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tv   News  ABC  October 28, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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temperatures will continue to drop and then we have a rain snow mix coming in here for the first half of the weekend. let's talk about the winter storm watch in effect from saturday morning until saturday afternoon for all the areas here shaded in this blue color. we could see snow in the higher elevations around here i don't think we'll see too much sticking. we'll be seeing some lane starting. ground is going to be too wet we could be seeing it fall from thes sky -- from the sky. 30s in many areas. very cold, have the coat as you head out and about this morning. i'm going to talk more about that rain snow mix but right now a check of the traffic with tonya. >> good morning. i can't believe you used the s-word, already. if you are waking up in
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hartford or cecil county the bridge is back open after an accident that closed down the road. there was a fuel spill that had to be cleaned up. it is back open at this hour. the road reopened at about midnight. looking at 95 at 175 we are doing well out there. there are no issues reported between elk ridge and laurel. the jfx and northern parkway is light right now. southbound traffic is most of the volume building, mosque away from the camera bel air to providence that will take you six minutes. don't forget, you can always follow us on twitter at maryland traffic. sentencing today for walter bishop jr. convicted in the murder for hire plot involving
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a baltimore county gas station owner. >> reporter: the jury's decision means this case is the first test of the state's new death penalty statute. today both sides will argue whether 2-year-old walter bishop jr. should be sentenced to death. if not, he will face life in prison. bishop was convicted of fatally shooting william porter at a gas station porter owned. bishop could become maryland's sixth death row inmate and the first since the state revised its statute two years ago. there must be dna or video evidence linking the defendant to a murder or video of a voluntary interrogation or confession. bishop fulfilled the last requirement despite claims by his attorneys that it was not voluntary. the penalty phase of this trial is expected to end next week.
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sherrie johnson, abc2 news. at least seven people are dead and four others hospitalized after a tractor trailer slammed into a minivan in northern indiana. this was along the michigan border and police say witnesses tell them the have been may have hit a deer, coming to a stop before being rear-ended. a florida man is pleading guilty to gunning down four relatives in a massacre. the man will serve seven consecutive life sentences and one representative pleaded for the death penalty. as part of the deal the man will not be allowed to appeal. about a thousand people gathered to honor a veteran from iraq. scott olson is in the hospital and has been upgraded now to
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fair condition. a candlelight vigil capped off a day where occupy demonstrators began moving back in to reclaim the plaza outside the oakland city hall. a soldier's return home from afghanistan is one his wife won't soon forget. she was having dinner at a chick fil'a. her husband brought over the food and his wife amy simply started screaming. she knew he was coming home but she didn't know when. in may the family will transfer to a base in missouri. one of those popular spots to visit if you are in the market for entertainment. now a cam alert using a famous name from a website where you can buy tickets. a new seventh that could span the country, for gift cards. details on this friday morning
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on "good morning maryland."
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the calendar says october and it is 41 degrees here in baltimore. in albany, new york they are
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getting their first snowfall. an inch of accumulation is predicted along grassy areas. temperatures will continue dropping. fall may justing getting started, but it is beginning to look a lot more like winner in northern texas. people in amarillo woke up to a scene like this yesterday morning. a local newspaper has two and a half inches of snow as the measuring stick. none of it is expected to hang around. temperatures are expected to be back in the 60s today. charlie, you are talking about that snow. you know what? we could get some of that tomorrow. as the satellite radar, you are talking about into new york that. cold front moves through and then the system back toward the south is pushing toward the tennessee valley. definitely dealing with snow rain mix going into time, meaning tomorrow as we check
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out what is going on with maryland's most powerful radar, nothing right now, but as we go through the evening time frame, especially overnight, that is when we will definitely see showers in the forecast. we'll be dealing with a winter storm watch in effect from saturday morning until saturday afternoon. basically this means if you are going to be traveling, well it could be dicey on the roadways. significant, snowfall, icy conditions as well. most of this will occur in the higher elevations. be prepared for that. our hour by hour forecast will bring it much cooler with the the temperature coming in at 52 degrees. i'm going to dissect the rain know mix. let's head it over to tonya with your traffic. good morning. happy friday for you. doing pretty well out there so far. no major incidents to report.
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bus and rail services are on time. let's take a life look at the beltway. this is the beltway at frederick road if you are heading on the outer loop 95 south of the beltway making your way from rossville to rose dale, no issues to report. southbound traffic is to the right of your screen, we have a steady flow there, so we are doing okay. charlie? a scam involving ticket website sub had you been. the better business bureau is warning you about an e-mail you could receive, it will tell you your credit card has been authorized for $2700. it gives you a place to log in and see your confirmation order but don't do it. also if you do have an account, change your password right now. more information on this scam
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head to our website at right now police in florida are investigating a gift card scam they say could span the entire country. tens of thousands of dollars worth of walmart gift cards were found during a traffic stop outside gainsville. they got the cards from an atlanta man. that man was buying people's ids for thousands of dollars and using that information to buy the gift cards. to cards were then used to buy things at walmart and taken back for the cash. police say the case could be handled by the united states secret service. a toy intended to challenge kids' creativity opportunities out to be toxic. straight ahead this morning. husband a new campaign to stop texting and driving kicks off, more on this message, coming up.
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this new ad campaign guard at stopping texting while driving to keep people safe.
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this morning abc 2's sherrie johnson is live with details. >> reporter: charlie, the new multi-media campaign is based on the success of similar past campaigns. let's take a look at one of the psas ear. you can see a man falling into the pond here. it potentially could meet 8 -- reach 8 million people. many continue to text and drive. high school students said they text while driving. the study also found teens are sending fewer messages to peers and more to their parents. multiple devices have become a central way people of all ages communicate. parents have a critical role to play in setting a good example. organizers of this campaign believe a combination of public outreach, strong walls and effective policing can change driver and passenger behavior
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and hopefully, keep folks safe. new video this morning out of texas a fiery tanker truck explosion shut down the entire southwest freeway near houston. check out the flames. the tanker is leak is diesel fuel. hazmat crews are on the scene mopping up that mess. not yet clear when the freeway is going to reopen again across parts of houston. if you wanted drama, excitement, a comeback to the ages, you got it last night in game six of the world series in st. louis. rangers versus the st. louis cardinals. st. louis rallied down from 7-4 and then went back in the tenth and 11th inning. josh hamilton a two run blast in the tenth to put texas up 9-7.
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st. louis comes back to tie in the bottom of the tenth. then in the bottom of the 11th, it was all over on a solo shot. first pitch tonight for game seven in the world series. let's head out west now to california. there are life pictures from the pair force base where a delta rocket is carrying a satellite into space. this is going to be covering a wide range. keep your forecast more accurate. justin burke has been live out there for the past several days watching this and reporting to us live via skype. also talking with scientists who are going to make this possible. your weather forecast will be much better, much more accurate and much more truth and factual
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as our meteorologists here on the ground are going to make it possible. we just heard the 30-second call on this. we are going to bring you this launch live. justin is out there watching this from the air force base in california. lynette, are you excited? this is going to make your job easier. 5, 4, 3, 2, main engine start. one, 0. and lift off of the delta two with the nppsatellite, blazing the way in new technology for climate research and weather forecast. >> pressure in the main engine. good chamber pressure in all six motors. passing 24 seconds into the flight. pressure beginning to trail up.
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>> i have never seen a rocket launch life. justin burke is there again. he got to watch it. consumer news the company spin masters paying a hefty fund for failing to report problems with the aqua dot line. spin masters accused of knowingly import and go selling toys that were deemed toxic. the company received reports children and a dog had become sickened after take and go eating those dots. the toys contained a chemical that could be harmful to the kidneys and the central nervous system. phoenix marketing international released its annual ranking of millionaires per capita by state. maryland just beat out highway highway for the top spot. phoenix estimates the number of millionaires in the country grew by 7% last year alone.
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she was astranded alone at the south pole for weeks. this morning she is going to be out, speaking about her experience and how she is doing. rene nicole deseur went to new zealand and is now at johns hopkins, where she is receiving treatment. charlie, we are talking about a change that has come upon us this morning. because we are very cold. we have a few clouds out there, but high pressure is going to build in behind this front that passed overnight. very cold air which we are already feeling. that is going to stick with us throughout the day. cold again as we go through the night and then we look forward to some snow. i want to show you what's going on here. it is a tropical storm here. the wind sustained at 50 miles
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per hour moving to the north northeast at 50 miles per hour. staying away from cuba, staying away from florida. let's talk about what's going on with our weather. we have a winter storm watch in effect for saturday morning until saturday afternoon, for the areas here shaded in the blue. mainly the snow will fall 1500 elevation above 1500 feet. we are not dealing with too much stickage on the ground throughout saturday, because the air has been too warm, the ground has been too warm, that is what we are dealing with. we'll start out with the rain and have snow wrapping in cross the area. the temperature will be right around 52 degrees. we will be presencesy and cooler as well. the rain is likely overnight.
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here is the forecast tomorrow. the rain snow mix breeze i it will be colder. >> reporter: good morning, happy friday. southbound through owens mill to the beltway, you have nothing in your way. 65 near 75 the outer loop through pikesville. we have volume building toward liberty road. 83 south at the beltway. northbound traffic you are seeing, 83 south. follow us on twitter at maryland traffic for the latest on that. our drive times are still doing okay. drive time p seven minutes charlie. it is being called a police crack down for the ages. the story, straight ahead.
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and the investigation into a missing missouri baby now moves toward someone else also living in that house. thanks for joining us on this friday morning.
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start things with things you need to know. a dozen new york city police officers are expected to be arraigned for helping family and friends avoid paying traffic tickets. baby lisa irwin's two brothers will be interviewed today about what they heard the night their sister reportedly went missing. core will be back in session this morning in involuntary manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. and he was known as dr. death. and now you can own a piece of his life. the hooter auction galleries in new york will be auctioning off selected items from the estate of dr. jackie. he helped -- of dr. jack
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kevorkian. high-tech cameras will be positioned. even after you are dead, your social security may live on. how crooks are stealing from people who are no longer here. and hundreds of dolphins have been wiped out. this morning the investigators try to figure out if the bp oil spill may have had something to do with it. another family has to call 911 after a trip to an apple orchard. to his stories and pour coming up in our 6:00 hour
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