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tv   News  ABC  December 9, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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friday morning. the weekend is upon us. is that a purple hint in the sky i see there, justin? >> i think so. i'm doing the math over here, you're right, 45 minutes, you got it right down. >> they told me there would be no math in this course, that's why i became a journalist. sometimes you get it right. >> hey, good morning to you. let's close that for a moment. we're talking about clear skies, light winds, a brilliant full moon overnight and, hey, back to reality. let's check it out. we had ourselves a bit of a chill this morning after the clear skies. by the way, let's take you back to yesterday. wanted to show you bel aire. you see the upper left corner of your screen just left of our logo? that was the moon rising over the eastern sky, just a little hint of that. and, by the way, this morning we're looking at annapolis and it does look like a mostly clear start, but clouds lingering off to your south. we're all clear, we'll all see the sun and sun glare could be an issue for the travelers. 36 in annapolis by the water. centreville, chestertown, in the 20s many spots just east of
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the beltway. sunshine mixing with clouds in the afternoon, up to 49. let's see what's going on with traffic now at 6:30, here's angela. reporter: justin, on the roadways right now, police on the scene of a collision on the beltway. this is on the outer loop just past washington boulevard, so be prepared for slowdowns there. also getting reports of an accident in fallston at the very busy intersection of hartford road and 152 mountain road. making the drive on 29 past 108, southbound lanes very crowded now, still moving at posted speeds there. and on 95 passing route 100 you're going to see a lot of traffic in the north and southbound lanes. we checked in with the mta, light rail both northbound and southbound running about 20 minutes behind schedule. back to you, charley. you can call it dij@ vu, a man opening fire with a gun on the virginia tech campus. it happened on the blacksburg main campus about five hours from baltimore and an hour southwest of roanoke. that's where we find abc's scott goldberg. scott, you're joining us live
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this morning. what is the feel as we begin to make it to first light? reporter: well, right now, charley, on the campus it's kind of a nervous feeling. the students yesterday had an impromptu vigil at a site of the memorial for the 2007 shooting, the worst massacre in u.s. history when 33 people including the shooter were killed. they came out here to remember -- or to think about the police officer who was shot yesterday and obviously they're still very much thinking about what happened almost five years ago and this happened to coincide with a visit by campus officials to washington to appeal a fine levied against the university because of the slow reaction time when that happened in 2007. this time around, though, there was a much quicker response. within six minutes of the shooting, the campus shut down, there was a lockdown, there were regular updates going to students and faculty. so in some respects people were more comforted this time around by the quick response. but obviously a lot of raw
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nerves with the campus being shut down for so many hours yesterday. charley. >> scott, when we first joined you, you talked about that impromptu memorial last night. what's planned for today and into tonight at virginia tech? reporter: later on tonight there is going to be a formal vigil here at the campus and exams have been postponed. originally they were scheduled for today. a lot of people are waiting for answers now. police have said that the officer, the virginia tech officer and the apparent shooter were killed by the same gun so this looks like this was a murder followed by a suicide, but they haven't said anything about a motive, they haven't identified the shooter yet, so all of those questions people are hoping will be answered later today. >> scott goldberg live this morning in blacksburg, virginia, thank you so much for your time, sir. a story that disturbed millions around the country on a number of different levels. dr. kathy sibert a renowned psycho therapist joins us live via skype from salisbury.
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doctor, you've written a book on this matter. anytime something like this comes up, the first question a lay person is going to have is what brings a person to do something like this? >> well, there are a number of risk factors for people becoming violent and there are a number of resill yensy factors which help people not to become violent. the more risk factors that a person has [ inaudible ] for instance, a risk factor might be being brought up in a violent home and that becomes your model for solving problems. another risk factor might be that you're not getting along at work with your coworkers or you're not getting along with your family. usually people who are violent have shown signs that they have been violent in the past and this just becomes the kre sendo
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of -- crescendo of a life of violence. >> doctor, is there something that happens enately, called a tipping point where the person just snaps and goes on to do what they do? >> well, in a way, yes. but they have had a liecht of different -- lifetime of different behavior of not getting along with people, not doing well on the job, not doing well in school, living kind of a marginal life and it's more like it builds up to a point where then, yes, something snaps. >> dr. kathy sifert live in salisbury via skype. thank you for your time. once again she has written a book on this, a foremost expert of what happens in violent behavior. thank you again for your time this morning, doctor. >> thank you very much. new this morning, several arrests in boston where occupy protestors were given a midnight deadline to leave that encampment. police didn't evict them.
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a police superintendent says the mayor set the deadline but did not specify that that camp would be shut down. now, this is some of the scenes from that event last night. some of the protestors are saying this was actually a victory for the protestors and they were calling for acts of violence by police on them. several people arrested. that was something police did warn could happen. we'll have more on this throughout the course of the day. the not-so-distant future if you hail a cab, this may be what you have in store. it's being called the taxi for the future. it's a pannor a.m.ic sunroof for maps and some fare information. the cab could soon become an entirely new experience. >> we want to make the inside experience of a taxi as i conic as the outside. >> with the help of nissan, the san diego studio scaled down this minivan concept, recently won a contract to replace the style in new york city. it seats four and will likely have that overarcking sunroof
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to have plenty of leg room and more efficient than the current cabs in terms of gas mileage. also there'll be a bullet-proof partition protecting the drivers from possibly rowdy drivers. news time 6:36. e-cards and facebook are making it much easier to wish a loved one a happy holiday. next an app can help you send that greeting much faster and less expensive. plus the exhibit that will be set for visitors. the legendary exhibit that you'll get a peek at. we'll have that coming up with "good morning maryland" on this friday, december 9th.
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news time is 6:40. a degree colder, 28 degrees and a live look this morning 1600 pennsylvania avenue at our nation's capital, the white house. this is what it looks like
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outside, lights are on, folks are home getting ready to start their day. let's go inside now because the holidays, they are under way and it is all about the holidays' volunteers from 36 states and d.c. have been very busy getting things just right. shine, give and share is the holiday theme for the white house this year. the official tour will feature 37 trees, a gingerbread model of the white house and five representations of the first dog, bo. check it out. this year's theme and decorations are also going to pay tribute to our u.s. troops, veterans and their families. if you stop sending christmas cards the traditional way because of facebook and e- cards, apple is making it even easier to do so for the holiday season. a new crop of smart phone apps have pretty much eliminated handwriting and taking the trip to the post office. the red stamp app for the iphone and ipad has an assortment of holiday templates for christmas as well as for hanukkah and customized through via e-mail, a text message or also through u.s. mail, possibly even twitter. this sincerely ink holiday card
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app for the android allows you to choose colors, add designs or a message. it will allow users to choose from 15 different holiday templates, enter the text, a photo or a message if you like. this is a live picture from atlanta home of the coca- cola and the coca-cola museum. for 86 years coke's secret formula has been locked away in a bank, but no more. the vault holding that formula is now on display inside the world of coca-cola museum. however, that 1886 formula itself is going to remain hidden from view, one of the best-kept secrets in all of u.s. business. well, a possible merger of two maryland college campuses, that story straight ahead. sharree. reporter: i'm sherree johnson, a look at an up-or-down vote with the state's university system coming up. reporter: and want something good to watch with your family? i'm linda so, we'll tell you about the local connection tonight on abc's "extreme makeover home edition." 6:42. we're taking a look at annapolis this morning, one reason because we've got that
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big army/navy game. go navy. we got a look at sunshine and clouds off to the south and they have skewed that sunrise. but temperatures by the water low 40s, 30s just inland and 20s on the west side of the beltway. angela. reporter: on the beltway now, got an accident on the southwest side causing some outer loop 38s, also new incidents reported op u.s. 29 as well as in hartford county on mountain road. we'll have a complete check of the roads straight ahead. and even though you do what you can to take care of it, sometimes you want to give your immune system some support. try new airborne chewable tablets. each serving contains 14 vitamins, minerals and herbs... including zinc, echinacea, ginger, and a blast of vitamin c.
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it's the easy, great-tasting way to help support your immune system. airborne. in fast-acting effervescent formula, and new super-convenient chewable tablets!
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. time now for abc 2 news to go, good morning, maryland. let's get right to it with a check of the forecast and say hello again to meteorologist justin berk. it's been a of different weather happenings throughout the week. we've had our rain, we've had our snow and now things are getting normal. >> some 60s, some snow melting. let's get to the weekend. happy purple friday to you. take a look at this, i know we did this before the break, want to spend some more time in annapolis at st. martin's lutheran school. annapolis at the navel academy 42 degrees, so it's actually a little bit milder right by the
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water. we can show you downtown baltimore where we have the bright spot in the southeast sky by the navel academy. there's not enough light to really highlight the buildings. temperatures inland, we talked about this 24 in ellicott city and back up on the hill it is 32 in westminster. look at this back to the northwest, there's some snow in the great lakes, but not for us. we may get some clouds mixed in today and we're back up to 49. the extended outlook and that raven forecast in a moment. here's angela with traffic. reporter: justin, got an accident reported u.s. 29 at baltimore national pike and we are getting reports of slow traffic there. also up in joplin, the 95 overpass at mountain road we're getting reports of delays with the accident there, and, of course, we're looking at the west side outer loop there, seeing some delays as a result of that accident on the outer loop just before you get to washington boulevard. charley. a vigil will be held tonight at the virginia tech university campus, remembering a police officer killed during a routine traffic stop on campus. derek krauss is the married father of five and he joined the campus police force about six months after the 2007 shooting rampage.
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the gun use today kill that officer was the same weapon used to kill the gunman. he apparently shot himself to death after killing krauss. today we hope to learn more about the gunman and his possible motives in that shooting. meanwhile today merit who pleaded guilty to robbery charges in connection to the stabs death of hopkins researcher steven pit karen will be back in court. merit is accused of violating her probation. she could face an additional six years for that charge. she already is likely to receive 30 years for a prison term, cut in half, suspended in that case. pit karen was killed back in july of 2010. a possible merger of the university of maryland's flagship campuses in college park with campuses in baltimore. the decision one way or the other could be coming down today. and ab 2 new' education reporter sherree johnson has the story. this is something that's been developing for several months. reporter: that's exactly right. this is a pretty big deal merging those two campuses. we'll have all eyes on this today, charley. today is a very big day.
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the university system of rejenlts will vote today on whether to approve or oppose the americaner of university of maryland college park with its baltimore campus. the college park campus has more than 37,000 underimrawt and graduate -- undergraduate and graduate students, the baltimore campus has more than 6,000 students. it's home to seven professional and graduate schools. maryland senate president mike miller asked the university system to study the proposed merger earlier this year. miller said the merger would bring in more research dollars and called it a win-win for the state. sheree johnson, abc 2 news. a fredrick woman is behind bars after pointing a loaded gun at a 4-year-old. police say that teresa snyder pointed a shotgun at a little girl and her father, snyder's boyfriend. court documents say snyder started yelling at her boyfriend and went in the bedroom and locked the door. she kicked the door open and aimed the weapon. she's been charged with assault and reckless endangerment. she's being held right now on a $15,000 bail. leslie johnson, the wife
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of former p.g. county executive jack johnson will be in court this morning. she's going to be sentenced for her role in the obstruction and investigation into her husband's corruption. leslie johnson has admitted to flushing a $100,000 bribe check from the fbi, flushing it down the toilet while the agents were outside her door. she could get a year to 18 months in jail. new for you this morning, a report that a 12th officer has pleaded guilty to a towing extortion scheme. baltimore city officer rafael feliciano pleaded guilty and taking vehicles to a majestic shop. a court document says the brothers who own the shop agreed with an officer in 2008 that he would contact them when visiting the scene of a crash and paid $150 for each car towed. the officer recruited others to help. pay close attention to this story and how fast you're driving on the baltimore beltways. check this out, the state highway administration says it's now installing speed cameras on the outer loop near the fredrick road exit.
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they're going to begin operating tuesday. there will be a three-week grace period on this and then if you go 12 miles an hour over the speed limit, you're going to get a $40 ticket in the mail. tonight you're going to get your chance to watch the eastern shore family on national television. this family made famous through abc's "extreme makeover home edition quiet. we were there every step of the way and abc 2 news' linda so will tell us now what we can expect. reporter: it's going to be an emotional one. the family was chosen because of what happened to a loved one. it was a year ago when the johnson gosly family was in an emergency room worried about yasir johnson. he was helping to fix up the family home when he accidentally severed his hand. so in october the "extreme makeover" crew arrived on mardela springs on the eastern shore to build the family a new home, yashirr was allowed to stay behind to help build the new house as his family was sent on vacation. not only did the family get a new home, yasir and his sister received a full scholarship to salisbury. >> my studies, i can do
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whatever i want. reporter: yes, he is excited. you can watch the full episode tonight right here on abc 2 starting at 8:00. linda so, abc 2 news. time now for five things you need to know on this friday morning, at 9:00 governor martin o'malley will host a symposium on job creation in annapolis. the governor discusses the steps necessary to create jobs in maryland. just at last year, president obama says he's delay a hawaii vacation to talk about job benefit for the long-term unemployed and tax cuts. and on hanukkah, the first lady joined vice president joe biden and his wife last night at a hanukkah reception at the white house. the president spoke at that reception. hanukkah begins at sundown on december 20th. and in sports raven's linebacker ray lewis is again questionable for sunday's game against the indianapolis colts. he didn't practice yesterday and already missed three games because of turf toe injury. the raven's game time is set for 1:00 p.m. at m and t bank stadium. nearly 40 boats are
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registered for the holiday boat parade in annapolis tomorrow. the boats will be decked out in holiday lights and the parade begins at 6:00. observers can watch the parade from the eastport bridge, the navel academy and the city docks. if you're out and about in talison tonight, you want to stay for the fire and ice night. this is cool. ice sceultures will be on display and street purchasers and display, the art gallery and roasted chestnuts and s' mores from 6:00 to 9:00 tonight. baltimore city officials say they're lowering a code blue temperature for offering san franciscos to the homeless during the winter months. a code blue will now be issued when the wind chill reading is at 13 degrees, down from 20 degrees last year. they say the reason is to combat sending out many messages and ensure that the warnings are given and they're all going to be heeded. this will also be putting the city in line with other cities around the country. justin. >> 6:53. a lot of you were wondering when we get that deep arctic chill, and our extended forecast, computer models indicates that we may be into
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some deep arctic air right around christmastime. hint, hint. this morning we've been watching tropical feed to our south, we've been watching clouds to our south and this plume across the great lakes. some of these areas, especially eastern great lakes, like buffalo could be picking up five to 10 inches of snow. otherwise it's starting to look like winter. once we lay down that cold carpet, yeah, that's the enhancement from the snow cover to the northwest, we can actually allow some of these cold air masses to survive the trip across the mountains. next push comes in overnight. we'll bring some light snow to western maryland and some clouds tomorrow with the southern system that could start with some rain in the del marva. we dry out for the rest of the weekend, but another shot of cool air. we warm up briefly today to 49, a mix of clouds in the afternoon from that great lakes system, but also from the south of that system clipping on by. but overnight we get on back to about one degree where we got that mix again between two systems, nothing well organized but that push of cold air, you're going out to the army/navy game, it could be rather chilly tomorrow. you're going to the raifns game on sunday, we're looking at
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kickoff 1:00, temperature then should be 42, warming to a high of 44. by the way, those colts, we know they haven't won yet, so i think it'll be an easy victory, we just can't let our guard down, right? right. here's the deal, we don't let our guard down this weekend. 41, could stay 30s north and west of the city, 20s overnight, back to 44 as sunday's high temperature during the middle and latter part of the game. temperatures warm up to 50 by the middle of next week as we're looking for a brief bulge of warm air and probably rain to start off with that in connection system. system indication there will be cold air and maybe some other stuff behind that, but that's more than a week into the future. right now let's look at 6:55 on the clock and angela with traffic. reporter: justin, a new incident? forest. if you're making the drive on 95 southbound, we're getting reports of two right lanes blocked 95 southbound just past the tidings bridge there, late clearing overnight construction there. also all morning we've been dealing with fire activity in elkhurst. this is on washington boulevard, still blocking one northbound lane of washington boulevard at troy hill.
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also now we still have this accident on the southwest side of 695 now looking at the beltway at maryland 44 -- 144, i should say, fredrick road. traffic is a bit heavy behind that accident on the outer loop as you approach washington boulevard. i-95 at maryland 100, that's where we're seeg the heaviest delays for those making the drive down towards the capitol beltway. also want to mention, got in touch with the mta, light rail is back on schedule if you plan to use the mta this morning. >> as a reminder, we'll be learning more throughout the day about that shooting at virginia tech yesterday. more on the shooter and the officer who lost his life and what that school is going to be doing. again, finals have been canceled for today, but that's going to be the big story you're going to be hearing about throughout. also more from occupy boston, that midnight deadline that was given by that city's mayor did expire and there was a confrontation last night. all of that is coming up on "good morning america" coming up in just a few moments. as we go to break, justin, this is a holiday tradition here at abc 2. let's go out to
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the lobby and see what's stacking up from its kinder time toy drive, 13 years going strong, ways you can help out children in need until december 22nd. have a great weekend.
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