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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  December 12, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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surprise, surprise. mid-december we have frost. our neighborhood temperatures which you won't be able to find anywhere else up at harford highlighting the spread from pylesville. 20 at bel air elementary. fallston high school that might be next to the heat vent but they are showing 32. that's a big spread i expect you are closer by the water near aberdeen. millersville old mill senior high at 21. 25 in arnold at 7 river middle school and by the naval academy by the severn river 32. that's and 11 degree spread in anne arundel county. we have a look at 20s to near 30 in right by the bay and we have got teens inland and some teens and we are looking at dry conditions, a few clouds off to the south. but temperatures showing the freeze back to the ohio valley but otherwise nothing out of the ordinary. we have a wakeup window and we will check out the week ahead forecast in moment. good monday morning.
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here angela with traffic. >> reporter: on the roads got rid of the early morning incidents and we are looking pretty good heading into the city 95 and 895. reporting more activity around the tunnels but still moving at posted speeds. let's get a live look at your travels on 95. at maryland 175 heading through howard county, a bit of a delay for you in the southbound direction. now as far as the morning ride from the easton shore here's a live look at 50 and i-97 looking pretty good there. you your driving conditions are light. as we get another live look at 97 at route 10097 trouble free between 50 and i-695. now back to you. investigators are trying to gather more information into what led to a shooting at after a city police officer opened fire on a man who refused to follow police orders. sherrie johnson has been working the phones overnight and gathering information. she joins us now with a live report. sherrie. >> reporter: hi. i have been checking with in nurses at shock trauma and this
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morning they tell me a 37-year- old southwest baltimore man was in critical condition at last report and he was shot by baltimore city police officer when authorities say he refused to drop a knife a police spokesman says officers were called around 10 last night while report of a family disturbance on south morley street. officers found the man in a upstairs bedroom where theyresay he refused to drop a knife e was argumentive and combative and they shot him several times after they say he advanced towards them. his sister says he suffers from schizophrenia. she was not home at the time but says her brother is not prone to violence and internal affairs is investigating this case which is standard procedure. the officer involved in the shooting has not been identified. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. and new this morning a woman's in the hospital after a house fire in anne arundel county after 10 last night. neighbors who live next to the home saw flames coming out of the front windows before
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firefighters arrived. she was taken to the bayview burn center. no word on what caused the fire. a three-year search for a missing cecil county woman ends withed a news for brittany pert. the remains were it dent fied from her elkton home in newark, delaware. two hunt airs remember theed police when he -- hunters alerted police when they saw her. long time friend jb remembers her as smart, perky and young lady with a back bob. -- bone e says now the case turned a -- he says now the case turns a new page. >> it comes to a closure portion and you don't have to wonder but now they have to wonder why and how. >> police are waiting for an autopsy result to determine the exact cause of death. three men are behind bars in connection with a murder joseph nelson, conraid gaylord and cody wilson. harford county sheriff department believe they shot and killed christopher alvis
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last week. wilson and nelson are held without bond and gaylord held on a $50,000 bond. we learn more about a murder in northwest baltimore that happened yesterday morning on violet avenue east of park heights avenue. all we know is that the victim a58-year-old man was stabbed. more details as the day continues. police arrested a suspect in two good will stores robberies of two good will stores. the suspect is richard petaway a former employee at the cockeysville store. he is locked up in the baltimore county detention senter. today we have them packed and racked and ready to go, thebusiest day of the year shipping wise. for companies like fed ex and ups they are gearing up for a record setting day. and corinne redman is live at one of the distribution sent wears live report. have they put you to work yet? >> reporter: no, they have not put me to work yet but i suspect they will later. right now i am here live at the
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golden ring fed ex distribution center where they will be geared up for the busiest day in history. 17 million packages going out today. 90,000 fed ex trucks hitting the roads. joining us live is latia jackson a kerrer and -- courier and will be one of the drivers out. >> yes, he. >> reporter: what does it take for you to load up the truck and get out of here. what do you expect? >> we exspeak heavy load. so preparing we have to make sure we pack our trucks as tight and safe you know as careful as possible. larger items on the bottom smaller items on the shelves and once you pack the vehicles tight, you know, everybody's packages will definitely be in safekeeping. >> reporter: what do you expect. you going to hit your route what do you expect for today? that is first for you as well. >> actually, you know, long story short, basically, it's just like a warehouse. santa's warehouse here. we are the help phs -- elves
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packing the trucks and it's going to be busy. >> reporter: how fast do you expect things to move? it's quiet because you haven't gotten to full mode closer to 7 you will get in full mode. how crazy do you expect it to get here sm. >> in the morning we like to laugh and joke a lot packages moving and it's going to be busy but we are going to try to get out on time and get everyone's packages delivered on time in a safe fashion. >> reporter: you probably have done a couple of these holiday. >> yes. >> reporter: tell us the most unusual things you deliver to someone during the holiday season. >> oh, my. you will be surprised what you see come through. it's actually funny especially the way the packages are like wrapped up. it's hilarious. but we deliver multiple things you know. so,. >> reporter: get everything. >> basically any and everything. we ship internationally so you know. >> reporter: you get it where it needs to be. >> yes ma'am. >> reporter: good luck you have a busy day i know. if you are looking to get out shipments today, you have until about 8 tonight to come if you
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want to be a part of the busiest day to get shipments out 8 tonight at multiple express location around the area. reporting live, corinne redman, abc2 news. 6:08. and talk about defense the ravens look like a superbowl team against the colts. suggs had 3 sacks and forced three fumbles. indianapolis goes to 0-13. >> we are clicking on all cylinders and ran when -- run when we need to run. >> it's great we can be on the field and we are rested that's when we can go out and play as fast and hard and hunt really. >> the ravens pull back into a tie with pits bring atop the afc north but baltimore does have the -- pittsburgh atop the afc north but baltimore does have the -- it's one stop shop when it comes to picking up holiday gifts. scammers are tracking down
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tracking you down trying to get your hands in your pockets when you are shopping online. after 40 minutes of college basketball, they weren't done. where things got out of hand this weekend and suspensions that follows justin. you mention hand. rub the hands blow on them or keep them in your pocket. we patched yesterday's temperatures in the 20s. coldest we have been since last february 17th. thankfully, for some of you we are not geting that system in the south we will let you know how that can impact your weather. >> reporter: a nice monday morning ride for most. we are checking all the key routes and have the latest on the roadways coming up. all right let's go to new york for the latest in business news. you are watching "good morning maryland." >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, will the euro euphoria continup afte for deeper economic integration in europe but problems remain and it may be just a matter of
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time until investors realize that. and today should be a busy day for online merchants but not just because of the deals. this is pretty much the last week you can use the free shipping offers and still get delivery by christmas. after friday, you will need to pay for faster service. the artificial christmas tree industry says a plastic prelit tree is much cheaper than a live tree each year. you can save 70% over 10 years. and new year's eve was the winner at box office but the movie industry was a loser. it was the worst weekend of the year with about 77 million dollars in ticket sales. new year's eve took first with less than 14 million dollars. and that's america's money.
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now "good morning maryland." my profile spectators at saturday's army navy game. president obama was there for the coin toss he is the commander in chief. also attending vice president joe biden and his wife. and along with them leon pinetta and they watched navy beat army for the 10th consecutive time. well maryland university football player is needing a lawyer after being arrested. the officer says they spotted alex twine yelling and punching cars. police say it happened earlyfriday morning at a shopping center near campus. the officer told him to stop but the player or young man took off. the officers chased him and arrested him and he has court date for later next month. it's not just how you play the game, but how you end it. two rival basketball teams are trying to repair their reputation after brawl seconds after a game with seconds left in the game from the weekend. we have the recap.
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>> reporter: this display has land 8 college players on suspension. four from the university of cincinnati and four others from xavier. >> america saw an ending to a basketball game that sickened a lot of us including me. it has no place in college athletics. >> reporter: it started when the verbal jabs turned physical saturday night. 9 second left in the game, mayhem began with xavier kenny frese with a severe cut. afterwards the coach what word for his fliers and i will decide who's on team going forward. that's what the university of cincinnati is about. period. i told them i never been this embarrassed. >> reporter: things were worse when an xavier player was unapole jit jetic and had a change of heart. >> we are not bad kids we are going to get degrees and we are incredible young men and i apologize for what took place. >> reporter: both teams say they are going to take stopes
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prevent the rivalry from spy -- to steps to prevent the rivalry from spiraling out of coach. >> the cincinnati coach plans to make the kids apologize before being allowed on the team. suspension range from one game to as many as 6 games. justin. now moiled maryland's most powerful dop -- now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> ocean city at 30. that's the warmest spot in the state. and yes, the chill and freeze made it all the way down across the delmarva. 25 easton and dover and we have a pair of 24s from here in baltimore and a friends in hagerstown and warms back up inoakland to 27. oakland got that 10 1/2 inches of snow last week and the snow back in the resorts up to the north look white tail liberty and round top and they were making them with the guns this weekend. and the conditions have been good overnight to make more snow but we will eat away a little bit this week as we start to get warming air back into the region. clouds to our south and the
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hour by hour forecast shows us we are close to where we will bottom out. 23 or so. 40 by lunchtime and 45 this afternoon 2 degree guaranteed high. partly cloudy skies perhaps because of the system to the south. high pressure is actually overhead and it's this high pressure taking the atlantic moisture bumping it up across the coast. that's the reason for the flare- up for georgia and south carolina. upper level winds carry clouds our aand that's it and the frontal system to the west that's the slow mover and that is basically the next storm track and it's going to gather intensity as this is almost stalled to the next couple days. then on the move for us. but we have a lot of dry real estate. dry sun a few clouds and then mostly clear nights until we get to wednesday morning. than we increase the cloud cover for us and then we will look at rain showers but really much diminished form of that storm as it passes through on thursday. 45 today, and a little bit below normal. that's the guaranteed high. you could scrape frost but we have the sun and not too much
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wind this afternoon. tonight we are back down into the upper 20s and still 30s downtown by the bay and temperatures back up into the 50s for much of the week. and we will push 51 tomorrow and mid-50s if not by wednesday but by thursday with the rain showers. the rain and the thundershowers which means nothing too substantial here temperatures dipping back down into the 40sfor the fellow runners of the celtic five mile on saturday pretty good conditions. 6:16 angela. how about the traffic. >> reporter: the traffic is moving pretty well for your early monday morning drive. heading out in the next few minutes, not a lot to show you down around baltimore beltway or on i-95 as well as the harrisburg expressway. 83 look good. checking on drive times in a few minutes. but in the meantime, this is what it looks like for those motorists on u.s. 29. past maryland 108 no delays to report for you there. also beltway traffic looking pretty good on the northwest corner passing providence road. 95 at maryland 100 no reported troubles there southbound lanes
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are filling up. but no delays. checking our drive times as we mentioned on the harrisburg expressway, pretty good shape from the pennsylvania line to 695 just five minutes from shawan road to the beltway. charley. back to you. health news, new government guidelines cut the amount of time needed to treat tb. clinical trials revealed once a week treatments under the supervision of a health provider work as well assinine months of daily treatments taken by a patient on their own. and important news for pregnant women at risk for premature birth a study found prenatal steroids may boost a child's chance of survival. died beelines -- guidelines suggest giving steroids to women at risk of going into labor before the 24th and 34th week of pregnancy. researchers say getting steroids as early as 23 weeks can save lives as well. and a warning this morning surprising for the baking holiday cookies. the cdc says don't think about eating raw cookie dough. researchers believe raw flour not the eggs could be making
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people sick. researchers say manufacturers should think about formulating ready to bake cookie dough to be safer for consumers. this week is expect to be the busiest online shopping week starting today with what's dubbed green monday. online sales are up 15%. and consumers will spend more than 24 billion dollars. research firm says the six single days exceeding one billion dollars led to what's being hailed cyber monday. many of us avoid use the malls and doing shopping online. we are guilty of it. that too can come with its level of stress if you are not careful. joce sterman keeps us safe while shopping on the internet. take a look. >> reporter: the web is a great place to find good deals on gifts for the holidays. but it's also a place where scamers might try to take advantage of you. the better business bureau says your first step to safe shopping is use trustworthy sites. if you not using names you can trust, you don't know what you are getting.
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the feds shut down 150 websites for selling counterfeit goods to customers who didn't know. >> it may look very close to the real thing. but the quality won't be there. and the warranty won't be there. >> reporter: and while we are all looking for good deal, be careful with those deals that seem unbelievably good. >> don't believe that you are going to get that item at that incredibly low price because you are probably about to be scamed. >> reporter: another scam tip off while shopping if the siller wants you to pay -- seller wants you to pay through money gram or wire transfer. use credit card for online purchases because if what you bought never arrives you can dispute the charges. >> if you paid for the item by check or just with a debit that money is gone. and you might never see it again. >> reporter: one thing you should see before you buy the privacy policies to make sure the information you share during the holiday shopping doesn't get passed around after the new year. joce sterman, abc2 news. better business bureau says
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keep documentation in any orders you make and check the credit card often for any suspicious activity. also take a close look at shipping offers to make sure the gift will arrive by christmas day. now for more information on this story or other scam alerts, head to our website, and you can find them underneath the money tab. a former dictator serving time for crimes against his people returns home. we will bring you latest on the travel and his return to panama. new animal species discovered but this guy is sporting a hair style we are all too familiar with. and as you go to break a. live look from new york times square and going to be a busy day down there today as it is every day and especially during the holiday season. you watching "good morning maryland" what's new now and next on this monday, december 12th.
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headlines around the world this morning. nearly 2 years after u.s. forces removed him from office,
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manuel noriega returned to panama andnot a free man. went to prison serving time in that country for crimes committed during his rule. he was extra dprietd france. -- extradited from france. a earthquake his southern mexico killing two people. one person died after a rock fell on a car and another was crushed by a collapsed house. one woman says it was the strongest earthquake she ever felt and she says the shaking lasted about 3 minutes. far out from sight early saturday morning western part of the u.s. was treated to a total lunar eclipse. lunar eclipse occur when the earth passes between the sun and moon and it's the earth's shadow you see blocking out the moon. china what front row seat for the total lunar eclipse. it was the best viewing in the past decade. check this out. a monkey with an elvis like hair style. among 208 new species discovered in 2010 according to a new report by the worldwide
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life fund, scientists nicknamed the monkey snubby because of the upturn nose. >> what's exciting is the discovery of a new monkey. this monkey was found in a remote mountainous region and is well-known to locals who would spot the black and white monkey in the rain with its head between its knees shielding it from the rain running into up. [audio not understandable] >> well, an average new species is reported -- recorded every two days which is including southern province of china andminean mar and vietnam. latest discoveries is more than 100 plants, 28 reptiles, 25 fish and 7 amphibianer. police moved in on a occupy emcampment. what was the charge and what has officers coming in wear riot gear. the economy is a mess and some of you need a job. the lengths some people are
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going to to get a earning ling of a paycheck. a live rock be rue -- rook from the -- going to get a earning ling of a paycheck -- inkling of a paycheck.
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." two men say they are victims of sexual abuse but this time police say it's not coming from the coaches at the university. i will bet you 10,000 dollars that romney wishes he could take back something he said. and district of columbia going to new measures make sure they get their money for outstanding park tickets. what they are up to. >> good morning it's mondaydecember 12th of the let's get started with justin berk. >> it's cold matching yesterday's numbers that you probably slept through. mainly clear skies and clouds creeping in from the south that may assist in making for a pretty sunrise especially southeast from the bay sections across towards the delmarva which you may have


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