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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  December 5, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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dense fog making today a rough commute on this monday morning. when the fog will lift and the precautions you are going to need to take, straight ahead. >> we are all blessed. >> more than 48 hours after flames and smoke tear through a condo, relief from residents. and a big win for the ravens. reaction from rice who did something he is never done before in his career. a look back at that. a big day in cleveland. first a weather alert. video of dense fog, across much of maryland. this is what it looks like on i-
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el 3 and northern parkway -- i- 83 and morn parkway. dense fog across the area. i'm charley crowson. let's get to justin berk with a check of the fog. this is what is going to be on everyone's mind. >> the fog that i drove through was much worse than what you saw op your screen and what you are seeing on your scene downtown. some areas, visibility cut down to a few hundred feet. all response of the major storm, lines through texas with texas and new mexico getting snow, the cold side on the backside that will charge up this system and we will be watching the for the entire week. most of the rain locked back in ohio, cleveland and ravens had to play in yesterday, it's locked back. there another day on this december 5th, that is often our snow day, our date with destiny not this year. 38 baltimore. thick fog in the county. hour by hour, a foggy issue,
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mostly cloudy. southerly winds, that's not mostly sunny, that should be mostly cloudy for about 60, 2- degree guarantee. rain and snow this week in a moment. for the first time in a couple of years, i get to say, good morning to angela foster. >> our first look at traffic this morning, as justin mention wed are dealing with a lot of fog out there. be prepared for reduced visibility, as you head out on the roadways this morning, no major traffic incident report sod far as we get a live look, see the very heavy fog on our roadways, no accidents reported around the beltway. reduced visibility due to the fog. a live look now at the jfx, northern parkway. live traffic flow for you. plan for extra travel time this morning. follow us on twitter@maryland traffic. back to you. 100 people in northwest
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baltimore forced out of homes because of a fire maybe allowed back today. it was in the heather ridge community, red cedar place, linda so is here. >> inspectors should be out there today if they give the okay, people who live on the outer sides of the building will be able to return to homes. contractors have been working all weekend, we got a tour inside the project manager showed us where the fire started on the fourth floor. it knocked down everything inside the condo and the roof the s gone. the center part has the most damage. it could take months to repair 15 units, heat, electric and water are running in the outer parts of the building. people who live there are elderly luckily everyone got out okay, no one was hurt. >> i was getting ready to get in to the shower and go to bed. i had to get dressed and out of
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the building. >> there is no word on what caused the fire. inspectors should be out there today. people who live on outsider side of the build can go -- outer side of the building can return. media will get a chance to see repairs done at 11:00. 12,000 homes will receive new water meters read remotely eliminating the need for workers to travel to homes and replace outdated meters that don't function properly. conflicts reports surfacing regarding a possible endorsement by herman cain. cain's camp is denying the report. a television station is quoting a source, cain suspended campaign saturday afternoon after allegations continue surfacing about affairs he had in the past. happening now, in southern california this morning, it's
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more than 90 hours since the santa anna winds ripped out power to customers. some restored but told 42,000 are still waiting in the dark without light or heat. the worst may not be over. kuren redmond is standing by with the latest on the west coast. >> 300,000 customers in southern california were without power. traditional south santa anna winds will move in with winds in the mountains and canyons and spread through the coastal areas. 300 firefighters have been deployed in the fire prone areas, the strong winds are expected to create conditions that can pose extreme danger for wild fires in the area. wind gusts reaching 70 miles per hour expected in the foothills. they experienced hurricane forced winds over the weekend, downed wires. it struck the los angeles region wednesday. many residents in the dark are
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beyond frustrated and want their power to be restored. >> look at this place. i mean, come on. move this so they can connect that electricity. you keep passing us by. >> officials in los angeles county have declared a state of emergency to ensure state and federal resources will be available to assist with all the damage caused by the wind storms. kuren redmond, abc2 news. it was a big win for the baltimore ravens on the road against the browns. rice rushed for career high 204 yards, 67 of the swing play in in the fourth quarter as the ravens kept pace. 24-7. >> total team effort. i know i get at all glory because i had all the yards, but my offensive line, joe, receivers blocking down the field, that's how big plays
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happen. i think it was my first 200- yard game. >> rice and ricky had short touchdown runs. web had a a run of a punt. the margin of victory, though big, could have been bigger. you've seen your 401k take a nose dive, coming up, more money, maybe coming in. the signs that may show the economy could be turning around. fun in the snow, these kids had great fun this weekend. could this be our forecast in maryland, coming up soon, a look with justin in a bit. the kennedy center last night, honoring neil diamond, sweet caroline. you are watching good morning maryland. back in a bit.
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this is in arizona, it could be considered early christmas gift for kids during the weekend it was the perfect day to build a fort and maybe make a snowman, justin? we had ourselves a beautiful weekend including yesterday, a little bit chilly in the morning. high clouds strolling in, often the first sign of approaching storm. weave got that as well. check out all the boat traffic as well. the sailboat classes on the 7 river temperatures did climb in to the mid-50s, in many spots. this morning, pair hall, annapolis, we have mid-40s with 100% humidity. we've got fog all across the area. it's not location specific. thinkinger in some spots.
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35 towsen. ellicott city 33. basically a look at 44 from westminster to bel air and northeast at 43, fog is an issue this morning. possibility that some areas have visibility cut down less than a few hundred feet. big storm and snow in it's tax and new mexico, one wave lodged to the west. another wave with a wintery taste later in the week. mostly cloudy, mild and 60. thank you very much. good morning even. another look at our roads, biggest traffic issue continues to be the dense fog around the area. if possible you may want to plan for extra time this morning , the dense fog patching up in several locations as we look at the jfx right now. traffic moving well for the most part, fortunately no incident reported in and around the city as well as around the bellway on i-795 as well as i- 83, follow us on
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twitter@maryland traffic. companies maybe bringing america back and helping employees plan for the future. during the worst of the economic crisis a lot of businesses stopped making matching contributions to workers 401k retirement plans. stocks down more than 20%, though, from the peak. runs one of the largest mega churches in the country. eddie long says he needs god help. >> reporter: sherrie johnson, with a preview on ground breaking project to help educate elementary and middle school students. more straight ahead. a live look across parts of baltimore, so thick, so soupy, we can't tell you what u looking at. it's going to be like that through the day as the sunrises, you are watching good morning maryland, first and only at 4:30.
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get ready for a change to your mail delivery. u.s. postal service expected to propose changing the standard for first class mail delivery from 2-5 days. the task force appointed by florida am university president, looking in to the death of one of its marching band members. attorney for the family says the school didn't do enough to stop hazing. vice president joe biden heading to athens, greece. he has been oversees. the greek government tries to stop the economic upheaval and a ripple effect across the globe. u.s. senate returns to session today at 2:00, they adjourn thursday night after defeating the democratic and republican payroll tax cut plans. drew brees threw for 3
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touchdowns. 26 of 36 passes, no interceptions. middle school students will receive funds thanks to a public and private partnership.
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the foundation and the many partners feel this is an important first step in trying, to we talk about breaking the cycle of poverty, this is a step that's important for doing just that. >> reporter: craig will be joining us throughout the morning here as well as the principal, she will be joining us later as well. and the whole event is at 10:00 this morning, right here at the school, senator ben is going to be here, stephanie rawlings blake and baltimore city schools public ceo will be here. reporting live in northeast baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. after making a number of arrests, and forcibly moving people off the protest site, listen to this -- >> [cheering] -- all right this is what happened when a temporary structure ha that helped with
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the cherry picker, this is police working on it, to occupy dc structure, police told them to take it down. they put up the wooden building sunday. sundays morning, police said they needed a permit and gave them an hour to take it down. church members decided to allow people of all races to ait happened the church. a decision that went the other way a few days ago. the pastor hopes to lifting the band and that will end controversy that lasted a week. the band against interracial couple started with a couple last week. he tried to resolve the matter before it got to the point it did. >> first order of business tried to be passed through was completely out of orderer in the first part. eddie long the taking time
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páters his wif divorce. the split comes a year after allegations that long used his lavish lifestyle and position of authority to lure four young men in to sexual relationships, all allegations. long settled the cases but never admitted wrong doing. we are following a developing story out of alaska, where a gas station fire has injured a number of people. the fire injured three overnight. the crews suspected an explosion near a checkout counter inside a store. it sparked a fire in cantwell. the area was cordoned off as a precaution against gas line and propane possible explosions. a houston hospital is using music therapy as a way for patients with brain injuries to recover. they used the technique on congresswoman gabby giffords shot this year. some techniques, you can do at
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home. music therapy is a way of helping pargets with parkinsons -- helping patients with parkinsons. >> i never used to be able to pick up a fork and go to town and feed myself. i've work sod hard to feed myself, i can do it now days. >> they used it to help children with disabilities and neurologic muse wick therapy there is and helping patient with parkinsons. fewer teens are sexting. researchers say 1% of kids between the ages of 10- 17 shards images of themselves -- shared images of themselves with others. a many as one in five, 20% took part in sexting. the study estimates 4000 teen sexting cases were reported to police between the years of 2008-2009. some children live with autism had a chance to visit
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santa for the first time ever. kids diagnosed have a challenge taking part in traditions that most of us will take for granted including sitting on santa's lap in a busy mall, right here in minnesota. >> you have you have things to look forward to with your child. it's a way to have the experiences that you have to have. >> this is a sensory friendly zone. the lights and muse lick be turned down. -- music will be turned down. the staff will avoid loud distracting movements so the kids can have their moment with st. nick. not too bad. check this out. we have been trying to find some images to really prove how bad the fog is in some spots. let's take you to bel air, the last five hours, up towards harford county, can you see
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that? we've got visibility cut down to less than a few hundred feet. 22, main street, proving this outside of the safe harbor travel, charm city run camera. that is a lot of glare, that is what a lot of people are looking at this morning. that's why we are showing expressed concern for travels on this monday, 38 baltimore, 37 ocean city. look at the 50s, pittsburgh, westbound, more warm airstreaming ahead of the frontal system. while the front lined up with rape, it's not made much progress. it's barely to the east of there this morning, we will watch the frontal boundary, which on the southern edge, a wave of low pressure, that is enhancing the rainfall that will charge up towards the north and east. as the storm develops, it stays to the west. warmer side but continue to pile in moisture, moistening up the atmosphere. once the energy slides by is when the front passes with showers. cooler air and models are split
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developing a second wave of low pressure. that is the big question mark for thursday. you will hear a wide variety of outlooks. i'm leaning on computer models caught up with the chance of a storm redeveloping in our direction and tapping in to colder air. time frame is wednesday and thus. mostly cloudy, dealing with more fog and showers developing. staying mild overnight. extended outlook for thursday, we will talk about that in next half hour. angela foster with the foggy traffic. thank you very much. good morning everyone. things are certainly picking up out there on the roadways. accident reported slowing traffic down, i-95 southbound, before you get to i-895, slow traffic in the area. in addition, some overnight construction work wrapping up, dense patchy fog. run in to areas of fog that will slow you down as you
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navigate out this morning. traffic moving well on the west side of i-695, as we look at the west side, here is the beltway at wilkins avenue. relationships remain tense between the u.s. and iran. they are escalating this morning. this is one expensive car crash, the types of automotives involved. that's a ferrari. this maybe the most costly one f. we will look when good morning maryland continues on this monday, december 5th.
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iran says armed forces shut down a unmanned spy plane in afghanistan. it maybe a drone, operators lost contact with last week
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during a flyover in neighboring western afghanistan. this maybe one of the most expensive pile ups in history, 14 cars involved including 8 ferraris, three mercedes and a lam boar genie -- 100 people forced out of homes because of fire could be allowed back today. i'm linda so, the latest on from progress at the heather ridge condos. jerry sandusky speaks out again about the sex abuse charges against him. why his comments are raising eyebrows this morning, coming p. ravens, big day. highlights of ray rice, ray rice, ray rice, and ray rice. all of that coming up on this monday, december 5th. good morning maryland, i'm
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charley crowson. let's get to the weather. this is big today, fog out there, dense in several places. going to affect your commute. on facebook and twitter last night i suggested ray rice might hit 200 yards thanks to the rain condition. the weather forecast, the football forecast, we've got fog this morning, that's our issue, streaming in moisture ahead of the boundary, locked rain from ohio, back across the great lakes. that system is almost stalled make making progress. relatively warm conditions, thick fog, 37 baltimore. it's 40s to the eastern shore, lock of 40s and 50s to the west. pocket of cool air in between and working the moisture out this morning. watching the 50s towards our west. we will be watching the frontal boundary making the march. visibility low enough


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