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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  October 28, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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is there any truth or is in just a sensational headline? what the national enquirer is saying what happened to robin gardner. camden yard will be lighting up the night. i'm linda so. >> reporter: good morning maryland, i'm charlie crowson. good morning charlie. good morning everybody. let's get right to it. there is a lot to talk about for today. we have a wenter storm watch in effect saturday morning until saturday afternoon. basically for the areas here shaded in the blue. in these areas you could get up to five inches of snow. basically this is going to be for the higher elevations. i don't think there is going to be much stick ago cross this area. it is going to be rain and with the temperatures, ground is so warm, that is why i don't think it will be sticking
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across this area. carol county and frederick county, that is when you are getting into maybe a half inch it an -- inch. break it go down so you know what to expect as you go into your tomorrow your 7-day photograph is all coming up. right now a check of the traffic with tonya. >> reporter: good morning. a terrible accident left dam closed if a full day. the dam has now reopened. the announcement was made after midnight. a fiery accident leaf the dam closed wednesday night. a tractor trailer was carrying 7500 gallons of diesel fuel. the don't has been cleared. -- the accident has been cleared. near 75, this is at old core road, that is the loiter loop
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traffic moving away from the camera your ride should be smooth at this time. this is southbound traffic will be with a few cars as they make their way toward cold spring lane. you can follow us on twitter. our drive times are doing fine as well. if you are traveling 95, that is six minutes. bel air to providence six minutes as well this is where it happened 3 miles south of south bend, indiana. >> new information coming out about this crash. eyewitness accounts suggest the minivan may have hit a deer and then slowed or stopped in the
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eastbound lanes. seven people in that minivan died at the scene. three others were taken to area hospitals. the driver of the tractor trailer was also hospitalized. none of the victim timmons names have been released. the truck had wisconsin tags. now both vehicles ended up in the center median, blocking traffic in both directions. no other vehicles were involved in that accident, which was reported shortly before 5:00 p.m. on thursday. the crash was rezoned just before midnight. sherrie johnson. look for updates on this story and new video. this morning a young man is in custody in connection with the murder of a church caretaker. seven-year-old milton hill
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worked at the ark church in baltimore. this morning a new report on robyn gardner, the maryland woman who has been missing in aruba. we are learning now the national enquirer has learned authorities received an anonymous tip. it says the woman from frederick is buried alive in a dog's grave. howard county police are searching for a missing sex offender. james spivey is the only sex offender not found during the recent check in. there is a big fight over water, people are not happy about the possibility of a water tower being built right in their backyard. the area is growing, and needs a big tower. this one ensures homes will have proper water pressure and keep the public safe as it gives firefighters the water they need to do their job.
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residents say if the tower goes up, the property values are going to go down. >> we are trying to make decisions that involve the community. this is a project that serves the very community. >> the tower is scheduled to begin construction on bond avenue. that is one of five the county's currently considering. >> we were the only ones in the meeting at the old american can company building. we think it was a meeting, or just an information session about baltimore's red lane. people in that area say it is a
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waste of taxpayer dollars. but the project has the support of president obama. he has set aside a50% of federal monies to get this lineup and running. >> it is like asking you which peanut do you want to eat off the floor. neither of them right? but you have to pick one. here we are staring at two peanuts on the floor. >> whether or not everybody gets exactly what then is still to be determined. it is an opportunity people tell us how they feel and many are writing down their comments as we speak. >> reporter: total bill could be around $2 billion. people in canton are vowing to fight on until the project is literally stopped in its tracks. camden yards will be glowing tomorrow night. linda so is alive. we have the latest number on how many people are going to
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show up tomorrow 1500 is what they are expecting and there is still time to register. check out her toes. a brave soul. you have got to be cold. natalie, you are walking for your grandfather tomorrow? >> yeah he died of lymphoma when i was in first grade. >> very cool. these guys will be walking. everyone for their own people they know who had cancer. this event is all about raising money. >> our goal for the baltimore walk tomorrow is $350,000. >> wow. if somebody wants to come out, what can they expect? >> everyone from strollers to wheelchairs, to in between. around the inner harbor. less than two miles, very
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leisure and common competitive walk. the fun is it is also about remembering those who have lost their lives i don't absolutely our symbol for the walk is what you see right over there. red for supporters, white for survivors. you can truly see who is there and for what purpose. >> reporter: people can register still? >> absolutely. tomorrow night be here at 5:00 we'll love to have anyone come join us. >> reporter: coming up, we'll talk about some of the family fun events you have planned during this walk. you heard her saying it is going on tomorrow. you can still register for the walk. again it is going on. rain, snow, sleet, shine, they are all going to be here. we'll have more on that coming up in our next half hour.
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linda so, abc 2 news. she took a long journey across the world to get to hopkins. now she speaks about her recovery. a beauty queen with a message. miss south carolina can tell you firsthand why it is so important to fight childhood obesity. what may it please the court is doing to help and you your family have a -- what maryland is now doing to help you and your family have a safe halloween. >> reporter: bank of america all alone. most other banks are not imposing fees for making purchases with debit cards. the other banks all say the public outcry was not a factor in their decision. apple may be getting all the buzz, but it is not the top smart phone maker. samsung is.
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samsung has 24% of the global smart phone market. hewlett packard is changing its mind. ceo meg whitman has decided not to sell off its personal computer business. and your jack o'lantern is going to cost more this year. bad weather is blamed for soaring pumpkin prices. that is america's money.
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looking for somewhere fun to take the family for halloween? zoo boo is going on.
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a great event for us. one of our major fundraisers. we have pumpkins for the kids, face painting, a costume contest at 11:30 and 2:30, friday saturday and sunday. this year's zoo boo includes trick or treating and includes visits from animal ambassadors, carnival games, crafts, a hay maze and life entertainment. the amount of accidents that happen on halloween can be just scary. kids are not paying attention to their surroundings. megan pringle joins us this morning with ways moms and dads can keep their kids safe and keep themselves from stress on halloween night. >> reporter: i took a little survey, asked around in the studio. you said as a child your favorite costume was bat woman. tonya it was wonder woman and
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lynette a roller skater. by the way our producer juanita says she doesn't know. can't remember. we all know this is such a cherished tradition for children. you never even think when you are a kid it is about the safety. more accidents happen due to accidents like being hit by a car or falling. parents have been telling kids for years, question out in big groups, be familiar with the homes you are going to, have an adult chaperone have a brand route that keeps kids on the sidewalk, remind them not to dart in and out of cars. the state is actually stepping it up too. maryland officials are offering reflective safety vests. these vests are free and are
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intended to make trick or treaters more visible. so you can go get them. again they are free. you have to return them by november 4th. not a bad idea but charlie big question is, how hard is it going to be to talk your kid into putting that over your costume? >> what was your favorite costume? >> as a kid i loved halloween. i could probably say every single year it was my favorite costume. but i was also very proud the year i was a can of bringles. we are asking on you facebook this morning what was your favor costume when you were growing up as a child. if you still get together and maybe dress up for halloween this year, let us know what you like to do on halloween.
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lynette? >> reporter: talking about halloween, the forecast is not going to be so bad. look what we have right now charlie. across the nation. the middle of the nation, more in the 30s. we are not the only place that is cold this morning. a weather pattern is cold because the cold front passed through. definitely trickling in the colder air. we will be drier than what we were yesterday as well. that is definitely what we like to see. but it is going to be short-lived. as of now as we head into saturday, we are going to have a coastal low developing off north carolina tonight. that is going to move up the coast as we go through tomorrow we are going to start you out with rain along the eastern shore. more of that on the western shore as well. as we head toward western maryland, maybe even frederick, carol could see an
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accumulation, an inch, a half inch. not dealing with any type of accumulation. the grounds will be too wet. starting out with the rain, it is too damp for anything to stick out there. as we look at your future radar, things are looking good on sunday. yes the ravens playing definitely high pressure building in a cross the area. 525 degrees, variable clouds it will be breezy. cooler as well. tonight temperature coming in around 38 degrees. the rain will be likely as we go through the overnight. it is going to be scold. that is when we had the rain snow mix. breezy and colder out there as well. definitely getting a taste of winner here. check out the 7-day forecast here. we will pick it up on sunday. by monday 55 degrees for halloween, looking good. it looks like the temperatures go up from there with ample sunshine in the forecast. check this out.
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it could be a slippery commute for drivers in central massachusetts. many people were shocked to see heavy flakes falling. fortunately the wet snow did not stick to many roads. because temperatures dropped overnight the remaining moisture made the roadways slippery. >> reporter: we have a report of some debris in the road reported to the state 100 west. be careful out there. let's take a life look at our traffic cameras. 95 at 175. no incidents reported between the beltways. 895 at the harbor tunnel. southbound traffic going into a tunnel. our hand is the at maryland traffic. we do spell out maryland at maryland traffic for the latest outlaws, accidents and construction. our drive times are still doing
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great. traveling top side of the beltway on the outer loop from bel air to providence is just six minutes. it appears measles are making a comeback. it is the worst outbreak in more than 15 years. doctors say they usually see about 60 or 70 cases in one year. it appears the outbreak is being caused by people catching the measles while traveling abroad. a beauty queen is using her own life experiences to inspire others. at 17, bree boyce weighed 234 pounds. a doctor told her the weight had to come off. so she threw out all the junk food, and went to a nutritionist. three years later she was drowned ms. . south carolina. >> i challenge you all to make
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a change today and make a change to be a happy and healthy and confident individual. boyd continues to make her health a top priority. it is a true miracle. one that rescuers in turkey are barely able to believe themselves. another person found alive in the earthquake was sunday. a claim prince charles is now making about a strong connection to contrala. when good morning maryland continues. find out why! this sensor will show why my living room gets too hot and too cold! hm... need some heating and cooling system work. and insulation will help stop the drafts. get up to $2,450 dollars in rebates and keep saving with home performance with energy star. get started at
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♪ for the big day ahead of you morning. big day, huh? morning, mom! are you excited? ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup. s. news around the world this morning. another amazing rescue in turkey. workers pulled a 13-year-old boy alive from the rubble of a collapsed apartment building. it happened early this morning. more than 100 hours after a powerful earthquake. video shot by the state news agency shows the boy appearing to be conscious and looking at
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his rescuers. devastating flooding in parts of italy. this video from north of tuscany. many streets remain underwater. schools are closed and trains have shut down, too. officials say five people have been reported killed so far. there is also massive flooding still in thailand. the governor of bangkok says people must brace themselves for the highest water level, still to come. flood in thailand have so far killed 373 people. this morning a strange tale just in time for halloween. prince charles says he is related to count dracula. charles says his family genealogy traces him back to the 15th century romainian war lord who inspired bram stoker's
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novel, dracula. apple picking is supposed to be a fun fall tradition. that is until you can't find your way out of the orchard. why one husband said he had to make the call to 911. a woman screams at a chick fil'a. this is for a good reason though, she is thrilled. how she got the surprise of a lifetime, coming up.
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a jury finds a convicted killer in a murder for hire case eligible for the death penalty. more on the significance of the case, coming up. hard to believe crooks can get away with it. now they are stealing from the dead. it is an amazing story of survival. rescue and now recovery. an engineer who travels from the south pole to baltimore will speak today. maybe a look into what the weekend could hold and say hello to meteorologist lynette charles. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. we are definitely looking at better weather than what we saw yesterday. you can see that you don't need the umbrella, the rain gear you
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needed yesterday. but when you look at the temperatures, you can see that you do need a jacket, a coat, and then i'll add the word heavy before it. it is definitely very cold outside. 5 degrees right now, elk tonight at 37 degrees these temperatures are not going to warm up too much as we go throughout the day. weighs start you out at 8:00 again, temperatures still in the 30s. as we go throughout the day, sunshine and a sun cloud mix out there. much cooler with the temperature coming in at 52 degrees i'm going to talk about the winter storm watch we have in effect. all coming up. headed over to tonya, she has your traffic. >> reporter: we are starring to get some volume out there. let's take a lookout there, a live look at frederick road. steady flow


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