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tv   News  ABC  October 27, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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causing traffic tieups and a mess to clean up. that story is coming up. the wife of a convicted swindler bernie madoff reveals shocking news. and today a maryland law allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state college tuition gets more attention. what he happening and fueling more debate straight ahead on this thursdaych good morning. i am charley -- thursday. good morning. i am charley crowson. let's say hello, to lynette charles. >> good morning. it's going to be a wet commute out there this morning. yes we will be dealing with headaches. you need to be slow on the roadway. so let's take our radar tour on maryland's most powerful radar and we can see the rain is moderate to light. the light in the green and moderate in the yellow here. so, i am going to zoom in and being see the heaviest rain or the more moderate rain coming in around gaitersville. i-83 -- jarrettsville. and going throughout the morning we will have wet
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weather. going to the south, you can see more moderate rain around glen burnie, brooklin park be a middle river and is a verna park -- severna park and arnold. it's going to be a little on the rough side going out and about. and speaking of the rough side, tanya has the road forecast for today. so let's head over to her. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's very wet out there and, of course, wet weather and driving doesn't go along. let's look at 95 at 175 south of the city through howard county. as you can see in both directions, we have wet roads, a lot of road spray going on if i could talk this morning. feels like a monday. and we have the rain drops on the camera itself. moving north, 95 at 22, we have volume billing in both directions here. also, wet pavement. this is part of the route they are telling you to take to avoid cecil and harford county due to the overnight accident.
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according to latest information we have route 1 southbound is open. but the center lane remains blocked. now new this morning, we havemore traffic problems as the fuel tanker exploded on the conowingo dam. corinne redman is live with the latest. >> reporter: i got off the phone with the state police and they say the conowingo bridge along route 1 is closed until further notice. the tanker crash and exploded around 11 last night with 7500 gallons of december ill fuel on board -- diesel fuel on board. look at this video. you can see here what's left of the tanker. state police tell abc2 news the tanker is being removeed from the roadway. and they fuel leaked down on the train tracks and the railway is holding up trains until the cleanup is complete. the maryland department of environment has been handling the case along with the state police to get all the fuel cleaned up. police believe the driver of
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the tanker was speed and lost control of the big rig. medivac flew the driver to bayview medical center where he is hospitalized this morning. >> the fire was limited to the cab. you will see what woo -- see that when we go down. however in the process of the tanker rolling over onto its side, it impacted with the culvert allowing the product to escape out of the tanker. >> reporter: now cecil county emergency services is urging drivers to take i-95 to route 22 then connect to route 1 in order to get around the crash. state police say drivers should expect major delays this morning because the oil on the road mixed with the rain makes dangerous slippery conditions for drivers. that's one main reason why the bridge is closed this morning. we will continue to track the story all morning long and bring you the latest updates. corinne redman, abc2 news. 5:33. in news around the nation have you seen a good dam brief. you are about to. aid sight. an energy company used 700
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pounds of dynamite to blow a drain tunnel through this dam. the 125 foot tall dam is a century old and was used to generate electricity. an energy company chose to breach it after deciding it was too expensive to modernize the dam. guy in massachusetts broke into a home and when police catch him he will have a hard time explaining it was not him because the homeowners caught the whole thing on the webcam. the home owners and police put the suspect video and photos on facebook in hopes of someone io i king the guy he stole rolls of coins but never took anything large and came in there an unlocked door five minutes before the wife returned home. a halloween tapeel -- stapled made a mess for traffic in michigan. pumpkins came on the interstate during rush hour. the pumpkins were bouncing off trucks and onto cars and a state troop wears able to stop the truck driver -- trooper was able to stop the truck driver
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he could be find up to $1350 for an unstable load -- $150 for an unstable load. police in colorado say a man's girlfriend came home earlier than expected before another woman was due to visit. so he called police and reported the new woman was a burglar. the man met her online and invited her over at 3 in the morning so they could you know get to know each other better. he is charged with filing a false police report. it may look pretty but can cause a lot of headaches. people in one community went from watching the snowfall to cursing it. they are trying to run from the cops is never a good idea but doing it naked? that's probably less than wise. when police saw the woman they could tell she wasn't hiding a weapon. we will look at this when we return. you are watching "good morning maryland" we are back in a bit. say cheese! are you smiling yet?
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quickly to clean up mess and get power lines back up. >> pretty early. heavy wet snow. it's blocked off and then telephone pole came down. >> the power is he can sped to be restored by this morning. lynette charles is looking at that and frowning a bit. >> i am frowning a bit i don't want to see that. too soon for that and i am happy our temperatures are not going to support any snow. 55 in columbia and more into fallston and annapolis. now let's talk about the bad side of the story as you head out and about this morning. you are not going to want to drive in the rain but that's what's going on. you can see some of the more moderate rain as we zoom in to riviera beach. good morning green haven more in the lake shore and severna park. ferndale and glen bernie this morning as well. that's the scenario. going through the remainder of today, late into tonight through tomorrow morning, we do have a freeze watch that's in effect. temperatures are going to drop off as we go through the
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evening. and that's for all the areas here shaded in the blue from harford county to the west. let's go over to tanya with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you are just waking up, we had a bad tanker truck accident overnight. route 1 at the conowingo bridge is closed in both directions. this is 695 at frederick road. we are doing okay. we have volume building in both directions and we have wet pavement so slow down and leave enough braking distance between you and the car in front of you. top side at harford road, we have volume building in both directions here as well. no incidents to report so that's always good news. charley. well, new this morning we know how amy winehouse died acording to the coroner the 27- year-old what blood alcohol content of five times the legal limit that led to what was a death by misadventure. winehouse doctor says she was a singer or the singer the night before the death and winehouse was look forted to -- forward
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to her future. a woman inneded infliens and over the speed limit -- under the influence and over the speed limit but the police didn't know what they were getting into. she sped up to 128 as police went after her. police used to sticks to bring the chase to an evened. that's when she stepped out of the car topless wearing tennis shoes and g-string. >> you know in 26 years of working in the as a police officer i don't recall having a subject in a state of undress on any of our -- and driving. >> she wasn't happy about being in the police cruiser. charges are obvious she was driving on a suspended license and she is pled not guilty to all charges. more than preventing unwanted fam pregnancy. gallons of oil spilled into the gulf of mexico. bp once again will be allowed to head back to the area and
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begin drilling again just ahead, who gave the oil company the green light. we are back in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland." standing by as a watchdog group is about to hold a news conference discussing on ongoing debate over a law allowing illegal immigrants to pay instate tuition. corinne redman is standing by with more on what to expect from the debate. corinne. >> reporter: well, the group traditional watch is holding the news conference in annapolis with two leaders drawing up a poe tigs to put the law on the ballot in 20 -- poe tigs to put the law on the ballot in 20 --petition to put the law on the ballot in 2012. they want voters to decide if illegal immigrants should be allowed to receive in-state per tuition. it was certified as suck set seesful by the state election board but attorneys for groupswho -- delegate mcdunna has been outspoken for months
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sayingusing the internet and website to get signatures is a practice that's accepted. >> the internet is used all over the country. this is not 1911. this is 2011. and you have an affidavit with a witness. and the election board designed the petitions and we went over them intentionally and clearly for months. and i think i have confident in the election board. they did a good job under tough circumstance and there was no fraud. >> reporter: now the group against the petition also say the legislation cannot be put in referendum because it provide government funding for education. corinne redman, abc2 news. 5:46. and this the hot topic what do you think about taxpayer dollars going to allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state college tuition in maryland? head to the facebook fan page and let us know what you think. you are giving your opinions so join the conversation. we would love to know what you think. shocking new revelations in a suicide pact involving bernie madoff and his woof ahmed
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treasure-- -- and his wife ahmed pressure to -- wife amid pressure. >> reporter: on christmas eve 2008 they decided they had enough. two weeks earlier bernie was arrested and charged with running a multibillion dollar ponzi scheme that bilked more than 10,000 investors. according to a new interview ruth madeoff did with 60 minutes, she and her husband tried to kill themselves night before christmas in the new york city penthouse apartment. >> we decided to kill ourselves because it was so horrendous what was happening. we had terrible phone calls, hate mail just beyond anything and i said i can't go on anymore. >> reporter: ruth told cbs she and her husband of 50 years decided to swallow pills but it was not enough. we took pills and woke up the next day. it was very impulsive and i am
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glad we woke up ruth told cbs. but the head of the private security firm hired to guard them questions the account of the night and says he was inside the apartment until 7 p.m. >> sitting there with them talk and i didn't see anything unusual. >> reporter: in 2010, madoff's eldest son took his life and the second anniversary of the father's arrest. mark's wife stephanie told abc her husband felt ruth was wrong to stand by bernie. >> he couldn't understand how she could continuously stand by this man who ruined so many lives. who ruined his life. >> reporter: bernie madoff pleded -- pleded -- pleaded guilty and is serving a 150 year sentence. one of the worsen environmental disasters about. p will be allowed to drill in the gulf of mexico. the oil company met tougher safety standard put in place last year during an explosion
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and stilt explosion and spill last year killed 11 on bp's rig and dumped barrels of oil into the gulf. tears in the courtroom but this time they were coming from the defendant. michael jackson's doctor cried in court as the defense witness took the stand in his involuntary manslaughter trial. dr. conrad murray cried when a patient told jurors that murray opened the clinic in houston in honor of his father. birth control may do more than just prevent pregnancy. taking the pill for almost 10 years almost cuts a woman's risk of getting ovarian cancer in half. a study found women who were on the pill for 10 or more years cut the risk of cancer by almost half. take a look at this. while we dealing with the rain, people in wyoming may have their hands full with snow a snowstorm that cosed a -- caused a 50 mile stretch of the interstate toclose. up to 11 inches were measured in the part the state. snow causing tree branches to sag and the power company says
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there's been no reports of any power outages. lynette. all right. we are not dealing with any snow and i know a lot of people are happy for that because we are in fall and will wait for winter. satellite and radar picking up on the green stuff indicating rain. and we will see periods of rain throughout the day. we will have disturbance along the frontal boundary. and with that, it will be off and on throughout the day. behind it, we are going to be invaded with some cold air as we go through the rest of today especially as we go into the evening time frame. so we are looking at hurricane tracker and we definitely do have some updates on this. this is some good news here. so the winds sustained at about 75 miles an hour. and that's a minimal hurricane starting at 74. it's moving to the northwest at about 5 miles oop hour. and it's -- an hour. it's moving towards the yucatan pi nans will and -- peninsula and will weaken into a tropical storm. check out the track. yesterday, it looked like it
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could impact portions of florida but now it looks like a u-turn and heads into the caribbean sea. that's good news for the folks in cuba and also in to florida. as we look at future radar, we will clear things out a little bit more going into friday. so looks like we are a little drier. and we won't be dry long before the next system rolls in on saturday. so get the rain gear back out and as for today, the temperatures coming in around 63 degrees. periods of rain will be breezy as well. by tonight, we are coming in at 37 degrees. there's the cold weather i am talking about so we have a freeze watch in effect bringing in the tender vegetation and by tomorrow the temperature will be right around 52 degrees and we will be partly cloudy and we are looking at much cooler conditions. the 7-day forecast looks like. this as we go into halloween, things bounce back a little bit more. >> reporter: in ellicott city montgomery road montgomery is closed in both directions due to an accident with a lumber truck. police are on the scene trying
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to clean that up. this is the beltway on the northwest side near 795. no issues to report or even a delay just yet. we have volume building in both directions. the beltway at harrisburg expressway between the 83s is moving very well on both loops. no delay here top side. charley. president obama is offering student loan relief, the cost of college is going up. what it costs to ated class at most public college and universities. and they say he is not fit to stand trial. but coming up, what attorneys for the alleged arizona shooter are asking for when "good morning maryland" continues on this thursday morning.
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five things to know before heading out the dore a report from the college board shows tuition at public universities jumped 8% to more than 8,000 dollars. community college are prices are up too. lawyers for the accused shooter jared loughner are asking the interviews of prison psychologist being videotaped. they are trying to make him psychologically fit to stand trial. attorneys for john edwards will try to get him out of
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troar trunnel he's faces charges of contribution violation emmett accepted nearly a million dollars to cover up an extra marital affair. and news conference is expected in the case of a missing missouri baby. attorneys for the parents will speak to the public as the search continues for the 11- month-old. and texas rangers close out the world series. the game was moved from wednesday to tonight due to rain. first pitch is at 8:05. former maryland governor ehrlich described curry as -- kurri as gentleman and friend but many wonder how his wife will describe him. the testimony she is set to give in federal court today. and voters about to head to the polls. the gop presidential candidates gaining momentum and why january could be a crucial make or break month for some. plus, he quit his job two weeks ago but this canadian has 50 million reasons why he should be happy with the decision. that is coming up in the next
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hour of "good morning maryland." back in a bit.
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. you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." major traffic alert this morning as a tanker truck crashed and exploded along the conowingo dam. there's a bigger growing problem we are telling you about this morning. >> reporter: city officials asked occupy baltimore protesters to scale it back. coming up a. look at which group is helping them. and there could be a new way to fight breast cancer. what doctors here at copkins have dis-- hopkins have discovered. good morning. i am charley crowson let's get to it. you heard the rain falling out there and here's lynette charles with a look at the forecast. >> all right. so linda had it right. you need the umbrellas and going throughout the day you might need the windbreaker. on the breezy side but becoming windy going into the evening. the temperatures are


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