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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 31, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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place. we spent our youth there. the mt. washington tavern in the heart of the tavern. the forefelt all around baltimore. >> this is the kind of place that knew crore name, knew your drink, knew the name of your kids and wife. the fire damaged much more than the building. it damaged a way of life. >> reporter: for those of you who knew this place, for the scorings of people that this knew it is now a total loss. the two alarm fire collapsed the second floor on to the first. water rushing out. the lives belt around this place, now put on notice. >> you see that red sign go up? >> yep. >> not good. >> reporter: the owner is reflecting not just as the owner for the past four years but an employee for more than 20 before
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that. the roots here run just that deep. >> we have so many friends and regular customers. >> kind of like a magnet for the neighborhood. this tavern is 32 years old this november. it mean as lot to a lot of people. >> reporter: evidenced by the number of people lined up behind the yellow tape to look at it themselves. >> we would come here a couple times at least. >> it is an institution. >> it is. >> reporter: a site attracting regulars as far away as city hall. >> i can't tell you how many times i've been in the-- tavern. it's a staple. i wanted to check on the firefighters that were out here working on it. >> reporter: pause they knew --
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because they knew her name, but they also knew yours. s this tavern was a familiar destination, a comfortable spot, the type of place that will recreate soon as the fire hoses turn off. they employ about 70 people. it's all the more reason the owner told us he has reached out to contractors to start rebuild. fire investigators are still looking for the cause. weather wise for all the trick or treaters, i think the weather is holding up pretty nicely. a few showers approaching western maryland have not made it in yet. there's a little bit of rain south of richmond, virginia. as we look at some of the temperatures, to the north mid to upper 40s. so it is chilly points north.
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i think we'll fall steadily through the 50s and into the 40s. cloudy and cool, perhaps a shower or two. we have much more coming up. for those of you who took this weekend to pack it up for the sarasota or the keys, we're july lus-- jealous. those who went north, went right into the teeth of the storm. >> reporter: all it took is one winter pounding to make northeasterners long for those days when the summer hit from a hurricane was the biggest fear. it turns out this year's most freakish weather event was a snowstorm. no trick or treaters. >> it's too dangerous. >> reporter: some places got 30 inches of snow. more than 3 million customers lost power. >> this is really a power outage
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driven by the snow and the fact that the leaves were still in the trees. >> reporter: in new jersey more than half still don't have power. in connecticut more than 70% lost electricity. in new york city the snow melted quickly but destroyed 1,000 trees, eight times more than irene took out. at least a dozen people died. at the airport in hartford, connecticut, passengers were unhappy. >> jetblue has demonstrated a callusness towards its passengers that i find hard to comprehend. >> reporter: they were tracked on the tarmac for seven hours.
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even the pilot was peeved. jetblue said the payings would be reimbursed. reporting from new york. >> let's go back there. the snowstorm over the weekend did not stop occupy wall street protesters. they said we're going to stick it out during the freezing temperatures. the city is cracking down on a lot of equipment the protesters are using to keep their tents warm because they could pose fire hazards. the president issued an executive order to fix a growing number of prescription drugs used to treat life-threatening illnesses. they want to make more available for people in need. some hospitals had to delay surgeries and cancer treatments. the fda will speed up all these
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applications to produce certain drugs as well as giving the justice department additional information about instances of price gouging by companies. >> this is one of those slow rolling problems that could and up resulting in disaster for patients and health cash facility -- care facilities. >> the president signed the legislation. netflix customers will soon be able to find your abc and disney shows on netflix and they unveiled deals. amazon and netflix said their customers can stream shows such as "grey's anatomy." starting tomorrow, it's going to cost you more to get
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through the tolls. the statewide hike takes effect at mid-fight at the fort mchenry tunnel. if you want to cross the bay bridge, it will be $4. officials said the toll hikes are necessary. well, the knocks and deaning -- ding dongs have started. we will make sure everyone has a save night. and sherrie johnson will show us bates middle school. >> and we have just had our 7 billionth baby born on the planet. we'll tell you where, when. i think you know how.
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it is halloween and your costume characters have been going off the wall since they got home from school and they are ready to charge out of the gates to get their bags filled. we all have to remember safety first. we're live in your neighborhood with kelly swoope making sure everyone is seen. kelly? >> reporter: they want to come out but they're waiting for the parents to give them the go ahead. we're in perry hall at georgia bell and fragrance way. i want to share a situation that happened on thursday night. one of two teenaged boys were out trick or treating and one died. they were both hit by a car thursday night as they were
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crossing their highland elementary school in lower allentown township. a neighbor heard a noise and went outside. >> the one boy was right around here and the other was on the corner by the sign. the one kid that was by the fire hydrant was moving. the one on the corner -- >> i do not know in they were thrown. if they were carried by the vehicle and fell off. it's really early on to say. >> reporter: the roadway was dry and the intersection was lit and there was an overhead street light. investigators did not believe that excessive speed was a factor. we want to make sure the kids have fun and safe. we have very simple halloween tips that we want to share. children should always travel in groups and be companied by -- accompanied by adults, someone who is familiar with the
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neighborhood. use a flashlight to light your way. you'll be able to see others and they will be able to see you. wear well fitting costumes. with all the costumes, kids want to be cute. they have make -- picked their favorite characters but pick a costume that's proamplet -- aappropriate. we know there are some cute costumes, so send them to pics at right now one of the most important things as we head out, everybody wants to what he what's the weather going to be
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like. let's check in with the man with the answers, wyatt everhart. >> you have to check out my facebook page. i think you might like it. >> reporter: what are you this year? >> you'll have to check it ut -- out. >> reporter: sounds good. 40s, cloudy and cool, maybe a shower or two. later tonight we could see a passing light shower. 54 at the airport as we approach this halloween night. southeast wind around 5. snow on the ground at deep creek lake. unbelievable in late october. here in the city just some passing clouds, generally calm clear weather. some fall color although that
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wind and snow and winter mix knocked a will the of the fall foilage off the tree. we're showing all clear, one small shower in the southern tip of the state. that's it. temperature wise mid-50s, falling in the 40s. on the whole, everything is looking good. our winds are five to 10, so a very light breeze. here's the rain, one out in west virginia, a little band. that may diminish. then showers south of the richmond area. this area will keep trekking northward. there's two different opportunities to get some showers. those look like they will be at least three, four hours at earliest. most of the evening festivities should stay dry. drier weather to the west. that's going to continue to push in tomorrow. the high pressure will help clear the skies. it looks like a great looking
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tuesday afternoon. good weather should hold up. there's that rain offshore. some of it could wrap in a little bit. most of this stays offshore. we're clear tomorrow afternoon. wednesday looking clear and dry. as we recap everything, halloween night, eventually overnight we drop to 38, some haunting clouds. on the whole, things will be good. tuesday 56. we'll clear the skies late in the day. still below seasonable levels, in the low to mid-60s. tuesday night down to 36, clear, dry. this will begin to be the last night of that colder trend. we should get temperatures back in the 60s for a good chunk of the outlook. as we check that out, towards wednesday we're back to 60 or so, some sunshine. pretty mild on thursday, 62 there. as we look ahead to next
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weekend, looks like a shot of cooler hair will come in. there will be a brief chance of rain later in the week. that's not a bad outlook. we're still shaking our head. >> i saw your halloween -- you look good as kim kardashian. no. you have to go on facebook. it's good. >> maybe i should do weather tonight at 11:00. >> go check this out. hey, big things are happening at bates middle school in annapolis. students are using a tool called arts integration to help them succeed. sherrie johnson got an up close look. >> reporter: here in this 8th grade science class at bates, students are learning. this exercise teaches students
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about visual arts. >> it helps me learn better and get more involved. even the kids who aren't in it, it helps the brain process. >> reporter: bates is both an arts integration and magnet, one of two in anne arundel. bates has struggled with making adequate yearly progress. they put in arts and bates made progress. >> it's working because our students are very interested in learning through music and visual arts and dance, our core standards. when you visit an arts integrated class, you see happy engaged schools. >> reporter: bates middle school is nonfor arts integration.
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the test scores are up more than 30%. students are using african stories to perform a dance. >> we just started a portrait project. we're creating self-portraits and we're using different characters to describe ourselves in art and through our own characteristics. >> we dance to different speeds to show how molecules move. >> reporter: through arts intergrairks students are off to a great start. in annapolis, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> i would have passed chemistry if i was there. keep it going, bates.
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i want you to meet the baby chosen symbolically to be the 7 billionth human on the earth. this little girl is named danica. she was born in manila in the philippines. she has competition. look at danny -- danica. >> now teens have one more test to add to their to-do list. why pediatricians are recommending that teens get hiv tests. black licorice can really trick our heart, why the fda is warning us to eat it in moderation.
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and the beautiful outdoors. louisiana's the best seafood you'll ever eat. shrimp gumbo, crab cakes, etouffee. florida means beautiful beaches and sugar white sands. actually experts agree that the best beaches are here in alabama. which can't compare to a good time on the gulf in mississippi. louisiana fresh catch. florida beaches. alabama beauty. mississippi outdoors. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters. and we are 100% open for business. i'm glad we got that settled.
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what time dots sun go down? >> 6:06. >> tonight the little monsters will swarm the streets, but, remember, there's a serious side to all this spookiness, your child's safety. kelly swoope joins us more with tips. >> reporter: some of those monsters and ghouls and goblins are surrounding me. who are you? >> i'm an indian. >> cowgirl. >> bunny. >> i'm a penguin. >> reporter: just waiting for that sunto go down so they can start collecting candy.
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it's important to make sure everybody has a good time. the consumer product safety commission has some tips to keep the little goblins safety. be careful about using candles in pumpkins, it pose as safety as -- poses a safety hazard. costumes can catch fire. look on labels and make sure your child is visible after dark. while some of the costumes are cool, they may pose safety hazards. use flashlights and check your children's treats before they dig into them. never let kids go inside homes. and just use some common sense precaution to keep them safe and
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having a good night. it's important that you check those candies. kids with allergies, you need to make sure. we see some other people making their way out in the costumes. they are finding the news crew is in the neighborhood. they're waiting for dark so they can head out and load up with candy. maybe we'll see more trick or treaters in perry hall. >> tell everybody where you are so they clan come ot and see -- can come out and see you. >> reporter: fragrance way in perry hall. we've got the american academy of pediatrics urging all teenagers between 15 and 18 to get regular routine hiv tests. that's if they live in an area where more than 1,000 people have the sexually transmitted
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disease. they also said teens of any age to be tested for hiv. doctors say half of the teens infected don't know. previously guidelines were for those who admitted to being sexually active. children whose parents are deployed overseas are twice as lokely to carry a weapon, be in a gang or be involved in fights. that includes daughters as well. roachers found that high school aged daughters of deployed parents were nearly three times more likely to be in a gang or get in a fight. there were similar increases among boys when compared to civilians. all right. here we g -- we go.
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animals get to chomp down on tasty treats. plus, there's a city in oregon over come by zombies.
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