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tv   News  ABC  December 7, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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you about this morning. >> reporter: today mark the 70th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. i am sherrie johnson and i will have more on the local significance of what's going on here today. it's wednesday, december 7th. good morning. i am charley crowson let's -- crowson let's go over to meteorologist justin berk because things could be be turning dangerous on the roadways and especially wet. >> it's puddling and ponding and that's a problem. we will highlight the fact that the heavy rain is moving in up 95 between d.c. and baltimore. laurel is getting it and it is approaching the beltway and annapolis getting in on it. we will have it zoomed in in a few minutes, but heavier rain to the west. we are in the thick of it for the day. temperatures 62. bwi, 63. richmond on the warm side of the storm. we do expect to have temperatures on the fall.
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even though we have 60s this is an 8 a.m. time frame. it will slip into the upper 50s and fall midday and afternoon we tank. mixture of snow begins north and west and we will get some here in baltimore. how much will stick and accumulate we will talk in moment. here angela foster with traffic. >> reporter: we have the wet conditions out there. but we are looking good. off to a great start on the major roadways. both 895 and i-95 looking good in and around the tunnels. looking at the west side, 695 atfrederick road. inner and outer loop traffic knoll freely and route 2 in hanover street bridge looks like an easy ride. looking pretty good checking current drive times. no problems reported on the harrisburg expressway. southbound drive only 5 minutes from shawan road to 695. charley. december 7th, 1941, a date
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which will live in infamy. united states of america was suddenly adeliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the empire of japan. >> the words of president franklin roosevelt on this the 70th and verry of the japanese -- anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor. we lost 24 pun hundred -- 2400 people and that officially got the united states involved in world war ii. the last ship in the fight is here within we are -- where we find sherrie johnson with a kedcation and memorial. >> reporter: we are at pier 5 in downtown baltimore. look behind us. this is what we are going to be talking about later this afternoon. a special ceremony recognizing the 25th anniversary of the
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decommissioning of the coast guard cutter that has been displayed as a new seal and memorial since 1987. it's one of the fighting ships in pearl harbor. during the japanese attack on this day in 1941, the crew manned the cutters antiaircraft guns after receiving word of the surprise attack. that museum staff will host the event come up at noon today with an additional special heritage award presentation. and this morning, i have chris joining me live, the executive director with the historic ships of baltimore. thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate you being out here. first of all, tell us about the significance of this convenient going on at noon today. what's happening? >> well, at noon, we are hosting the 70th anniversary commemoration of the japanese attack on pearl harbor. on board the coast guard cutter. this is opened to the public and if you want to see this,
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you are welcome. the commandant of the coast card will be our keynote speaker and we have several world war ii veterans here many of whom severed on board coast guard cutter tainy this is the third last hoorah on the ship. they keep coming back. many from california, that's where the ship was stationed for much her career after that, we will also -- the ship will receive the maritime heritage award. >> reporter: let's talk about her role on pearl harbor. >> she was a short distance away from battleship row he and the ship is credited -- row, and the ship is credited with sending off -- fending off the japanese attack on the power plant and keeping the lights on on the island so that everything could still function as normally as you expect after
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such a horrific convenient. >> reporter: and quickly here, people can come and visit the ship. it is housed down here at pier 5. >> it's part of the fleet of historic ships in baltimore was the constellation, lightship chesapeake and the lighthouse. and the ships are open year- round daily, and you know, and i think people really when they come down they get a great appreciation not only for events like this, but also what the lives were like for those who severed on board the vessels thousands and thousands of people who served on board. >> reporter: thanks so much chris. we appreciate that perspective coming from you. so once again, this ceremony kicks off at noon today right here at pier 5. reporting hive in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news around the nation this morning, indiana offering 5 million dollar to the victims of the indiana state fair stage collapse in august. that settlement would compensate the estates of the 7
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who died and pay part of the medical expense for the 61 who were hurt a wind storm knocked down the stage as they waited for sugar land to perform. they have until monday to accept the offer or pursue court claim. a female surfer had a close call with a shark off the coast of oregon. other surfers help her to shore after hearing her struggling. the victim was taken to the hospital with a bite on her leg. shark attacks are vair in the state of -- rare in the state of oregon. cannon balls can do damage. san francisco area home was damaged when the stunt from a show myth busters went arye. the projectile from cannon went through a house and hate car. thankfully, no one was injured. a traditional chris malcarol is a center of controversy in michigan at a
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elementary school. one teacher changed the words because the kids were gigeling. the verse says don we are brightapparel. the principal wishes the teacher used it a teachable moment and says the word gay means joyful. >> we have antibullying and discrimination policy including sexual orientation so going forward, the teacher will be addressing this is how -- you know we are supposed to be reacting and the way to be respectful about this. >> as a result, the word gay is now back in the song. tweets of reckless abandoned often makes news such is the case for alec baldwin. what he said on a flight and the responses he generated and what happened next. and sometimes we don't need to create jokes about the celebrities they do a good enough job on their own. larry king entered the world and we will tell you why when "good morning maryland" returns
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after we get back from new york and a check of this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, at&t loses again. consumer reports says for the second year in a row the company has the lowest satisfaction rating of wireless carrier. verizon scored heist among national carriers. and amid the controversy over facebook's privacy practices a. glitch exposed personal photos of founder mark zuckerberg for all to see. they are work on the security flaw. starting today, flip board is available for iphone that let's you gather the things you want to read from articles to social network postings in oneplace. katy says it did a good job of adapting to a smaller screen. >> it's the kind of thing that you will take at a bar and show friends. it's really a totally beautiful app and it makes you want to use it and check in with your social networks more often. >> reporter: it's available from the app store for free. those are your tech bites, i am
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rob nelson.
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good morning maryland." four poplar ohio holiday attraction is being in danger of being washed-out. it is famous for the dazzling light displays but the 3 1/2 million lights has to be turned off until the waters recede. the owners are hopeful they will be able to do that by today. a lot of people across the midwest and the deep south experiencing a different type of weather for the season. torrential rains out there, justin. >> we have got torrential rains here. maryland's most powerful doppler radar is wet and the heavy rain rolling up 95. i promise you it will get into the beltway. bwi. i wonder if they have delays because of the heavy rain.
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it's about to approach downtown baltimore. and we have it on down to the south. in fact check this out. annapolis is in on the heavy rain and your bubble is about popped. that's 50 off toward washington, d.c. the local people who live in that town believe they have the protective bubble that hold true often and the weather skirts around them. but we have it and we are looking at temperatures from naptown through towson at 58 and 57 in westminster. the official baltimore temperature is in the 60s. we have the heavy rain and flood watch for all counties from cecil, harford and anne arundel and howard. that's for heavy rain this afternoon. then we have the winter weather advisory anne arundel is not in it but baltimore city is there with howard carol and northern baltimore county and harford county. winter weather which means some accumulation for snow. it's about the heavy rain this morning. we will show outsnow maps in a moment. here-- you the snow maps in a moment. here angela to talk about traffic. >> reporter: as we head out for your early morning drive, not a lot to contend with as far as incidents go. we are dealing with wet conditions on the roadways but
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no delays so far getting out. this make the drive on the west side of 695. outer loop lanes are picking up just a bit. also if you make the drive on i- 95 no delays as of yet on inter- 95 through the white marsh roaddale area. take mta this morning, light rail is on time as well as all lines of marc train. celebrity had privileges but not for alec baldwin an adepth to the app game words with friends that got him kicked off an american airlines flight at l.a.x. ways playing on the ipad when he was asked to pay it off and tweeted they were at the gate and not moving. now in a tweet back to him, american airlines says it was looking into this. baltimore tweeted back and said he -- baldlin tweeted back and says he will never fly american again. larry king is is not leaving earth e wants to be frozen after he dies. and the 78-year-old told a
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tables of celebrities during cnn presents a -- cringes -- the school says they are donating college football bowl earnings to fight sexual abuse. now learn what else penn state will plan in the wake of the jerry sandusky scandal. are you thinking of take your kit to sit on sant' lap? -- santa's lap? some doctors say it might do your kid more harm than good.
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now "good morning maryland." news time 5:46. top stories we are following for you on this wednesday morning. the fda will decide today if it should ease restrictions on who can obtain plan b. right now it's available over the counter if you have the proof you are 17 years old. but the decision could be made today and it could make it over- the-counter and easier to get. a wreath laying ceremony at world war ii memorial in dc marking the 70th anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor. it includes a presentation of the colors by the armed force color guard and musical tribute by the u.s. marine band. it takes place at exactly 1:53, the exact time the attack on
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pearl harbor began. and paul schurick a aid tow bob ehrlich was found guilty for the attempt to keep people from going to the polls. calls stated voters could relax because governor o'malley won. he faces 16 years in prison. schurick's attorney says they plan to appeal. another victim has come forward accusing penn state -- former penn state coach jerry sandusky of abuse e claimed he was abuse on campus in 2004 after sandusky gave him liquor. penn state revenue will be donating wings to charities raising awareness for child abuse overall. that's around 2 million dollar for the bowl game. some monies will go towards helping establish a penn state institute that would work in the treatment and prevention of child abuse. penn state typically funnels the bowl revenues back to the athletic department for distribution. consumer alert this morning, dog owners iams is
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recall the dry dog food because of a possible fungus that can hurt your pet's liver. it huh sis toms including sluggishness and vomiting and yellowness in the eyes. the recall dog food lot was distributed in retailers including watt mart. for more information go -- wal- mart. for more information go to abc 2 parents do it. they take their kids to sit on santa's lap and tell him what they want tore christmas. not all kids enjoy it. linda so is here with why the age old tradition can be harmful to your child. >> reporter: we have seen the pictures kids screaming death on santa's lap not enjoying him would the bit. if that's your kid, they might have santa phobia. child psychologist say there's lots of reasons kids can be scared of the man in the big red suit. it might be stranger anxiety or
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santa might look scary with the big beard and big belly. if your kid doesn't want to sit on santa's lap, doctors say don't fight it. you can suggest other ways to get the message to santa like writing a letter. >> we are focus on don't talk to strangers and don't go sit on a stranger's lap and at christmas time we say it's okay to sit on santa's lap and tell him what you want. >> reporter: now dr. richard says it helps to explain beforehand what to expect when they see santa. that will help cut down on any potential stressers. linda so, abc2 news. well the list is out for the healthiest states in the u.s. and vermont is number one. but america's health rankings report reveals disturbing news. state by state report card showed no improvement in america's health during the last year unlike the previous two decades. the board members say that the nation is facing a tsunami of preventible illness and this is partially driven by the increase to obesity rates and
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die biteies maryland -- die bite yes. -- diabetes, maryland came in number 2. hawaii and massachusetts and they round out top five. justin. 5:49. the hour by hour i want to play this thing out for you how dramatic the changes will be. heavy rain moving in. we will show you maryland's most powerful doppler in a moment. we are in a few degrees of 60 and will fall to 60as con-- 60s and could reach upper 50s and by 8 we will watch a mix western sections well west but closer to midnight when around downtown i expect we may get the turnover when precious tank. quick look at -- when temperatures tank. quick look at the doppler. heavy rain pushing into baltimore. it's moderate in howard county and ellicott city, columbia, it's coming down heavy up towards reisterstown and heavy stuff around arnold and annapolis and crossing that bay bridge. on the wider view, 61 in
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baltimore, but look at the 30s and colder just to the west. this line, that boundary is the reason why we have ourselves a frozen computer. just too much information to generate. warm air pumping ahead of it. cold air in the backside. look at the energy. that's in the upper levels of the atmosphere and some tropical moisture that starts in the pacific ocean through the gulf of mexico feeding into the storm. there will be one more little thing generating tonight and as that spins up to the area around midnight, we may have convectionmeaning rumbles of thunder and that will help with the rapid rising in the atmosphere that helps to drag down even colder air. and that may help some of you to get accumulation. 50s falling temps today. a flood watch tonight winter weather advisory kicks in for essentially the areas near baltimore harford county and further away from the bay will be close to an inch farther north and west 2 to 3 inches possible and a 2 to 4 range westminster hampstead and york, p.a. and annapolis a slushy coating area probably wet road or light
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slush but mainly on the grass and car tops. it's done by daybreak but highs in the 40s and near 40 saturday with a push of cold air and flurries possible north andwest as well. here and will lawith traffic. >> reporter: -- angela with traffic. >> reporter: ritchie road and 695, pries cleared that incident. on golden ring road, police are on the scene at philadelphia road and golden ring road. be prepared to slow down if you travel that area. especially watch for emergency vehicles possibly blocking the roadway. traveling on u.s. 29, southbound lanes getting a little bit heavy for you now. still moving at a pretty good pace. side of 695, a heavier flow now on the beltway but no reported troubles on the west side. as you make your drive past wilkins avenue. charley. okay, so the car caught fire following a crash test. chevy offering a buy back but how a government official is telling you no worries, your
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volt is safe. that's news. and the report card for the nation's largest schools is set to be released. so how are the schools graded? we will look when "good morning maryland" continues with what's new, now and next for you on this wednesday, december 7th. beth!
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congress is hosting a facebook developers hack-a- thon. it brings together members of congress and digital innovators to explore connection lawmakers make with constituents through the use of social media. and city spring elementary and middle school in balmmore the national assess -- baltimore the national assessment governor board will release the report card for large urban school district. it's the grade else will for grade 4 and grade 8 for reading and mathematics. and ray lahood says the volt is safe even though the government is investigating the fire that is broke out inside the electric car. experts conten the fires likely started -- shall contend the fires likely started after liquid crystal eyed creating an electrical short. they are considered quick and easy meals but why are so
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many children ending up in the er as a rei result of ramen related injuries. -- as -- ers as a result of ramen related injuries. how one red kettle drive got a big boost this season. we will gib you the stories and much more -- give you the stories and much more in the 6:00 hour of "good morning maryland." we are back in a bit.
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you are watching the station that works for you, died morning maryland." huge decision to make the morning after pill available over the counter. what it means for girls as young as 12. december 7th, 1941 a date which will live in infamy. 70 years ago today live in hawaii this morning on "good mo


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