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tv   News  ABC  December 9, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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the very latest on the second shooting on the virginia tech campus that leaves behind a dead police officer. and jerry sandusky out on bail after two new accusers step forward. what the court has ordered him to do under these new bail guidelines. operation side stepping bean hound, protestors and protestors clash -- protestors and police clash in the streets as things get out of hand. we'll take a look at that on this december 9th. good morning, i'm charley krauss. the weekend is upon us. how will things look today? let's check in with meteorologist justin berk. >> it's clear, calm and crisp, we're dry. maryland's most powerful thrard, temperature 29 baltimore, we've adjusted 32 in easton, while we're in the mid- 20s to near 30 this morning, sunrise at 7:14. we'll make our way into the 40s today, just a little bit above the normal of 45.
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i think we make it to 49. i think we see some high clouds streaming streaming in here this afternoon and a partly cloudy night, so it shouldn't be as cold. we'll have the weekend outlook in just a moment. here's angela with traffic. reporter: justin, on the road for -- roads for you this friday morning, as you get ready to head out, looks like an easy friday morning commute for you. that earlier accident we had on southbound 795 on owens mills boulevard has cleared, so nothing should be slowing your drive down as you make your way to the beltway. on the northwest side of 795, past green avenue some building volume. should be an easy drive for you there at this time. here's a look at i-95 through howard county, becoming a bit crowded as you approach route 100. back to you, charley. for the second time students at virginia tech are dealing with a shooting on campus, this time involving a campus police officer shot to death while doing a routine traffic stop. abc's scott goldberg has been with the story since it broke. he joins us now live from blacksburg with the very latest from the overnight. scott, good morning. reporter: good morning,
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charley. police here are trying to piece together what happened yesterday and they're starting to figure out a little bit of the storyline here. they've determined is the campus police officer and the apparent shooter both were killed by the same gun. so it looks like this was a murder followed by a suicide, but they're still trying to nail everything down. they haven't said that officially. they also don't have a motive for this shooting which has brought back so many terrifying memories here. sort of ironic on the campus at virginia tech because this happens on the same day as campus officials are on capitol hill arguing about what happened back in 2007, appealing a decision of wrongdoing then, aren't they? reporter: yeah. so the timing really was something to have them up on capitol hill appealing a $55,000 fine that the government had levied against the university because the response time was so slow back
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in 2007 during what was the worst shooting rampage, what still is the worst shooting rampage in u.s. history, and it also came full circle last night with some of the students having an impromptuvigil at the memorial that's dedicated to the 32 students and faculty members who died here in the shooting. the shooter also took his own life. so it's part of the collective conscious here what happened in 2007 and a lot of the wounds were ripped open again as this happened and the campus went into lockdown. again, the alert system put into place worked quickly, within six minutes of the shooting. alerts were going out across the campus and some people said that they, in fact, felt safe y way it was supposed to this time. >> scott, what do we know is in store for us today? what's going to be coming out of the university and more on this supposed shooter? reporter: well, there is going to be an official vigil tonight. the one last night was just kind of an impromptu vigil and
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exams that had been scheduled to start on friday, start today have been postponed. as far as what's going to happen with the investigation, perhaps we'll get an identity of the shooter. that's one question that's still out there. police have not identified him yet, pending autopsy results and notifying the kin. maybe we'll start to get a better idea about what exactly happened and whether this shooter was targeting this specific officer, 39-year-old father of five. >> scott goldberg, thank you so much live once again from blacksburg, virginia on the campus of virginia tech. news time now 5:34. in democracy 2012 news, tomorrow night the gop presidential candidates will debate once again, this time it's going to be in iowa. this could be the final chance for candidates to change in the race before the iowa caucuses. that takes place on january 3rd. all eyes will be on mitt romney to see what type of strategy he's going to use against a surging newt gingrich. tomorrow's debate begins at 9:00. it will be broadcast right here
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on abc 2. in news from around the nation, more than 200 firefighters battle a five- alarm fire at an abandoned warehouse. this is in downtown st. louis. that fire may have begun as a result of an explosion. smoke could be seen for miles. no one was injured in that fire. a man in portland is in critical condition this morning after a taxi cab crashed through the front window of a hotel room where he was in bed. the driver of that cab suffered a medical emergency while behind the wheel, causing that car to crash into the building. a veteran police officer along with several bystanders helped move the car off as the -- move off the man so paramedics could get to him. the taxi driver was taken to the hospital, however, he was later released. popular lights display in oklahoma city turned into something much more for one lucky couple. for three years the neighborhood has come together, creating a beautiful holiday light display. it started small and now contains more than 150,000 synced and blinking to music heard over the radio. now it's enjoyed by thousands.
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on a chilly december night, the twinkling and the dancing of the bulbs illuminated something more special. it was a proposal between chad lester and tiffany burk and a sign asking for a very special christmas wish. >> i didn't know what was happening. i felt bad walking into people's driveways. i have never been more surprised in my life. >> so in case you were wondering, she did say yes. a 1980s hit is about to make another trip around. the sequel one hollywood icon says he currently has in the works. talk to me, goose. and the white house now unveiling its christmas theme for the season. just how much went into a massive undertaking. now let's go to new york for a check of this morning's tech bites. reporter: in today's tech bytes, a redesign for twitter. chief among the changes are tabs across the top of the screen, home, connect and discover. you'll see them first on mobile devices. the aces transformer prime is a thin lightweight android tablet that can change into a netbook by adding the optional external
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keyboard. usa today's ed begg thinks this tablet will appeal most to gamers. >> at least the ones i plaid, really looked quite spectacular on this. there's a lot on the screen and oomph to the machine. >> the ace's transformer prime tablet retails for $500 and the keyboard is another $150. saturday morning's total leunar eclipse will only be completely visible in a very small part of north america and there won't be another one for several years. thanks to this website you can get a better view on your computer or android device. those are your tech bytes. i'm rob nelson.
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you thought it took a lot of effort to decorate your house for the holidays. the white house needs 36 people from 36 states to deck the halls. shiep, give and share is the -- shine, give and share is the holiday theme for the white house this year. the official tour features 37 christmas trees, a gingerbread model of the white house and five representations of the first dog, bo, obama. this year's theme and decorations are also going to be paying tribute to our u.s. troops and the veterans as well as their families. time for a check of the forecast. let's go back over to justin. >> 5:39. for our friends in mount airy watching us this morning, twin ridge elementary school you're at 33. actually, a little bit milder than other locations. clear skies and light winds will allow the warm air to rise overnight. yesterday it was a clear sky after some morning clouds and we worked our way all the way through, watching the sun shadows flip across the neighborhood there at twin ridge. you can see on the edge of the screen, perhaps that almost full moon. 30s, ellicott city down in the
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old historic district and by the water we warm up again 36 in annapolis. upper 20s in bel aire, 33 by the water in northeast. so for the most part it's mid- 20s. we are looking for the clear skies to give way to some afternoon clouds. disturbance to our west in the great lakes we'll show you in a moment will do nothing actually but to help boost our temperatures back up to 49. it is 5:40 on the clock. here's angela with traffic. reporter: justin, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. on the roads for you as you get ready for that friday morning drive, looking pretty good out there right now. we are seeing an increase in volume, especially on the top side of the beltway, making your way from i-95 past hartford road, things are picking up in those outer loop lanes. southbound 95 at route 32, we're looking pretty good for you there. now, if you're making the drive into the city, heading down the jfx, i-83 traffic, very light for us right now, no problems to report as we go past the 41st street bridge. here's another look at i-95,
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maryland 100, again, picking up in volume and we checked in with the mta if you're planning to take mta this morning, light rail, running about 20 minutes behind schedule. back to you, charlie. grab your bomber jacket and throw on those aviators, the maverick may be back. tom cruise says he's working on a sequel from his hit movie from the 1980s "top gun." no word on when the movie would begin production. if you use itunes to download music, there's a chance you've downloaded "rolling in the deep," the most popular song of 2011. here's a look at the top five behind adele, it's "party rock anthem," "fireworks" that came in third. katy perry two songs in the top 10. the other "e.t.,," "grenade" was the fourth most downloaded song from itunes and then an edited version of "forget you."
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maryland's roadways may be safer than in years past. the new numbers about our state highways and the number of deaths as a result of car crashes. that's coming up. plus: >> if you're sending out holiday cards this year, you may want to hold off on the stamp in order to see some new apps we have for you for your greeting cards this year coming up.
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the wife of ex-penn state coach jerry sandusky says her husband is innocent of a child sex abuse allegations against him. this is the first time she's made comments since her husband was arrested last month. she released a statement one day after a grand jury report said one alleged victim screamed in vain for her to help while sandusky was attacking him in the basement of their home. sandusky faces more than 50 charges, stemming from what authorities say were the assaults on 10 boys. he is on house arrest right now until his next hearing. new for you this morning, occupiers in boston are supposed to be out of dooley square later today. they were given until midnight tonight to pack up their things and leave. right now there's word that some people were arrested. there were hundreds of protestors in the square and despite that deadline many of
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them remain outside. the occupy movement will attempt to shut down ports along the west coast. this is planned for monday. this is video of occupy oakland that was shut down in their poverty, this happened last month. but unlike the last time, they're not having the support of the dock workers union and without the support of the workers who make those docks run, the protestors will be forced to rely on sheer numbers and their own devices to blockade the sprawling port that spans from san diego all the way to alaska. driving was a little safer this year, fewer people dying in car crashes in maryland. the national highway traffic safety administration says the numbers were down 10% from last year. there were 493 deaths last year, compared to 549 that took place in 2009. today governor martin o'malley will be in maryland, maryland made easy for a symposium on job creation. this is preparing the upcoming 2012 legislative session. the governor will talk with business leaders and policy makers of what can be done to spur job creation in the state. they're asking for your
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questions via twitter using the hashtag mbjobs forum. that symposium begins at 10:00 this morning. 5:46. it's time to send out those holiday cards and this year instead of licking the envelopes and sticking the stamps, you may want to think about downloading an app and simply hitting send. corrine is standing by in the news center. reporter: if you have one of these like me, my ipad, corresponding electronically things like facebook and e-mail become second nature. with that in mind mailing holiday cards could be a thing of the past. this is called the red sam app for iphone and ipad and has a place for christmas and hanukkah to customize. you can add a photo and a message and shoes the delivery message like e-mail, text, facebook or twitter or use u.s. mail. you're also able to keep track of friends and family with a checklist. there's another app called sincerely ink holiday card for
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android and also for apple. it has a place for family photos or festive illustration and allows you to add colors and design. but as the post office continues to struggle financially, they still want people to send cards the old- fashioned way. >> have a nice holiday, remember, mail plenty of holiday card. we could certainly use them. reporter: we've made it easy for you to find some of these apps right here on our website. if you go to our home page, you can click on electronic card giving made easier and then scroll down through the store. you can see the app for the red stamp app and a little further for the sincerely holiday ink holiday card. it will show you how to get your holiday card started if you want to send those out electronically. you can also send them out through the mail and that will cost you about $1.99 to $2.99 if you want to use an app to send a car the old fashioned way. it is purple friday and the ravens are in town hosting the
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indianapolis colts sunday afternoon from bank stadium. once again they may be without linebacker ray lewis. the raven's defensive leader missed practice yesterday. lewis has already missed three games because of turf toe. that was an injury he suffered in seattle. raven's kickoff against the winless colts, again, at the bank sunday set for 1:00. a glitzy night downtown for a great cause. baltimore's gardener log group rolled out the red carpet last night. they're one of the city's corporate entertainment and premier law firms and 600 clients and staff turned out with toys in tow. the goal is to collect 1,000 toys for the kinder toy drive. abc 2 news is a proud sponsor of this toy drive event. if you missed it but still want to donate a toy for a needy child, you have until december 22nd. you can also donate instruments. donation locations and details are listed at our website, in our special holiday section. justin.
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>> 5:49. let's take a look right now across the eastern seaboard. cape hatter as still holding on to warm temperatures, most of us on the fringe of that chill, 29 in baltimore and you'll notice that most of the ohio valley and the deep south still in the deep freeze, all the way down to montgomery, alabama now sitting at 32 degrees. the 30s hitting the panhandle of florida as well. and with the dominant freeze, you can see this jet stream, the clouds coming from the pacific, across texas and into the deep south, that passes to our south. we actually have this disturbance to our north and we're going to get squeezed between, but i think we see more clouds as a result, so not a completely sunny day, even though it should be crisp and clear to start off. again, we've been watching this disturbance, moderate snowfall here across the great lakes and that's good news for them. but once we lay down that snow pack for the northwest and typical flow of air from the west to northwest into maryland, that actually has a reenforcing cool shot, that's that cold carpet we talk about and that helps to set up the pattern that should start to
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stay a little bit colder. we're looking at basically overnight through tomorrow morning, still maybe some showers in the del marva even though this computer model not indicating it. i think we could see a band of clouds tomorrow, so intermittent clouds with reenforcing shot of chilly air, then we're dry by sunday. 49 today, cool, crisp, some afternoon clouds begin to creep in, we're up to 49, down into the low 30s. overnight again a mix of clouds from both systems. we'll jump after tomorrow until sunday. time to talk about that first kickoff at 1:00 p.m. we're looking at a 42-degree day downtown at the big crab cake. we're looking at a mostly sunny sky, light winds out of the northeast five to 10 miles per hour. by the way, i don't call it the crab cake, i've stolen that from a friend. 44 the actual high temperature on sunday and staying in the 40s to near 50 next week ahead of our next system. it is 5:51. late see what's happening with your traffic now and angela. reporter: justin, good you. out there for your friday morning travels, getting reports of yet another incident.
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this one is northbound on i-95, slow traffic as you pass i-195, the accident is on the right shoulder. all travel lanes are open. elsewhere, if you're making the drive around the beltway or on 95, southbound headed towards the capitol beltway here at maryland at 32. we are moving pretty good for the most part. also if you're planning to travel southbound on i-97 this morning at binsell boulevard, that's where we're getting reports of a collision and 95 north of maryland 100 very heavy in the southbound direction. charley, back to you. whoever makes it to frontrunner status in the gop presidential primary is bound to be under direct attack. now up newt gingrich. the latest ad examining the former house speaker's track records. and where you can catch the wonder -- the wonder of holiday parade on the water this weekend right here in maryland. all that straight ahead, as we take a look at five things you need to know. "good morning maryland" continues on this friday morning.
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get up to a one hundred percent scholarship to college. and up to sixty-thousand dollars in assistance. get paid to learn valuable job skills.
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maybe make an extra twenty grand when you join. all while you serve your community and your country. learn more at five things you need to know on this friday morning. lawyers are wrapping up a plea deal to send a so-called barefoot bandit to prison for nine years. colton harris moore is expected to plead guilty today to
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federal charges stemming from a multi-state crime spree and two years on the run. moore got the nickname because many crimes were done without wearing shoes. president obama barack obama says he's delaying a hawaiian vacation to remain in d.c. to win an extension of payroll tax cuts and jobless benefits for long-term unemployed. barack obama also delayed his trip to hawaii last year so congress could finish work on a series of issues. the u.s. aircraft went down in that country earlier this week, that according to the u.s. the craft was lost over iran and reported missing by american military in afghanistan. however, the u.s. denies the drone was brought down by the iranian military. and next up, newt gingrich, the former house speaker and gop presidential frontrunner soon to be the center of a tv ad by iowa, former iowa staffers from mitt romney from his 2008 presidential bid. this brings into question gingrich's ethics and saying that he supports amnesty for
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illegal immigrants. and nearly 40 votes or registered for the -- boats are it's the oldest terminal at bwi and soon there could be some changes. the renovations that could help save a lot of time for travelers. plus baltimore city's code blue temperature will be lowered this winter. how this could help the homeless in the city. plus riding a taxi could become much more exciting -- a much more exciting experience. a look at the newly designed cabs about to hit the streets in new york. you're watching "good morning maryland." we return to the 6:00 hour coming up in just a bit.
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