to be passed onto you if you get natural gas from bge. officials also say if you have electric heat you are going to save a few bucks there. the cost of generating electricity is down interest 10 cents to under 9 cents. but the amount you save depend on you. >> they can expect to pay $11050 over the wenter season down last --1150 over winter
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season down from last year. it depends on factors specific to the customer. >> that savings on gas and electric are based on the normal winter and not an extremely cold winter season. and abc2 is working with tips on saving even more on the energy bills many remove cloter from around the furnace. boxes and storage items can block airflow and keep your system from working efficiently. and change air filletsers and keep equipment up-to-date. and and -- filters up to -- air filters and keep equipment up- to-date. and consider installing a programmable therm stall setting the temperature lower when you leave the house. and we know carting your fallly around you want to make sure you are safe in your reliable cars but does yours making the list. sighon -- scion and lexus at the top. the ford fusion hybrid focus and fiesta had a rough 2011. but it it was different for
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chrysler. dur rangeo was name the most re- - dur rangeo was named -- during rangeo was named the most reliable s-uv. president obama made his second appearance as president on the tonight show. he spent much of the time defensing the role in bringing down former libyan leader moammar qaddafi and incorporated his foreign policy doctrine and they talked about the jobs bill and tv watching habits. program was taped to accompany the president's busy schedule. a 5-year-old ohio girl made a desperate 9 11 call after trying to drive the car searching for her missing mother. emily came home from school and after not seeing her mom and waiting for three hours she grabbed the car keys and went out trying to find her. the young lady managed to turn the car on but couldn't reach the pedals and that's when she called 911. police say the mom had been taken to the er earlier that day and that father was supposed to pick her up from school but never got the call to pick up his daughter.
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and outrage at a taco bell. a customer was unsatisfied with the light weight chalupa firebombing the restaurant using a molotov could be till and burned a section of the drive through. someone phoned to complain about the lack of meat and threatened to redecorate the building mission accomplished. >> not good. >> you better stuff that chalupa. >> give meet meat. we are talking about the weather pattern. and things not so bad especially this morning. as we go through the rest of the delay. cloud will come in here and maybe a shower or two going into the afternoon. but we are watching hurricane rina. as of now wind at 110 miles per hour making it a strong category 2 as of now. it's moving to the west -- it'smoving to the west at 4 miles an hour. as it reaches the yucatan peninsula it could strengthen
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into a category 3. cozumel could be impacted and cancun. and then it makes a jog to the east there and check out what it does to florida. yes, we could be seeing some impacts there. but, again, it stays away from us and doesn't incorporatemaryland and that's good news. but, as we go throughout the day today, again, we will be seeing the cloud on the increase. there's the chance for a shower moving into the 4:00 time frame. so on your commute home it could be wet. as we go into thursday, that's when the showers will be more likely moving in here in the morning and also your evening commute and check this out, you see that blue? yes, snow responsible thursday in to northern pennsylvania and also as we look into new york as well. so, all that coming up, now we will send it over to tanya with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. good morning everyone. we are in the process of wrapping up overnight roadwork in the next few minutes. looks like 95 north between the beltway and caton in arbutus is now out of the way. this is a live look at the
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beltway on the southwest side at frederick road very light traffic. most of the cars on the outer loop. we had inner loop work at southwestern boulevard wrapping up. outer loop at edmonton wrapping up as well. this is on the northeast side. 95 just south of the beltway. and rossville to rosedale and should have a smooth ride moving well right now. back to you charley. 2000 buildings collapsed and hundreds dead following an earthquake in turkey. coming up aircraft med the rubble signs of life-- coming up, ahmed the rubble signs of life. -- amid the rubble, signs of life. what the captors are asking for. you are watching "good morning maryland first and only at 4:30. back in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. news time 4:46. good news this morning out of
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turkey. an 18-year-old man was pulled from the rubble after the collapsed building. he was found alive. 2,000 buildings collapsed following the earthquake that hit sunday with almost 500 aftershocks. conditions for rescuers continue to be dangerous. the death toll is 459 but the good stories are keeping spirits positive. turkey's government said it will accept offers for international aid. the pakistan has videos of a swiss couple abducted by the pakistani taliban in july. the video the man holds up a newspaper dated september 15th while armed masked men can be seen with guns aimed at them. they seem to be appealing for their release but the group holding them wants a trade. in greece public transportation workers started a 24-hour strike amid efforts by the european leaders to hammer out a deal to ease
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economic woes. traffic police were set to regulate the growing lines of car and the strike ads the tension seeks to implement harsh measures from last year's 110 billion bailout. workers are on strike and first in line to be affected by the cuts. now "good morning maryland." >> reporter: the city wants the protesters out. i am linda so. why they say it's illegal to stay in their tents and what the protesters plan to do about it. and back in court attorneys for george hughley want access to yeardley love's medical records. i will explain why coming up. we have done it from time to time cringeed when we open the heating bill. bge says this year may not be so bad. on this wednesday, october 26th good morning i am charley crowson. let's get to the hump day forecast and say good morning to meteorologist lynette charles in this morning for
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justin berk. >> good morning. it's mild out there as we go throughout the day. but, we will get some increasing clouds. so it's not going to be as gorgeous as yesterday. as we go throughout the day, we will get showers in here that is possible but more likely as we go into thursday. and then the hammer drops because it's going to be very cold by the weekend. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now, things are good. things are dry. so this is a good start to the day. you don't have to worry about the umbrella this morning. but working your way home that's when you do have that chance for showers in the forecast. so take the umbrella with you in case you need it working are way through the commute. now the temperature right now into carney around 50 degrees. and we will be seeing more of the 50s mid-50s into chestertown as we go through the rest of the morning. again a. light jacket is necessary as we go throughout the day. but, you can put it way when you go home and open up the umbrella. now over to tanya with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. pretty quiet out there so far. no jo


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