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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 8, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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4:59. now a look at traffic with angela. >> reporter: you mentioned the gusty winds. as you head out any time we have wind like that you can expect debris in the roadway. so be prepared for sudden stops on the roadways this morning. dealing with one incident so far. highway officials on the sceneyork road southbound the right road blocked. frederick road looks good. and downtown traffic pratt and sharp street are quiet so far for you this morning. charley. cold stiff wind blowing through the past few hours. with that snow freezing rain and rain across parts of maryland. abc2 news sherrie johnson has been tracking the situation and is live in carroll county with the latest. sherrie. >> reporter: good morning. yes, we are here in westminster and as you can see behind me here, the roads are looking pretty good not really bad here and i talked to the state highway police and they are telling me they had no major accidents overnight.
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there was some snow which basically covered the cars but they are telling me that tapered off about midnight. it was a different scene in hagerstown. a wintery mix of rain and snow poured down in the area. the snow was not sticking but in higher elevations snow was accumulating. state highway plows lined the streets making sure the roads were safe and here's what one person had to say. >> torrential rains andtorrential snow. >> no oi accumulations but the roads are scary. >> ready to head south. i don't like wint are. >>i don't know. we got -- winter. >>i don't know we just got from a cruise and it's really cold. >> reporter: back out here live in carroll county, it's a chance to chat with state highway administration this morning. they are telling me that thepavement was above freezing and they didn't have major problems here in our area. pat trolls they say were busy with some flooding and they had some pud knelt's streets and high water and -- puddles in the street and high water and
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patrols were focused on downed trees and isolated areas. that's what they were focusing on many but state highway administration also said they would like for drivers to use caution this morning and there could be puddles on the road so you want to be careful as you make your way out. reporting live in westminster, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. and abc2 news is work on the air and online and on your smart phone keeping you up-to- date on the latest weather conditions school closings and delays. you can down load the weather app for your iphone or ipad at and the app gives you access to maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast where you live. and today mayor stephanie rawlings blake will attend a swearing in ceremony for the is they council -- for the city council. this is the 71st city council for the city of walletmore -- baltimore. a transgender woman beaten in mcdonald's is in trouble with the law.
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she called police to report a theft. officers say as they took her account of the story she began shouting obscenities and is charged with disorderly conduct and a trial is is set for february. she was beaten at a mcdonald's in rosedale and the video spurred a movement for stricter antidiscrimination laws. woman beating her in the video was sentenced to five years in prison back in september. a family in carroll county wants answers burglars hit the home for the second time this four months. this time they stole $26,000 worth of loot including big screen tvs jewelry and polo shirts and took an expensive guitar made by gibson the victim's father given to him as a boy. anyone with is asked to call the carroll county sheriff office. a man shot in 1992 is now the 186th murder victim for 2011. robert watkins died in july but the death accounts for this year's murder he rate because it's a result of complications
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related to a gunshot wound he received 19 years ago. he was 16 when he was shot while standing in a crowd and 35 when he died. police have not solved his crime. the ravens scammer after promising to deliver players to local schools. the problem is the players never showed and the schools were out thousands of dollars. corinne redmon is standing by with the latest details. >> reporter: we brought you the story last week. police federal agencies were look for joseph gill. the so-called ravens scammer. he's been on the run and police tracked him down last night. he is seen here and latest scam promised to produce webb at a school to protalk to students about bullying. he set up a seminars for a fee of $400 but had no intention of delivering his end of the bargain e has no connection to the ravens -- delivering his end of the bargain. he has no connection to the
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ravens. abc2 news ran a exclusive story about gill last week and this week someone recognized his picture which helped police track him down to a motel in aberdeen. >> $400 but when you get 20, 30, schools recently and he has done something similar. >> reporter: he is held and a warrant for theft but expected to be charged soon by other counties. he is on parole for a federal violation in virginia. corinne redman, abc2 news. we brought you update for the plan b pill now. a ruling hand down about that drug over-the-counter future. and no significant accumulation across the met he row area but further north, they are clearing the road. we will take you there when "good morning maryland" continues on this thursday, december 8th.
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now "good morning maryland." not much in terms of accumulation from the snow here in baltimore. but they are clearing the roads across pennsylvania. this is what it looked like in fayette county. roads in higher elevations were covered but state police say drivers treaded carefully and there were no serious accidents. time for a check of the forecast justin, i have to give credit where it's due once again. you nailed it. >> thank you and some people agree and yes there's going to be hate mail. >> no. >> it's going to happen. westminster we talked about snow. for the record i. was clear, do your homework and don't plan time out of school but this is westminster wound with up rain and they did go to snow look at the gusty winds. it snowed for a few hours and the grass may hold some, but there's not much left over. and sherrie showed us that. it's 31 in westminster. 32 ellicott city. bel air had snow but nothing
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stuck. we have pictures but right now 36 in baltimore. york, p.a. which typically is colder snowed there longer and anywhere from a dusting to ionch on the grass and cars acruets border. winds the -- across the border. winds gust in the -- gusts in the 20s. gusty winds this morning, but plenty of sunshine. this part of the forecast is expected. if you want to gibe gripe about the snow or share re-- gripe about the snow or share respect i will have a blog on later on this morning. right now, though, where you can grade the forecast. it's 5:10 and let's check on the traffic with angela. >> reporter: getting you ready to head out on your drive, a lot of puddles. wet roads to contend with on the early morning drive but not a whole lot in terms of incidents one accident on york road in the phoenix area. southbound lanes shut down traveling on york road after phoenix road.
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we are looking pretty good. here on u.s. 29 at maryland 108, traffic flow moving quite well as you make your drive there. and for those of you moving towards route 100 on i-95, this is where you will see the heaviest traffic flow for this time morning. but it's flowing at posted speed. health news this morning, a major breakthrough in breast cancer treatment. studies show two new medicines delay the time until women had advanced cases of or possibly getting worse. one held ath disease at bay for 18 months six months longer than the usual treatment. another drug used a organ transplant that kept it in check for those who stoped responding to hormone blocking treatments. to pinpoint what causes breast cancer, for some it's genetics, but some doctors thinkyour environment infliewns the rate of breast cancer. here's steps-- infliewns the rate of breast -- influences the rate of breast cancer.
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avoid unnecessary radiation and if possible avoid taking combination he is row jest projesten and more hormone thayer and limit alcohol consumption and avoid second hand smoke to maintain healthy weight and you want to maintain a healthy weight rather. abc2 news is your place for the late nest health news. find health headlines and a different varying cat goresy to help you find and -- categories to help you find information for you and your family. an update on a story we have been telling you b the plan b morning after pill will not be made available -- you about. the plan b morning after pill will not be made available over- the-counter. women 17 and older can continue to buy plan b over the counter. snow means headaches for some, and big business for others. how some states are cashing in with the arrival of old man winter. we will take you there.
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now "good morning maryland." snow means scraping off your car and not wanting to leave the house but for others big business. two to three inevans of snow fell in wint green virginia and it's good for ski resorts trying to attract tourist. this is the -- tourists. they are expecting business to pile up. wanting more than 2 to 3 inches but this is a good start. >> we will take anything. some people may be looking hard and taking that drive to try to find snow this morning. you know you don't have to drive too far. and in fact, i got this photo this morning. you know i. drove around to find a nice lit spot for you for those of you that wanted to see it. shrewsbury a dusting. you will notice the parking lot is wet. this is what i expected it to look like near glen burnie.
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you had to go farther north to find that. and you will have chance to chime in on the forecast as we do go through the morning. by the way, check out the radar and we are looking at that stuff. it got out of here in a hurry. people reporting clearing by midnight instead of maybe 4 a.m. time frame and about four hours ahead of schedule and we have strong winds whipping around by the backside of the storm. temperatures right now 36 in baltimore and ocean city by the way they had a severe thunderstorm watch and they were close to the 70s in southeast virginia yesterday afternoon and that's fueled some of the strong thunderstorms. thousands of people without power in the richmond, virginia area but this morning, we're sectionly look at conditions gusty -- essentially looking at conditions gusty winds. winds will ease up and the sun will hang out and we are looking for temperatures up to 44 degrees. and as we head in there this afternoon. elooksly -- essentially while we are watching this picture
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look at storm towards new england and wrapping itself up and causing problems for them. essentially going in through this weekend, the next of the ohio valley and that could swing some clouds and maybe a flurry in the afternoon on saturday. and looks like maybe moisture works up the coast to the delmarva peninsula in the form of rain on saturday. we get the squeeze play but we have to consider what might happen not a major deal but that big army-navy game could be colder than people expect. 44 today. colder than yesterday. wind stronger in the morning and tonight we are back down into the upper 20s. quick peek as we lead to the end of the week and into the weekend. highs staying cold. oh, no, not the old snow map. you will grade my forecast angela here we go. 47 tomorrow and 40 saturday and sunday back to 43. how about that traffic angela. >> reporter: all right. we are very pleased to say the traffic is moving well in and around the city. checked in on 295 as well as 395. tunnel traffic no troubles on
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895 or on i-95 in the city. if you are traveling on i-95 through howard county southbound at maryland 32 your southbound lanes is where you will see the most activity. also you're riding glen burnie a smooth one on i-97 and we checked in with the mta on marc trains camden line 8 to 10 minutes behind schedule. news around the world this morning, european leaders arestreaming into brussels for a two-day summit to solve the debt crisis in europe. angela murkel and french president sarkozy hope to convince fellow leaders tosubmit their countries to tighter view the nighs. a 1940s u.s. experiment that infected people --. a new report puts the number at
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nearly 2100. the pope very tech salvey. turning on the lights for a christmas tree display wednesday evening by tapping on a tablet computer from the comfort of the vatican. the tree billed as the biggest in the world is a display made up of nearly a thousand lights op a mountain side a fireworks display followed and traditional folk dance performance was accompanied by a local choir. you have heard of drunk dialing and drunk surfing online. but what about drunk shopping? new numbers show how many people have admitted to doing this in the past. and the maker of smart cars expanding to new market. we will fill you in on where they are going when "good morning maryland continues on this thursday, december 8th. look what denny's left for my dad, santa! christmas cookie pancakes. milk & cookies shake. i think santa needs a helper. come try arthur christmas's favorites.
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now "good morning maryland." consumers news this morning in past years a lot of online stores offered free shipping during the holiday but it's harder to find smart money magazine says most websites
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place restrict on free shipping process on typically 25 dollars old navy $50. j.c. penney ll bean and gap require minimum purchases as well. one way to get around that is do a google search for free shipping codes and wait until friday december 16th that's been dubbed free shipping day. more on a thousand online merchants are promising to ship almost everything free of charge coming up next friday. southwest airlines announced a seasonal route from bwi to tucson. daily nonstop flight is available from february 12th to april 9th. southwest says it will accommodate winter and spring break demands. the maker of the super teeny smart meny cars now moving to the mini pickup truck business. but don't expect a hemi powered monster vehicle under 140 inches long. the concept vehicle is about 6 feet shorter than america's
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best selling ford f-150 pickup. the truck is set to debut at an auto show set to be next month. almost half of british consumers admit they shopped online while drinking. one in 7 admits to buying something while drunk they might not have bought sober. the other says they have spent more time surfing and shopping a little tipsy. pacific northwest school suspends one of the bus drivers what that person was doing behind the wheel that has administrators up in arms and what's with somebodiy jeans a -- skinny jeans. and a school is saying enough is enough. that when "good morning maryland continues in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland." new legal troubles for former penn state football coach jerry sandusky. and dos arrested in dc as the occupy protests gets nasty on k street. and kicking off maryland half marathon by remembering the most unique participants.
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we will look at that on this thursday, december 8th. good morning. i am charley crowson but we haveto get to weather because that's the story for the past 24 hours and justin berk is standing by with what we have for today. >> i took this picture in york county. put the date stamp on there on the 8th of december. snows--- snow on many cars and this is the icing on the cake that a lot of you are missing. where's your snow. we will talk about it. we will see why the computer is doing this this morning. we are talking about rain at bwi and storms did about everything else and was expected. record rainfall 2.83 inches. show at bwi a trace that was too hard to overcome and all that warm wet ground and i did overestimate how much that snow would really account for the change in temperatures but the winds gusted to 40 miles per hour and yes we had snow photos and sherrie is up in westminster. snow up in new england. in have strong winds ushering


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