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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 12, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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now back to you. >> reporter: baltimore city police are investigating one of their own after a officer involved shooting that happened around 10 last night. after police received a call abc2 news sherrie johnson has more on the story with new video and additional information. sherrie. >> reporter: well, i've been working the phones this morning checking in with the nurses at shock trauma and they are telling me a 38-year-old southwest baltimore man was in critical condition at last report. he was shot by a baltimore city police officer when authorities say he refused to drop a knife. a police spokesman says officers were called around 10 last night for a report of a family disturbance at a home on south morely street in the st. joseph neighborhood. officers found him in an upstairs bedroom where they say he refused to drop a knife. officers shot him several times. his sister says he suffers schizophrenia. she was not home at the time of the incident but says her brother is not prone to violence. internal affairs is investigating the case which is standard procedure. the officer involved in the shooting has not been
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identified. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. also last night just after 10, a fire neighbors say had flames billowing 3 feet out of the windows and this is before crews arrived. this is new video into abc2 news that happened near the 700 block of matawa court a elderly woman suffered severe potentially life-threatening burns. we are awaiting word on how she is doing this morning. and these three men are under arrest for murder in edgewood tracked down saturday in connection with the murder that took place last week. they are joseph nelson, conrad gaylord and cody wilson and police believe they shot and killed christopher alvis who was found in another location inside a car. wilson and nelson are being held without bond. gaylord is held on a 50,000 dollar bond. police are still searching for clues into a murderer that happened early sunday morning on violet avenue in the east
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park heights community. details are scarce this hour and all we are being told is homicide is being investigated involving a 58-year-old man. a suspect has been charged in the string of good will store robberies. richar peteway is a former employee at the cockeysville store was arrested in connection with the robberies. the 29-year-old who lives on ramblewood court is charged with robbing two good will stores three times in a week. he is in the detention center inbaltimore county. funeral services for an officer killed on virginia tech last week. the family of the shooter sent condole ens in an unsignedstatement went out. the family of ross ashley sent prayers to the family and also requested privacy be respected as well. they said there would be no additional statement from the family. news time 15:02 -- 5:02. gop hopefuls squared off and what they had to say about
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their also who came out the winner. and the college football season is over, what are you going to do? one maryland terp thought it would be a good idea to get busted. details on this monday, december 12th. it's 5:02. a live look this morning at atlanta georgia and we are back in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland." millions of us wrapping up the packages and getting them out as quickly as possible. today will be the business iest shipping day for many of the privatized shippers ups fed ex. corinne redman is live with a preview of what we can expect and that is tradition for our shippers. this is their big day. >> reporter: this is a very big day for shipping. this is fet ex -- fed ex busiest day. they expect to ship 17 million packages worldwide today alone just today. we are here live at the golden ring fed ex where you can see there are tons of trucks about to get packed up and pretty soon the place will be full of people and employees and
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loading up trucks and everything. but we have diane with us live who is with fed ex he and will show us how to pack boxes to get -- fed ex and will show us how to pack boxes. we have a blast glass item and fragile item and food how do we pack something up like this to get it safe to the destination. >> the motion important thing is there's cushioning to protect them from banging around and possible damage. so, we sell and you can bring in bubble wrap and we would want you to carefully have the item completely encased or covered in the bubble wrap both ends and any items you put in the box, you want to have them with bubble wrap as well. even things like cookies that you made as a special gift, you don't want them to be flying loose in the box because then they will crumble inside. so everything should be secure
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and with no room for moving around and with special bubble wrap packed to packet and protect it. >> because sometimes you don't realize how fragile things can be but you handle it with the utmost care right? people can trust you to get it there safely. >> absolutely. but precious items in a box the cardboard doesn't protect it that much. so we want people to extra wrap it to protect it. >> reporter: i think that's a good education. because people are unsure but if they come today you will help them out. >> we will. we have boxes available here and we have bubble wrap and tape and we sell those and customer can bring in their own box and we will ask them what they are shipping so we make sure it's secure and protected. and also that it is not an item that might leak or cause damage in some way. >> reporter: okay. all right. thanks so much diane. appreciate it. so we are going to have much more from here. in the next half-hour we will start seeing the bocks come
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around the belt. -- boxes come around the convague belt. reporting live in golden ring -- conveyer belt. reporting live in golden ring, corinne redman. the fallout from the presidential debate continued and the gop front-runner newt gingrich was the main target at the debate in iowa but he also was on the attack. he began going after mitt romney but romney's biggest misstep was when rick perry misquoted him and his response that may come back to haunt him. listen to this. >> i read the first book you were for individual man dates my friend. >> 10,000 dollar bet. >> i am not in the betting business. >> okay. >> okay. following that exchange, the internet exploded with tweets because to many of us, 10,000 dollars is a lot of money. but at the front-runner does get derailed it could be over the issue of his infidelity. that's newt gingrich who has been married 3 times and opponents are saying that's going to be the ammunition because if he will cheat on his wife not once but twice, they say he will cheat on americans
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as well. justin. good morning to you. we will take you out west for friends in mount airy. still dark and we will take you back to yesterday. we will show you how cloud free the day was. looking at summit ridge development and as you watch theshadows creep across the sky. perhaps you can see the moon on the wide screen sets. check this out across the area mount airy christian academy, it's 20 but mount airy middle school it's 27 and twin ridge it's 29. that's 9 degree spread in one town and depends on elevation if you are lower in the valley it will be cooler and we will focus on the cool spot. we are back to 23 in bel air and 26 in our area. a little frosty we are looking for sunshine carrying us with a mix of clouds this afternoon and a high of 45. it's 5:10 again and here's angela. >> reporter: all right. on the roadways getting ready for your monday morning drive. we are trouble free as far as accidents around the baltimore
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beltway. and we are getting reports of an accident on i-95 and we will try to get an exact location for the next update. in the meantime, let's get a live view of traffic flow. this is 995 southbound as you make your way past route 32. also looking good as we mentioned on the top side of 695, no troubles to report here. at the beltway and the harrisburg expressway. still relatively light flow for you on 95 here. this is through the rosedale white marsh area heading to the top side of 695. back to you. it was over before it ever got started some say oo. recap of the ravens route over the winless indianapolis colts. and joe paterno hospitalized this weekend. we will give you details that sent him to the er when "good morning maryland" continues. as we go to break that's nowhere local. that's a live look at amsterdam. you are watching good morning maryland. and we are back here stateside in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland." in the world of sports, becoming news the amateur athletic union or aau facing
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fierce allegations. bobby dodd say cuesed of molesting two former players in the 1980s. >> i was dead asleep, and i don't remember anything but waking up and he has this -- he is trying to put his hand in my boxer shorts. >> we are urging anyone in the aau community with information about any instans of- appropriate behavior or abuse to contact law enforcement and the aau. >> the allegation rocked the aau all american reputation. and it's one the oldest and mostpowerful sports organizations in the world. from the scandal former penn state coach joe paterno is in the hospital. word from his family says he fractured his pelvis following a fall from his home. he is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for a treatable cancer. alex twine charged with disorderly conduct after an officer spotted him ranting and punching cars. it happened early friday at a
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shopping center off campus. when he was confronted, he fled. the freshman has been released and will face trial in january 30th. a team spokesman says that matter would be handled internally. news time 5:15. and terrell suggs forced three fumbles and had 3 sacks by the ravens who kept the colts winless with a 24-10 win yesterday. the win dropped indy to 0-13 and marked the first time in a decade that the colts or the ravens had beatent colts. -- beaten the colts. >> we are having fun and you know, m and t is rocking we are a tough team to beat. >> very tough team to beat indeed. it was fun to watch yesterday in downtown. the ravens pulled back into a tie with pittsburgh atop the afc north and joe flacco threw two touchdown passes and ray rice ran for 103 to help baltimore the fourth straight and improved to 7-0 at home. a surprise and a little extra pressure for the players
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saturday's army navy game president obama was there of course he was. he is the commander in chief and he ise walk out for the -- he is. he walked out for the coin toss. by the way, navy beat army for the 10th year in a row. justin. 5:17. on this 12th day of december, we are looking at temperatures we normally get down to 29 degrees and a high of 46. now we had an above normal november. a lot of people wondering about that cold air when it will hit us. will we get in for a white christmas and i think we are looking and pointing that way. it may not seem like it, we have bottomed out and had 23 yesterday and close right now. this morning we want to say good morning to clay who is infallston and checks in with 19 degrees. pilesville you are at 20 you have 20 -- pylesville you are at 20. look at 10 degree spread in a small section of harford county.
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officially 23 in baltimore. 18 towards york and we have a stream of high clouds in the south and could make for a gorgeous sunrise and we are watching back to the west. there's the next weather system that doesn't look that impressive but the streamer of moisture in the form of rain pushing up to near green bay wisconsin. by the way, we are looking at this rain event towards the deep south. that's not an organized storm but it's spreading moisture our way and again while we have the clear pocket between all the systems, we are going to have ourselves sunshine. today, and tomorrow, we will mix in high clouds and no big deal. it's going to be the end of the week when we collapse this big bubble of high pressure overhead. and bring in at least a threat of showers. we are up to 45 in the afternoon and back down to about 28 overnight. quick peek the rest of the week. we will warm back to the 50s as soon as tomorrow. and stay there at least on wednesday. thursday, 56 just rain showers. and we will bring it back down drying out next weekend. those running the celtic 5 miler it -- celtic 5 -- keltic
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5 miler it shouldn't be so bad. >> reporter: reports of a couple incidents one on the baltimore beltway but the other accident reported on i-95. we did get a location for you. it's i-95 on the ramp to northbound route 100. as we look live at 95 and route 100, the northbound ramp temporarily blocked with police on the scene. also seeing a sharp increase in southbound volume on 95 here at route 100. in the meantime, traveling on the beltway north a disabled vehicle on outer loop side. partially blocking your right lane that's the outer loop at dulaney valley road. seems when drivers hit the road there's no separating them from the phones. despite the loss, a new study shows one in 20 drivers can be seen at any moment talking on a cell phone. almost 1 in 100 can be seen sending a text message. that means 13 1/2 million drivers nationwide are on a hand-held phone at any moment
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during a typical day. president obama got stopped by his security. thousands of people have done it. and now so has the president. he set off a metal detector at the white house security checkpoint. he was walking back to the white house from the blair house when he walked through and beeped. apparently his cell phone was what set off the detector. after more than 20 years in prison, the former dictator is on the move. why it was a busy weekend for manuel noriega and where he is this morning. we will head down to mexico where authorities are digging out following a massive earthquake that rocked parts of that country. pictures coming up when "good morning maryland" continues as we go to break, a nice comforting live look at myrtle beach. we are back in a bit.
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was expect to head to prison to serve time for crimes committed during the rule. he is going to be housed in an individual cell in a medium security facility in the form -- and he has been in france since 2010 after spending two decades in an american prison. and mexico media outlets reports two deaths following a earthquake in southwestern guerrero saturday night. the 6.5 magnitude quake rattled buildings and knocked out power in the capital about 200 miles away. no reports of major damages to the capital. but several areas are in thedark. and in china saturday, there was full moon and then there wasn't. early saturday morning the western part of the u.s. was treated to a total lunar eclipse. they occur when the earth passes between the sun and moon and it's the earth's chateau blocking out the moon and china what full front row seat. it was the best view in the past decade. well if you owe district of columbia money for park fines, pay up. what d.c. is doing to get their hand on your money that you owe
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now "good morning maryland." the boxs are packed and ready to be shipped. i am gearing up for -- fed ex is gearing up for the busiest day in history. a behind-the-scenes look coming up. a holiday favorite they want you to think twice about before treating yourself. what doctors are saying could be making you sick. and the alleged white house shooter will be heard from today. where he will be and what's in store for him following the shells found near the private quarters of our president that's all straight ahead. good morning. i am charley crowson. let's go over to justin berk for a check of the monday forecast. >> good morning. we will check out basically clear skies across the area. a system to the south throwing in high mosh truer mixed in -- moisture mixed in the sunrise. -- in with the sun advise. we are looking at temperatures right now. this is down there 23 degrees
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that matches yesterday's mark and the coldest we have been since february 17th. it's been a while. and now you have to get up and get to work it may feel a little bit tough for you out there. looks like we have frost and temperatures ranging from the teens in some spots to mid-20s in much of the metro area. the official sunrise at 7:16 giving way to mostly sunny skies mixed in with high clouds. 45 this afternoon. that's 5:29 on the clock and here's angela with traffic. >> reporter: thank you and good morning. as we get you ready for monday morning drive around baltimore beltway we have a couple trouble spots to report now including an accident on i-95 that's slowing traffic down in the northbound direction of 95 through howard county. let's go live to traffic flow on i-9 5. this is at maryland 17 5. find the accident on the northbound ramp to route 100 again some brief rubber necking delays in that area. around the baltimore beltway no troubles to report here at 695 and


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