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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  December 8, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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that's what's making news in america this morning. >> . you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. rain and flurries overnight and it looks like the bad weather clearing out. the spots that are tough on the road and your weekend outlook coming up. i am sherrie johnson in westminster with a look at weather conditions here. a live report coming up. and more trouble for former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky after two more accusers come forward. the full story coming up. good morning. i am charley crowson. weather is the big story. many of us hoping to be dry but things are cooler. let's look where the rain and flurries seem to be letting up. this morning, we have live team coverage of the first bit of wintery weather and we begin with justin berk live with how
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things were and what we can expect in the days to come. >> all right. it was a bad storm no doubt about that. this one is going to go down for the justification of how explosive it got. record rainfall bwi over 2 1/3 inches. that's almost w the old record for the dates going back to 1876. wind gusted over 40 miles per hour but the snow melted for many. you know, we will have -- melted for many. 38 right now in baltimore. wind gusting to 24 miles per hour. and it's all about the gusty winds. sunshine will take us into the lower 40s. i quickly do want to show you what it looks like north of the border. shrews berry pennsylvania a dusting. and there's the time and date stamp on this 8th day of december. cars in york county coughed with a quarter inch of snow that melted and refroze and i have a suspicion that we sent
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sherrie johnson up to westminster to track the snow and we probably don't have that. >> reporter: you are right, justin. not a lot of snow here. just little dusting on top of the cars. but nothing significant here. look behind me here. we are in westminster in carroll county and the roads look pretty good right now. no stickage or major problems here. i actually had a chance to talk to state police. we are at the state police barracks and i went inside and talked to them. they said no major accidents or problems overnight. there was some snow just a little bit basically covered the cars and things like that. but nothing serious. it was a different scene in hagerstown a wintery mix of rain and snow poured down on the area there. the snow was not sticking but at higher elevations snow was accumulating. state highway plows lined the streets to make sure the road were safe and here's what a person had to say about it. >> coming up the mountains on south mountain, and braddock
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mountain on the top it's snow and the grats is -- grass is white and people are slowing down dramatically. >> reporter: back out here live now in carroll county, it's a chance to talk to state highway administration and they say the pavement was not above freezing and they didn't have major problems in the area. but they say the patrols were busy with flooded streets, high water, and they said they had some downed trees so pretty much that's what they were busy taking care of lat night. and the -- last night. and the state highway administration said to warn drivers to take it easy as you make your way out. right now we want to turn things over to the traffic department the lovely angelo white -- angela white. >> reporter: good morning. and thanks very much. you are right. we've a lot to deal with as far as the wind and rain and wet surfaces and lots of reports of debris in the roadway thismorning. not dealing with icy surfaces but wet surfaces as we look live at u.s. 29. southbound lanes and northbound lanes moving well for you out
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there. we are looking pretty good in and around the city as we look at the jfx and northern parkway. wet surfaces. be aware of debris in the roadways as you make your way out the door this morning. charley, good morning. >> thanks so much. and we have the conditions and after we go off the air on "good morning maryland" the traffic and everything you need to know for your commute is available at we will show you how to get there is the source. tab down to traffic and you will see live traffic cameras and maps and incidents and delays and we will tell you about the maps to which you have access. you've got access to more than 100 cameras that can help you map out your commute for the day and delays and accidents out there. another way abc2 news is working for you. where you have the tough conditions there's school delays and closings. we will let you know about the changes. you can sign up for the alert by heading to abc2 and
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look for the alert at the link at the tom of the-- top of the home page. school closings and other information you need pertinent to the area. check the box next to the school you want to know about and there you will receive the alert as need be. we are awaiting details in the case it would have police officers placed on administrative duty after accused of misconduct. details are hazy at this hour but both officers are women. they are part of the department's mounted unit and the allegations were reported on twitter accusing the officers of enappropriate acts while working off duty -- inappropriate acts while work on duty. burglars struck into a home for a second time in four months. it appears they broke in through the back door and off with $26,000 dollar of the belongings. big screen tv and pole low -- polo shirts and the father. >> we were installing a new door and i think he has the
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security system maybe surveillance cameras, just motion detector and light and -- motion detector and light and all. >> anyone with information is asked to call 888-398-tipp. howard county coach accused with contact of a 14-year-old girl is going free. he was 19 and plead guilty to the charges on wednesday he was sentenced to 18 months in jail while all time being suspend. another coach pleaded guilty to the same charges and will be sentenced in february. and for jerry sandusky accused of child sex abuse, more victims coming forward. count is is up to 10. corinne redman is in the studio where where he spent the night last night and the new accusations levied against him. >> reporter: there seems to be no end in sight for the growing scandal facing jerry sandusky. ness jail after being arrested on two new sexual abuse
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charges. he was back in handcuffs wearing a penn state track suit when taken from his home e was arraigned yesterday on new charges but unable to post the 250,000 dollar bail. the two new accusers say they were molested over a period of years starting when they were young boys. it's believed sandusky met them through the charity the second mile which was for underprivileged children. >> first, he serially abused my client. and then he has to hear sandusky deny that he did those things. >> jerry is scratching his head saying what's next i said don't ask that question. you know, don't ask can it get worse because it can. >> reporter: sandusky's preliminary hearing is tuesday whereeight of the accusers willtestify. if he he is able to post bail he will subject to home arrest. corinne redman, abc2 news. similar situation underway in a new york prosecutors says
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believes the claim by a former ball boy who says he was sexually assaulted by former assistant coach at syracuse bernie fine. the tough part is that the case and the second accuser are now too old to prosecute. however the case involving the third accuser is pending. next time you head to washington you can may want to make a pit stop. where you will find your online history and how it's stored. you don't want to miss this. that is great story. and a man gets 100 years for double shooting. we will check this out and let you know more on what he available on abc2 news -- what's available on the sign says police are out in westminster. live reports from sherrie johnson is and you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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get up to a one hundred percent scholarship to college. and up to sixty-thousand dollars in assistance. get paid to learn valuable job skills. maybe make an extra twenty grand when you join. all while you serve your community and your country. learn more at now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. and welcome back. in case of an emergency another
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earthquake or freak snowstorm the baltimore washington area enteter equipped than previously -- area is better equipped than previously thought. guidelines were mutt nut place a shelter in place option has been add to the guide and to avoid major delays getting out of town, workers are encouraged to stay at home or leave in staggered time frames. if you are in d.c. and your kids are twitter users, you may find this interesting. you publish in the library of congress. every public tweet since it began in 2006 the public tweets now going to be arkind of digitally in the lie -- arkiefed -- archivinged -- arkiefed -- archived. a lot of people talking about rumbles of thunder and the snow did come in for a lot of places between about 8 and 9:30. the matter of what stuck and
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what did melt. a thunderstorm watch in the lower eastern shore. temperatures this morning into the upper 30s. leftover partialcally cloudy skies. storm system is rocking new england with inland snows and heavy rain along the coast and they are getting socked in. as far as we are concerned, we will have a look at temperatures starting in the upper 30s and make our way back down to 44 degrees. no we are not looking at flood watch. floods subside and we will talk about cold weather into the weekend coming up. 4:42 let's go to the roads with angela. >> reporter: on the road right now, as you head out be prepared for windy conditions and wet roadways out there. we get a report from maryland highway officials. lots of debris and they shut down the southbound lane on york road just after phoenix road with debris trying to clean that out of the way. let's step outside and get a live look of traffic flow. traveling through howard county, as we travel on 95, in howard county north of maryland 100, nothing to slow you down
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so far. also, we are looking good around the beltway on the north and west side on both loops. remember to follow us on twitter at maryland traffic. now back to you charley. all right. looking to buy a cell phone, there may be one carrier you want to avoid. up next, who's labeled the worst cell phone provider and what led to that unwanted title. i bell it's at&t. plus, new hope for breast cancer patients. two new drugs could be saving lives. a live report when "good morning maryland" continues first and only for you at 4:30. back in a bit.
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now is time 4:45. five things to know on this thursday morning, the 71st baltimore city council will be worn in. the mayor will had attend -- sworn in. the mayor will attend the ceremony. and secretary of state hillary clinton will represent the u.s. at a nato meeting in brussels today. she will take part in
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conference designed to ensure international and technical support continuing after troop withdrawal from afghanistan. and according to consumer reports, at&t ranks as the worst cell phone carrier for the second consecutive year. at&t's rating dropped from last year and as did all four national cell phone carriers. verizon tops the list. if you plan to ship packages, december 16th has been dubbed free shipping day. smart money magazine says most websites have placed restrictions on free shipping. so wait to do it or do it google search for free shipping codes. and the wiebs of baltimore ravens players will help the salvation army fill bass cefts clothes and household products for families. it will begin at 9:30. linda so. >> reporter: in health news this morning, we could be on the brink of one of the biggest advances in breast cancer in more than a decade. there are two new medicines that could delay the time women
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with advanced cases of breast cancer get worse. an experimental drug held cancer at bay for 18 month when given with standard treatment compared to 12 months when only given usual treatment. drug appears to be improving survival. in the second study a drug used in organ transplants kept cancer in check for seven months for those worsening despite treatment with hormone blocking drugs. the drug is called asemator. it was released wednesday and some of the results were published online in the new england journal of medicine. and that controversial recommendation to allow the morning after pill to be available over the counter to go with -- girls as young as 12 has been blocked. health and human services secretary blocked the plan b pill from hitting store shelves. she says studies on the drug are not comprehensive enough to make it available to young teen girls without a prescription. women 17 and older can continue
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to buy plan b without a prescription. and state legislative oughtit it's came up with information that maryland paid 426 million,000 dollars to ten people who were dead. between january of 2008 and august of 20112.5 million in erroneous payments were made to people deceased. baltimore sun said they recouped about 115,000 dollars. we are working to get stories on the website. find more in the health section if you go to click on the news tab and it will take you here to the health tab and if you click on that, you will be able to find plenty other stories. we have it broken down into different sections of healthy living and child health and medical conditions and you will find that and more. and in about an hour we will post a new story about holiday stress. we spoke to a doctor who gives tips on how to avoid getting stressed out during the holiday season and you can watch the
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entire story tonight on abc2 news at 6 p.m. with jamie. and it's that time year to help someone in need. abc2 news is a proud respondor of it's kinder time toy drive. you have from now until december 22nd to donate new unused toys for kids. drop them oaf at any wal-mart stores sell bring learning cornet fire station in baltimore andan arunde counties. it honors fallen police officers and firefighters. now back to you. >> thank you. around the nation, 62 occupy dc protesters have been arrested after things turned ugly wednesday. dozens of those members in the dc members were dragged, pulled and handcuffed. three different groups marched on the biggest lobbying firms in the k street area. police warned them to move and dozens refused and it broke down into chaos. metro police officers were shoved around as they were trying to make the arrests. and details still coming in this morning about a helicopter crash in las vegas that killed five people. the pilot and four passengers
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were killed on a tour of the vegas strip and hoover dam many no word on what caused the crash. officials say it happened before 5 p.m. the sundance helicopter plane crashed in the river mountains surrounding lake meade. the bother of a man suspected of killing a 7-year- old girl says the arrest is a mistake. ryan brunn was working where the girl was sexually assaulted and murder. but his brother says he would they have do something like that. >> -- would never do anything like that. >> he he never been to jail and has been a good kid. just out of the blue just something crazy. >> authorities say that girl died of blunt force trauma to the head and was stabbed. her body was found in the trash bin in the complex's playground. 1980 this day the anniversary of the death of john lennon killed outside his new york apartment and the shooter was david chapman. many people dread putting the effort in writing a holiday
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card one man -- but one man does it year-round e sends them all around the world signed and delivered in -- he sends them all around the world signed and delivered in different languages. if you receive a christmas card this year and a return address, if you never seen it, check inside for his signature gold sticker and self-given name the christmas card man. well salvation army got much more than they expected. typically it's coins and cash but a diamond ring was dropped into a red kettle in kansas. salvation army says it's the first time they found a diamond in a kettle and it was wrapped in paper with no note. it shows the christmas spirit. time for a check of the forecast. not too bad for the salvation army. >> they got more than expected and you get less snow osight balances out -- know so it balances out. there will be an explanation of what happened. it was warm and wet and snowed and it didn't stick.
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most of you wake up with no snow on the ground but i will have a blog later this morning and let you grade my forecast. always accountable. 39 in york. 20s back to the west. the cold air made it down to the gulf coast where it's 27 in jackson mississippi. they are in the 40s in north florida. that storm system has cleared out the east coast but as you can see, up in new england, i don't know why the maps are jumping around. we are on the edge of the clouds and influence is producing a little windy conditions this morning. future trend highlight. this next push of cold air comes at us with cloud to the west on saturday. moisture in the form of rain on the lower eastern shore. squeeze play in between. we may go partly to mostly cloudy and may turn wendy -- wendy as well. but today -- wendy as well. 4 -- windy as well. winds last night over 40 miles an hour. today, 15 to 25-mile-per-hour push will be average. but there's gusts over 30 this morning. tonight we will settle back
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down to 28 degrees under a clearing sky. the wind will settle down. we have the forecast updated in bottom of the screen. and we didn't expect any school delays this morning. we only expected a little light on the grass, and that's the only thing that is not there. let's see if the cars are there this morning and check on the traffic right now with angela. >> reporter: we are looking pretty good heading out this morning. dealing with a situation up in phoenix where we are told it was an accident that caused the debris in the roadway southbound york road we still have your right lane shut down just after phoenix road. otherwise as we mentioned, looking pretty good in and around city. on i-95 at maryland 175, northbound and southbound lanes moving well for you. we have wet streets out there. as we take the first look at the top side of the beltway, again, still dealing with wet roadways but no reported troubles. outrage in south asia as a controversial photo of a indian actress shows up on a cover of
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a magazine. police in italy caught up with one of the most wanted alleged mobsters and where he was hiding. the story next when "good morning maryland" continues we are first and only at 4:30 and a live look out at the moon. that's good shot. justin. hope you are checking that out. we will be right back.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. controversy brewing in parts of pakistan following the release of the december issue of fhm magazine with racy photo of an actress. images inside show her hoed ailing grenade and bearing tattoo letters isi for pakistan's interservices intelligence agency. the actress claims they doctored her photos to make her look nude. the interior minister promised
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an investigation and her family disowned her. >> what did your father say? did he speak to you? >> he didn't speak to me actually. he spoke to one of the media groups and he -- it was like too upset, and and i think okay i don't blame him for that. >> her lawyer says she will sues the -- sue the magazine and asked with dray all copies from newsstands. patients are flocking to an area for treatment. 30% of all patients in the hospital are of air decent a trend they stay started after the 9/11 attacks as medical tourist increased so did middle eastern restaurants generating major business for the country who is also hiring arabic interpreters. police in italy caught up with one of the most wanted
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suspected mobsters. he was found to be on the run for 16 years was found hiding in bunker under his home near naples. accused of homicide, extortion and other crimes and surrendered to officer as they broke through the bunker through the walls and ceiling. now "good morning maryland." snow across parts of maryland. we will show you when the winter white stuff is on the ground. two new drugs helping in the fight against breast cancer. we have new details for you this morning. >> you start scamming kids. >> the scammer now in custody. we have the very latest for you on this thursday, december 8th. good morning. i am charley crowson. let's get to justin berk because weather probably is on your mind this morning as you get ready to start the day. what do you got? >> hi. we are looking at temperatures and also looking at maryland's most power fop doll lar radar. we cleared -- powerful doppler
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radar. we cleared out. we are dry. temperatures down to 33 towson 31. where were you six hours ago? you had your snow. we have sherrie up there to show you what isn't there this morning. 32 ellicott city. bel air had snow but 38 degrees it was hard-pressed to stick and we will take you back and show you the storm. look at it. this thing really cranked up andcoastal heavy rain new england and intier year heavy snow. we were on that border. we did get some of that snow. but again, most of that didn't stick around here. that's the one little difference but i have pictures to show you and, of course, we will have the report from carroll county in a moment. busty wind, gufdz -- winds. gusty winds over 30 miles per hour. we are work our way to 44 degrees under mostly sunny skies. winds will ease up as the day wears on but we have cold weather lasting into the weekend. we will talk about


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