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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 5, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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inhibility your visibility of the street signs and traffic signals. here is our old friend, angela foster joining us. a look at the roadways this morning, plan for extra travel time if you can this morning. dense fog out there, patchy in some areas. dealing with early morning incident, i-95 southbound, traffic slow approaching i-895, due to an accident in the area. slow down there. also, running in to slow traffic around sudden areas of the beltway, no major delays reported due to the light volume. the dense patchy fog going to be a problem as you navigate on the roadways this morning. no incidents reported on i-795 this morning as well as i-83, harrisburg and jfx. back to you charlie. 100 people forced out of condos in the city, they maybe allowed to return home today. fire broke out friday night,
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repairs were made throughout the weekend, linda so is here with the latest on the progress. >> contractors hope city inspectors will be out there today. people who live on the 2 outer sides of the condo will be able to go back. the project manager showed us where the fire started friday night on the fourth floor. it knocked down everything inside and the roof is gone. center part of the building has the most damage. main services like heat, electric and water are running again in the outer parts of the building. even got out okay. no one was hurt. >> this unit down, itis strippe >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. inspectors should be out there today. people who live on the two outer sides of the building can return. linda so, abc2 news.
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second person is dead following a crash in a parking lot at home depot. this is back on thanksgiving, jose sanchez died at the hospital, six people were hurt after hit by a car as it left the parking lot. the 79-year-old driver had a medical emergency, that driver was not charged in the crash. two men recovering in the hospital following a double stabbing outside of a bar in downtown annapolis. it happened as the bars were closing up around 2:00 saturday morning. annapolis police spokesperson says a fight started in the front of armadillos, it blocked up towards the market house. one of the people is from shady spring and stabbed in the chest. another man, daniel ber cher was stabbed in the abdomen. funeral arrangements made for a brother, james kelly. friends and family will gatt tore remember the president of mount st. joe's school. it's set from 3:00 until 8:00.
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students will have an opportunity to pay respects during the school day. a mass will be held tomorrow at the cathedral, set for 10:30. kelly died after a long battle. president of the school for more than a decade and died at 64. we turn to the riveting comments from sandusky speaking out about the chimed sex comments against him. he had a lot to say. pressed, point blank about whether he is sexually attracted to children, zap san provided no easy answer. >> the interview was conducted by the new york times. sandusky maintains innocence of molesting boys over 15 years, observers describe it as uncometel. zap san had a lot to -- san sandusky had a lot to say.
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when pressed about whether he was sexually attracted to children, he couldn't give a yes or no answer. sandusky was asked directly are you attracted to under age boys. sandusky repeated the question, paused and responded no, i enjoy young people. latest interview, he seemed incapable of answering directly once again. >> what in the world is this question? what is this it? am i going to be -- if i say, no, i'm not attracted to boys, that's not the truth because i'm attracted to young people, boys, girls. >> after that answer, sandusky's attorney, sitting off camera, rushed in to his assist and had him clarify the question, saying he is attracting to spending time with young people but not in a
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sexual way. he is currently free on $100,000 bail. kuren redmond, abc2 news. closing arguments expected today in the trial of suric. he is accused of trying to suppress a vote. suric testified in his defense friday saying campaign consultant, henson presented a black voter suppression strategy during a july 2010 meeting and dismissed the suggest. suric testify head approved the script for a prerecorded automatic telephone call sent late in the afternoon that happened on election day. today you are going to have to pay the toll when traveling for the inter county connector. the roll road open before thanksgiving and free for the past few weeks. today the tolls will be enforced and cost you anywhere from $3.20, to $6, depending
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upon when you use the road and whether you have an easy pass. time for sports, and a big win for the ravens on the road in cleveland, against the browns. yesterday afternoon, rice, a career day, 204 yards, 67 on momentum swinging play in the fourth quarter. rice and williams had short touchdown runs. punt return of 68 yards, for a score in the fourth, ravens could have and maybe should have won by a much larger margin, all in all, a win is a win. coming up, donating bone marrow is something people do to help others. in one city, be compensated for your donation. plus a tv show about doctors could be the reason or credited for the reason a woman is alive. we will tell you this remarkable story when we return in a bit. you are watching good morning
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thousands of los angeles, without power after hurricane forced winds hit the area back on wednesday. trees and power lines downed by the devastating santa anna winds, crews hope to have the power restored soon, residents face a new threat, a fire alert issued for southern california. powerful winds, pounding the region, could ignite fast moving fires we don't need wild fires across so cal. this is our date with destiny. for the last ten years, almost every year has started with snow. typically 31 in the morning, 49 in the afternoon. record high temperature was set on this date at 2001, with 75 degrees. beyond that, this is what you've missed out on charlie. 2002, record snow of 7.4 inches. later on december 5th, 6.8, two years later, 3.3, flurry tons
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2006, first storm, 4.7, inches 2007, over an inch, 2009, and last year, dusting in the harford zone, date with destiny, december 5th. check out this fog in glen burnie. watch the visibility, just go to nil. bad in some spots this morning. in the mid-30s to near 40. we will work to 60 and remain mostly cloudy this afternoon. more on the fog this morning. here is angela foster. good morning, not an easy drive so far this morning. especially motorists traveling i-95 southbound, in addition to the foggy conditions, an accident that is in the clearing stages, southbound i- 95, approaching 895 and pulaski highway area. police blocked a left lane. patches of fog will be a factor on your drive this morning as we look live at the jfx, north avenue, plan for extra travel us on
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twitter. health news, some bone marrow donors can be paid. that's the ruling from a san francisco federal appeals court. paying bone marrow donors has been outlawed in 84 but a law saying selling vital organs was criminal. donors who take the new process, instead of with a need until to the hipbone are allowed to be paid. . check this story out, 10- year-old girl from wisconsin saves her mother's life by performing cp are. she watched grey's anatomy . her daughter called 911 and told the dispatcher she knew cpr. she and her best friend did the chest compression, before minutes until an ambulance arrived. the girls hope they actually get to eventually be officially trained in cpr. news time is 5:12, the costliest accident ever.
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a ferry loses control. time for the birthday, maria allen of baltimore city, it's your birthday. happy birthday to you maria.
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baltimore city elementary and middle school students will receive funds thanks to a public-private part center ship, celebrating library project and sherrie johnson is live with the details. >> reporter: here at the middle school. the kickoff for the school library project, happening a little bit later this morning, about 10:00, basically, this is an exciting public, private partnership, it's providing up to $1 million in library
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funding elementary and middle schools in baltimore city. es m 15 community and government partners. the program works with schools to design, build and equip new or renovated libraries and selected elementary or middle schools. right now, we have craig with the harry foundation. the principal is here, debra brooks. i appreciate you being here. let's take about the public- private partnership. >> the foundation, there is $100 million a year in grant making. while we hope the grants are worthwhile and valuable, they are that, individual grants. here, it's almost like the fly wheel affect. i wouldn't say it's exponential. you are multiplying the impact. >> reporter: excellent k. you tell us a little bit, how exciting is this for your
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students? libraries and education, this is a great time. >> we are very excited. greater access of written material and technology for students and the community. we are very, very excited about this partnership. >> reporter: do you know anything about what you are going to do with the money first, the first thing you guys are going to do. >> the first thing is different furniture that we have to make it inviting and relaxing for our students and also for parents to be able to come in and read to their children. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. this is an exciting time. this kicks off at 10:00 here at the school. ben carden, stephanie rawlings blake and dr. andre, all of them will be here for the ground breaking occasion. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. good morning to you. i think it's fog that's the
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issue we need to be concerned with this morning. bel air, main street, route 22, look at that issue, charm city run, those of you getting out for the jog, hopefully you got the reflective gear. it's going to be tough for the upcoming traffic to see you and the signals and the street signs. thick and eased up a little bit in the past hour, overall that's our main issue this morning. fog ahead of the frontal boundary that's allowed the temperatures to draw in to the 30s. 50s in pittsburgh and charlston, warm airstreaming out. behind it, cold air, steady rain and solid shield of it, moving east of st. louis, mix of wintery weather. the boundary is the one that will be on the move with thick fog ahead of it and most of the moisture locked out of here for today. it's going to turn out to be a
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dry day. look at the storms, bringing snows in texas and they've got a little bit enhanced snow than the local weather service offices projected. that's a sign and signal of the energy streaming up the frontal boundary and that is going to take most of the energy to our north before the front could reach was scattered showers on tuesday night and wednesday. looking for the possibility of a new storm forming here and riding along the front. some computer models shoot this out to sea and keep us dry. others bring us rain turning to accumulating snow, on thursday itself. a big split here, i'm leaning towards the middle of that, which indicates wintery weather. 60 after the fog. fog with showers, 52 overnight. mild temperatures tomorrow, low 60s with rain showers, and a better chance of rain on wednesday. then temperatures tank and we have a chance, we are watching the potential of a wintery mix or ending with snow and falling temperatures on thursday, staying cold for the weekend.
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as you mentioned the fog, a big issue out there. around the roadways. for the most part, traffic moving well despite foggy conditions. as you make your way around 695, no incidents on i-83ing harrisburg expressway. volume increasing a little. no incidents to report. you will contend with the fog. reduced visibility out there on the roadways. follow us on twitter@maryland traffic. back to charlie. most expensive pile ups in history. 14 vehicles including 8 ferraris, and a lamborghini. none of the drivers were hurt but the damage is in to the millions of dollars. one of the ferrari drivers lost control of his car along the wet roadways. people are returning to germany, after the biggest
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evacuation since world war ii. bomb squads diffused devices. experts disabled two of the explosion i haves and a third destroyed in a controlled detonation. 45,000 people were evacuated after the british and american bombs were discovered last week. one had the potential to flatten an entire city center.
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get ready for a change in your mail delivery. coming up, u.s. postal service expecting changes for the
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standard mailing delivery for first class mail to 2-5 days. the agency says most customers get first class letters in 1-3 case days after mailed. this is part of a cost cutting measure. isn't clear on when the plan will go in to effect. u.s. shoppers are spending bucks on line. shoppers spent record $6 billion on line, monday through friday of last week. that's according to com score, a firm that tracks web use. on line sales are up 15%, to $18.7 billion in november. the first two days of december. that's compared to the same time period year-over-year. gas prices continue falling , the average price for a gallon dropped $0.09 during the past two weeks. a t price of a gallon of regular gasoline is $3.29. maryland, averaging $3.23. abc 2 news is saving you money
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at the pump. head to, once you get there, hit the traffic tab, i want to show you how to do this., first place to go. over on the traffic tab, fourth up top, on the side, traffic, down to gas prices. input your zip code, to find the least expensive gas near you and your area. we've got it laid out for you, simple to use. baltimore gas prices, go down, search, and you can find the best and least expensive gas for you. another way abc2 news is working for you. security at the airport is tight. a grandmother says her search was unappropriate. why she is asking for an apology from airlines. this is not the kind of declaration to expect to find in your -- decoration to find in your tree. what one family found when they were hanging ornaments with such care.
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i can't watch the video. we'll be right back. traditions are not for keeping.
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