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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  December 5, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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baltimore city is making a big change to its water billing system. and a car smashes into a restaurant and then right through the front door. how police say this all
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happened. 'tis the season for shoplifting. find out what the number one stolen item is. we're continuing to follow news out of anne arundel county. an accidental police officer shooting. joce sterman has more on the situation. i understand this started with a warrant being served. >> reporter: it happened on this corner. on pinecove in odenton. different agencies were here, serving a warrant on a gentleman for narcotics. they were able to take him into custody. officers went inside. one police officer ended up shooting another. we want to show you the scene from earlier around 3:00. police were investigating inside this town house on pinecove
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avenue. they served the warrant on the man and had no issues. as officers went inside, that's when the shot was fired. a baltimore county officer shot a baltimore city officer in the arm. he has been on the force since 1995 and was on the dea task force. he's recovering at shock trauma. police don't know how many shots were fired. that's one of the things they're looking for as they continue with that investigation. >> we take it very seriously. they want to be very thorough and make sure they get all the details and all the facts before the conclusion of the investigation. they're going to take their time. >> reporter: just a few moments ago we got an email that said they're not going to identify their officer who was involved pending an investigation. now as for the baltimore city
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officer, the spokesman said the officer will be fine. the bullet went right through his arm. he had an mri but will be fine. the suspect was arrested. the reason they came is because a 38-year-old man named vernon jackson from columbia, he was holding 2700 pounds of pot and more than $900 in cash. live in odenton, joce sterman, abc2 news. >> thousands of old meters are being replaced which will take the guesswork out of the billing process. abc2's don harrison has the details. >> reporter: today began the installation of 12,000 now water
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meters. they were put inside of homes. they were designed to make reading meters accurate. 40 years ago they worked fine. 40 years later, not so bad. >> they bypassed that old automatic interior meter. >> reporter: the new meters will be retrofitted with a radio transmitter, so a person no longer has to come out to read them. it will make things easier if the meters are covered up by snow or an object. >> it saves a lot of headaches. >> reporter: he has owned his house for 25 years and rents it down. his tenants would complain. now the guesswork will be removed. >> it's really a good thing. it's moving up with the times,
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with the computerized system. >> it's going to be an exact bill. then they cannot complain. >> reporter: that's one meter down. in the next three to five years the rest in baltimore city and baltimore county will finish their upgrade. baltimore city, i'm don harrison for abc2 news. >> when the new meter transmitter was installed -- over the weekend former penn state coach jerry sandusky spoke out again. he still maintains he's innocent. when asked whether or not he's sexually attracted to children, sandusky struggled to come up with an answer. eventually he said he's attracted to young people but his attorney had to clarify that he's attracted to spending time with children but not in a
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sexual way. the next step is a preliminary hearing. one of the accusers is expected to be a witness. >> a local attorney who represents one of the alleged victims of jerry sandusky spoke out about what he calls sandusky's attempts to mennize allegations -- minimize allegations against him. a 24-year-old man is victim six who attended dinner at sandusky's house this past march. victim six went to his moghtser in 1998 after sandusky admitted to showering with her son. >> what's behind that is an effort to, again, let's go down that influence road. let's go down that manipulation road and we can look at what his lawyers have done in connection
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with this. they are pointing to it to say, look, he attended a denar with me. what is that suggesting? why would someone attend a dinner with me who was a victim of abuse at my hands, and that's outrageous. that's obscene. >> he said sandusky and his attorneys are continuing to victimize his client and all of the children involved in the case by trying to make out that they're all lying. we'll have much more at 6:00. now to san diego. a restaurant full of customers looked on as a car plowed into a person walking out and then red lights through the doors and dining area. jamie costello has more. >> reporter: all right. here we go. incredibly, nobody was injured but you wouldn't know this by looking at the video. police say the driver of the car was pulling into a parking spot in front of the restaurant when she accidentally pressed on the gas instead of the brakes and
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went through the store window. first to a man who was on the way out and then through the front door and the seating area. >> another two ladies sitting there in the middle. when the car hit that table it went flying. >> reporter: incredibly, by the time he got back out to the front, the man was hit and already standing. police are trying to decide whether to charge the driver. then we go to washington. a woman ended new a much bigger mess. she told police she was trying to merge when her breaks -- brakes locked up. she ended up crashing into a home. the home and the suv were seriously damaged. the driver walked away without injuries. jamie costello, abc2 news. take a look out there across
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the east coast. we're quiet in the immediate area of our state and north of us. but to the west, man, this is a big line of precipitation. it will take a while to get in here, slow mover. we'll break that down in a few more minutes. temperatures up above 50. no wind to speak of. temperatures falling through the 50s and tomorrow we're going to be back to near 60. the chance for rain begins tomorrow night. much more as abc2 news continues in a few more minutes.
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new video. one brave store clerk. the clerk was cleaning up when a man with a knife demanded money. he said, okay. he punched the would-be robber twice and the man ran away without taking anything. obviously, police advice you not to try this. some exsuiting news for nasa. it said it has discovered a new planet on a habitable planet.
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it has been dubbed. cep lar 22b. the space agency aid it's nearly two and a half times the size of earth. facebook always rolling out new changes but this latest round can benefit more than the people who use facebook. what the top social media companies a in the works and when you can -- company has in the works. ugh, time to color.
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now to the economy. facebook is preparing to become a publicly traded company. that move could actually result in thowdzs of jobs.
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>> reporter: facebook is available in 170 languages. it will double the workforce next year. the bulk of the hiring will be in new york city. the company says it's opening an jarring space in early 2012, its first programming base outside the west coast. facebook's chief operating officer said it will create thousands of jobs. the social networking site got a helping hand from mayor michael bloomberg and senator schumer. new york city as historically been a place for companies to come. facebook looks to new york to bring in top talent. the initial public offering will happen next year and will begin
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trading over the new york stock exchange or nasdaq. reporting from new york. for december these temperatures have been pretty comfortable out there. right now current temperature 54 degrees. humidity near 80%. pressure is holding steady. visibility holding up as well. there was fog to zeal with late last night -- deal with late last night. in baltimore generally overcast conditions. not a lot of sunshine. that's definitely the case. in annapolis we had a little bit of peekaboo sunshine but the clouds thicken un. there's a new weather system approaching in towson. not much sun here either. radar scanning all clear despite
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the heavy cloud cover. the nearest rain is far west. there are a few showers west. temperatures pretty comfortable. still 60 or near 60 at the beach. winds are just light and variable. you think that high temperature was not bad as we pushed up to 60. tomorrow temperatures similar but the chances for rain will be higher. catonsville to whitemarsh looking for showers. as we look at the trend, you can see much more of weather beginning to develop has close as the ohio valley, but this is a large system but a slow moving one. i think hour chances for osh our chances for -- our chances for significant rain will hold off until wednesday. the main storm system is over ohio or indiana. there's quite the cold punch that will come in thursday or
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friday. mild weather will last. you see the temperatures behind the slow moving system, 30s and 20s towards des moines and chicago. timing wise, when do we expect the rain? scat -- scattered showers tomorrow. then as we go into wednesday, watch for another wave coming up out of the south. that could hang out on wednesday. so wednesday looking like the wettest day of the week. behind the storm we could previously see a rain snow mix. that would come overnight wednesday into thursday. so thursday morning commuters, you have to watch out. overcast, a few sprinkles. the forecast, 60. good stuff for december. tomorrow night down to 48. the chances for rain go up tomorrow night. it will stay up, especially on
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wednesday. as the whole this morning blows out, that's where we put the chance for an early thursday morning wintry mix. by the way, this weekend looking cooler and sunnier in the 40s. >> well, in tonight's democracy 201, the -- 2012, the gop is shaking thises up. >> reporter: then there were seven. also, many more voters are looking for different candidate because herman cain has suspended his campaign. it was quite a busy political weekend. >> i am suspending my presidential campaign. >> reporter: with those words, the so-called cain train derailed. he said he will endorse a candidate but will take his time. still, the white house is giving him a sales pitch. >> there are a lot of people
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that did like the independent mindedness of herman cain. >> herman cain brought an exciting energetic voice to the race. i think a lot of people are going to be sorry to see him go. >> reporter: the focus shifts to newt gingrich and mitt romney. let's start in iowa with a poll of likely iowa voters with newt gingrich on top. behind him a tie between mitt romney and ron paul. then in new hampshire mitt romney is on top with 39%. newt gingrich is just behind him with 23%. here's cnn's mark preston. >> cain's exit is the flavor of the week. can knew the sustain it. it's in the about how you could place, but can you get your voters out to vote on really, really cold iowa nights.
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>> reporter: iowa is just 29 days away. >> thank you for that live report. it seems like believe it or not, even politicians can come together for the holidays. they will be passing presents around for the first ever senate secret santa gift exchange. the only rules, gifts have to be wrapped and they can't cost more than $10. the idea came from democratic senator al franken. some of the senators decided not to participate. >> i like that, $10. coming up at 6:00, a leal organizations a teamed up with others -- organization has teamed up with others to help build libraries. before you return to the
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mall to finish up your shopping, why you may want to check out consignment shops. those stories and more coming up at 6:00.
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tess the season for -- 'tis the season for stealing. shoplifting up 6%ed one out of 11 who walk into a store walk out with something they didn't pay for. the number one item fillet mignon, jameson whiskey, electric tools, smartphones and
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dpillette mach4 razors. seems like you're spending a lot of cash online. shores spent a record amount from last monday to friday. sales are up in november and the first two days of december compared to the same period last year. we've already -- the backlash has started against credit card companies. many groups are declaring december 11th as balance transfer day, enkging customers to switch their cards to those with lower rates. burger king is switching up its french fry recipe. the fast food chain said the new fries will feature a thicker cut of potatoes, giving each bite a
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new fluffy favor. they will be giving away value sizes on friday the 16th. when you shop, you spend mon niment wouldn't it be nice to -- money. wouldn't it be nice to shop and make money? we'll have more on abc2 news at 6 which starts right now. a baltimore county officer shoots a baltimore city officer while serving warrants in anne arundel county. i'm joce sterman. i'll sort out the details. a local lawyer has been hired bow one of the victims involved in the penn state


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