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tv   News  ABC  December 12, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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dominating the skies this morning. bringing up the temperatures we hit 23 in the last hour. and come back degree to 24 in baltimore and we may just meander by that mark. it's after 8, 9 we start warming things up and yeah we will look for sun shine to dominate mixing in high clouds and go from the upper teens and mid-20s after that 7:16 sunrise and posh 40 degree spot by lunchtime -- push a 40 degree spot by lunchtime. a warming trend 6:30 here's a look at traffic with angela. >> reporter: justin we are starting to see delays around the beltway. some of the main arteries pack up. southbound 795 slow traffic as you make the drive from owings mills to the west side of 695. here's a live look at i-95 where we are trouble free through howard county. 95 at 395, traffic volume starting to build but no problems making your way into the downtown region on the
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inner loop of the beltway. between catonsville and pikesville running at posted speed but looking at drive times, west side outer loop looking at delay between 795 and i-70 taking about 9 minutes. charley. well, it's one of the biggest sports organization in the u.s. and this morning it's coming under heavy fire. two men are coming forward claiming they were sexually abused when they were members of the amateur athletic union or aau. sherrie johnson has been tracking the story all night and has the latest. sherrie. >> reporter: well, two men have stepped forward alarming accusations against the amateur athletic union. one of the largest sports organizations in america. the x-aau president is accused of molesting two former players in the 1980s. allegation brought the all american reputation ralph west says he was 15 when it happened and his memphis basketball team was on a youth league trip in 1983 when he says his coach bobby dodd came into the hotel room and sexually assaulted
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him. a second former player who wants to remain anonymous claims dodd molested him when he was 12 years old. >> i was dead asleep and i don't remember anything but waking up and he has his -- he is trying to put his hand in my boxer shorts. >> we are urging anyone in the aau community who has information about any instances of-appropriate behavior or abuse to contact law enforcement and the aau. >> reporter: dodd denied the allegation when confronted about "-- by officials. left the organization and police are investigating. sherrie johnson abc2 news. joe paterno is in the hospital this morning. word from someone close to the family says he is fractured his pelvis after a fall at his home. paterno turns 58 on december 21st -- 85 on december 21st. and he is undergoing treatment for a treatable form of cancer.
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republican presidential candidates traded jabs. perry insisted romney supports the requirement that all individuals have health care coverage. check out this exchange. >> i read your first book. and it said in there that your mandate in massachusetts which should be the model for the country. >> you know you raiseed that before, rick, and you are i will tell you what. 10,000 bucks? 10,000 dollar bet? >> the argument that perry is making is that in governor romney's book he initially said he was in favor of the mandate then came back later in future publications and that statement was deleted. that's the source of controversy and that's what the argument was about. this generated tweets from people saying 10,000 dollars is a lot of money and who could argue. news around the nation a frightening ordeal for christmas in a california grocery store a pickup crashed into the safeway barrel through checkpoints and aisles. there was a substantial damage to the build bug no one was
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hurt. -- building but no one was hurt. no word what caused the driver to lose control. a police officer he stormed into a occupy san francisco encampment and arrested more than 50 people for illegal lodging. more than 100 police officers in riot gear way long the market street -- gear were along market street. they told the protesters to go away. they didn't and they were arrested. the department of public works crews hauled away four truckloads of belongings clearing the street and again 50 people were arrested. looking live at the nation capital in dc cracking down on unpaid parking tickets. that's beautiful shot this morning. but don't park and don't get a ticket because they will come get you adc councilwoman complains too many people particularly from suburban areas, they are not paying the tickets they get in the district. government figures show the city is owed 355 million in unpaid tickets. 141 of them from maryland residents and 76 million from those living in virginia. the council has to set up a new
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debt collection office and dc official say they will possibly consider putting a lien on your property as a last resort, but n, again, the councilwoman says that's a last resort effort. tis the season for giving no matter who you are or how old you are. coming, meet a young man defying all odds for his age make christmas better for those in need. and cds, 8 tracks no way a florida store is saying it boast as the musical claim to fame. and as we go to break live this morning, yeah, back across the way to amsterdam. don't know why we are there but that's great shot and you are watching "good morning maryland." we are back in a bit. [ male announcer ] what if you have potatoes?
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guys once again mount assails academy 9th through 12th graders good morning to you and thank. you 6:38. a a-year-old boy's idea -- 5- year-old boy's idea for giving back is a huge success. he collected toys for the ronald mcdonald house in kansas city. he was born with half a heart. he spent month at the ronald mcdonald house recovering from surgery and this was his way of giving back. that drive collected a total of 150 toys. and there's time for you to help out kid in need with a 13th annual it's kinder time toy drive. abc2 is a proud sponsor. you have until december 22nd to donate new unwrapped toys and drop them off at one of the 15 local wal-mart stores listed at the state barracks or fire station in baltimore or anne arundel counties. they are partnering with ort kids program. drop old instruments off and
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inspire a kid to pick it up and take up music. do you have vinyl records in your home? a husband and wife team in st. petersburg, florida is proving music medium say live. the owners of the music has 3 million records on store. check that out. they began boasting the largest record store i didn't think anyone will argue with that claim. baltimore city police officer is on leave after a weekend run-in with a man wielding knife. sherrie. >> reporter: find out what police say led up to the altercation. that's coming up. see the box behind me? they'll make up for the busiest day in fedex history a behind- the-scenes look coming up. 6:40 on the clock but what's on the thermometer. this is anne arundel county. millersville 21, 26 arnold and 32 by the water at the naval academy. that's a spread but we are chilly and we get to warm up a little bit this week. angela. >> reporter: on the roads right
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now, justin, not seeing major incidents but we are seeing heavy traffic making your way to the baltimore beltway. we will have a complete check of the roadways straight ahead.
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news time 6:44. this is your abc2 news to go. it's a packed monday across maryland. and the u.s. less than two weeks away from christmas and more than a week away from hanukkah. corinne redman is in rosedale where they are gearing up for the busiest shipping day and sherrie johnson is at a baltimore police officer- involved shooting but let's check in with meteorologist justin berk for the morning weather forecast. >> good morning. 6:44. watching a storm system in the south that organized low pressure but winds coming out of the east and just converging here across northern florida and georgia south carolina. and i mentioned that because it's throwing some clouds across the mix and i've seen a few across the sky just enough
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for a beautiful sunrise. if you have a chance to get out there i. suggested our camera pointing southeast from the naval academy down to severn you can see the cloud off on the horizon. a chilly morning and we showed you by the naval academy 32. arnold at 25 and teens inland. far west is deary and we 21 and 17 near frederick and back into the upper 20s for manchester back towards reisterstown. bel bel air is at 23 sitting pretty and a bit frosty and with the sun we will get back to about 40 by lunchtime and we are aiming for a temperature of 45. check out rest of the week and a little warmup in a moment. it's 6:45 and let's look at traffic with angela. >> reporter: starting to see delays around carrot and a new disint accident -- around the area and new accidents. be prepared for delays. if you are traveling on i-95 south of the city starting to see delays here at maryland 175. also north of the city on i-95 this is a live look at 95 at
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maryland 43. and southbound delays as you approach the top side of 695. back to you charley. >> new information while you were sleeping after an officer involved shooting. the situation turned from serious to downright deadly in southwest baltimore. abc2 news sherrie johnson is tracking this with the latest details. she joins us live now. sherrie. >> reporter: well, i have been checking in with nurses at shock trauma and this morning they are telling me 37-year-old southwest baltimore man was in critical condition at last report. he was shot by a baltimore city police officer when authorities say he refused to drop a night. police spokesman says officers were called around 10 last night for a report of a family disturbance at a home on south morley street. officers found the man in an upstairs bedroom where they say he refused to drop a knife. they say he he was argumentive and combative and shot him after they say he advanced towards them. his sister says he suffers from
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skits frena and he was not -- schizophrenia and she was not at home at the time of the incident but says her brother is not prone to violence. internal affairs is investigating the case. the officer involved in the shooting has not been identified. the man accused of trying to assassinate president obama will be in court today a. secret service agents say oscarortega hernandez fired several high powered rifle rounds at white house. police and secret service tracked him down and arrest him in pennsylvania. and jerry sandusky prepares to meet his accusers tuesday for the first time. he is is accused of sexually abusing a number of victims and charged with 60 counts of sexual assault. tomorrow prosecutors must convince a judge there's enough evidence for the matter to go to trial. and new this morning, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire that severely injured 65-year- old woman. it happened just after 10 last night in millersville. neighbors who live next to the home say they saw flames coming from the front windows before
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firefighters were able to arrive. and police are still waiting -- awaiting autopsy results to determine the cause of death of brittany peart. over the state line in newark delaware two hunters found the remains and called police last sunday. peart's mom saw her in july of 2008. three men are behind bars in connection with a murder in edgewood. they are joseph nelson, conraid gaylord and cody wilson. the sheriff's department believes they shot and killed christopher al vis last week. wilson and nelson are held without bond and gaylord is held on a $50,000 bond. and whoa may learn more details about a murder in northwest baltimore. it happened yesterday morning on the violet avenue east park heights. we know is that the victim is a 58-year-old man and police are telling us he was stabbed. we will have more on this throughout the course of the day. this morning governor o'malley will talk about his
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trade mission to india. a news conference is set for 9:30 at the staple house in annapolis. more than 100 business leaders, educators and state officials went along for the 6-day trip. we have been through black friday and signer monday and now -- cyber monday and now this is green monday. today online sales are expected to hit a billion doars. and today, we ex-- did dollars. and today is expected to be a busy shipping day for people like federal express. and corinne redman is live at a distribution center with destation. >> reporter: we have been here live all morning. we have action here. we are at the rosedale in golden ring rosedale area fedex dispri biewtion center. we have been waiting for this all -- distribution center. we have been waiting for this. this is the start of the busiest day in history. they expect to ship 17 million packages just today alone. joining us live is sam and you are in charge of the operation
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here in rosedale. tell me about what goes on behind the scenes for the busiest day in fedex history. >> behind the scenes we start an hour earlier and we have aful crew in. so -- we have a full crew in. the couriers hit the sort is and operation about an hour early and we will hit the road around 8 this morning. >> reporter: tell me, what are people spending this -- sending? >> a little bit of everything. online industry is booming and well. so anything you can find online and buy is what is coming through the system. >> reporter: and tell me about your employees. how do you organize? how many employees do you have and how do you organize a big operation? >> we have roughly about 136 employees this morning and there will be 08 on the road. and -- 80 on the road. and planning begins a month ago. so a lot of the communication last-minute changes. this time of year they are happy to go out and make sure everything is delivered. >> reporter: i would say feels like everybody has been cheerful. coming in now we are saying this is the busiest day in
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history for fed ex but you expect to be busy over the next few weeks. >> we will be our busiest the middle of next week. you can ship a package until the 23rd to have it christmas eve next saturday. >> reporter: you know what makes this the busiest day. >> if you look at our collective companies together, the volume that will be shipped will be the heaviest in the history of the company. >> reporter: heaviest in the history and so right now what's going on on the belt behind me? >> this is our inbound side. we have got 3 different identifyers war packages are split into different areas the station covers they are loading them into the trucks by route to go to the specific addresss and they will finish up in an hour and getting out of here. >> reporter: and into the truck. that's good to know. well also if people want to get the packages out today. they have until 8 tonight to come to a fedex senter. >> yes we close at 8 tonight and the last truck will depart around 8:30 to get stuff out for tomorrow. >> reporter: you hear that.
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that's the busiest day for fedex. all day today you have time to ship something out and i am told the very last day to have the package dlferred by christmas is to ship it -- delivered by christmas is to ship it. reporting live, corinne redman, abc2 news. what length would you go to to hold onto your job. 2/3 of surveyed workers buy a staffing company said they would give up vacation time. and nearly a quarter of them said they would give up their annual bonus and work longer hours without a pay increase or september cape reduction in deb -- accept a reduction in benefits but many draw the line at taking a pay cut or relocating. paris jackson will play in the film longedeen bridge and the three keys. accord -- london's bridge and the three keys. she joins the cast of larry king and his wife and ted lang
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and and there's no word on a release date for the film. five things to know on this monday. funeral services today being held for a virginia tech police officer. police say ross ashley shot crouse before killing himself. funeral for a girl abducted and killed near her north georgia home will be held in puerto rico. her community came together to say bye. a maintenance worker is charged with the child's murder. live picture of the white house where later today president obama will meet with iraq's prime minister. they are going to discuss the future for the country now the u.s. is pulling out following the iraq war. and the price of chocolate could jump because of a shortage of cocoaa beans. manufacturers have ion crease of nuts and other ingredients to bulk out the bars in the extra capacity is not found. the governor will join ray rice and oriole brian roberts hosting a holiday event for
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children and families served by the university of maryland children's hospital. it will take place at port discovery in baltimore and kicks off at five. justin. 6:53. high pressure in control. no doubt it's been cleared, crisp and cold and light winds but the winds helping to pile in the moisture in the deep south. otherwise there's not much action to talk about. a thin ribbon of rain across the heartland and there's freezing rain advisory for wisconsin as this bumps into colder air. that's the only major issue. we have dry real estate between both systems and we get cloudsskirted from the south today and we will see the western system approach heading through midweek and much diminished form. similar to last week with a rain makeer to the west. but i don't think the resurgeent rain will hit us as it swings through. so until then we have a rather ho-hum pattern. 45 degrees the two degree guaranteed high a little below normal this afternoon. and again as for the beautiful sunrise a mix of clouds with the sun today.
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28 overnight. and then checking out the rest of the week, we get back up to the 50s and stay there for sometime and pushing 51 tomorrow and 52 wednesday. and we thicken up the clouds ahead of the system and bringing rain showers on thursday. our high of 56 degrees. and then, pulling it back to 53. the showers likely to depart early on friday. that may turn out to be a nice day. the cult celtics solstice 5 miler is saturday morning this time i think we will be okay. mid-30s to start it off and running through drewit hill and sunshine and -- drew it's hill. and -- druid hill. it's 6:55 and let's check on the 2r56bg with and lars rough -- on the traffic with angela. >> reporter: usual delays in the hot spots. top side of the beltway and west side. also we have an update on the accident in pasadena that's westbound route 100 on the ramp to northbound route 10 so we have some ramp restriction there is. as we mentioned the usual delays as you look at 29 at
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maryland 108. around the beltway, 695 at baltimore national pike, on the west side is where we are seeing the heaviest delays in the usual spot between 795 through past baltimore national pike. quickly before we wrap things up. one of the stories we touched on throughout the morning is the cdc saying you shouldn't eat cookie dough. this is a reaction i wanted to get to. is this something you did as akid. >> a little bit. i mean. cookie dough ice cream is what i cut it at. >> i don't like raw cookie dough. i don't. i would rather bake the cookies. >> the cdc says it's the flour not the theag creates the problem but -- not the egg that creates the problem. they say stop it. go on facebook page and let us know what you think. do you eat the cookie dough. >> you have to lick the bowl. >> that's the same thing. >> no. no. >> let's go to new york for "good morning america and as we say good morning a live look from the statue of liberty. that is newly installed camera.
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what a beautiful skyline shot. [ indistinct conversations ]
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