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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  December 12, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> an old gener request nre com back. thanks for watching everybody. and a happy monday to you. let's get to to a check of the forecast as we start the workweek with justin berk.
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>> good morning. almost identical to yesterday for us. it's cold and it's clear. but we look down to the south,it's warmer and there's a mess northern florida and georgia. i mention heed that because the clouds that are really on the northern fringe trying to sneak in that's a good thing because we get a little high cloud coverreradiate the heat that escaped back down to the ground and we are chilly this morning and it's possible we go up another notch or two before sunrise. 24 in baltimore. and 25 in easton and 18 up towards york, p.a. and hour by hour update. down to 23 but it's possible we bounce back up. mid-40s and still seasonably cool today and we have a little warmup midweek. 4:31 here's angela with traffic. >> reporter: as we get the first look at the roads, what to expect on your monday morning comiew. and overview of the major -- commute, and overview of the commute. u.s. 29 at maryland 108, it's
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smooth ride for you. also, checking in on i-83, no incidents to report on the jfx from 695 through the city and making the drive on i-95 heading towards the top side of 695, no major troubles to report for you there as well. charley. good morning. >> good morning to you and new for you on this monday, a shooting left a officer on rue teak ad-- routine administrative leave a man refused to do something. and all new this morning, abc2 news sherrie johnson has video and new information on what police say led to that gunfire. sherrie. >> reporter: well, it's a chance to speak to nursing supervisors at shock trauma and they say a 38-year-old southwest baltimore man was in critical condition. he was shot by a police officer when authorities say he refused to drop a knife a spokesperson says officers were called around 10 last night for a report of a family disturbance at a home on south moreley
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street. officers found him in an upstairs bedroom where he refused to drop a knife. officers shot him several times. his sister says he suffers from quits fren yeah. she was not -- schizophrenia. she says he is not prone to violence. internal affairs is investigating the case which is standard procedure. the officer involved in the shooting has not been identified. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a woman is barrel alive after a house -- bearly alive after a -- bearly alive after a house -- barely alive after a house fire. neighbors saw flames 3 feet from the front windows before firefighters arrived. medics took the 65-year-old woman to bayview burn center. no word on the cause of the fire. a 3 year search for woman ended this weekend with sad news for family and friends of brittany peart. state medical examiner's officer identified the remains over the state line in
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delaware. two hunters alerted police last sunday. her mom saw her in july of 2008. long time friends remembers her as mart perky woman and says this turned the page in the case. >> comes to a closure person. you don't have to wonder now they have to wonder why and how. >> police are waiting on an autopsy to determine the cause of death. today, get them wrapped packed and ready to go. busiest shipping day of the year. private shipping companies like fed ex and ups are gearing up for a busy day. corinne redman is live at the distribution plant with more on what's a busy monday. corinne. >> reporter: yes, we have beenthrough black friday and today is green monday because of the shipments taking place and this will be the business iest day in fed ex het history. they expect -- history. they expect 17 mill crop shipments the second monday in
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-- million shipments the second monday in december. they will open the doors soon for us to give us a sneak peek what have's going on behind the scenes. -- what's going on behind the scenes. fed ex brought in additional 20,000 workers worldwide to help with today. the seasonal workers that will work through the holiday season. they say a lot of the shipments are coming from the increased internet sales. tyker monday was a record sales and a can be -- cyber monday was a record sales day and this is going to be one of the bessyest days. they say it's not too -- busiest days. they say it's not too late. you can mail it through the regular post office, but, we are expected to get a sneak peek in about a half an hour. probably in the $500 hour you will get a peek at the behind the scenes and employees will arrive to sort them out and get them where they are going and gifts to whoever are going to receive them.
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more coming up for you in the 5:00 hour. reporting live in rosedale, corinne redman, abc2 news. ravens took another step towards securing a post season berth. the colts are one notch closer to a dubious distinction. suggestion had three sacks. it was a 24-10 win to indy dropping the colts to 0-13. >> terrell suggests was a -- suggestion was a -- suggs had three fumbles. >> the ravens pulled back into a tie with pits bring atop the afc north but hold the tie breaker by virtue of the winner. we have heard cyber monday and black friday but what about green monday? corinne talked about that. it has nothing to do with the environment but everything to do with you saving money. we will take a look. and he is 5 years old but the ambition this young man has and the good will he is giving
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back. we will look when "good morning maryland continues first and only at 4:30. a live look at our nation's capital.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. a 5-year-old boy's idea to give back this holiday season was a huge success. he collected toys for the ronald mcdonald's now is kansas city. he was born with half a heart. he spent months at the ronald mcdonald's house recovering from surgery and this was his way of giving back. in all it collected 150 toys. justin. >> 4:39. we will go back to yesterday because we have darkness out there. let's show you daylight. from annapolis and after the beautiful light show it was daylight. yesterday in the corner of your screen the near full moon right there by our logo hopefully you can see that. look yesterday, in bel air on main street route 22 and a good
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looking day but lighter traffic than normal because of watching the ravens game getting a glimpse of the moon. we have temperatures this morning ranging from 23 bel air, 39 sparrows point. we will have ourselves a look at a dry day with clear on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. frost this morning and the range from the teens to the mid- 20s. and back to 45 this afternoon. it's #:40 and -- 4:40 and that's a bunch of 4s. what's going on in traffic. >> reporter: a nice easy drive. so far as you head out, no troubles to report around baltimore beltway. also on i-95 making your dryfrom the beltway through howard county at maryland 32, we are looking pretty good. now checking for motorcycles making the drive from the eastern shore travel lanes open across the bay bridge and looking at the 7 river bridge and once you make your way to i- 97, 97 at benfield boulevard northbound and southbound on 97
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between 50 and i-695. back to you charley. >> today is green monday. and that's a new nickname for the second monday of december. retail experts predict online sales with another billion dollars. today we will be pumped up by great online deals and free shipping as well. that's going to mean a lot for the working packages for delivering companies like ups and fed ex. corinne redman will have live reports throughout the course of the day on "good morning maryland." sex abuse allegations at penn state and syracuse university has parents questioning how safe their kids are around coaches. this morning, a huge story about sex abuse, the accusation at the amateur athletic union known as aau. accusers who are coming forward. also he is 14 years old but found himself in the hands of islamic militants. his escape made by a american teen. as we go to break a. live look at 8 95 near 95 near rosedale. things are very busy out there
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today. we are back in a bit. when i joined the national guard, i never thought i'd be saving lives. it's more than money for college. it's built my character and given me a sense of accomplishment. now i'm on a career path, and i'm the leader of my team. i put on the uniform and i have a whole new outlook on life. country, community, family-- that's what matters most to me. if that matters to you, go to
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news time 4:43. five things to know. virginia tech will gather for the funeral of campus police officer deriek crouse. ross ashley shot him and turned the gun on himself. obama administration plans to showcase the close of the war in iraq. today the president will meet with the white house and the iraqi prime minister to talk about that country's future. and today, a court hearing for oscar ortega hernandezcharged with attempting to assassinate the president by firing shots at white house. governor o'malley will talk about his trip to india joined by business leaders and members of the delegation speaking about the long trip. it will be at 9:30 in annapolis. the governor will join baltimore rain ray rice and oriole brian roberts to host holiday event for the children
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and families served by the university of maryland children's hospital. it will take place at port discovery tonight at 5:00. it's one of the biggest sports organizations in the u.s. and this morning it is coming under fire. two men coming forward claiming they were sexually assaulted there by the amateur athletic union known as the aau. sherrie johnson has been tracking that story and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: well, two men have stepped forward with alarming accusations against the amateur athletic union one of the largest sports organizations in america and the x-aau president is is accused of molesting two former players in the 1980s. the allegations have rocked the aau all american reputation. it is one of the oldest and most powerful sports organizations in the world. now ralph west says he was 15 when it happened. his memphis basketball team was on a youth league trip when he says his coach bobby dodd came into his hotel room and sexually assaulted him a second former player who wants to
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remain anonymous claims dodd molested him when he was 12 years old. >> i was dead asleep and i don't remember anything but wake up and trying to put his hands in my boxer shorts. >> we are urging anyone in the aau community with information about any instance of- appropriate behavior or abuse to contact law enforcement and the aau. >> reporter: now dodd denied allegations when confronted by aau officials and left the organization in november and police are investigating. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. we are standing by for an update on the joe paterno. he fell and broke his pelvis during the weekend according to a report. he will be turning 85 later this month and is undergoing radiation and key my therapy for what the family is calling a treatable form of lung cancer. the iowa caucuses are coming january 3rd and republican presidential candidates are trying to catch newt gingrich and mitt romney
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making a case they are not conservative enough. representatives ron paul says they come from the same mold while congresswoman michelle bachmann refers to them as newt romney. a boy is back at home after being kidnapped with ties to al- qaeda. he and his mother were kidnapped while vacationing in the philippines in july. mother was released in october but they kept hold of the 14- year-old for ransom. he's been released and is recovering at a hospital in manila. he was bruised and dehydrated but is expected to be okay. friend of the family back in virginia say they couldn't be happier. >> it was the greatest day it's just prayed and prayed god, all i want for christmas is kevin to come home. >> kevin's father expects his son and wife to be back in the u.s. in a week. big names celebrities and politicians are in new york are helping out one pennsylvania community to get cleaner water.
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they have been delivering freshwater to the families until the pennsylvania department of environmental protection deemed the well water good enough to drink. the controversy is gaining national attention. >> i don't care where you stand on the side of the issue, the fact that we have to remember that the human cost and i think this is what this is about. we come here in total and kindness and peace and love to bring these people the essential thing they need which is water. >> the company that drills in the area stopped delivering freshwater to those live along a road. a catholic priest resigned after being accused of watching child porn on a computer at his church father bart sorenson was rafted for possessing child pornography. an employee walked in and caught him looking at child porn. a developing story now this
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morning. suspensions after a huge brawl from the weekend involving xavier and cincinnati. they have always played tough, but it was when xavier was blowing out cincinnati things got ugly with 9 seconds left in the game. pun wrches thrown and one player suffered -- punches were thrown and one player suffered a cut over his eye. into they will not put it on until they have a full understanding of where they go to school and what the university stands for and how lucky they are to even be there. >> we got disrespected a little bit before the game. guys calling us out and we are a tougher team and we have gangsters not thugs but tough guys on the court. >> the videotape will be analyzed from every angle to see who threw the punches and who landed the punches and who is going to be suspended. historic house in south florida calls a new neighborhood home. nearly 100-year-old house was picked up and moved yesterday morning.
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50,000 dollar anonymous donation saved one of the broward county oldest buildings the inside and outside of the house will undergo renovations restoring it to the original 1913 look. so you think vinyl is dead in think again a husband and wife team in st. petersburg proving it's alive and too well. doug and michelle allen owners of banana's music has a stock of 3 million records. the store sign shows it's the world's largest record store and some believe it's the largest record collection in the world right now. justin. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. i want to show outnational picture because there's nothing extremely unusually cold. minneapolis up to 39. and we have got 30 in denver and they were below zero at the end of the last week. high rockies. 40s and 50s along the cast coastline. the deep south and they are back to 50 in new orleans and in the 30s last week and look
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at miami, that's a little warmer than they expect. 72 degrees this morning. what's going on around the nation? we have got split flow and a lot of being a test across the desert southwest. and this is across the northern tier as well a little action watching the rain developing across northeastern sections of florida and georgia. this is actually not an organized storm system but in response to high pressure that's sitting flowing around it. there's an eastern flow there across the atlantic and pushing on to the southeast shoreline and that's what's causing the problems. great lakes look dry. we are showing you we are going to get the swees play again from clouds and that southern system. otherwise we are squeeze play again from cloud and that southern system. otherwise we will have clouds and showers towards the end of the week. a warming trend. a cool crisp morning with fost to scrape off windshield. otherwise after starting again in the teens and 20s, we will make it to 45. it's going to be a cool day
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mixing in high clouds but nothing out of the ordinary. tonight into the mid-20s to near 30 and we will push to 51 tomorrow, 52 on wednesday and we bring in some rain showers toward the end of the week. nothing too bad that will be a weakening system as it passes by and back to 40s next weekend. here's angela with traffic. >> reporter: all right. getting a look at our early morning drive, we will go around the beltway in just a moment. but first let's check the drive heading towards the capital beltway for those of you making the drive on i-95 this morning. northbound lanes as well as southbound lanes through howard county look pretty good on i-95 as we look live at 59 at maryland 175. again, as we mentioned, it's a nice easy drive for you there. the first look at baltimore beltway north side of 9 -- 695 at i-83. no reported troubles. around the harrisburg expressway. also west side travel looking good between i-95 on the southwest side and i-706789
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charley. back to you. >> dad -- i-70. charley, back to you. >> an emotional reunion in athens, georgia a local military dad traveled to surprise his teenage daughter. he is with the articley-- army national guard a injury earned him a holiday trip home. when you head to the beach you may expect fun in the sun, but this turned no a life or death situation. but the incident doesn't have a surfer scared to head back into the ocean. and tensions mounting this morning in the middle east. the person keeled by israeli soldiers and tune -- killed by israeli soldiers and the funeral that took on more anger than sorrow. a live look this morning at times square in new york. this courtesy of earth and very cool shot this morning and we continue in just a bit.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. palestinian protesters clashed with israeli soldiers in the west bank war funeral razz held for a palestinian protester. according to activists that protester was struck in the face by a tear gas canister fired by a israeli soldier and died from the wounds saturday. 28-year-old was hurling rock at military vehicle when gunfire erupted. a popular anticorruption activists staged a fast in indiaramping up pressure for
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the india government. she planned to fast for 7 hours demanding sweeping legislation to end india's culture of corruption in which bribes are paid for everything from health care to merge certificates. a israeli surfer had a escape after a shark took a bite out of the surfboard was attacked while surf. he says the experience was not in anyway going to put him off guard or make him afraid to geton the board and back into the ocean. it's the second shark attack this week in australia. a sydney teen suffered minor a injuries on his left leg when a similar incident with a shark like we said earlier this week. former panamanian dictator manuel noriega arrived at his former country after he was forcibly removed from office. he was expected to head to prison to serve time for crimescommitted during his rule. hess extradition began sunday morning with a flight from paris to madrid.
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now "good morning maryland." a southwest baltimore man is in critical condition after a police-involved shooting. i am sherrie johnson. hear what his family has to say. a fire sends an elderly woman to the hospital. her condition and an update on that house fire all that coming up on this monday, december 12th, good morning, i'm charley crowson. it's the beginning of the workweek and let's check the forecast for what you can expect with meteorologist justin berk. >> it's the beginning of the workweek and we are rae heating yesterday -- repeating yesterday. first off generally clear and high clouds to the south trying to sneak in and if anything that could be a saving grace just to maybe prevent us from getting colder over the next couple hours. so you see the band of clouds through southern maryland and salisbury dimming out the brilliant moonlight we had over the weekend. and we have had the full moon on saturday morning. overall we will look back at temperatures this morning holding at 24. we hit 23 yesterday at bwi and
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that's the coldest since last february. and how about that? we may do it again this morning. 29 salisbury and 40s across southeast virginia and 40s by this afternoon. looking -- a little frosty. 18 to 25 for the spread. 7:16 sunrise, 40 by lunchtime and a high of 45 under a partly cloudy afternoon. it's 4:59 once again and angela has a look at traffic. >> reporter: justin, on the roads getting ready for your monday morning commute. we check out key routes in and around the city -- city 95 and 895 checking out well in and around the tunnels. we are looking good northbound and southbound. also as we get another live look at 29 this is 29 at maryland 108. northbound and southbound lanes looking good there as well. as we look at 95 and 395, we are looking pretty good heading into downtown there. also, motorists driving from anne arundel county. it's clear on route 2 as we look live here at the hanover street bridge. remember to follow us on twitter at la


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