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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  December 2, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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unequivocally. >> i can't say it, either. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay you're watching the station that works for you. children and ravens fans broken hearted because of a broken promise. this man is to blip for cheating schools -- blame for cheating schools out of hundreds of dollars. penn state continuing damage control. they are fighting to save the face of perspective students. look for something special to -- looking for something special to do tonight with the family? we will tell you about a special tree lighting ceremony to honor fallen heros. >> friday, december 2nd. good morning i am charley crowson. thanks tore starting your day with us -- for starting your day with us. let's say good morning to
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meteorologist justin berk. >> we look at a quiet scene. the snow band out of ontario and stretching through michigan. moderate snow through lansing and detroit. that's part affrontal boundary extending -- part of a frontal boundary that is part of a frontal boundary that will take our temperatures down for the start of the weekend. 29 ellicott city. 24 sorry 24 ellicott city and temperatures near freezing along the bay. where do we go? a frosty morning. from the mid-20s to near 30 at 7:08 sunrise and pushing to 50 by lunchtime and two degree guaranteed high with a mix of clouds at 55. we will talk about the rest of the weekend forecast and the outlook through next week in a moment. right now here's traffic good morning. >> reporter: and good morning to you. it's a chilly morning out there. you might have a little frost to scrape off but once you get on the roads, things are moving nicely. first look at beltway at 695 at
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frederick road, traffic is moving at a good clip. dropping down to look at i-83 in northern baltimore county i- 83 york road, no difficulties. the jones falls being pressway moving well getting into -- expressway moving well getting into baltimore. that's it for now and back to the news with charley. we begin with developing news. authorities say this man cheated local schools out of hundreds and some thousandss of dollars. he claimed he had ties to the baltimore ravens. but that's far from the truth. education reporter sherrie johnson joins us now with more on a scheme that man is is accused of organizing. >> reporter: well, schools cheated out of hundreds even thousands of dollars by a local monday who said coget ravens players to appear at antibullying assemblies. players never showed. queen anne's sheriff office is the first to file charges against joseph gill. an arrest warrant has been
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issued charging him with gill. gill and his company says lardarius webw would come to talk about a anti-bullying program. he called the school to say webw was out of town. authorities say this is a scam by gill to milk schools for money. the ravens say they have no ties to gill or his company. police say more than 2 dozen schools and pta groups have been scamed by gill including suddenlersville school and centerville middle. schools lost as much as 12 or $500 in this -- $1500 in the scam. >> scum. for anybody to take little children and take advantage. scum is probably not a strong enough word for him. >> reporter: now gill didn't respond to our request for a comment on this case and an attorney representing him said in a leter to the impacted schools that he felt in goodfaith cooffer the service but the relationship to agents
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with the players fell apart. a julio the man who slashed his wife and two daughters with box cutter. a judge found the engineer not crim fallly responsible. the croft op father is ordered to a psychiatric hospital. doctors say he was working long hours at prince george's ice plant and struggling with psychiatric problems. from there he snapped. a year later in a west baltimore family says they need your help finding links to an unsolved murder. they gathered remembering 15- year-old laquan campbell. his mother says someone in her neighborhood must have seen something and she is pleading for them to speak up. >> somebody knows something. just come forward. you can remain anonymous, just come forward because if it hits your doorstep you will want someone to come forward for your child. >> police say it's an open and active case and if you have information, you are asked to
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call the police. and authorities need to keep your eyes out for a woman from wrongville 90 years old this isdolores may huey she was seen yesterday morning. she was seen wearing a gray sweatshirt and black pants. she is driving a burke lasash and knows the -- buick lasaber and she knows as pen hill. they are concerned because she is in the early stages of dementia. howard university is in trouble. five students are suing saying they ignored the sexual assault a harassment. they say he made unwanted vans towards them while working in the school library. he was convicted of the abuse but the lawsuit says they had to go to police when the school department help. howard says they record the abuse to police and takes the safety of students seriously. penn state university is reaching out to perspective students. this is a letter one student
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received. earlier this year after he applied it thanked the student for interest and says please continue to consider joining. zack tomatselli accused bernie fine of sexually abusing him but yesterday he was in could be charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy,, a charge which he pled not guilty. bernie fine maintains his innocence. syracuse fired him on sunday. yesterday, judge lawrence fletcher hill tossed out an obstruction charge against paul schurick. they say he tried to suppress voter turnout in the rematch between marten o'malley and ehrlich. ehrlich took the stand calling schurick a good guy. a third public hearing is set for monday about the planned merger between constellation and exlon. maryland public service commission is deciding whether
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to approve the deal and they want to hear from you. the next meeting is in and alleys set for 7:00. one school admits they have dozens of applications every year and can't accept all students but one rejection is parking -- sparking controversy. and it looks like a scene from the wizard of oz. high wind through one town tossing vehicles. look at this. we will tell you where it's going on when "good morning maryland continues" on this friday november 2nd we are first and only at 4:30 with a live look from the nation's capital. @ @
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. news time 4:39. look at that. wow. severe winds blowing through parts of utah. hurricane strength santa ana wind were so effective and strong they knocked over tractor trailers along highway. utah highway patrol shut down the highway so big rigs and
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other vehicles could be cleared to prevent further problems until the gusts settled down and you know we are not exaggerating when we say they were hurricane-force winds. 80, and 90 and some 100 miles per hour. >> 150 at one of the mountain tops in southern california. hopefully no one in utah is watching this online because we have a 3-mile-per-hour wind in baltimore. we are not rubbing it in. but look at the zeros. calm winds this morning. and we will pick up a little breeze heading towards the afternoon with a quick patches of a weather system. this morning 28 in baltimore and it's an even freezing in easton and we have got chill back to the northwest. the icebox of southern p.a. is stuck in the valley and cooler at 23 up towards york. satellite is quiet and we have the frontal boundary passing through the great lakes and it will be a passage of clouds and moisture good news for rain in texas and there's the storm across the desert southwest that eventually will try to bring energy for us a frosty
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morning mid-20s for most of us. we will bring an increase of clouds with the passing weather system and another brief cool down for the start of the weekend. 4:40 here's better with traffic. >> reporter: a good start right now. a shot from the live camera over at route 29 in howard county. this is a look at traffic goes underneath 10 #. no delays. over to a beltway view live shot of 695, again traffic is running smoothly. no major issues to report at the tunnels where the tolls are moving without delay. follow us on twitter at maryland traffic. now back to news with charley. in the wake of accusations of an extra marital affair and sexual harassment is enough enough? today we will learn with herman cain is ready to call it quits on his run to the white house. and the pennsylvania school says a 1-year-old boy will not be a-- 13-year-old boy will not be able to attend classes. we will explain when good morning maryland continues on this friday december 2nd.
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first and only at #:30. a live look at baltimore's -- 4:30. a live look at baltimore's inner harbor.
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news time 4:43. five things a know on this friday morning. prince harry wrapped up military training in the u.s. e he was stationed in california and arizona learning to fly helicopter gunshipch the prince has 6 more months of training and could return to the lines in afghanistan. the duke and dupes of cambridge will take center stage at olimb -- duchess of cambridge will take center stage at the olympic games. the mission is to promote the importance of the games and inspire young people to excel in whatever they do. joel oldstein reaches millions and now he is going the reality tv route. he signed a reality show deal with mark burnett producer of survivor saying it will feature members of his church going out with communities and helping
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others. the enoch pratt library you can get a great deals at annual book sales that starts today and runs through sunday. here's your chance to get rid hazardous materials. paint, pesticides, batteries will be collected today and tomorrow at the northwestcitizens convenience center on the 2800 block of of sisen street. a student has been rejected because he is hiv positive. the school target underprivileged children and reps say the decision was difficult but ultimately it came down to public safety concerns. they say the school cannot handle stewed wasn't chronic communeicable disease. >> it's very challenging decision for to us make but we have to balance the need of an individual our desire to serve the need of an individual with our obligation to protect the health and safety of the 1850
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students here. >> lawyers for the 13-year-old and his mother say there's no risk and they filed a suit claiming the unnamed middle school student was discriminated against. both sides are now waiting for a decision from the courts. well a south carolina math teacher is suspend after he has been accused of hitting and grabbing students. reports say the teacher hit someone on the hyped and another student said he was laid over the teacher's lap and third says he was grabbed by the throat. one say the it was for talking out of turn and another for making low grades. sheriff's office is investigating the allegations. the school put the teach on leave until the investigation is completed. he has drawn crit s amid allegations of affairs and sexual harassment charges but we could learn later today whether he will return to the private life or continue his bid for the white house. corinne redman is standing by with an update. >> reporter: he appeared on fox news and denies the latest
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allegation of that 13-year affair and says he will have an answer about the campaign plans. cain sat down for an hour long interview with a new hampshire union leader if this is too much for his wife and says his wife knew nothing about ginger white. cain went onto say his wife just found out that the two were so-called friend. ginger white says she is telling the truth and sticking by her story about the 13-year affair and cain says he is trying to clear his name and believes there are other motives like someone offering the woman money his wife's -- white released more record saying they dialed each other 10 times and exchanged 226 text messages including 58 that came to white. he says his decision to stay in the race could come as early as monday. >> i am going make a decision before monday. the decision could be we are going to continue with this campaign full speed ahead. the decision could be that we
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are going suspend the campaign. >> now -- >> reporter: cain says family is the most important factor in making a decision. however, fund raising for his campaign has dropped off. corinne redman, abc2 news. three, two, one. >> gearing up for the holidays president obama and his daughters flipped the switch last night on the national christmas tree. this is a new tree planted on the ground of the capitol in march. the predecessor was blown down as part of a storm. it's part holiday and part memorial for men and women who protect us and our country every day. linda so is live in cockeysville with more on the annual tradition and tonight this is a biggy, linda. >> reporter: it is. we are going to have all the members from the military represented tonight to tell us more about it, rob you have really been behind this.
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this is 59th annual tree lighting ceremony -- this is the 5th annual tree lighting ceremony. >> what it is is we are celebrating the 5th annual military tree lighting ceremony. it's the honor ace said earlier, the sacrifices that have been given throughout the military throughout the world. however, we take time every year to have a candlelight vigil honoring those who have fallen within the state of maryland. we take the time and read off the names who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms and honor those serving and preserving our freedom and honor veterans in the audience this evening. >> reporter: and after that you have a great thing going on. you go inside a family friendly event. >> yes. we will have a great gift give away. we take the time as a church within the community from living hope we take the time and actually have free gifts for members of the local community who may be at need. and actually take the time we
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have light refreshments with hot chocolate and cookies and it's agreat time to warm up and enjoy the season. >> reporter: your lovely wife joins us and they are newly weds married five months. amanda it's got to be great to see this. you do that gift give away. it's got to be heart warming especially this time year and you know you are helping those in need. >> it is. aid great thing when people are in need and they know there's a place they can come and they don't have to worry about what they will get for their children. there's a lot of families in the area and the parents can come without worry. in times of the economy now, it's tough. but they can come to a place where they can get presents for their kids for christmas so they can wake up and having something great to open. >> reporter: wonderful. and tell us what time everything kicks off tonight? >> tonight it start at 7 p.m. and then the ceremony will be outdoors right here and last about 30 to 40 minutes and we will head insight for the refresh presents and cookies and great gift give away. >> reporter: thanks for joining us. much more coming up in the next
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hour but it's open to the public. everyone is welcomed right. >> yes ma'am. >> reporter: and it starts at 7 tonight. linda so, abc2 news. news time 4:50. look at the crowd at mount vernon. this video was last night. the monument lighting signals the beginning of the holiday season in baltimore. this is the 40th year for the tradition. and the man who threw the switch former ravens great matt stover. this is one of the highlights of his life. you see the fireworks following the lighting. while doing your shopping this weekend, consider picking up something for child in need. abc2 is the proud sponsor of the 13th annual it's kinder time toy drive honoring fallen police officers and firefighters. you have until december 22nd to donate new unused toys and new or used instruments because they are partnering with with a program drop them off at a wal- mart or fire stations in baltimore in anne arundel
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counties. the low cages are listed at justin. 4:51. that new york city temperature is in the city they are surrounded by some chill up to the northeast down to the south. losing the grip a little bit but quite cold all the way down to the gulf coast where they are below freeing montgomery and jackson and out toward nashville. notice 17 degrees sticking out like a sore thumb in iowa. this extends across the nation. you want to know where the action is. it's here. this is the storm swirling across the desert southwest bringing the rain in high elevation snows bringing the wind and we talked about wind gusting 100 to 150 miles per hour in southern california. winds up a little bit but quite strong wrapping around that storm system. and that storm helping to bring in some pacific moisture and some gulf of mexico moisture. this streamer here another developing storm will take place in texas and that will arrive along the front that will be the storm that will have to -- we will have to
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watch. we will be quiet but that storm generates up into the great lakes and it will actually start to bring some rain into the cleveland area. this stops at sunday 8 a.m. and it's a 4:00 game time and there will be raining in cleveland which may help the ray rice running game. we will watch and see. the storm system will start to shift to the east. the big question mark is what happens if we have a chance to turn over the snow. but most of it will be rain. 5 a -- 55 frosty this morning. cloud mix in overnight. we are down -- mix in overnight. we are down in the 30s. we are looking at 4:53 on the clock and we are going to listen to better clay with traffic. >> reporter: a live look at your shot from i-95 southbound. this is right there at maryland 32 in salveage. traffic is very light. further up on i-95 no delays at tunnel tolls. fort mchenry and harbor tunnels moving well. and jfx a shot of the jfx at north avenue looking downtown.
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traffic is moving well and very light right now at this time of the morning. don't forget follow us on twitter at maryland traffic and now here's charley with news. you heard the story about man bites dog? we have a unusual one a hunting trip goes wrong when a dog shoots his owner. the story is coming up in a bit. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. a virtual assistant on ael's iphone 4s is a hit but it's rubbing some the wrong way. it can help you find closeist dry cleaner or open car wash but draws a blank when asked about abortion or contraception. that's got pro choice people up in arms saying that it is pro life and not a computer but she- -
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>> where can i find an aborption cline ic. >> sorry i. couldn't find anyabortion cline motorcycles it was raised by blogers and now the aclu and abortion rights advocates are take up the cause. and we are not -- abortion clinics. it was raised by blogers and now the aclu and abortion rights advocates are taking up the cause. >> you see wild theories and speculations about new products and services and you know hiddenagendas and all those things. with apple more than other companies because they tend to constrain the amount of information that they make available to the marketplace. >> apple's blame it on a technical glitch saying it didn't intentionally leave out family planning information. apple doesn't use their data base to fuel the discoveries but gathers information from a number of different partners. he walks on all fours but is pro hunter and while on a hunting trip in utah a dog shot
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his owner. robert and a yellow lab were duck hunting at a bird refuge on the great sought lake e was wading in the water and when he grabbed the front end of the boat to take it out to get a wound duck, the dog jumped on to the boat onto a gun firing the weapon. it was a bb gun and he took 27 pellets most in the rump. now "good morning maryland." new developments in a scam involving more than two dozen schools and several counties. i am sherrie johnson. hear about a man promising ravens players to schools and not following through. a man and a woman were told not to come back. it's not what they said but whothey were that has some people outraged. the annual tradition mark off the holiday season. fireworks and we will take you therefrom last night on this
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friday morning, december 2nd. good morning. i am charley crowson. thanks for starting your day off with us. let's check the forecast and say hello, to meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. 4:58 we check out the morning highlights. let's step into my weather room. we should call it that. it has two calls and a floor, right. this is what we are looking at. a quiet morning satellite and radar composit. not much action going on. this is when we also use our infrared satellite. it's a technique where we are measuring the difference in temperatures that highlights where there's cloud cover but sometimes when it's cold, it gets confused and that's why you see the pop of gray. it's. >> the bunch of clouds. it's clear and quiet and it's still very calm. checking out temperatures, 28 in baltimore. so holding at freezing in easton and we will be watching a chilly morning here and thanks to the calm winds and thanks to the clear skies it's quite frosty. most of us in the 20s to near 30 or so right by the bay in downtown. sunshine will give way to a little pickup of a breeze this af


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