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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  December 13, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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fire in harford county. crews had more concerns earlier this morning. change up your tune as it comes to changing the jersey. texans could be leading the orioles any moment now. all those stories straight ahead. good morning i'm charley crowson. let's head over to meteorologist, justin berk, for a check of the forecast. good morning, straight up 6:00 on a tuesday morning. mount airy, highlight the spread from twin ridge elementary 28, 29 mount airy christian and middle school. arundel, millersville, arlington echoes 27. arnold 27, freezing right now in davidsville. homestead, arlington echo, a 8- degree spread. rutherville elementary, 25 compared to 34 at the maryland science center. widespread frosty. 47 by lunchtime with mix of
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clouds and sun. afternoon temperatures, 20- degree guaranteed high 52. as you get ready to head out tuesday, police activity downtown. kuren redmond will give you the story. a heads up, we have street closures pratt street is closed between howard street and calvert. light street closed between key highway and pratt street. be prepared for those delays. making the drive on i-95 through columbia, it's becoming more crowded here, 175, as we look at 95 knot of maryland 100. you will see the majority of the traffic in the southbound lanes. looking goods for the most part, getting crowded as we check the drive times on the outer loop topside. 6 minutes between ale air and providence road. baltimore city, inner harbor, police conducted a early morning raid on the occupy baltimore protesters who
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have been camping out in the harbor for two months. kuren redmond is lave with details this morning as this thing has reached 3 hours old. >> reporter: police moved in on the occupy baltimore protesters around 3:00 a.m. this morning. they came in full gear closing pratt and light street within the last 15 minutes. re-opened pratt street to the traffic because rush hour this morning. we believe they have started to wrap up the raid here on occupy baltimore, also police came in full riot gear, helicopter activity here earlier this morning, we are not sure where the occupy protesters have gone. police directed them in a different way around the mckeldin square. they have been here for two months. this occupy movement spread across several cities across the country. their purpose was to call e
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quality across the country. stephanie rawlings blake issued a statement regarding this early morning raid. she goes on the say, the city of baltimore is committed to protecting rights to protests. parks and green spaces should not be treated as permanent campgrounds. the mayor said in the statement her administration is also committed to providing outreach and assistance to individuals experiencing homelessness. we are not sure where the protesters went, where the city directed them this morning. we know police cleared out mckeldin square and we will continue to follow this breaking news all morning long, again police have moved in, cleared out the occupy protesters that have been here for the past two months. kuren redmond, abc2 news. we've heard twice from sandusky since accusers come forward claiming he sexually
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abuse them. he will go before a judge today for preliminary hearing. sherrie johnson standing by with reaction and what is likely to take place today. >> former penn state assistant coach, sandusky, faces accusers in court for the first time, this will prove to be a dramatic and emotional hearing. some will explain under oath how sandusky molested them. in what could be a set back for the prosecution, wound telephone key witnesss in the case, penn state assistant coach, mike mcqueary's testimony is called in to question. he said he witnessed sandusky raping a teen boy and told paterno and officials about it. a local paper says a mcqueary friend told the jury he spoke with him the naight of the incident and mcqueary told him he never saw sex, only
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encounter that seemed suspicious. >> mcqueary is the only eye witness as we know. >> any victim is brave. they have to face the person they are accusing. >> his wife is accused of being upstairs when her husband molested boys. she denies the allegations. the attorney general has not said how many will testify today oar what evidence will be presented. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. we are learning about a report regarding children and abuse. child abuse declined. the estimates of the number of victimized children dropped 716 million in 2008. it's now 695,000 in 2010, that's down from 825,000 in 2006. sub committee will hold a hearing examining the child abuse laws. video from a house fire in
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joppa. look at these flames. this started before 7:00 on blue field sickle. that fire rekindleds that crews were knocking it down. they got it under control but the family was not home at the time. sadly though a family pet has been lost in the fire and vehicles including rv. a close eye on a woman who suffered burns in millersville. this happened sunday night. neighbors saw flames coming out of the window before the fire department arrived. the woman suffered burns on 30% of her body. crews offered a word of advice for preventing fires like these. >> some of the devices should be checked and tested beforehand. if they are old, dispose of them. there are new types of lighting devices in use today, especially the l.e.d.
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lighting that doesn't draw as much electricity or become a heating source as the old incandescent type bulbs. the victim remains in the baby burn center. the fire did $300,000 worth of damage to the home. head to for a look at the slide show on what is on top about the fire. incredible flame video. something that's always interesting to see. new this morning, the coroner ruled an inmate who died at a prison died as a result of a homicide. lewis thompson was strangled in his cell, serving a 40 year sentence on a rape charge. no charges have been charged in the homicide. 3.5 million gallons of sewage spilled in to carol creek after a waste treatment facility lost power. it spilled upstream from the
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river. the city says it's water supply was not affected because of the creek enterings the river down downstream. security on the minds of towson students after they received a text message to stay inside because of a robbery on campus. a man walked in to a pnc bank bran and and told tellers he needed cash. it happened around 10:32. by 10:4 the campus knew, 30 minutes later the suspect was found sitting on the ben inch a liberal arts building. the man was taken in to custody by police. orioles declined an offer to scott who becomes a free agent after an jury plagued season where he played 64 gales. scott was acquired by baltimore 2007 in a trade.
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he was hurt most of the 2011 season. emotional plea and touched the lives of dozens who came in cocontact with her. the local motivational speaker now claims to have cancer. drinking and sex, new report has to say about unprotected sex and use of judgment impairment. and gifts can be expense i. we are have some for you under $25 this morning. do you know what these are? back to new york for the latest in business news. good morning, topping america's money, worry and warnings for europe. most overseas markets with were down following warnings from the credit ratings services. moodys, standard and poors and fitch say the debt crisis deal didn't go far enough. disappointment is affecting the commodities markets. gold is at its lowest level in
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back here looking at the local temperatures, we've got this rain from 21, westminster, 24 harford. freezing in stevensville. underneath a clear sky. generally looking at the eastern sea board, officially 25 baltimore. warms up to the 30s and 40s across the deep south. we have ourselves high pressure in control with clear skies, down through georgia. the really important factor with the system is the fact it's not identical to last week but a similar pattern setting up. the band of rain, will rise to our north and west, this could neglects to a piece of energy, see this carved out, trough in the jet stream, bringing cool pocket of stormy weather and rain and snow. that gets injected in to the
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system. will warm up ahead of it. close to 60 thursday, trailing front swings through and we cool down. the backside may spin up another area of low pressure, this is a little similar to what we had last week. we are not going to look at the storm blowing up off the coast. we could have a taste of winter to start the weekend. we will mix in high clouds with the sunshine. low 50s tomorrow, clouds, upper 50s to 60s, late day showers, most of thursday should be dry. ends friday. we are looking saturday morning for the chance of light
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mountain road. expect delays. live look at u.s. 29, maryland, 18. moving well, especially in the southbound direction. as we go live to the beltway, harrisburg, heading towards the beltway, crowding in the southbound lanes past mount cammer road, to the topside of 695. live look at the inner harbor. baltimore city police moved in raiding the camp. traffic returning to normal. it's been three hours since officers moved in, pratt street opened to through traffic getting right side ready for the chute. kuren redmond is on the scene. more coming up in a bit. health news, side effects of breast cancer treatment and chemotherapy and radiation that help save patients lives can come with a cost.
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they may have problems with mental aishts years after treatment. no evidence of cognitive problems from hormonal therapy. virginia woman accused of faking cans tore make money. deputies arrested the motivational speaker accusing her of faking cancer in exchange for cash. martha nicholas was collecting donations based on a medical condition she didn't have. nicholas could never provide anything in terms of single photo of her appearing to have cancer even when profiled for a story. a woman used facebook to
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get money from friends. she told friends and family she was dying. find the story at people who drink too much alcohol are likely to have unsafe sex. it's not clear if drunk is the sole cause or personality traits could come in to play. a slight increase in the blood alcohol level increased the likelihood that participants would have sex without protection. this evidence should be included when it comes to hiv prevention efforts. she is five years old, but parents are frantic. video overnight and images showing a girl hit by a car and what happened afterwards is going to raise your spirits. back now, or been giving back for years. oprah winfrey has not stopped since her show ended. your own lunch.
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5-year-old girl was hit by a car in china. bystanders lifted the car up. he was taken to a hospital and doctors say she is doing fine. columbia, an oil spill left two-thirds of those living in a city without drinking water. pipeline was damaged by a land slide following heavy rains. the oil first contaminated a small river and flowed in to a second river and now drinking water is shipped in. oprah winfrey toured encampment for haitians displaced. winfrey escorted by security guards walked among the tents with shawn penn. they will provide support. winfrey says efforts will be featured in an upcoming program on the network. barack obama and iraq's
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prime minister laid out a wreath honoring the troops. the two leaders met to talk about what is going to happen when troops come home. emily sh mitt has the details. >> reporter: they are about to become history. he shared the stage with iraqi prime minister to mark the end of the war and a normal relationship between two nations. at one time there were 150,000 u.s. troops in iraq. now nearly all the 6000 who remain will be home by december 31st. reunions are happening across the country. monday, nato announced it will withdraw forces as well but there are questions about what fills the void. protesters outside the white
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house worried violence could increase when u.s. troops leave. analysts fear iran could increase influence. president president obama expressed faith in iraq's leader. >> the decisions are being made based on what prime minister maliki believes what is best for iraq, not considerations of what iran would like to see. >> reporter: u.s. will have diplomats and security in iraq, no military bases. more than 4400 u.s. troops died during the war. president obama said the u.s. and iraq have a moral obligation to build a future worthy of their sacrifice. >> homelessness among veterans dropped 12% during the past year. obama administration estimates homelessness among the veterans declined by 12%. in all 67,500 homeless vets. 76,000 homeless counted in the
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year's prior survey. they attribute to drop to getting veterans to participate in a voucher program that reduces housing costs. 6 years old, you are learning to talk, walk and eat correctly. this 6 year old is learning to save lives. christmas present that came early for this young man's mother. we will introduce you to him in a bit.
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having people change their perceptions on it. >> it's a hot topic we are following, your reaction to the ads trying to be pulled from a tv series. one text causes panic. the hundreds of phone calls 911 operators received. good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. let's start this morning as we do everyday with a check of the forecast with meteorologist, justin berk. >> 6:28, it's colds outside. when you check out the almanac, we should be down to 29 degrees, up to 46, the records of 7 and 69, show a widespread
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over a long time frame. 29 normal low. down to 25 baltimore. 28 easton. mid-20s to the west and teens up and through southern pa a. clear skies, high clouds from the west, ahead of the system, that's one that will be the main influence of the weather tbr the next couple of days. today, we start to spread high clouds, similar to yesterday, a frosty start, we will get to a higher temperature than yesterday's afternoon reading by lunchtime. we will push 52 by this afternoon for the two degree guaranteed high. look at traffic with angela. let's hope things are getting better. we found out that the roads re- opened downtown on pratt street. you should be able to get through just expect delays as you travel through the area. let's check your drive on 95, south of the city, southbound, maryland 32, moving good there, southbound


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