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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 6, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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slippery conditions dealing with a collision approaching 450. police blocking lanes to get you through on alternate lane closures as i should mention alternate lane closures. be prepared for slow downs. no problems as you make your way on the west side of 695. here at maryland 1 # 4 frederick road, traveling on -- 144 frederick road traveling on the west side. the arrest of a man could shed light on the death of ateen. the girl's family is meeting with police and sherrie johnson has more on the developing story. >> reporter: well, yes, there's new developments in the three- year-old case. today, annie mccann's parents will meet with detectives. the arrest of 21-year-old darnel kinlaw for the murder of his girlfriend last month has parents hopeful they will find out what happened to their daughter. she was found dead after running away from her virginia
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home on halloween. police ruled the death a suicide but her family never believed it. darnel kinlaw was never implicated in the death and he and others were charged with take the volvo discovering the body in the back seat and putting it by dumpsters. last month he was charged with the murder of his girlfriend and now police plan to question him further about mccann's death. >> they have been in ongoing discussion with the homicide department i want to go -- dwoirnt go into specifics of what was or was not said but we try to work with families andloved ones. >> reporter: the mccanns made it known they were not happy with the death investigation of their daughter and blame the city hall and police department and tell abc# news all they want is the truth and justice. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. new this morning, there's a big burned out chunk of the house in cecil county this morning. leon alexander junior sent in this video of a house fire.
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no word on a cause for the fire on the damages. thanks to leon alexander junior. a case of friendly fire send a baltimore police officer to shock trauma. a county baltimore officer's gun discharged and it hit the officers. 38-year-old vernon jackson was taken into custody outside the home. police seized 27 pounds of suspected marijuana. and another 1,000 dollars in cash. officers went inside and that's when the shooting happened. the city officials is expected to survive. it appears to be the result of a accidental firing. the search will continue for 35-year-old charles duckett who disappeared on friday while work on a managed deer hunt in montgomery county. and today mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will make it official at the inauguration and there's pomp and circumstance surrounding this a
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little special. corinne redman joins with us more on what's in store for the mayor today. corinne. >> reporter: well, charley, this is the mayor's first time being sworn in for her full term as mayor. city hall behind me is fully decorated for today's inauguration ceremony. there's draping and bleachers are out and the stage is set and city hall is preparing to have a great inauguration this morning. now this is the second oath of office for the mayor. first time around she was sworn it was in january 2010 shortly after then sheila dixon resigned after being found guilty of embezzlement. rawlings-blake stepped in to the mayorship because she was the city council president and she was automatically second in line for mayor. this is the first time she serves as an elected official as mayor. today will mark a different type of ceremony for the mayor. she is elected into office. and today the mayor is expected to talk about how she plans to lead the city over the next four years. >> the theme of the speech the
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inauguration is baltimore a great place to grow. my administration is focusing on ways that we can make sure baltimore is a vibrant thriving growing city for the future. >> reporter: now that's the big part of the inauguration. it's supposed to careity tone of her leadership -- carry the tone of the leadership over the next 4 years. it's expected to get underway at 11:30 and the mayor should be here around 12:30. it will take place rain or shine. if it rains, they will move it to the war memorial building. reporting live, corinne redman, abc2 news. today former prince georges's county executive jack johnson is expected to be sentenced. he pleaded guilty to extortion and witness and evidence tampering e was indicted on charges he accepted cash campaign contributions and other gifts in exchange for helping developers secure millions of dollars in federal grant monies. jurors will continue to deliberate the trial of former governor rob ehrlich one of his
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political aide. bob schurick is accused of trying to suppress the black vote with a robo call. he teld testified an automated telephone call that assured black voters governor o'malley won and it was counter intuitive to get ehrlich supporters to get out and head to the polls. pick up a copy of governor ehrlich's book turn this car around is out on store shelves. he says it signals his desire to be relevant in the national debate" but that he has no desire to run for elected office again. the publisher says the book is a providential sign or suggestion that may resolve issues in america. ehrlich works as a lawyer in washington. america has major obesity problem and now a new report on how color may affect your appetite. how the color of your plate may make a difference in how the food goes on your plate and how you fit into your jeans.
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and plan b has a choice for women with unpredicted sex. the restrictions may change how young you can be to get the pill.
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now "good morning maryland." nasa making exciting news that says it discovered new planet in a habitable zone that means water can exist on the planet which means life could also exist. the newly discovered planet is dubbed kepler 22b. and nasa says it's orbiting a star similar to the sun. the space agency says it's 2 1/2 times the time of earth and 600 light-years away. that is big discovery, justin. >> yeah. but 2 1/2 times you weigh 2 1/2 times as much if you stand there and it takes a few hundred years at this speed of light to get there. it's speculation. sounds exciting. but i don't know if we will actually get to visit the little green men. we are looking at 54 this morning in towson and 56
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towards ellicott city. gaithersburg catching up at 57a mild start. we have a few showers back there. eldersburg and finksburg probably going to get another passage and this one up towards reisterstown through hunt valley is just around oregon ridge area and falls road with a fresh sprinkle. we have had some rainfall across the region. most of the energy locked to the north and another piece of energy to the south. cold air all the way into texas. and the ingredients coming together for the first snow of the season. we will talk about that in a moment. but we will go 60s today and periods of rain heavier this afternoon and tonight. 5:10. here's angela with traffic. >> reporter: you are getting more information on this pretty serious accident this morning. heading in from bowie or crofton on route 3 crane highway traffic is stopped temporarily. they have all lanes blocked as they try to clear the tractor trailer incident near 450. so use extra caution and plan for delays if you need to travel in that area. no planning for delays on the west side of 695 as we look
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live at maryland 144 frederick road. also traveling southbound 95 just north of maryland 100 your southbound lanes crowded up as you head towards the capital beltway. charley. 5:10. in health news renewed controversy over the morning after pill. plan b could be available on store shelves for anyone to purchase. right now it's available over the counter if you have proof that you are at least 17. food and drug administration has until tomorrow to decide if it's going to ease the restrictions. well the number of sexual partners you have had in the past year could determine if you are a good candidate for a organ donation. a policy proposed says deceased and live donors not monogymous could be at an increased risk of contrasting hiv and hepatitis b and c if they had no other risk factors. that's aimed at making the organ supply safer. the policies wouldn't ban anyone from donating but would call for more scrutiny and testing.
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well, i don't -- we all know about the benefits of exercises but no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise too much sitting may broaden your bottom. yes. so if you work it off trying to -- try to -- so if you work in a office, try to get around and work. obese people sit 2 1/2 more hours a day than those thinner. you want to lose weight? look at color of your plate reach the searchers found people serve more food in their plate when their plates match the food. spaghetti is lost on the red plate but the same serving and pasta looks bigger on a white plate. blue is the best color to help you eat less. it has appealing blend when it comes to mixing the food on the plate. she spent several years locked up in a italian jail cell and plans to spend several weeks becoming an author. the new book deal amanda knox is working on. and we pay fees daily and
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now comes word of atm fees. the agreement you must follow in order to avoid those fees. we will explain when we return in a few minutes.
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now "good morning maryland." parts of texas look like winter wonderland. it is not officially winter yet. national weather service says 2 1/2 inches of snow fell in west texas overnight covering the trees and roads. several schools had to cancel the classes. more snow is expected in the lone star state today. those across parts of thenew mexico are waking up to ice slicked roads and more snow a storm left a few inches on that state as well. freezing temperatures turned into slushy white stuff andinto sheets of ice prompting weatheradvisories and parts of i-25 are shut down because it resembles a skating rink and this is the down side of winter weather. you know this, because when things turn cold we get the ice and roads are hazardous. >> that's true. but what we are expecting to happen as a result of that system building in across the east just cold enough at cloud level to make the flakes.
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we will be talking snow and accumulations. but in terms of icy conditions, maybe not this time around. maybe. at least for most. 55 this morning in baltimore. compared to 60 in charlotte compared to 30s on the other side of the boundary. that moves through tomorrow and we have got rain locked across it and yes it's warm poll of air with the moisture ahead. the cold air we talked about through texas and a band of flurries near dallas this morning. we will be watching a new piece of energy up behind this system. and that is what now computer models seem to agree on and we have been talking about it here for a week. now it seems tore more agreement and -- now it seems to be more agreement as we watch the piece of energy in the jet stream that will develop across the gulf of mexico. but it has not happened yet. today it's about the rain and warm air. and we will be watching with our future trend with pulses of rain this evening. overnight and through tomorrow. what this model does not show is the cold air that catches up with the heavy stuff after midnight and just before daybreak on thursday.
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then the cold air sweeps through and by daybreak, we could be clearing out and just cold but this is how i see it. we start with warm ground and annapolis eastern shore maybe a slushy dusting to ionch on the grass. roads may get some one to three for most of us. hereford zone and westminster and north and west could see 2 to 4 inches and that's the potential i see right now. today a high in the low 60s and tonight we are back down into the mid and upper 50s and rain heavy at times. looking for the overnight wednesday to thursday morning snow event and we will talk more about it throughout the morning but it stays cold with highs in the 40s through the weekend. angela. >> reporter: still following the serious accident in anne arundel county. 450 crane highway the area blocked off by police. they are diverting traffic. so expect delays and you may want to check into an alternate route this morning if that is your normal travel route. in the meantime, we are not looking at delays if you travel u.s. 29 at maryland 108. that's a good route for you heading into the dc area or heading north back into
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baltimore. also making your way on i-83 the jfx at coldspring lane looking good with an easy flow of traffic and if you plan to take the mta no delays on the marc train system this morning. charley. news around the world a second major company has gone tous a trail yea court banning logo as being unconstitutional. it bans packs that renders them brown many tobacco company says it breaches the constitution because it requires intellectual property on unjust terms. amanda knox free after a court cleared her of murdering her roommate. she signed a deal with a attorney robert burnett that will represent her. the announcement is a week after her former boyfriend signed a similar deal. knox returned to the u.s. after winning an appeal of her conviction. gas prices fluctuate so and
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you it's impossible to keep up with them. now the historic deal has been reached that federal officials hope reduces our dependency on foreign oil. and republicans and democrats rarely agree on anything. the gift exchange one senator organized and the hope he has to accomplish. that continues when we continue on this tuesday, december 6th on "good morning maryland" there's a live look in atlanta and christmas trees out across i guess olympic park. we are back in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland." news time 5:23. the government is now taking steps towards ending our dependency on foreign oil. navy and usda will buy 450 gallons to drop in biofuel made of a blend of used cooking oil from a louiseana based company. it is the kind you can make you can use without making cakes to the vehicle's -- changes to the vehicle's he canin. they may not agree on payroll tacks but republicans and democrats are teaming up
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for one measure. christmas gifts. senators are doing a secret santa gift exchange and republicans drew the name of democrats and vicars area -- vice versa. gift must be wrapped and cost no more than 10 dollars. senator al franken recalls become a friend in school of someone who bullied him after drawing the bull yea name. the ad would play while the transaction is being processed and would run about 10 second so customers can chews choose not to view it and pay the atm surcharge. at at bottom of the atm receipt there's a coupon which could be redeemed at local businesses. the idea is being tested at one atm in new york. we want to know what you think about this. would you watch a 10 second ad from atm to avoid the fee when you never had to pay a fee before? think about that. and let noise what you think. news time -- and let us
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know what you think. many fear long lines over airport security when flying. wait until you hear what tsa agents wanted to check on an elderly woman's colostomy bag. unbelievable. look at this. this is what police tell you to do if a thief has weapon. check that out. store clerk take matters into his own hands. he is taking on that thief. video catches it. we are back in a bit. [ sue ] wow!
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now "good morning maryland." one woman is stabbed at the occupy baltimore camp. i am sherrie johnson. hear what police say about the protesters at the inner harbor. a fight for the post office slowing the first mail you will save money on and other things will change quickly as well. live look at a store opening in locust point tomorrow. the grand opening for the harris teeter. but you can get a check out of what's going to be coming up with a live report on this tuesday, december 6th, dude morning maryland. i am charley crowson let's head over to justin berk because things are wet. >> before it turns white. it is breezy and warm and wet today. but cold air on the way.
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wednesday night thursday morning the first snow for some n fact for many. but considering that we did have that storm that dropped up to half a foot in carroll and adams and york p.a. this is not the first for them but we will talk about that coming up. this morning, we are looking at south eastern wind, a south wind at 10 miles per hour but enough to pump up the warm air. 55 at bwi60 in york and yes we have had rain pass through so the roads are wet and another band of showers passing through county right now heading up towards bel air and there's more behind that. we will look for temperatures pretty much going into the low maybe mid-60s with periods of rain and we will talk about the threat of snow coming up in a moment. 5:29 here's angela with track. >> reporter: we are dealing with a serious accident in anne arundel county this morning involving a tractor trailer. route 3 crane highway approaching 450 all lanes are blocked. we have a couple alternate routes in place for you if you know the area or if you


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