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tv   News  ABC  December 2, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." the former florida a&m band leader speaks out after a drum major dies if suspected hazing. hear -- major dies from suspected hazing hear what he has to say. >> we can acome -- we can't accommodate children with chronic communeicable disease. >> he is fighting a pennsylvania school decision's denying him enrollment. >> we will not tolerate the deprivation of finances on the streets. >> neighbors outraged after a
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75-year-old great grandmother locked out of her foreclosed home. we will bring you that and much more on this friday december 2nd. i am charley crowson that's a live look at the domino sugar sign in the background a great sunrise and for more we will turn to meteorologist justin berk for the latest on what we can expect weather wise because justin as i got up to take my dog out like we said, a little frost on the pumpkin. >> frost on the pumpkin and camera in the way. >> it's working. >> don't you love the automated system. get out of here. we don't need you now. >> they have a mind of their own. >> we have a storm system to the west making big headlines. we talked about 150-mile-per- hour winds across the southwest. winds will continue to be howling across southern california today. that may actually be part of a new storm pattern that we will develop next week. we are watching this system providing snow across the great lakes and getting in eastern michigan and up towards toronto but not for us. that's a cold front that will swing through as a very weak
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boundary as far as we are concerned high clouds later this afternoon. check it out. we want to show outviews where the camera is locked in place from annapolis to the u.s. naval academy. we are getting a hint of daylight here right there. over the southeast view from the severn. bel air by the way going out for the run, looks like you've got yourself a chilly start in the upper 20s and low 30s. same story in glen burnie and look at frost to scrape off the windshield park outside. but sunshine with high cloud thrown in and a breeze getting us up to a mild 55. 6:32 on the clock let's go to the roads with burt clay. >> reporter: thanks very much. and things are getting interesting out there. we got a look at the beltway. this is right at frederick road and traffic is okay there. but if you are in the stretch of the beltway and heading out i-70 westbound towards howard county you will see serious congestion because as we get up to u.s. 29 we have a lane closure. the lanes to southbound 29 off 70 westbound are shut down with an accident.
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dropping down towards the city downtown ride, the jfx at northern parkway the camera shows clear right now. no congestion at all. and our drive times around the beltway taking a look at what we have got from the outer loop bel air to providence building a bit to 6 minutes and the southbound 83 ride from shawan road to the beltway also 6 minutes at this time. that's traffic. now that's the news here's charley. >> florida a&m band director julian white wants his job back. he was fired following a suspected hazing in the death of robert champion. sherrie johnson joins with us more and this is developing over a series of weeks. many people trying to get answers in this but still, a young man is dead and they believe this may be the result of hazing. >> reporter: it is very sad, charley. and now there's a call to action to end what they think could be hazing. julian white healed press conference sharing how he has taken a stand against hazing and says he did all he could to get rid of the practice within the highly acclaimed marching 100 band.
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white called on the university community to work together to restore the school's reputation. this comes after the death of 26-year-old robert champion. he was the band's drum major and died last month and police say hazing was involved. his funeral was held on wednesday. the former band director says hazing was a problem he couldn't control. now he says he asked for help from the administration for tougher punishment. four students are dismissed from florida a&m after the fallout from champion's death. another 30 students were kicked out of the band. >> one thing about this entire event, i have a zero tolerance for hazing. and the record documents that i have provided leadership proper leadership and guidance as well as bringing attention to the fact that we do have a zero tolerance for hazing in the band and university. >> reporter: the marching 100 is the face of florida a&m and high precision performers that
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played at inog ration and super bowls. they are investigating the suspected hazing incident. under florida law any death is the result of hazing and a third degree felony. a 13-year-old student is fighting a pennsylvania school's decision to die. >> he him enrollment because he is hiv positive. officials in melton hershey says they can't acome a date the teen. the lawsuit filed by the family says it's a violation of the civil disabilities act. >> living with hiv and aids are covered by americans with disability acts. i told others you are not allowing someone with the disabilities of any kind physical or mental to attend and using that as you wouldn't accept them. >> school torn's argued they are not obligated to admit the stewed. if he pose as direct threat to the health and safety of others. judy lewis passed away. she was the daughter of clark
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gable and loretta young. she appeared on daytime shows including general hospital and the 1960s and 70s and before beginning a second career as a psychotherapist. she was 76 years old and died of cancer last friday. a bird hunter is nursing his wounds after being shot by his dog. yeah. that's not making this up. the man and his dog were duck hunting with a friend when he climbed out of the boy to move decoys. dog stepped on the 12-gauge shotgun causing it to fire and hit him in the rear end. he was not seriously injured and treated at nearby hospital. 75-year-old grade grant mother is going to break -- great grandmother going to break back into her foreclosed home. she was locked out of her house wednesday and yesterday friends and supporters and community activists gathered outside the former home demanding she be let back in. she was locked out with her clothes without medication and with three small children she was takes care of. >> and i said well, you got to let me into to get the diapers
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and i am a diabetic and i need my medication. and they said you can't go in there. >> court papers said she hadn't made payments in nearly three years. she was begin an eviction notice three months ago. new owners open the house to her grant dadder to collect the clothes and whatever she needed and they offered $200 -- granddaughter to collect the clothes and whatever she need and they offered $200. a reality show is being developed joel olsteen signed a deal with the producer of the show survivor. he says that it's going to be a little atypical from realities shows. and he will focus on featuring members of the lakewood church in houston going out into the community and helping others. you may be excited about the gifts you receive for the holiday season or hold off on posting what you got on your social media network sites. it was quite a holiday display like no other for one church. a spectacular you may want to
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hang around to see. good morning maryland continues on this friday december 2nd.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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and welcome back on this friday morning. you know the holiday season is certainly here wish lists being made and many people doing shopping and tis the season for doing things but you may want to hold off on posting information and pictures from the celebrations. make sure you stay away from the details about the stellar gifts you giving and receiving. >> very savvy criminals are very savvy during christmas time and they are looking for things like that clues that say instead of casing the neighborhood, just case the online neighborhood. >> heading out of town? like you lock your doors and your home is secure you may want to make sure your social networking profile is equally secure. not everyone on your friend list needs to know where you are going and if you are going
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to be gone for as long as two weeks. check this out. this is a spectacular 3d christmas display in south lake texas. consisting of i will ages projected on the entire front side of the church. three projectors were used for the display and it was fun had by all. new developments in the scam involving more than two dozen schools across several counties. >> reporter: i am sherrie johnson a man promising ravens players to schools and not following through. and is herman cain ready to call it quits? i will tell you what he said during a recent interview coming up. and honda recalling hundreds of thousands of cars. we will tell you why which models are affected and how it could be be affecting you. we look at northeast high school. hey northeast, i will be there tomorrow for your christmas parade. we are excited for a school but a good -- cool but a good looking start to the weekend will chilly and frosty this morning. stick around, the outlook coming up. >> reporter: the latest on i-70
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in ellicott city. more when "good morning maryland" continues.
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good morning. i am charley crowson the let's start as we do every block on this time of the day. meteorologist justin berk and what's going on weather wise. things are chilly but could be worse because across the country justin this is something that different types of weather happening every where. you have wind in the west and snow to the north and one. >> vigorous pattern and that continues to stay locked to the west. will it eventually start charging itself to the east. the real long range outlook is second half of the month to get it into the cold air here. we have questions and bumps along the way. this morning, bumps may be the scraping of ice off the windshield. i am trying to convert pictures i've gotten e-mails on the frost people have seen this morning and it's 27 degrees in baltimore. and yeah we dropped down there and thick frost is to today scrape off but we don't have much wind but allow time to do that scraping if the car is outside. clear skies and we may have high clouds mixed in heading towards the afternoon. but a frosty start will get our way back to a sunny 5 5 again
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with high clouds. weekend outlook in a moment. right now a look at traffic with mr. clay. >> reporter: and we still got the accident working in ellicott city i-70 westbound very heavy and slow because the ramp to u.s. 29 southbound is closed with an accident. we have got eastbound delays on that same stretch because of folks slowing down to take a look. expect a little delay on your beltway ride, things moving okay and look at jfx camera at northern parkway location with traffic moving well in both directions. and that's your look at local traffic. i am burt clay now back to news. authorities say man cheated schools out of hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars by claiming he had ties to the baltimore ravens. turns out the whole thing is not the truth. sherrie johnson joins us with more on the story because this man-made a promise but in the end let kids -- left the kid and families empty hand. >> reporter: a lot of students heart broken over the situation. he is considered one of the most wanted. the sheriff's office is the first to file criminal charges
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against joseph gill. and ion rest warrant has been issued charging him with theft after more than two dozen schools were cheated out of thousands of dollars by gill who says he should get ravens players to appear at antibullying assemblies. the players never showed and police say gill and his company said ravens player webw would come to suddenlersville elementary school to talk about a antibullying program. the day before that gill called the school to say webw was out of town. authorities say this is the a scam to milk the schools for money ravens say they have no ties to gill or his company. schools lost as much as 12 or $1500 in this scam and educators say it's such a big disappointment to the students. >> scum. scum. for anybody to take little children and take advantage, scum probably is not a strong enough word for him. >> reporter: now gill didn't respond to our a requests for
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comments and an attorney representing gill said in the leter to the impacting schools he felt in good faith he could offer the sbs but his relationship to agents for the players actually fell apart. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. maryland state police are investigating a deadly accident in carroll county. authorities say a westminster man was killed when the car crashed into a telephone pole early yesterday on maryland 32 and 9 road. victim is 22-year-old josh -- the victim was 22-year-old joshua haley. lawyers will try to keep paul schurick from serving jail time after being accused of issuing robo calls. bob ehrlich testified as a character witness a judge threw out an obstruction charge for lack of evidence. schurick's trial will continue this morning. henson a political consultant is charged in the case. and his trial is set to begin in february. there's been allegations of affairs and sexual harassment and later today we could learn the fate of herman cain will he
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return to the private life or continue the bid for the white house. corinne redman is standing by with more and i guess from the idea political junkies herman cain is the gift that keeps on giving. but it may be time to call it a day. >> reporter: this is the dark cloud that is over his campaign right now. he has a lot of explaining to do. he appeared on fox as he continues to deny the allegations of a 13 year affair e also says he will have to answer questions soon about his campaign plans e sat down for an hour long interview with the new hampshire union leader saying he will drop out if it's too much for his wife and says his wife knew nothing about ginger white the woman who claims to have had the long- term affair with him. and cain said his wife just found out the two were so- called friend and ginger white says she is telling the truth and sticking by the story about the 13-year affair. cain says he is trying to clear his name and believes there are other motives involved like someone offering the woman money on thursday his wife's attorney released more cell
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phone recordsshowing that cain and white dialed each other more than 10 times from june 18th to november 18th. the pair exchanged 226 text messages and including 58 that cain sent to white. cain said the decision to stay in the race could come as early as monday. >> i'm going make a decision before monday that the decision could mean we are going to continue with this campaign full speed ahead. the decision could be that we are going suspend the campaign. >> reporter: now cain says during the interview that family is most important factor in making a decision and however fund raising for his campaign has since dropped off. corinne redman, abc2 news. if you want to give a gift early head to the inner harbor. it's dollar days in baltimore and this means you can see some of the city's biggest museums and attractions for a buck. this includes places like the national aquarium and marylandscience center and port discovery. dealfor visits saturday and sunday. for more information or to find
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participating place head to and click under baltimore cities. time for five things you need to know this morning. the government is going to release unemployment figures. economists predict november numbers will stay around the same somewhere in the 9% range and the economists surveyed believed employers add about 125,000 jobs last month. and a live picture of the u.s. capital. democrat and republicans planning to extend a cut the social security and payroll taxes now the issue goes to the house. we will keep you on this event and the critical vote as it happens. and senators unanimously approved an amenment insisting on tougher sanctions against iran. lawmakers want to punish iran because of a possibility of a nuclear program and storming of british embassy in tehran. a worldwide recall is expanding for honda. close to 300,000 vehicles will be added to the list. honda says air bags may inflate too quickly and with too much pressure senning metal and
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plastic pieces flying. two people have been confirmed dead. general motors says it will buy back the chevy volt for kust mothers concerned about the -- customers concerned about the car's safety. two volt batteries caught fire one to three weeks after the crashes. got to show you this. strong winds close to 100 miles an hour causing a number of problem for drivers. big rigs toppled causing traffic backups along interstates and salt lake city. power lines came down leaving 50,000 customers in the dark. and all the show girls in vegas are grabbing the coats. people getting a dose of snow forecasters betting on the wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour and the santa ana winds. vegas is under a winter storm warning. those in denver no stranger to the snowflakes. this is what people saw thursday and another round of snow and single digit
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temperatures expected by friday. then sunday, another dusting and it may be be all too soon but if people in the mile high city may be on the way to a chance to white christmas with lows in the single digits how could they not be. all the fun is out this for the last month and half and two months all about the storm pattern at 6:54. we are actually away from the storm pattern and it's been relatively mild last few weeks and frosty morning picture comes to us from beth's car. i thought you would find that interesting. that's a neat shot. but pretty much the most extreme we have to deal with this morning. we are taking a look maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we have quiet sweep around the beltway and we will take you up 95 northeast. i will be there tomorrow for the christmas parade and we are looking for good chilly weather. so we have a quiet sweep from maryland's most powerful doppler radar and we have to go to the northwest to find snow in the great lakes. and streamer of moisture coming in and actually meeting with up a sick moisture across texas. that's the new storm. this is the upper level
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energyproducing the snow flurries around vegas and the strong winds in southern california. and through utah and this is also going to be a major player but this is basically the storm track. it's the western half of the nation. and it's slicing across themississippi and we are on the quiet side. a cool down with the system passing to the north and could bring in late high clouds with contrails and we are sunny most of the weekend and watching the developing storm that will ride into the great lakes. and the snow locked in the northwest side and this is rain that will be moving in sunday afternoon into cleveland for the ravens game and we will get into that next week but we delayed the onset of the rain as we try to get a handle on the developing pattern. frosty morning but mostly sunny skies. back to 55. we will slide to 30 overnight and tomorrow's temperature in the morning midday probably in the 40s and get to 50 in the afternoon. so if you are going to the parade look forward to meet you and a little bit of real december weather. 60 dry monday and rain tuesday.
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and still watching a split of computer model. just a potential there because some models are keeping this all warm and wet and some actually indicating a little bit of a cool down and we will continue to watch that. let's watch the roads and see what he happening with traffic. >> reporter: thanks and things are better. we have the lanes reopened at i- 70 westbound getting off u.s. 29. that accident is clear. delays in both directions in ellicott city on i-70 but things should get better. looking at the beltway. things okay and building on the west and northeast and your jfx ride at northern parkway traffic moving away heading downtown as you can see moving very well. we are there not too much for a friday morning. a beautiful day in baltimore. that's traffic. i am burt clay. good morning, maryland. >> thanks a lot. any plans. >> going to the parade and watching football on sunday. >> that's a boy. >> that's the spirit. >> got to watch that. on facebook we ask you about the church in kentucky banning an interracial couple say they could no longer be members in
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the choir or youth ministers. 17 comments this morning. go to the facebook fan page and weigh in. time to go to new york for "good morning america" see you monday. >> go ravens. >> purple friday. roadtrip. now?! [ female announcer ] crest whitestrips two hour express. in just two hours you can have a noticeably whiter smile that lasts for months. hi. hi. [ female announcer ] two hour whitestrips from crere. life opens up when you do.
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