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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  December 7, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great wednesday. you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. a huge decision is expected to make the morning after pill available over the counter. i am linda so. what it means for girls as young as 12. a family who lost their son at a camp heads to court. what they are doing and what they want to say. i am sherrie johnson live in downtown baltimore with a preview on how we are commemorating the 70th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. that story coming up. it's wednesday, december 11th, the 7 0th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. we will check in with sherrie. thanks for joining us. good morning. i am charley crowson. let's get to justin berk for a check of the forecast because this wednesday could be a wet one out there for you. justin, what he going on -- --
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going on. >> i think we have the -- what's going on? >> i think we have a good one. flooding to flakes with falling temperatures a flood watch starts at one in the afternoon and goes through tonight and winter weather advisory from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. and we will have the snow map coming up in a bit. right now we are looking at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. heaviest rain south of baltimore annapolis and rock hall and chestertown. all of us dealing with wet weather and heavy rain towards the west coming out of central virginia. this is a very wet commute and we start off on the mild side near 60. let's get a look at the traffic and here is angela. >> reporter: thanks very much. good morning. a first check of the roadways this morning as justin mentioned, wet conditions out there. otherwise not a lot to slow you down. maybe overnight construction in the final stages of wrapping up our first look at u.s. 29. at maryland 10 # no delays or problems to report there. first check of the beltway 695
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at liberty road, that's the inner loop on the right side of the screen moving very well with the light flow of traffic. also i-95 and easy drive making your way from harford county. charley, geed good morning. good morning. this morning the morning after pill may be available over the counter. the fda will decide whether to allow it on store shelves. linda so is here with what that could mean for teens. >> reporter: right now if you are under 17, you need a prescription to buy the morning after pill. but if the da des away with the age re-- fda does away with the ate restrig that means -- restriction, that means it will be easy to bias over-the- counter medication. they have until today to decide. maker says it should be available quickly and easily for anyone who needs it and asked for the restriction to be lifted. it would be a victory for pro choice advocates that says to
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beeffective it has to be taken within 72 hours of having sex. but opponents say kids shouldn't be allowed to have it without parental consent. >> it is a hormone that they will be taking into their bodies, and it does have complications that can potentially have complication and side effects. and they need to be aware of that. >> reporter: today is the deadline for the fda to announce the decision. it's expected the agency will meet the deadline a spokesperson declined further comment. linda so, abc2 news. a fda advisory panel will discuss health problems as a result of birth control oral contraceptives like yasmin and blood clots. state tuned to abc2 news at five for an update at what happened. the result of a study regarding breast cancer will be
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released at a conference in san antonio texas casting doubt on aradiation treatment that is shorter that reaches part of the breast. medicare records show that women who had partial radiation were twice as likely to need the whole breast removed later because the cancer may come back. we will have more on this tonight as well. and for the latest health news and tips for you and your family to keep everyone safe, head to and go to the news and click on health. this morning's crime checker one family is taking action filing a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a 9-year- old boy who died after a tree fell at an environmental center in carroll county two years ago. the family is suing the county for neglect. according to the investigation by the sheriff's department the tree was dead before it was knocked over killing the boy and injuring another. family is suing for $12 million including more than 60,000 in medical bills. they say the tree should have been cut down and the kids should have not been taken
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outside. elsewhere a courtroom on tuesday a long time aide to former governor ehrlich was found belty for involvement in the election day robo calls. paul schurick was found guilty on four counts one conspiracy continue to fliewns or attempt to influence voters decision. 110,000 calls went out to voters in baltimore city and prince george's county that stated voters could relax because the current governor o'malley had won. the maximum cents for all charges is 16 years in prison -- sentence for all charges is 16 years in prison. the victim told police she was attacked in the bathroom of a arundel high school. she knew the attacker who is charged with rape among other charges. police say he was booked and released to the custody of a relative. and fire investigators say the cause of a three-alarm fire that displaced a hundred seniors was a tea kettle left on a stove. it broke out friday in northwest baltimore. luckily no one was injured.
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the damages are estimated to be around 280,000 dollars. and the man hit tuesday by a light rail train lost a leg. it happened in south baltimore north of patapsco station. one of the man's legs was severed and the other dislocated. and today marks the special day in our country's history. on this day 1941, the u.s. suffered one of the worst intelligence failures in history when japanese planes attacked at pearl harbor. 70 years ago today it killed more than 2300 americans and we will have live coverage from a ship that was there and hear from someone in hawaii a bit later this morning on "good morning maryland." stick around for that. also still to come, local heros spend the day with children. the program that brings police officers and kids together and how you can get involved. police. plus, new jobs available and more on way. what you need to know to get ahead of the pact to get your hand on the job you need.
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we are first and only at 4:30 and as we go to break a. live look at the nation's capitol.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. an annual program begins again partnering kids with police officers that is all part of shop canw a cop assisting kids with buying gifts for the holiday season. >> it reward the kids that do well in school and come to school every day and participateand get their education. and we want to reward them by doing a little something from the heart. >> the event takes place today at the target store. that begins at 10 this morning. are recognized for creativity. they made their movie. four students were the winners in the teen video challenge. they were honored by the parents of alice fisher who was
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pursuing a career in film production when she died. emily of perry hall won with her video on bullying. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. 4:40. dramatic changes today starting with warm temperatures and we are in the 60s. we have a flood watch that kicks in this afternoon through tonight. and we could see 1 to 2 inches of rainfall central maryland up to central p.a. wenter weather' vasery hart -- advisory. anne arundel you will be on the fence where we expect the general one inch or higher snowfall amounts and you saw the snow map here yesterday. we will show outupdated version in a few minutes. -- you the updated version in a few minutes. and yes, we are looking at the radar that highlights heavy rain to the south. there's the hint of snow. we will talk about it in a moment.
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temperatures falling through the 50s into the 40s and beyond. we will talk about that later on. let's talk traffic with and angela foster. >> reporter: all right. on the traffic scene, this morning, not a lot to contend with on the roadways. you can possibly expect wet conditions of course. so be prepared for spray and possibly some slippery surfaces as you make your drive this early morning. taking a look at i-95 southbound a good drive make your way down to the capital beltway. checking on the north side of 695, a light easy flow of traffic for you passing hartford and north and southbound laneson i-83 the jfx looking good. following us on twitter. are you in need of a job or another job? 15 job openings have been posted for a casino build by aropedel mills and more on -- arundel mills and more on the way. it is expected to employ around 1500 people. grouf don't find the job that fits you right away put your application on file.
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look for a link at our as is your shopping list railed reidy and if you have shopping to do today may be the day. when and -- list -- and is your shopping list ready? and if you have shopping to do, today may be the day. >> reporter: we will talk about the 25th anniversary of the decommissioning of the coast guard cutter. stay with us. don't miss it.
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five things to know on this wednesday morning. governor o'malley ordered merrill flags to be lowered at half-staff to mark the 70 ago anniversary on pearl harbor to honor americans who sacrificed their lives for freedom. harris teeter opens the 7th
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store in maryland and the first in south baltimore. the ribbon cutting ceremony takes place at 10 this morning. the store officially opens at # a.m. and -- 8 a.m. and rod blagojevich is scheduled to address a judge during a second day of a sentencing hearing. he faces 50 to 20 years on 17 counts on fraud and corruption. federal aviation administrator randy babet resigned. he is a former airline pilot and president of the major pilot union. he is expected in court for that dui charge in february. and today at the capital law makers will come together with facebook developments and digital innovators to make congress more accessible to the public. they want to make it easier tone gauge with them and follow the overall legislative process. today many people will gather marking the 70th a anniversary of the japanese
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attack on pearl harbor. this day they attacked a u.s. naval base in hawaii. sherrie johnson is live downtown with more on today's anniversaries and what's happening locally. this be - anniversary and what's happening locally. >> reporter: you are right, a lot of folks will be remembering this day in 19 # 1. but this -- 1941 but this morning we are at pier 5 where there will be a special ceremony recognizing the 25th anniversary of the decommissioning of the coast guard cutter. you can see it here behind me. it has been displayed in baltimore as a museum and memorial since 1987. it was one of the u.s. fighting ships in pearl harbor and during the japanese attack on this day in 1941, the crew maned the antiaircraft -- manned the antiaircraft gun after news of the surprise attack. there will be a heritage award to the staff and reck -- in
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recognition of the historic significance. this morning i have chris joining me live. good morning. thanks so much for being here. we appreciate it. out in the rain but it's a special day here today. tell us a little bit about the event you guys have planned forenoon today and what's going on. >> it's two things. we are of course tany is the last survive still aflowed from pearl harbor and so we are commemorating the 7 0th anniversary of the japanese attack with a special ceremony on board and also it's the 25th anniversary of the decommissioning so the ship is being in recognition of that, the ship is being honored with a special award by the world ship trust. they will ebb -- there will be representatives from that global body so we are exciteed about that. >> reporter: i don't know. does that happen very often for a lot of ships? >> it does not. it's a special maritime
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heritage award that is bestowed on vessels of extreme historic significance. so we are honored to accept that award. >> reporter: all right. thanks so much for joining us and, of course, chris will be out here with us throughout the morning talking a little bit more about the award. the ceremony starts at noon today right here at pier 5 in downtown baltimore. reporting live sherrie johnson abc2 news. stay tuned to good morning maryland at 6 we have a live interview via skype with a local man from white marsh in hawaii not far from with the attacks on pearl harbor took place. news time is 4:48. a consumer alert. if you are a verizon customer you can no longer access google map on the cell phone. advise -- google wallet users can use the phones like a credit card when check out on stores or online a couple competitors arework on similar apps but they are not allowing this due to a down loading problem. gift card are going quick
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this holiday season. they are easy presents but make sure to choose the right one and not getting scamed. better business bureau says make sure it has not been tampered with by checking to see if the code or pen numbers have been crashed off. you need to be aware of card sold on -- scratched off. you need to be aware of cards sold on line. they are trying to sell the card that's been spent. and remember to keep this in mind. it's the time of year the kinder time toy drive underway. abc2 news is working to give toys to children in the area. from now until december 2nd donate new unused toys and musical instruments. drop off the donations at wal- mart, fire station in baltimore county or anne arundel county. winter weather season is upon us and let's check out video from around the nation for that let's go to lynette charles. >> reporter: all right. thank you. you know definitely we have been dealing with some nasty weather across the nation.
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i will take you to new mexico and you can see they are dealing with the aftermath of a winter storm. they icy roads along interstate 40 from albuquerque and to gallup and it was closed on monday. 12 to 15 inches were expected. from new mexico and traveling to kansas and in kansas the driving skills were put to the test. highways covered in snow. fender benders were there. 100 sand and salt trucks were dispatched and another chance of snow is there on thursday. so, with all the cold weather how can you save on our heating bills and stay warm? well we are work with you with some tips to help you save money. the better business bureau says makes sure the thermostat is work properly and pilot light works. before lighting up the fireplace have the chimney inspected for animal and leaves. home owners should inspect the caulking around windows and
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doors and check for cracking and peeling. so, snow is in the forecast. so to help you know what the kid are heading to school or not we have made it easier for you toknow if school is closed or delayed. sign up for the alert by heading to and look for the alert at the top of the screen here. you will click on that. once you do, you will see a list of the schools in the area and they will be in alphabetical order. we are going send it over to justin. i know you have been talking about the snow for a week now. and it looks like your forecast may hold up. tell, everybody about it. >> people that you had i was -- thought i was cadey -- crazy. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> we are checking out temperatures and it's on the other side of the mountains. it's 30s from erie to cincinnati to detroit. teens in des moines. we contrast that with the 63 mark we have. and a lot of times you say, it's not possible it's so warm. oftentimes we stream that warm
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air intensely before the bottom falls out. we have the front that is stuck back towards the west. we have got the pump of warm air in place. this is the high temperature for the day right now. on the other side, the cold air filtering in. eastern arkansas charley is for you and back towards memphis, tennessee, getting snow again for their second time in a week. new wave of low pressure forming along the boundary riding up in our direction. the future model doesn't do a good job indicating what is happening here but i suspect while we are watching the rain and heavier rain that pumps in the flood watch is calling for the one to two inches of rain. they will get beneficial snows in the mountains and slide behind the storm. this model not indicating it but there will a rapid changeover overnight when we can overcome the warm ground with the flakes that will try to do their job and lay the groundwork for stickage by tomorrow morning. 50s today. we will be falling throughout the day. flood watch for 1 to 2 inches of heavy rainfall. take the jacket with you even
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though you may not need it this morning. tonight, rain chainss to snow, winter weather advisory on the north end. temperatures down to about 31 degrees and i expect we will have ourselves a general one to three inch swath closer to one near bwi. closer to 3 baltimore county. and westminster pay be -- may be on the border of 1 to 3 inches of snow. here angela with traffic. >> reporter: as you get ready to head out for the morning drive, fortunately no major incidents reported so far. but it will be a wet one out there for you. as you get ready to head out you will find light traffic volumes on i-95 at maryland 175. we are checking on that drive down toward the capital beltway. another look at 95. this is north of maryland 100 in both directions moving well as traffic volume is beginning to build. back to you. >> it's been more than 4 months since powerful wind brought down the stage in indiana for fans waiting for sugar land. up next, why of those injured will not be compensated. and find out what some in
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pennsylvania are saying to new york about the water quality in their neighborhood. that's straight ahead when "good morning maryland" continues on this wednesday, december 7th.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. around the nation this morning dozens of victims at the state fair stage collapse in indiana will not be compensated. only the families of those who died and victims injured and incurred medical expenses will be compensated by the tort claim fund. the stage fell on a crowd while they were waiting for sugar land to perform. families have until monday to accept or reject the offer. residents in pennsylvania say they are drinking watt -- their drinking water is contaminated by natural gas drilling. watt wears trucked into those that says hydro fracking affected the clean water.
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residents are split over the drilling and calling for new york governor to visit the town to see the effects the drilling is having on their overall water quality. >> that's bottle bomb sent to a hospital after authorities say it exploded in a trash can inside a classroom. it set off a fire alarm and officials say they don't know what chemicals were inside and student is expected to be okay. sheriff's department knows who planted it but have not determined if the child will face charges. and here's a heart warming storey. this is kipper and tipper. a pair of kittens who were left to die on a bag on the side of the road until they found an unlikely friend who saved the day. reagan a dog found the bag and dragged it home. kittens survived and they have been fed and nurtured for three months worker at the shelter say they have been flooded with calls from people who want to adopt the cute pair thanks to a
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dog. now "good morning maryland." plan b or the morning after pill may be be available over- the-counter. i am linda so, the huge decision expected today. and former pg county executive jack johnson learns his fate. what's next and when his wife will be sentenced. >> reporter: there's a local tie to the 70s anniversary to the attack on -- 70th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. >> good morning maryland. i am charley crowson. it could be a wet day out there. let's get over to meteorologist justin berk for a check of how long we could be getting wet. >> oh, charley, it's going to be a long day and here are the headlights from flooding to flakes and falling temperatures in between. we have got a flood watch that kicks in at one. goes through tonight. winter weather advisory kicks in from baltimore north and northwest 7:00 through the overnight. it will be done by this time tomorrow or finishing up.
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we will have the snow map shortly if you haven't seen it. the morning highlights. let's highlight the radar. we have hefty rain. we have had some move through but the heavy stuff is moving up 95 it's into d.c. and about to hit annapolis up to baltimore in the next half- hour. it's not going to be a fun day to do traveling. temperatures deceptive because we start off at 63 right now already in the 30s back in through garrett county. and that's what we are looking for. temperatures by 8:00 should slip back into the 50s and all day diving even lower. we will talk about that mix of snow in a moment. here's angela with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. on the roadways, right now, you will see construction zones in the clearing stages. so that shouldn't be trouble for you. otherwise a nice easy drive with exception of the wet conditions out there. do plan for some slippery spray on the roadway. 695 at maryland 144 frederick road no problems to report for you there. let's look at the top


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