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tv   News  ABC  December 8, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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variable cloudy sky and we are starting with temperatures that are finally down into the 30s, 36 and holding in baltimore and that's above freezing. that's one of the reasons we don't have much stick around and winds gusting to 22 miles per hour. wakeup window has a speak at -- peek at the forecast. a longer look at the traffic with angela. >> reporter: not dealing with snow but a lot of puddles out there. you will find standing water on the roadways and we are getting report of yet another incident. this one in the city on northern parkway eastbound traffic slow as you approach the alameda with an accident so expect delays police are on the scene there. as we went to wet roadways on i- 95 as you make the drive through howard county here at maryland 175, also a live look traveling in the city on the jfxi-83 at north avenue. looking pretty good there and we check our drive times on harrisburg expressway dealing with wet conditions but still light volume from shawan to the beltway only a 5 minute drive. charley. new developments this morning in the mounting child
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sex abuse charges facing jerry sandusky. behind bars after two more victims have come forward raising a number of alleged victims to 10. corinne redman is standing by live with the latest. >> reporter: the scandal facing injury sandusky is growing. this morning, he is in jail after being arrested on two new sexual abuse charges. sandusky seen here was in handcuffs wearing a penn state track suit when he was taken from the home charged with 12new counts based on a grand jury testimony from young men referred to as victim 9 and 10. sandusky was arraigned yesterday on the new charges and unable to post the 250,000 dollars bail. the two new accusers say they were molested or raped by san dust yike over a period of years starting when they were young boys but it is believed the boys met him through the charity the second mile which was for underprivileged children. >> jerry is saying what's next and i said don't ask that question. you know, don't ask can it get
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worst because it can. >> reporter: victim 9 that is 18 says sandusky began molesting him at age 11 allegedly occurring in the basement of sandusky's house. he says it stopped after he refused to perform a sex act in a car and it is believe he met sandusky through the charity second mile. sandusky's preliminary hearing is tuesday for 8 accusers are set to testify. corinne redman abc2 news. charges will not be brought against bernie fine the syracuse assistant basketball coach accused of molesting two ball boys. the district attorney says he can't bring charges because the statute of limitation has run out. in the case of the third victim the da said some record may call into question the man's account he was abused. fine had been an assistant
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since 1976 was fired in november but denied all accusations against him. s. >> around the nation a helicopter crash killed a pilot and four passengers on tour of the las vegas strip and hoover dam. the aircraft crashed into the river mountain surrounding lake meade a security guard from the national recreation area heard the crash and reported seeing smoke about 4 miles west of the lake's edge. talk about a grand entrance a pair of suspected thievescrashed an suv through the front door of an indiana gun shop. for them, they didn't get much. most of the merchandise was locked away in a safe. the damage to the store is estimated to be around 35,000 dollars and the rifle handgun and silencer the two made off with said to be worth around 10 grand. the federal investigators are on the hunt for the two bandinsits. a school bus driver is on -- banits. a school -- bandits. a school bus driver is on leave after being caught sleeping behind the wheel.
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bus dropf 10 minutes into the route the driver started to nod off and the boy on the second row sprang into action as the bus was veering off the highway. listen. >> if something wouldn't have happened if i didn't get up i know there would have been a huge thing going on because whoa have crashed and it would have been more than it is now. >> the driver took a drug test but those results are not back yet. in the eight years he drove for the district, his record has ultimately been spotless. skinny jeans are the in thing but are causing a ruckus at the byu campus in idaho. some school officials say they are too provocative and show off too much of a body. staff posted a flyer stating that it violated the honor code. a spokesperson says students can still wear the skinny jeans on campus. the harry potter franchise clogsing up shop do you think daniel -- closing up shop do you think daniel rat cliff will
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have trouble find agnew gig? one occupy wall streeter lands a job working with the 1%. let's go to new york for this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites android narrows the app gap down loading a billion soft wear am kateors. market passed 10 billion down loads and celebrating by offering some apps at 10 cents a piece. video games on mobile devices are getting an upgrade new software from online let's you play more graphically intense games. it uses cloud exuding -- computer and delivering them over the internet. hp is about to blowout more of the discontinued touch pads the tablets will go on sale on ebay this sunday at 7 p.m. eastern at 99 dollars each. and a study by parenting magazine finds 90% of mothers say they have friended their
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kids on facebook mostly to keep an eye on what they are doing. most other 10% log in as someone else to monitor their kids. and those are your tech bites. i am rob nelson.
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now "good morning maryland." welcome back. mountains of north caroline saw a few inches of snow overnight. windy conditions made it look worse than it was for drivers but they slowed down. the snow could be gone by today. highs are expected to be back in the mid-50s. great video for you snow not being missed this is the lava from a big flow in an island out in the ocean. the lava is about one and a half miles to the right of the ocean right now. now the volcano has been continuously erupting since 1983. and i always love seeing lava
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video justin. -- not helicopters, lava. >> yeah. the contrast from extreme heat to temperatures in the 30s this morning. i want to know how many of youran to the window to see white looked like outside in charley was one and i was another. north of the border, we had snow this morning. although i knew when i saw the moonlight i was in trouble. waiting for the hate mail and we will have a blog posted this morning where you get to grade my forecast. we always hold ourselves accountable and everythingworked out except for what you see. 36 easton and baltimore. we had snow just didn't stick around. but the wind still hanging tight. 27 degrees is the wind chill in baltimore and that comes from a wind gusts of 22 miles per hour. and angela just told me and she will reenforce it so i am not feeling her thunder but there's wind restrictions throughout
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and area bridges. gusty winds this morning. partly sunny to mostly sunny skies. look, everything is so far is expected and if you didn't do your homework yesterday, it's your fault. because i told you, you would have school today. sunshine temperatures back up to 44. more on the weekend outlook in moment. angela how about the wind? >> reporter: well, as you said, gusting winds paying a role in your travels. high wind warnings on the chesapeake bay bridge and they have shut down a right lane of 50 westbound as you approach the bridge trying to clear debris in the roadways. if you travel around on the baltimore beltway 695 at maryland 1 had 44 -- 144 your inner loop and outer loop traffic looks pretty good. volume pickup on 59 at maryland 100 especially in the southbound direction. also another check in with the mta marc trains moving well except camden line train 841, 8 to 10 minutes behind schedule. harry morgan died at his
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home best known for playing colonel sherman t potter and he was in dragnet. he had a long career with stage and television and film. he is dead at 96. daniel rat cliff has been given a number of honors another come from -- did radcliffe has been given a number of honors and another from for -- forentertainer of the year. we see them almost daily and as the years past, you notice the presidents look old erin older? what -- older and older. what research sha's about the aging of the commander in chief coming up. >> reporter: the holidays stressing you out? why your significant other may be to blame.
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top stories on this thursday morning president obama is going around congress and is now new stamp to help new businesses. the president will help start up america as a project to make available adiggal two billion dollars in resources for startup companies and a billion
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matching capital funding previously announced. former penn state asiftant coach jerry sandusky is behind bars after failing to post bond. new algages have been brought against him based on the testimony of two new accusers. he has been charged with molesting 8 boys. the washington post is reporting that more remains of servicemen and women were dumped in the virginia landfill than first reported. the report says some were taken to an incinerateor in baltimore. that he had contract with the air force between 2004 and 2007and officials say workers loaded up boxes of remains and containers from dover delaware to mortuary. in delaware, the official say workers took the items to incinerateor here in baltimore. democracy 2012 news, newt gingrich tops the field of republican presidential hopefuls and has double digits in states to hold the first contest. tea party movement is contributing to the former
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house speaker surge among likely republican voters and caucus goers. but the poll suggest this race is far from over. with less than half the people questioned in each state saying they have made up their mind. gray hair and wrinkles come with the job of being president of the united states. they look like they age faster while in office but new research says that only it appears that way. 2/3 of presidents live longer than projected life span and that research found the most presidents with exceptionally long lives. what about wrinkles high level of stress may show on faces even if it doesn't shorten the overall life span. today, take back the capital protesters are heading home. some have a police record thousands of demonstrators marched in northwest dc upset over what they call corporate greed in the u.s. it's the trademark of the occupy protester protesters but some want to take back the capital. police took on some of the
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protesters in intersection of k street. listen to what happened. >> a little cramped in the park so we need to expand. >> the middle of k and 15 sm -- be 15? >> it looked like a good spot. >> it broke down in chaos ensued. it took hours before normalcy could be restored. police arrested a total of 62 people. from wall street protesters to wall street professional one former occupy demonstrateor landed a job work for the place she was -- working for the place she was protesting racy poster says she jumped into the movement when it started until a few weeks ago when she decided to change her mind and began posting a job wanted sign. she was hunkered down with a hand full of resumes n two days someone spotted her and exchanged e-mails and job offers followed. >> it's i have been accused of being a trader to both sides. some people are saying the
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whole time was at occupy wall street i was a wall street insider. >> tracy researchy early stage biotech companies for a financial firm and plans to take test to allow her to become a licensed broker. the holidays are supposed to be merry for but couples it can be battle of the sex and wills. linda so is here with how men and women approach the holidays differently and what can be bringing on a lot of the stress and linda, you were saying earlier that your significant other could be to blame so this is something else my wife can blame me for. >> reporter: come on i told you that i do all the shopping. and it's peaceful in our house when that happens. i do it all. just leave it to me. when it comes to the shopping and spending, money can become a huge issue a survey from the couple's website found 69% of couples create a holiday budget together surprising. but 73% of women actually do the bulk of the shopping. 42% of women say the wish --
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they wish the spouse would do more to help not me. couples that seemed the most stress free with the ones making a team effort. >> they go out with a certain mentality and this is what we are buying and how much we are spend and we are not going beyond that and we are not going out shopping for ourselves so let's take that off the table for right now. we are shopping for everyone on the list. now the survey found that in-laws are the most difficult to shop for. maybe men should shop for their family and women for theirs to lessen the stress. linda so, abc2 news. >> all right thanks. race organizers will announce plans for the half marathon in the annual race benefit the university of maryland cancer center in baltimore. it will be may 6th in howard county. you remember this guy? not that guy, that guy the one with four legs. accidentally joined the race last year. he crossed the finish line 8 miles from his house. a fund raising page was set up
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for dozer after the race. dog raised 25,000 dollars for the research and cancer -- center. and they will organize plans to commemorate the run coming up in next year's race. no word on whether dozer will be there. the ravens get ready to take on the colts, some wives are helping out the salvation army. today the wives will fill baskets with toys and clothes for local families. each family get a $200 sam's club gift card for food. a few flakes have mementd away and in -- melted away and a few inches in western maryland fell and snowplows cleared the roadways. right now, we have no reports of any school closings in the area. for that, we will go into justin because like you said, hate mail could come but it's going probably come from the students. >> hey, it's true it will come from other people who want to see snow but i think we were very clear here charley we were expecting you would have school this morning. for the record, it's to stop
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into my 5-year-old bedroom's before i came to work and tell him there was not much snow and he said daddy, it's okay it will snow again. and it will snow again. 36 degrees this morning in baltimore. snow you have to head up to the p.a. line. we showed you picks -- pictures. 20s down to the south. by the way, pensacola, florida, this morning, colder than we are. how about that. the low 40s all the way down towards orlando. but clear skies basically dominated the eastern seaboard. at least mostly clear skies. there's the front making its way through florida. high pressure will have a push of cold air that tries to get at us this weekend. heavy snow inland. ginger good morning america is up there in scranton, p.a. with 1 to 3 inchance they tweeted that someone -- inches and she tweeted someone drop drove up with 6 inches on the car. across the border we showed you pictures with a light coating
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on the ground this morning. doesn't matter he. if you didn't see it, -- matter. if you didn't see it, it doesn't matter. you will be able to grade my forecast. we hold ourselves accountable for what we called. and everything worked out with the record rainfall and thunder. and now the dry, windy day. weekend is a question. we are looking at this band of clouds and a push of colder air. a little disturbancance in the atmosphere may try to cloud us up on saturday afternoon. and we get rain in the lower eastern shore but otherwise we are looking for temperatures at 44 today. wind gusting to 25 miles per hour. stronger winds earlier calling down overnight. 28 degrees. and here's the peak tomorrow upper 40s to near 50. and thanks to no snow on the ground we could hit 50. back to 40 on saturday and lows in the low to mid-20s and staying in the 40s into early next week. here angela talking more about the wind and your traffic. >> reporter: that's right. as you head out, keep in mind gusty winds as you go over bridges and overpasses. high wind warnings at the chesapeake bay bridge. so extra caution in that area.
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making the drive on u.s. 29 at maryland 108 southbound lanes is where we will see the most activity. if you are traveling in that direction, on the beltway now starting to see a little more activity on ouwest signed a brief delay approaching baltimore national pike from liberty road, also still no major troubles to report. but looking pretty good in the downtown area. 2011 was incredible in the way of severe weather. coming up, the estimated cost for all of the damage and where does this year rank in the record books? also just how much sugar is your family eating in the morning cereal? the numbers one group is claiming may surprise you. we will take a look when "good morning maryland" continues with what's new now and next on this thursday, december 8th.
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president obama is warning he will veto the payroll tax extension of this republicans attach a controversial oil pipeline and harry reid reed is threatens senators to work through holiday until the ledges lace makes its way to
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the prease days des glk if you plan to fly over christmas or new years. airfares are 5% higher than a year ago that's according to travelocity. also, increased demand for the holidays makes it harder to find the last-minute deals. severe weather and tornadoes half of the record 12 weather disasters that blasted the u.s. most memorable tornadoes in alabama, missouri and massive flooding across the south and midwest. the price tag around $52 billion total. the third costliest weather year ever. and the kids' morning bowl of cereal may have more sugar than cookies. environmental work group says a quarter of children's cereals sugar. some cereals have more than three chocolate chip cookies or that twinkie. 1980 on this day john lennon killed outside his new
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york city apartment. news of the murder you may recall or if you don't, fast back for you. it broke during monday night football via howard cosell. business every where looks for ways to cut costs. the banking indit -- industry is doing the same. they are shedding positions and one way to keep costs down. and a special donation found in a salvation army kettle. how much it was worth. and walls at a texas diner has stories to tell. how the tales are helping to feed the hungry for the holiday season. that's dmowmght 6:00 hour of "- - that's coming up in the 6:00 hour of "good morning maryland" we are back in a few minutes.
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are's watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." -- you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland ." >> reporter: jerry sandusky after being charged with two more boys is back behind


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