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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 2, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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additional high and mid level clouds. 55 the cloud will probably thicken up briefly around evening. that's the passage of a weak front with a slight drop in temperatures to start weekend. we will talk about that and the outlook for next week in a moment. it's 4:59. here's traffic right now with burt clay. >> reporter: as we look live at our traffic camera on i-75 at at maryland 175 both lanes are moving smoothly. that's traffic coming towards you on northbound track going away is southbound. no delays at the tunnel tolls for mchenry and harbor running well. and switching to a look as to the vietnam veterans memorial bridge hanover street into bolt pore city a. little traffic. -- baltimore city, a little traffic but no building volume. follow us on twitter at maryland traffic. now back to charley with news. developing story for you on this friday. schools cheated out of hundreds and thousands of dollars by a local man who said he could get baltimore ravens players there for an antibullying assembly.
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but no players and now the money is gone. education reporter sherrie johnson is here with new developments in the case. >> reporter: well, he is considered one of queen anne's county most wanted. sheriff department is one of the first to file criminal charges against joseph gill. an arrest warrant has been issued charging him with theft. this comes after more than two dozen schools were cheated out of thousands of dollars by gill who said he could get ravens players to appear at anti- bullying assemblies. players never showed and gill and his company odyssey said lardarius would come to talk about a antibullying program. day before he called the school to say webw was out of town. authorities say it was a scam by gill to milk schools for money. ravens say they have no ties to gill or his company. schools lost as much as 12 or $1500 in the scam. educators say it's a big disappointment to the students. >> the week before we took a t-
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shirt and had it signed by the children and teachers. >> reporter: they were super excited. >> super excited. >> reporter: now gill didn't respond to our request for comment and a attorney representing gill said in the letter to the impacted schools he felt in good faith he could aust service but his relationship -- could offer the service but his relationship to the agent players fell apart. testimony continues in the trial of a long time aide to former governor ehrlich. paul schurick is accused of trying to suppress the vote calling the election before polls closed. mr. ehrlich testified as a character witness says schurick was a good guy and important in making decisions when he was governor. another witness yesterday included former mayor marvin mandel and former michael republican chairman michael steele. >> when you go to church some say it's the last place you will be judge but a church
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voted to ban from them someone in the sanctuary. corinne redman is here with new reaction on how it happened. >> reporter: well, this story is making head he lines this morning. that's because a small -- headlines this morning because a small church is banning interracial couples from the church. the church voted 9-6 on sunday to ban interracial couples from church services and function with the exception of funerals. a couple are the couple -- the couple met at a georgetown college in kentucky where they both went to school and are scheduled to marry in july 2012. woman's parents had been church members for decades and her mother a sunday schoolteacher and father deacon twhresm shocked and stunned when they were told they would be banned from the church. -- deacon. they were shocked and stunned when they were told they would
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be band from the church. >> -- banned from the church. >> he said they are not allowed. susie can take her fella where she found him at. >> as it stands now the policy is not sitting well with a majority of the community. so farther church has not responded to calls over the interracial policy. well a man who pleaded guilty to slashing the throats of his wife and two teenage daughters was declared not criminally responsible for his acts. he was ordered to be committed to a department of health and mental hygiene. prosecutors say he slit the throats of his wife and daughters in his home in june and cut himself. the women survived. a psychiatrist said he snapped because of extreme depression and anxiety from ongoing pressure at work. we missed him at the naval academy for graduation but the blue angels will be part of the state's 1812 celebrations the second weekend in june. they will be here for four days and perform two air shows. it's taking place in
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baltimore's inner harbor. >> you can expect one of the most precise demonstrations of any tactical jet team in the world. we fly with 18 inches of wing tip throughout the demonstration lms look likes the jets are touching. >> the show will be downtown but the blue angels will be at martin state airport in baltimore county. you can come look at planes and meet some of the blue angel pilots. the blue angels canceled the annual show in annapolis for the naval graduation earlier this year due to a near accident. next year, the group says it will do the flyover at graduation and they won't do a show. it's sign of the official beginning of the baltimore city as the holiday season is upon us. for the 40th year the washington monument is lit up. fireworks went off and the holiday music blared. the man who threw the switch was matt stoffer. >> this is one of the big highlights because i've never done it. i kicked game winning field goals and been part of the ring of honor but to celebrate this
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holiday season and flip the switch is going to be a great time. >> it will probably be quieter. you will see the monument lit up. once in a decade event tears through the west coast. a closer look at wind that left a mess and a promise that more damage could be coming. and if you are dieting and it doesn't -- dieting and it doesn't seem to help, when good morning maryland continues on this friday december 2nd. thanks so much for starting your day off with us. @
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now "good morning maryland." high wind have been tearing across parts of southern california are expected to eventually hit oklahoma, missouri and indiana. the powerful winds that forecasters called a once in a decade event have toppled trees and semitrailers taking out electricity to more than 330,000 customers. high wind warnings and advisories are issued for utah, nevada, wyoming arizona and new mexico and the winds are more than severe. these are dangerous.
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potentially deadly, just in. >> over 100-mile-per-hour winds. but the headline and maybe footnote to the story is it is the strongest in a decade. it happened before but it's a little rare. that's officially across the high mountain peaks. check this out across the great lakes passage affrontal boundary. colors -- passage of a frontal boundary. clear shot here of snow across michigan. and passing towards looks like toronto and eventually off towards buffalo and syracuse. they are below normal for the snowfall this time of the year. they will catch up. closer to home we will get high cloud out of the system. that's it when you notice the high clouds even contrails from the overhead plane traffic today, the signal that slightly cooler air is working in. we start off cold at 23 in towson and 31 by the water in annapolis and looking back west there's the storm pattern. follow the wakeup window a mild day in store. slight chill this weekend and the big storm for next week.
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here's burt clay with traffic. >> reporter: thank you. you can drive like the wind this morning but follow the posted speed limits. looking at the beltway a. shot of 695 at maryland 144 that's frederick road, traffic in both directions moving well. building volume dropping in towards another shot. this is 695 at harford road on the northeast side. traffic is moving very smoothly and as a matter of fact also light and hopefully things stay that easy. jones falls expressway, jfx at north avenue, and nothing to report there except for a few cars moving along to downtown and you can always follow us on twitter at maryland traffic. now back to charley. >> health news this morning. dieting certainly is easy and if you feel like you are doing things right, pounds aren't coming off you may be sabotaging your weight loss plans without knowing it. one reason people don't lose weight is because sometimes they simply don't move enough. >> just having the little things where you move more during the day, actually can
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burn an extra 500 calories. you do that every day you are looking at weight loss of 1 pound a week. >> many people are not mindful what have they eat and focusing on food and maybe keeping the diary could help you eat as much as 40% less. avoiding starving because it will slow your metabolism and always, always make sure you get enough sleep and pay attention to the number of artificial sweeteners you are using. studies linked them to weight gain. they are clearly the it couple of great britain. will and kate are take on new roles. what the royals will be doing as their country moves closer to the paraolympic games. linda. >> reporter: a special tree lighting ceremony tonight to honor our fallen heros. i linda so -- i am linda so where it's happening and the other special events. time for birthdays jade butler turning 15. happy birthday. pop the peckture let's see jade. have great picture. if you have a photograph to share, birthdays, anniversaries
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or anything you want, morning show at we would love to share what you are seeing with all of maryland. back in a bit. when i joined the national guard, i never thought i'd be saving lives. it's more than money for college. it's built my character and given me a sense of accomplishment. now i'm on a career path, and i'm the leader of my team. i put on the uniform and i have a whole new outlook on life. country, community, family-- that's what matters most to me.
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if that matters to you, go to
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now "good morning maryland." news time 5:15 amount special tree lighting ceremony honoing fallen heros and linda so is live in cockeysville this morning telling us all about the annual tradition now going five years strong linda. >> reporter: five years. yeah, and it's going to take place here tonight at the community center behind us. joining us rob with living hope ministries and you sponsored this every year. it's the 5th year. tell us what's going on tonight. >> yes. every year we have sponsored this we take the time to have a candlelight vigil first and foremost to honor those who have fallen for the service of our country and we take the time to honor the maryland servicemen and women who have fallen. we take time to honor those serving to preserve our freedoms throughout the world. we take time in honoring those individual rains present with us throughout the course of the evening -- veterans present with us throughout the course of the evening.
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we are honored to have the bugler from the naval academy and recruiting officers from towson of the army and marine corps and station 17 in texas and beaumont county fire department and police department. we take the time to honor local heros this year as well. >> reporter: after the ceremony you have a special event. >> we will have a great gift give away. starting around 7:30, 7:45 we will have light refreshments cookies and hot chocolate and the opportunity for the local community, families to come and in the tough times of the economy you know you may year and this is a place you can come and have a chance to get some free gifts for your family at no cost courtesy of the church living hope ministries. >> reporter: and that's open to the public anyone can come? >> yes open to the public and any one can come. and we feel a special tie to
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the community and this is the satellite location of the church. we love to honor families here in the community and we are honored to do that this year at the christmas season. >> reporter: wonderful. and rob you have a special request for justin berk who by the way rob is a big fan a huge fan of justin berk. the weather right? it has to be great. >> give us clear weather tonight. >> reporter: sounds good we will let you know if he can answer that question. rob has been telling us he has been watching you for years. so please, answer his weather request back to you. 5:18. thanks rob i appreciate it. what are you going to ask for something else than clear weather. we have clouds coming in but we will be quiet and be dry just perhaps a little push of a breeze but nothing like those winds we talked about in california. we will get to your forecast in a moment. rob and everybody else, let's go back to mount vernon washington monument lighting. jim sending a gorgeous photograph of the celebration
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yesterday as temperatures did drop questioningly. believe it's -- quickly. there's something going on with the weather station at bwii expect it to drop in the 6 and #:007 -- 7 had been con clon -- 7:00 reports from them. we have frosts and high pressure is in control. and we will get a little bit of a return flow and we are turning mild this afternoon and however, even though we reached the mid-50s there will be clouds from this system. cold air stays locked on the other side. cold front will swing through a piece of the energy. don't worry about rain or snow. that stays to the north. a little breeze but a mild afternoon and maybe clouds coming through with the system this evening. otherwise we are back to the dry weather sunshine through the weekend. and the future train brace in rain in cleveland on sunday. frosty morning with 55 this
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afternoon. mostly sunny. high clouds could creep in this evening. and we clear back out down to 30 this weekend, and it's 50 to about 55 the general spread with dry weather. we will hold the dry weather on monday at 606789 showers rolling in on tuesday and rain watching for a potential turnover of snow computer models are split on wednesday but some of you want to be optimistic so we will keep it in. here's burt with traffic. >> reporter: thanks very much. and things are getting worse right now. first shot is one of u.s. 29 in the clarksville area at howard county. it's right there southbound traffic is moving well. we have a few accidents reported touching one i-95 southbound at o'donnell street and also in stevensville ann arundenel county u.s. 50 at 301 an accident on the chesapeake bay bridge. watch for that heading in that direction. 695 no delays and we have got marc reporting no delays with the trains. so a little good and a littlebad. and right now let's go back to
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news with charley. news around the world another delay in the release of egypt's parliamentary election results. military rulers say they won't be revealed until later today or possibly tomorrow. two parties both claimed they have the lead. this is round one for the voting of the lower house. results will not be known until january. a young afghan mother andn prison for adultery after a married relative raped her is free. afghan president order the release after an international outcry she was sentenced to 12 years in prison after she reported her cousin's husband raped her. the woman is raising her daughter in jail and previously agreed to marry her attacker in order to be released and legitimize her daughter. the duke and duchess cambridge and prince harry have new roles. they are the official ambassadors to the british olympics and paraolympic teams. the mission is to promote the importance of the games and inspire young people to excell in whatever they do. if you or someone you know owns a chefy volt and doesn't
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--chevy volt and doesn't feel safe, general motors is giving you a chance to unload it and get money back. a new controversy. why coca cola is now scrambling to look for a fix. didn't they learn anything from new coke young tim? we will explain this when "good morning maryland" returns. look what denny's left for my dad, santa! christmas cookie pancakes. milk & cookies shake. i think santa needs a helper.
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now "good morning maryland. general motors says it is going to buy back any chevy volt from cult merse concerned about the car safety. national wife highway traffic safety administration opened an investigation after finding two volt batteries caught fire one to throw weeks after crashes. gm says it will not sell the 10,000 cars this year the company had previously projected until thursday the company stood by the goal but as of november 6100 volts were sold. coke fans are going to be getting the red cans back. a month ago they began using special white cans for the holidays but the customers said it looks too much like the diet
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coke can. a few even complained the soda tasted different in the white cans. remember new coke, so thecompany is rushing out a holiday design that will be out next week. if you use ticket master to buy tickets between october of 1999 and october of this year, you are going to get a refund because of the class action saddlement -- settlement they will issue a credit of $1.50 per ticket order up to 17. it could be used toward the purchase of future tickets during a four-year redepth period. a hunter takes the dog for a hunting trip. that's nothing new. but turns out the dog may be more skilled of a shot than the hunter. how that gamesman not the dog ended up being the target. and it's christmas like you never seen it before. we will show outimages when we return on this friday -- you the images when we return on this friday, december 2nd. good morning maryland. my contacts are so annoying.
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now "good morning maryland." the former florida a&m band leader speaks out after a drum majorrer dies from suspectedhazing. hear what julian white


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