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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 13, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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one trouble spot, kuren redmond is downtown. police activity. we've blocked the intersection of pratt and light street. expect delays in the area. moving well on our major roads in and around the city, look at u.s. 29 here at maryland 108, southbound lanes, looking light for you there as we work around the beltway to clear construction, road work and maintenance, looking good on the west side at wilkins avenue, no troubles to report on the inner or outer loop topside at providence road. back to you. following breaking news throughout the morning, police have moved in on the occupy baltimore protesters on a raid. we are coming up on two hours since this happened. kuren redmond is live at the scene with the police and what is going on as they clean up the end campment and get the protesters out. >> reporter: this happened before 3:00, we were down here as soon as police moved in. look over my shoulder, police are on the scene, they came
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down in riot gear. it's been peaceful here, we haven't heard of incidents happening this morning. police have pratt street closed and light street closed as well. helicopter activity above to ensure everyone was moving out peacefully. there are police lining the inner harbor around mckeldin square where the protesters set up the camp and they have been for two months. this entire occupy movement has spread across several cities. the purpose is to call attention to income and equality among the poor. the city has been patient with the occupy baltimore protesters letting them catch out for two months. -- camp out for two months. their request for permit extension was denied. over the past two months, there have been news making incidents that have taken place, including a stabbing in the city. a few weeks ago, they shut off
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lek tris toy to the protesters. the major issued a statement, her statement says quote the city of baltimore is committed to protecting individuals rights to protest, public parks and green spaces should not be treated as a permanent campground. the major said my administration is committed to providing outreach and assistance to individuals experience homelessness. people were believed to be homeless who escaped for occupy baltimore movement. the mayor issued the statement a few minutes ago. police have moved in here and in full riot gear, pratt and light street are closed. that will affect traffic as we go on. we will keep a close eye on the situation. we don't know where the protesters are headed or where they are taken, where the city is leading them, we are trying to gather the information and bring you the latest. police are calling this police
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activity, they have not called it a raid yet. we are keeping an eye on it. the . the city has moved in, moving them out. kuren redmond, abc2 news. it's one of the most highly anticipated days in court. sandusky heading to court facing accuser for the first time in the child abuse sex scandal. sherrie johnson joins us live. >> former penn state assistant football coach sandusky will appear in court, facing 40 charges of rape and molestation in a scandal that involved 8 victims. those are expected to testify at this preliminary hearing. the former coach faces one new count of indecent assault and endangering a child's welfare. questions about a eye witness, a pennsylvania paper says
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assistant coach, mike mcqueary told a friend he didn't see sandusky sodomizing a young boy in the showers, but heard sex sounds. this is different from what he told the grand jury about the 2002 incident where he claimed the boy's arms were pinned against the shower walls. >> mcqueary gave a different version or part of the version is like what it sounds, he went in and gave a little bit of what happened but not the entire truth, then it is significant and goes to his credibility before the jury. >> mcqueary is a qee eye witness. sandusky faces 52 counts of sex crimes against boys. >> when that came to light it prompted a massive riot. some of those suspected in causing the damages during the riot are facing charges as well. this is video from the day in november where students flipped the truck, a news truck, 6 students were arraigned yesterday in all, 37 people
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have been arrested in connection with the riots. police expect to charge 8 more people for their involvement in the chaos. a house fire in gop. the fire rekindled, the crews were able to knock it down quickly. the fire destroyed the house and vehicles including an rv. future is looking brighter for the rec center, they are facing a shutdown. a plan in the works could be approved by tomorrow morning. six of the centers will be turned over the private companies. the city will be paying $200,000, to four groups to run the centers. the deal is a major part of stephanie rawlings blake's efforts to run a÷8wábñno carrie0
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may not be a very merry christmas in one pennsylvania town. how the fight over christmas lights may put dimmer on neighborhood festivities. looks like a psychedelic experience but this is meant to
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help children with autism. we will explain when we return on this tuesday. you are watching good morning maryland.
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. good morning maryland. >> some people living in bucks county pennsylvania are fighting a war over christmas lights. the group is going against the homeowners association and ditching the white lights for the colored bulbs. a neighbor was charged $400, $10 a day for 40 days. this year, at it again but with supot of some neighbors. >> we belief that everybody should have the opportunity to celebrate the holiday. >> the president said when you signed to live in the development you agreed to the community rules include displaying nonblinking white lightings for the decorations. a survey of the residents found the majority were not in favor of the colored lights. the rules didn't change.
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rules are rules. if you want your colored lites, we got them on the screen. i want to show you what is carved out here. this is influence of cold air. rain in southern california. san diego, you got feel for them, they get rain two or three months out of the year. rain in the deserts of phoenix. snow across the mountains and rockies. there is a southern branch of the jet stream, injecting energy in to what is happening and pushing across the heartland. that system rides to the west. feeling clouds in to western maryland. we will get those today. we will talk about the influence on that. temperatures this morning under the clear start at 25 joppa. 19 ellicott city. sykesville 28. few extra clouds in the afternoon and high of 52. a little influence in the jet stream could bring some wintery weather here by the weekend we will talk about it next.
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on the roads this morning, as you get ready to head out. major roads looking good. we getting incident. harford county police reporting an stent on westbound pulaski at long bar harbor road. checking i-95, southbound at maryland 32, no troubles to report for you there. here is a look at the north side. area roads looking pretty good for you with a nice pace on the topside of 695, here is a live look downtown at pratt and sharp street. police activity down mckeldin square, at light street, temporarily closed. back to you. moms who have jobs are hemmier than who he those who are unemployed. no difference between the health of mother whose worked part time and those who work full time. stay at home moms may have
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socially isolated themselves than working moms which might increase chances of being depressed. this room the turning heads, call the snooze room. it allows children to use all five senses, developed as calming room, especially for children with autism and cognitive delays. this was created at mercy in st. louis, take a look at that. southern california this morning, could be an adventure. always an adventure. why the plows haded to be called out early and when the weather could be clearing up. good smair answer the -- samaritans save the life of a young giby a car.
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this makes no sense, maybe a white christmas after all in southern california. snow is out there falling. here is what it looks like in los angeles county. a winter storm warning in effect until noon. the plows are out, not many
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drivers on the roads. that may change come the morning commute. drivers are urged to take it easy on the roadways. as we get ready for weather, could you imagine traffic in southern california, just normally? now with snow at play? >> they get it on occasion at the higher elevations. ly take snow any place i can get it. it's december. i'm not going to hide. that i spent too much time doing this thing for a living to let you know, i like what i do and all kinds of weather. we are due for it. 24 baltimore. we've dropped a notch in the last hour. we are warming up in the deep south, 44 atlanta. they were down below freezing last week. we got the persistent flow out of the east, rain showers, southern florida, it's wrapping around this dome of high pressure that has the cold, overhead now. the return of flow, all this moisture in the nation's heartland. we have to watch the disturbance that connects out
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to the pacific. tropical influence, southern california. high elevation snows. across flagstaff, arizona, utah and western colorado. good for them. about time they share that stuff. we are looking at clouds increasing over the next couple of days. storm system passes to the west. we will pass warm air through. thursday we warm up the most this week frontal boundary is going to be a brief passage and loses its punch. we will have showers thursday, thursday night and in to cold air behind it. today, 52 after the frosty start. we start thickening up the clouds the next couple of days, temperatures cloudy tomorrow at 52. 58 on thursday. we drop down, next disturbance could come through early morning saturday and right now it appears we have light snow
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early in the morning. angela? on the roads, tuesday morning, looking pretty ged for the most part -- good for the most part. especially on the main roads. pratt and light street around the intersection, police activity is there. you will have street closures. no problems to report on i-95, maryland 175, northbound and traffic travels through howard looking good. from the easton shore, 50 and i- 97, no problems away across the bridge, 97 looking good all the way up to 695. back to you. incredible story of good samaritans saving a young girl's life. she was hit by a car in china, a group of bistandsers got the girl underneath it. doctors say sh girl is going to
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be fine. iranian experts are in the final stapes of recovering data from a u.s. surveillance dropple captured by armed forces. it malfunctioned. officials deny it was shot down. u.s. is now attempting to pressure iran in to returning the aircraft. minimum wage workers in san francisco will get a boost for the new year and doing a record in the process. how the city plans to help lower paid workers in the area. give someone a perfect gift without going broke this season. a rundown, a list of unique gifts under $25 when good morning maryland continues on this tuesday morning with what is new, now and next, protests broken up, live reports throughout the morning.
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truck. big selling point for the newest model is v6 engine put in the full sized truck. those are also now turbo charged with eco boost helping the truck with overall towing power. san francisco is about to make history, january 1st , the city will become the first to pay minimum wage workers more than $10 an hour. the lowest paid workers earned $10.24 an hour. $2 more than california's minimum wage and $3 more than the federal government's minimum wage out of san francisco. tick-tock, holiday count down in full swing, off few days to come up with the perfect gift without breaking the bank. here are ideas for gifts under $25. gloves you don't have to take off when using the phone. they can be fund on for $20. another item dropping down in price are the wireless ipad keyboards, kitchen gifts, the
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froth -- electric pepper mill for 15 bucks. for the kids, a star trek feeder. kids of almost any age love the power hand. this is going to cost you less than tadollars. -- $25. the pepper mill, man? attempt to repair images, members of the fast are apologizing, the emotional response to saturday's basketball and suspending players left and right. two students trying out for a basketball team are in the hospital recovering after being shot. who officials say is to blame. [ sue ] wow!
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occupy protesters are moved out by police after a early morning raid. a full report coming up. jerry sandusky faces victims in a courtroom this
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morning. what we can expect for the first viewing. lowes pulls ads but had nothing to do with their content. what caused the removal from the airways. that's coming up december 13th. i'm charley crowson. let's head over to meteorologist, justin berk w a check of our tuesday forecast. 5:29, taking you to arundel county. millersville, arnold and davidsonville, a short drive from one place to the other. a spread in temperatures, 24 arlington, echo, 28 degrees. holding at freezing at homestead gardens. i said freezing. it's a little nippy this morning. you may find frost. 24 baltimore. 24 hagerstown. teens up towards york pa. upper 20s to 30s to the delmar va. similar to yesterday. a tila


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