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tv   News  ABC  December 2, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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say. >> fire control i am calling mass casualty. >> chilling to hear for the first time. responders you hear the audio from the indiana state fair that the grandstand collapse from a few months ago. she is not real but si. ri getting flak from the aclu. one thing she can't answer has her being looked at with a critical and suspicious eye. we will tell you about that on this friday, december 2nd good morning i am charley crowson let's get a check of the friday forecast. >> at 5:30. let's look at the storm center weathernet across the state 300 stations through the weather bug and notice i've picked out laurel's deerfield one elementary. 24 is one of the coldest temperatures in our entire state. we are pretty cold this morning. clear skies and light wind will do that. temperatures ranged from 28 in westminster and a chillier pocket of 23 in ellicott city. 24 in towson matching the spot. again this is a little chilly
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bubble we have got here west of the i-95 stretch around the bay. 31 annapolis and freezing in chestertown. basically it's bit frosty thanks to the clear skies and light wind. the sun officially rises at 7:08 and you maybe scraping thick frost off the car. sun gets us to 50 by lunchtime. 55 and a mix of clouds with a frontal system passing this evening. clouds but don't worry we should stay dry. we will talk about the weekend outlook in a moment. here's burt clay with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. thanks very much. looking at i-95 southbound at maryland 32 traffic is looking well but further up on i-95 right there on 95 southbound and o'donnell street an accident confirmed on right shoulder not blocking any lanes but you will see delays moving through the area. and on the beltway i-695 at providence road a live look at that showing traffic is building in. more volume but no delays and for the drive times through the area we have the drive time on outer loop from bel air to providence about 6 minutes right now. and outer loop further down
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from 795 down to westside to 70. 7 minutes is the drive time. now let's look at the news with charley. 5:31. florida a&m band director julian white was fired following a suspected hazing death of robert champion. sherrie johnson has more on the developing story. >> reporter: well, charley, he held a press conference sharing how he always has taken a stand against hazing and says he did all he could to get rid of the practice within the marching 100 band. white called on the university community to work together to restore the school's reputation. this comes after the death of 26-year-old robert champion who was the band's drum major e died last month and police -- he died last month and police say hazing was involved. the former band director says hazing was a problem he couldn't control e says he asked for help for stuffer punishment. four stewed cents dismissed after the fallout from champion's death.
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another 30 kicked out of the band. >> i am deeply concerned that these things are happening to the university that our reputation is tarnished. my reputation is tarnished and we are going to have to the university is going to have to come together. we faced adversity before and i am sure we will survive this adversity as we have any other and all others because we are an extremely strong unit. >> reporter: the marching 100 is the face of florida a&m the high precision performers who played at presidential inauguration and super bowls. police are investigating the suspected hazing incident. under florida law, any death that occurs as a result of hazing is a third degree felony. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. new information this morning about that trammingic incident if the -- tragic incident at the indiana state fair. a chilling emergency radio call from help and behind the scenes details are made public.
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listen. >> state police 13 c looks like about 30 minutes or less before weather comes in. >> force first time confirm firstmation state police were awaiting the storm arrival before the stage collapsedch the warnings were five minutes -- colaped. the warnings were five minutes after the collapse. minutes after the radio call describes the event as a "mass casualty." >> the situation is this. the stage framework and the speakers have colaped on the rows of chairs -- collapsed on the rows of chairs. >> total quantity of patients? >> a lot. >> you think we need to start more than five units? >> absolutely. >> that was the first fatality 11 minutes after the collapse. in all 7 people died in that stage collapse. a kansas police car got council inched a accident.
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dash cam video shows a huge tree-- got crashed in a accident. dash cam video shows a huge tree. the officer was not hurt. haunter in utah will be the -- a hunter in utah will be the butt of all jokes. he was shot in the rear end by his dog. he was duck hunting with his brother-in-law and dog. he grabbed the front of the boat to get a wound duck. when the dog jumped in the boat the gun went off and we got 911 tape listen. >> what's the problem. >> i've been shot. >> you've been shot? >> yes, ma'am. >> who have you been shot by? >> it was a accident discharge. >> okay so your gunshot you no one else shot you. >> right. >> what's your name. >> robert. i need help quick. >> he says the incident is reminder to be vigilant when a loaded weapon is around and use
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a safety lock on the gun. look at this. christmas came early for people in south lake texas. white chapel united methodist church put on 3d christmas display that consisted of image on the you side of the front building. three -- on the outside of the building.thousands still without power because of high winds across the west. we will show you some of the hardest hit areas as the winds hit close to 100 miles an hour. more on this and justin with weather and a popular fox tv show where you will catch gloria estefan on the small screen now new york for a check of the morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, the wireless industry says not me. a day after a report about smart phone spying on you, there's carrier iq says the software gathers statistics not personal data. several wireless carriers and equipment makers say the same thing while others say they no longer use it at all.
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major hard drive makers resumed production after flooding in thailand. the supply may be tight for a wild. and the fitness monitoring bracelet called up checks how active you are and how well you sleep and what you eat. u.s.a today ed gives the apple compatible device an up and down review. >> i like the idea behind it motivating us to kind of get off our fanies and get out and eat smarter and get a good night sleep and exercise more. >> reporter: but he was surprised the product made by a company known for wireless devices is not wireless itself. those are your tech bites, i am sonny hoston.
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now "good morning maryland. >> strong santanta winds ripped
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through cedar ridge california. a tree fell on this home trappiand her son inside. foyer crews moved in for the rescue of that family. scene is becoming familiar as santanta winds batter much of california. nevada and southwestern u.s. locals are under the gun as well. winds are blamed for downed trees and power lines and property damage and leave more than a million people in the dark. this is in utah where the strong winds approached 100 miles an hour blowing through thursday causing problems for drivers. some big rigs toppled causing traffic backups around salt lake city. the wind down power lines leaving 50,000 customers in the dark. these are amazing numbers when we get a clock on how -- clock on how fast the winds are going. >> southern california from the mountains reported 100 to 150 miles per hour. strongest in a decade. so you go back 10 years and they had an event similar to this but something to be noted. we are looking at winds this
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morning locally, zero. calm in baltimore. okay let's rub it in. because with the temperatures at 29 degrees and freezing spot there in easton on the eastern shore you around the bay holding low 30s with inland temperatures in the 20s and we don't have a wind chill and that's good news. a chilly start a frosty start for many. it will be thick to scrape off and temperatures may drop to the number at bwi. we will get a little breeze and high clouds and contrails from the plane traffic and 55. we will talk about the weekend slight cool down and next week's storm in a moment. here burt with traffic. >> reporter: thank you very much. good morning maryland. it's sort of a morning where we are heating things up. the temperatures might not be that warm. we have building volume on i- 95. looking at the camera shot here, this is the jones falls expressway at north avenue. traffic is moving well but an accident southbound i-95 at o'donnell street coming up on the travel plaza.
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off on the right shoulder but we have delays reported. watch out for that moving through the area. and mta buses, light rail, metro no reported delays. everything on schedule. and now back to news with charley. judy lewis is dead. she was the daughter of clark gable and loretta young and died of cancer last friday at a retirement home in suburban philadelphia. she appeared on several shows including general hospital in the 60s and 70s before starting a second career as psychotherapist. dead at 76 years old. and the hbo series entourage head together big screen. jeremy piiven who place the hollywood power agent announced the news during an appearance on late night with gemmy fallon. it ended a 8 season run in september. gluer -- gloria estefan will appear on glee. she may play santana's mother on the hit fox series. she is expected to appear in january and the same episode as rickey martin who has been tapped to play a spanish
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teacher that episode features her own music and bilanguage songs. interesting turn of events at syracuse university. one of the men who says he was a victim of the abuse now finds himself in court for similar charges. that story straight ahead. plus. >> reporter: herman cain talks about the alleged affair and whether he will stay in the presidential race. the full story ahead. i'm chef michael,
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now "good morning maryland." there's been a lot of mixed signals from herman cain whether he will stay in the race or drop out. and he's drawn criticism for a number weeks amid allegations of affairs and sexual harassment. corinne redman is standing by with a update of what to expect for today. >> reporter: well, herman cain appeared on fox and continues to deny the latest allegations of that 13-year affair. and he says he will have an answer soon about the campaign plans. he sat down fon or a hour long interview with union leader of new hampshire saying he will drop off if it's too much for his wife and said his wife knew nothing about ginger white and his wife found out they were so- called friends. and ginger white says she is
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telling the truth sticking to the story about the 13-year affair and cain says he is trying to clear his name and believes there are other motives at play like someone offering the woman money. on thursday, white's attorney released cell phone records showing they will died each other 10 times from june 18th to november 18th and they exchanged 226 text messages and including 58 that came sent to white and cain says the decision to stay in the race could come can as early as monday. >> i am going to make a decision before monday. the decision could be we are going to continue with this campaign full speed ahead. the decision could be that we are going suspend the campaign. >> reporter: now cain said during the interview that family is the most important factor in making a decision. however, fund raising for his campaign has dropped off. corinne redman, abc2 news. one of the men who says he was sexually abused by a syracuse university basketball coach had his own day in court.
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zack tomaselli is look to get a more than 3 hour recorded interview with police scratched from the evidence for his trial. he is charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy. his attorney says the incriminating statements made by him more than 2 1/2 hours into the interview were not voluntary and the detective misquoted the law. he says his client is innocent. right now, he is balancing two worlds that of victim and that of defendant. >> i hope you know in the end that you know i can get through this and move on with my life and have a future and a life without this haunting me the rest of my life. former syracuse asociety head basketball coach bernie fine admits innocence amid the allegation of child molestation. ael a new iphone 4s is a hit with consumers and siri can help you find almost anything. but it draws a blank when asked
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about abortion or contraception. >> where can i find an abortion clinic. >> sorry i couldn't find any abortion clinics. >> all right so the issues was raised by blogers and the aclu an abortion right advocates are taking up the cause. analyst who cover ae says the culture of silence will likely add to suspicions. >> you see lots and lots of pretty wild theories and speculations about new products and services and you know, hidden agendas with apple more than other companies because they tend to constrain the amount of information that they make available to the marketplace. >> reporter: so apple is calling it a technical glitch and says they didn't intentionally leave out family planning information and they say they don't use their data base to fuel siri discoveries and gather it from number of different partners. today mayor stephanie rawlings blake is going to be
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kicking off the renovation of 30 row homes. she will be on preston street around 3 to speak at the event for the rehab of that neighborhood. looking for something to do this weekend for only a dollar in check this out. you want to head to the innerharbor it's dollor days and you can see the city's biggest museums and attraction for a buck. this including the national aquarium maryland science center and the top of the world in the world trade center. now the deals are going to be good for visits on saturday and sunday and for more information and to find a list of other participating places go to downtown or go to our website for a link later this morning abc 2 justin. 5:49. high noon tomorrow i will be riding along with the cecil county christmas parade in northeast. that's a free event to check out. 29 degrees this morning a bit of a chill and we are looking at widespread freezing conditions across much of the
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mit atlantic through the deep south atlanta on the bubble of freezing so theburbs are down below that mark. montgomery or jackson near or below freezing. down near the gulf coast and notice the 17 mark stick out and across des moines this is essentially where the arctic boundary is although we slipped cold air here it's colder back to the west. high pressure is in control and the same general storm pattern is what has kept us avoiding shots of winter. this little short wave passing through the great lakes look more intense than earlier expect and that may have an impact on what happens in the north lantic and the rest of the trend. i am throwing geek speak in for those of you that track this long range stuff and that frontal boundary slides through with high clouds. that is all you may notice later on today. the action is back here. this is the storm turning up the strong winds through southern california. it's pumping in pacific moisture and look at that streamer out of gulf of mexico through texas. the beneficial rain and that's the storm track to the west.
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big question is if we can knock the ridge down and get it farther east that will impact what happens with the storm next week. we are dry all weekend a little cooler and we will watch the rain sunday morning that could creep into cleveland in the afternoon. expect rain for the ravens game, but we should stay dry. i held off our rain for an extra day just for the stall of the pattern and may allow energy to do something interesting. 55 after the frosty morning. a mild afternoon. mostly sunny with high crowe. giving way overnight dropping back to -- high clouds. giving back overnight dropping back overnight. the rain comes in tuesday and watching for the potential of a split on computer models six days out but we could have a hint of winter next wednesday in the back of the storm. here burt with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. and we have got some good news now. because as we check on the earlier accident i-95 southbound at o'donnell street it cleared off. you can't tell it was there. you have congestion and heavier traffic from the 95, 859 split
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from the tolls but everything is running at speed at this point in time a shot of the baltimore beltway here this is i-695 at harford road and traffic is building there as well. up to posted speeds and we will check the drive times. drive time currently looking at southbound 95 from white marsh through the beltway 6 minutes from point to point and your outer loop on the west side from 795 down to 70 and 7 minutes and that -- in that location. now back to the news with charley. the economy is not in the best shape but how comfortable will consumers be on black friday when they range in the holiday shopping season? and honda expanded a worldwide recall. defect blamed for nearly two dozen accidents and two confirmed deaths. you are watching good morning maryland, first and only at 4 chn 30 -- 4:30. this is a live look what are we looking at this morning? it's pretty whatever it is. we are back in a bit.
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president obama today hosted the 2011 white house tribal national conference. this morning at 8:30, the meeting provides leaders from 565 federally recognized tribes a chance to interact with the president and representatives from the administration. and vice president joe
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biden travels continues this weekend with trips to turkey and the obama administration looks to the nato ally to keep pressure on syria and iran both of whichcurrently embroiled in civil and international turmoil. research firm shopper track says super sales rose 1.9% from a year earlier while customer accounts dropped almost 2%. additionally black friday salesrose 6.6% to 11.4 billion from a year earlier while consumer counts climbed 5.1%. honda is expanding a recall of the air bag to 300,000 cars and suvs. honda says they may inflate with too much pressure senning metal and plastic pieces flying many so far two people have been contermed killed by this. the recall is expanded to include a a cord, civics, odyssey crvs and pilots and other cars affected. the seahawks routed the
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eagles in seattle. lynch rushed for 148 yards and two scores and seahawks defense intercepted vince young four times once resulting in a 77 yard return for a touchdown. a controversy taking place in one school district a 13-yea denied admission for a philadelphia middle school. also, a 75-year-old came home to find locks on his gate and had been changed and why the community is demanding the woman be be let back in her house. and why you may want to keep the gifts you receive off the social media networking site this holiday season. an explanation you need to hear when "good morning maryland" continues for the 6:00 hour. and we are back in a few moments.
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