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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  October 27, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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hours. very frigid conditions in pennsylvania and new york, where they have winter weather advisories right now. things could get wintery around here by saturday. but for the rest of the evening, 60s. cloudy, breezy he, scattered showers and getting cold tonight in the 30s. we have much more in the outlook for friday and saturday coming up. >> you could get the latest forecast and a live look at maryland's powerful radar in the palm of your hand. abc 2 weather app. and track down storms to your neighborhood or get an hourly or seven-day forecast. find the link to download the abc 2 weather app. tanker truck loses control rupturing the tank before exploding the flames after crossing the dam. with it, workers are, are trying to contain a environmental catastrophe. right here the tanker traveled north across the dam in the seizeel county.
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when emergency responders arrived at the scene, the tanker had smashed into a guardrail and burst into flames over the north folks, southern railing road train track. >> they found an injured party with the tractor trailer involved in fire. and there was a substantial fuel spill. we believe he was fully loaded at 7500-gallons of diesel fuel. >> out there today, watching workers. and others put booms in the river are to contain the contamination threatened the river. surrounding the wetlands and wildlife. maryland ordered, -- to temporarily quit drawing water from the river are, to keep it from containing the water supplies. at this hour, route one remains shut down across the bridge and cleanup efforts continue. abc 2 is the place to go, including one over the dam. and you could see live cameras
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throughout the beltway to monitor the traffic through your next trip. get it here right now, baltimore movement was told to pack up their tents. they are still there. they don't seem to be leaving anytime soon. and they have told the occupied baltimore group, welcome to protest. they can not continue to camp out in the plaza here in downtown baltimore. the city's park and recreation department, suggests scaling the protest one tenth overnight. the protesters are, are not packing up anything. resolving the issues in the hands of the mayor. so far there's no word on city hall plans to take action. smithberg is considered apple land in maryland. howard, who lives there, does like the lines, the governor has gone through the congressional district. he's suing. goreel went to every meeting. 12 of them this summer. he argues, the map approved last week, deletes the power in
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the agriculture in the sixth district. the map shifted a lot of property from carolyn to montgomery county. gorele filed the lawsuit in greenville earlier today. he said it again today. tom sanchez calling for a two year freeze on our taxes and fees. this includes the increase in gas tax. franceio says it's time to give businesses and consumers time to catch their breath. they want to hold off on increasing the flush tax. he said the problem, we have no fiscal discipline. and please idea, looking to raise the gas tax and other transportation fees while lawmakers get ready to move again in january. >> developing story, where a jury told the prosecution, it could try and argue for the death penalty and the walla bish ol murder trial. bishop was found guilty of
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murder, resulting in the death of william porter last year. porter was the fan cole who hired him to kill porter. and he conspired. and carla porter is set for next spring. bishop's sentencing phase will begin tomorrow. they are not sure who may be behind multiple shootings that seemed rather random. >> two crimes just about two hours apart. two unrelated shootings that police say really had no rhyme or reason behind them. they are looking for suspects but have little to go on right now. he was just going to the store. county police say the 27-year- old man was walking up nerbe road before 10:00 last night. police say two men came to the victim to rob him. folks in the area heard what sounded like firecrackers. >> so when i came out, i seen all the police. i seen a body in the street. that's all i seen. we couldn't even go over there.
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they had two cars over there. somebody was sitting on the curb. >> victim manager, sandlewood and marlin streets. he was take tone shop trauma with critical injuries. the thing about the place, there was no apparent reason for the shooting. >> at this point, and any property or money was taken from the victim. >> across the county, another shooting and another victim shot with an unknown motive. a man was in the gas station on leads avenue before 8:00 last night when he was shot by a man he argued with. police aren't sure what led to the shooting. the man was not a customer and police aren't sure what exactly shot. >> what his potential relationship or what sparked the confrontation. >> both victims remained hospitalized this evening. if you have any information, please call baltimore county police and metropolitan crime
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stoppers. "abc news." >> police arrested an 18-year- old to the murder of 70-year- old church care give. james johnson was charged with murgd morton hill. he was found laying in an alley. he suffered from multiple gunshot wounds and pronounced dead at the scene. mr. hill is a respect ared member of the community. police say swron son was charge -- johnson was charged with assault, murder charges. we will have more on the story tonight on abc 2 news at 11:00. the government tells you not to give out your social security number. why are they giving it out on the web after you die? abc 2 news investigator joseph is here to answer that one. >> they are forced to give it out. as a result, millions of americans are, are at ris are being for potential identity theft after they die. it's a nightmare situation, and they lost children and then get kicked while they are down,
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finding out someone stole their babies. it's made available by the same people who tell you not to give it out, the federal government. >> enabling the people to do whatever they want. and from what i have heard, it sounds like they've done little or nothing to the people who use it. >> tonight at 11:00, explain where the social security numbers are exposed for anyone to see. and the families left to deal with the death after going through their own tragedies. meantime, working for you with a special web page. protect your id, put tips to help you protect yourself from identity theft. we have stories on what you should tread and more details on how your private information could land in a scammer's hands. joseph sterman. >> hippos are, are dressing up
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like high ennas. and it's that time of year. the kids are, are coming home with school with lice in their hair. how do we deal with this problem? rapid renux, owned by a high school graduate has no trouble today. we'll tell you why this win was historic. >> check it out. 63. 63 his normal. 62, your 2-degree guarantee. we have a winter for you. john hanson from columbia. congratulations to you. need it tonight and, again, saturday. we'll talk about some wild weather before halloween, coming up. ♪
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one of the reasons dieters can't keep the weight out are hormones. they are struggle against persistent biological urge. after year, participants showed altered hormone levels that reduced their appetites. if your child had head lice you know what a nightmare it could be. with kids back in school, they are more vulnerable this time of year. to make it worst, it's getting harder to treat. health reporter linda is telling us a new way to fight head lies. >> just thinking about head lice could make a parent cink. your kids could shower and shampoo every day. one encounter weeks of treatment. combing at their eggs for hours at a time. >> probably two to three hours.
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and we do that three times a day. >> very difficult. you don't know. you can't even tell what a nhtsa nit. >> parents may not use medicines properly. they require meticulous nit combing. in some cases, the lice is resistant to the medicine. parents have a new option. fda included a game changing on head lice. it's a top cal medicine whose active ingredients derives from a mike crobe. >> numbers are way -- at least twice as effective as the most commonly used existing product. >> the dermatologist would helped study the drug. he said it's an easy three step process. parents apply and wait 10 minutes. a second treatment may be necessary as lice was seen
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after one week. after many treatments, nit combing was not required. >> applying it to the scalp is not easy. hours and hours is not necessary with netroba. >> the best defense is to teach your kids from head to head combat. don't share combs or brushes or even things like helmet and hats. it takes only a few seconds to transfer lice from one head to another. linda so, abc 2 news. >> there are over-the-counter medicines available. doctors approved like what linda showed us are available with a prescription. is the place for your health news. click on the health link after the news link. and then you'll find health headlines as well as the different categories to help you fine the information you and your family need.
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still some rain out there. we check out maryland's most powerful radar. we find basically one more ban of precipitation. one has cleared the baltimore area. a new one coming down. basically north of the city. westminster, clearing. we have rain moving in ricester's town and come down in the townsend area before we see things clear out. however, clouds will hold tough. temperatures will continue to drop. winds shifted direction. northwest at 15. winds picking up as we thought they would. on top, we have, again, the colder air posed over western maryland that set to flow in here. we're a solid 15 degrees colder just off the i-70 in hagerstown. look how warmer at the beach. contrasting temps across the state. you know it's cold. we do that with frost advisories up for northern and western maryland. if you're in the pennsylvania
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line, watch out for frost overnight bringing the tinder plants. 25, that's the latest wind gusts. 38 winchester at the top of the hours. winds will pick up, even as the showers taper off. colder air will drop the temps. we have wintery weather going on in north central pennsylvania and upstate new york where there's winter weather concerns from the storm. we may have a few concerns as we go to the next. and we'll be dealing with winds and temps from this particular weather maker. and the trend shows clearing tomorrow. briefly better on a friday but as of friday night, here's the coastal storm developing in the carol linenas. coming up as we go into early saturday and depending how it's tracks. we get some rain, perhaps rain mixed with some wet snowflakes.
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if it's possible. the whole thing gets out of here. tropics still active. tropical storm renna. and weakening before hurricane strength. overnight, we have 37. windy and colder. frost, north and west of baltimore. there are, are freezing temps out there tonight. in the northern and western suburbs. friday, 52, a 2-degree guarantee. windy, 38 tomorrow night. rain showers comes back on with cold air around. it could mean the rain snow' mix deal as we go to saturday. we clear it out rapidly. sunday we're talking football. i have to change the topic. i have to give out a shoutout for my good friends. >> and this weekend. >> they were asking me every question including what it will do this week. they put me on the spot. and yes, saturday, a wild card. >> a wild card.
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appleton, and of year they bring top 8th graders and our lady victory, they come over. they have a great day. keynote speaker. 13 years in a row. >> don't look old enough. >> and been a while longer. been there since 1800s and continue to rank in the top 50 catholic high schools in america. and -- >> 1500, is before your time. >> didn't graduate in the 1800's. >> thanks, ladies. looking for some weird fun or safe place to take the family for halloween? how about jubu, over at the maryland zoo. karin went out and get a preview of the spook tack lar festival. it's that time of year to get dressed up in your favorite costume. whether you're a ghost, goblin or witch or princess, halloween
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is the time of year to partake in the fun. the question, where to go when you are dressed up. maryland zoo and baltimore has the answer. zoo-gu. >> and we have pumpkins for the kids much and friday, saturday and sunday. we have the pumpkins, annual event, elephants. and they get the smash underneath their feet and introduce them and smash them. it sounds like a little explosion. with a little pack underneath their foot. and richmond to animals across the zoo much and animal ambassadors. >> people of all ages are encouraged to dress up. welcome around and see some of the zoos' 1500 animals. >> pirates cove, that's new. captain jack cummings. if your kids love pirates,
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definitely want to check him out. we have events, some of it is a nominal fee but zoo-boo. >> zoo-boo is a three day event, friday, saturday, sunday. it's one of the safest places in town to bring your little ones to trick or treat. >> zoo lyn boo is one the biggest draws. it's one of the major event. always successful and even if the weather is questionable. we have 2000 pumpkins that will be delivered this week. we expect a lot of people regardless of the weather. >> and -- >> that was great. >> and the zoo is doing great things. nancy heinz and tim baldwin. 10:00 a.m. to 4:00. each day is free. and there's going to be a, a costume contest. 11:30, plenty of live
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entertainment. carnival. for more information, go to maryland outside the third saturday of may, maryland horse racing, doesn't mean to make the headlines. talking about rapid reducks. got out and stayed, and wire to wire, winning the 19th consecutive time. ties ab all-time -- an all-time mark. the horse is owned bid high school grad, robert cole and one racing, the breeders cup. a philly named having grace. congratulations to mr. cole and rapid reduction. all right, that's good news jamie. coming tonight on abc a 2 news at 11:00. >> you could actually see the joy on her face. this is one happy home coming. we'll tell you about the elaborate scheme, soldier returning from war, to surprise his wife. virginia, and made headlines this week when she
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took over ibm. why -- tell you about several women making big strides for ending gender bias. joipjoin us for "abc news" at 11:00.
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i speak for the people. >> i think we will see a few flakes fly, mixed with rain. >> i don't think it will be a shovel situation. >> should anybody keep their date saturday night? >> and like you or anybody, i don't have a special -- i'll say that the phil's point will go on no matter what. i would say, if your costume is the more likely clad, maybe you sneak in a layer. >> clad it up a little more? >> yeah. >> it will be cold. chilly. >> it won't be one of these, here we go. >> like october surprise, major snow. >> i think that will be north, pennsylvania, new york. they are getting it tonight even. we will have a little more rain tonight. >> all right. there you have it. things won't change by 11:00; right? >> yeah, real quick, real quickly, the seven-day
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forecast. tonight, frigid as the cold winds come in. friday, it will be the improvement. saturday, it's the wild card. rain may be the winter mix. rain, sunday's weather. >> and those numbers are, are all over the place. beautiful skyline. see you tonight at 11:00, everybody
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