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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  December 5, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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a warrant on pine ohio coe -- pinecove about 2:00 this afternoon. the officer's gun accidentally discharged hitting the city police officer. he is expected to survive. we're learning more about the u.s. postal service. they have announced signs to do away with next day delivery. first class mail would take two or three days. jeff hager joins us with reaction. >> the u.s. postal service has already closed a number of branches while cutting back on the hours. the latest impacts affect the delivery of the mail. a first class postage stamp will cost a penny next month. first class mail across town
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could take two or three days. >> it means i will be sending less cards. >> i've been using federal express a lot. >> reporter: the postal service is $5 billion in the red and rick detaught -- risk defaulting to the treasury in a few weeks. it could owe limb nate as many as 28,000 jobs. >> postal employees are fed up. we're also frightened. it's the closing of the facilities, the reduction of the service standards. we feel all of those things will ultimately drive the postal service -- drive the customers away from the postal service. >> reporter: many customers are frustrated by the cuts and wonder the same government that bails out car makers, banks and
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other private industries can't straighten this. >> the postal service does a great job, i think. as americans we depend upon it. we follow their motto. rain nor sleet will stop us from doing our job. that includes congress. >> when we had deep snow last year i didn't get mail. >> reporter: the union sin voiting the community to join in a rally outside the franklin post office, one of those branches scheduled to close. the rally will be the p--- on december 20th, the busiest day of the year. we have good news for struggling homeowners. several large lenders agreed not
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to foreclose between december 19th and january 2. however, legal proceedings will continue. credit cards apparently are making a comeback. purchases made with credit cards rose in the first quarter of this year. 9% in the second quart and 10 own 6 in the third. payments made with credit cards on black friday jumped 7.4% while debit card use only roads 3%. banks have been boosting incentives for credit cards. clouds rolled in on us today. we had fog earlier this morning. we're watching a new storm slowly crawl across the mid-section of the country.
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in the meantime temperatures running in the 50s and near 60, lower eastern shore. not bad for this part of december. the rest of this evening we'll fall from the 50s into the 40s. the weather getting much more active starting tomorrow. we break down the next storm in a few minutes. the parents of a virginia teen found dead in 2008 hope to learn more. you may remember the story of anna mccann. she ran away from her virginia home on halloween 2008 and was found dead. now they are hoping information may help. brian kuebler joins us with more. >> reporter: the arrest was of the man for the murder of his
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girlfriend. the mccanns are hoping to get details from the baltimore police tomorrow. darnell kin law was never implicated in the murder of annie mccann. he and others were charged with taking the teen's volvo and dumping it. ken law was charged with the unlawful taking of annie mccann's car, only to resurface last month charged with the murder of his girlfriend in northeast baltimore, an opportunity police could take to question the 21-year-old further about the annie mccann case. >> when people are brought in on unrelated questions, we question them about other things. in this case there was no evidence to determine that mr. ken law was involved in the murder of annie mccann. >> reporter: police won't say what, if anything, could come out of that questioning.
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anything learned will be learned with annie's parents. still, annie's death remain as suicide based on all the forensic evidence from the death investigation, seen here from an interview we did in 2009. mother mary jane mccann said she hopes this meeting can result in a fresh start in her daughter's case and hopes ken law knows something. police will discuss that tomorrow with the virginia couple but say it is unlike lit original finding of suicide will change a cause of death in the mccanns have refused to believe, more so now with the murder arrest of a man that was at one time linked to the mccann case. >> they have been in on going discussions. i wouldn't go into specifics into what's said or what's not said. like any victim in the city, we try to work with families. >> now, the mccanns have made this known they are not happy
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with their daughter's death evaluation and have laid blame on city hall and the police department in the past. they told us all they want is justice and the truth. reporting for abc2 news. the search resumed for the washington suburban sanitary employee hop within the miss -- who went missing. the sanitary commission said montgomery county officials are coordinating the search. duckett is married with three children. over the weekend, gary giordno, the prime suspect in the disappearance of robynner se with abc2 news. >> gary giordno is very busy. he got out of jail about a week ago. already he sat down with two interviews and answered several questions directly and
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specifically. when asked if he had anything to do with robyn gardner's disappearance he answered absolutely not, but when asked about the circumstances of her disappearance, a little less clear. >> walk me through how that would work, a boat would take her out of the wart and you wouldn't -- water and you wouldn't notice? >> i don't know how it would work. >> then, why did you bring it up? >> um. >> that's all we get. giordano said he heard from others that the beach they were on was a hot spot for traffickers. he was asked if he misses her and he said he does and he will see her again. baltimore police investigating a recent stabbing at the occupy baltimore site. police say they were called to
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mckilleden square -- mckeldin square. nicholson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. we have much more on that breaking news we told you about at the top of the show, that accidental police-involved shooting. let's check in with joce sterman who is in odenton. >> reporter: we're on the 100 block of pinecove avenue, this corner town home in odenton. police were here to serve a narcotics warrant. all this happened inside when they went in to make a search. county police tell us a baltimore county officer accidentally fired a shot and hit a baltimore city officer in the arm. they said it was a through and
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through wound. basically, the bull lent went in and -- bullet went in and out the other side. you talk about the investigation into this. this started as a warrant. what happened from there? >> detectives were out here for part of an ongoing narcotics investigation, to serve a search warrant. once on scene they took one of the suspects outside. they restreefed about 2700 pounds of marijuana and $900 in currency. other law enforcement agencies made entry inside the home. the other person was an adult female. she was cooperative, safe and unharmed. at some point there was a discharge of a weapon. we believe that weapon was discharged from a baltimore county police officer who was
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part of that task force striking a baltimore city officer on the task force in the arm. that officer was taken to shock trauma. our criminal action division is investigating. >> reporter: tell us what they look for. you're not sure if it was one shot that was fired or several shots. >> these are things three continue to do. they will comb the area for evidence, witnesses on the scene, try to get as much information as they can. they will try to secure the scene, get any information to piece it together. that's going to really be about talking to witnesses. just get facts. it's very early. it's fluid. this a trying to get the information. we're treating this as an accidental weapon discharge. >> okay. as for that baltimore city officer, the city police department said he's been on the force since 1995 and part of a dea task force. they're not going to release his
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identity but said he will be fine. as for the county officer, we have contacted county police, but they have not returned our call. we'll have more at 6:00. joce sterman reporting from odenton. coming up, out with the old and in with the new. finally a much needed upgrade to baltimore's water meters. find out how the new meters will make reading your bill easier and could save you money. is teen secting that common? find out why a new study could put parents at ease. plus larks local business -- a local business lead are is sharing his life.
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the academy educates nearly 900 males on two campuses in baltimore city. it was the first all male public charter school in the state. education reporter sherrie johnson shows us how a new speakers series is making a difference. >> reporter: all eyes are on vernon reed, the vice-president. he is talking to the students at the academy in west baltimore. he grew up in the inner city. he knows the danger and temptations that children face. his brother became addicted to drugs. he told the story of hard work, perseverance and education, things that will help students rise to the top. >> even though your circumstances may not be the best in the world, i grew up in this area. i was lucky enough to, as i said
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earlier, have people help me. i did well. i graduated from high school, went to college, got an mba, got a flies job. i think kids need opportunity, direction and they can do the same as i do. >> reporter: he kicked off the infinity circle path way to leadership forum. educators are inviting corporate executives, government officials and community leaders to share their journey to success. >> you have a diverse number of students here, many various backgrounds. often they don't have an opportunity to see successful role models. >> reporter: students enjoyed the speech and picked up valuable information. >> good. i learned how his life was. he can take stuff from people and you can try to do better. >> he was a great speaker. he talked about how his brother
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went to harvard and became a lawyer and the other one did bad. >> reporter: reed is in the just a speaker. he donated $25,000 to the preengineering lab. with so much encouragement and positivity, students say it motivates them to stay out of trouble. >> i just go in the house and do my homework. i rarely go outside. i try to stay on the right path, go to school, come back and keep it moving. >> reporter: and hopefully keep moving to the top. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. the speaker series runs through the spring. it's that time of the year again. the decorations and lights are up. the lights are twinkling. it's time for the 13th annual
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kindertime toy drive. when you're out and about pick up a gift are two for child in need. you have until december 22nd to donate new, unwrapped toys. drop them off at local walmart stores listed on our website and celebree learning centers and fire station. we're also partnering with the bso program. so if you have hold instruments -- old instruments, you can drop those off in addition to the toys. not a bad december day. we're up near 60 earlier, mid-50s now. clouds rolled. now we're watching or next rain maker and maybe more than a rain maker potentially as we go
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towards the middle part of the week. take a look. some morning fog burned off fairly quickly. this was tough out there in spots last night in terms of visibility. it's a clear night in terms of fog. we have overcast and cloudy skies. that was the case in bel air, laurel, not much sunshine in the state of maryland. that is for sure. again, maryland's most powerful radar sitting clear. we don't think we'll have the same conditions that will breed that dense fog. those are both good things. temperatures running relatively mild for this part of december. we're getting past sunset. temperatures hang out in the mid-50s to mid-60s. winds are basically a nonissue, lit and variable at five to 10. our highs today we decide touch 60. we had 60 in washington. 64 in cambridge and 70 towards the delaware beaches.
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tomorrow temperatures near 60. we'll increase the cloud cover, bring in the chance for showers from cat tonsville to whitemarsh. there's not much rain that could become an issue except for scattered showers. it could come in has patchy sprinkles. we're watching a main storm system out to the west. you can see the boundary, large swath of precipitation, some wintry weather on the back side. we've drawn it as a stationary front, meaning it's not moving from west to east. we think this will begin to move has we go into the day tomorrow. there will be a cold shot of air arriving. you'll see much colder down to the 20s and 30s. timing wise for rain, scattered showers, perhaps towards lunchtime. then as we get into the overnight tomorrow night into
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wednesday early, that's when we get that main round of rain. as the whole thing pushes out on the back side, evernight wednesday night, that's when we could see potentially rain mixed with snow but it will melt off quick. 52, two degrees, 60, cloudy, mild but showers likely. rain more likely tomorrow night and your seven-day forecast showing basically not much change, but you do see that temperature difference wednesday into thursday. if we get a wintry mix, it will come early. >> thanks a lot. can't quit smoking? it may not be your fault. find out why genetics may make it harder. we all multitask. apparently working moms are doing it a whole lot more.
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the results of a new study coming your way.
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having trouble quitting smoking? that may be another thing to what i'm on your mom and dad. nicotine addiction may be genetic. researchers at the university of colorado boulder looked at the smoking genes of twins and found that 65% of identical twins quit within a two-year period of each other. home 55% of fraternal twins did the same. it suggests a component -- a genetic component is at play. sexting may not be as common
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with teens as previously thought. sexting is when teens take sexually explicit photos and send them to their friends. just 10% of teens and tweens admitted to sending or received sexually suggestive photos. a study found that 1% sent a nude or partially nowed photo to -- nude photo to someone else. >> a woman's work is never done. working moms multitask between 10 hours a week more than working dads. apparently they like it a lot less. women spent 48.3 hours a week doing at least two things at once. fathers spent 38 hours a week multitasking. women's multitasking also involved child care and housework while men are likely
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to talk to several people at once and supervising recreation. while men have no problem juggling different things, women feel stressed. looking for a new job? what about working for facebook. find out why the social network site's decision to become a publicly traded company could mean thousands have new jobs. plus a car falls through a san diego restaurant filled with customers. why the driver ended up crashing into the restaurant.
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