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tv   News  ABC  December 14, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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♪ jif to go goes anywhere ♪ jif to go goes here, goes there ♪ ♪ jif to go goes everywhere ♪ goes here, goes there ♪ jif to go, wherever you go interim president of the amateur athletic union, and sexual abuse allegations. what the organization plans to do next. >> a medical marijuana dispensary is closing its
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doors. what they plan to do with the pot. >> and doors stay open for last-minute shoppers. how long? we'll let you know on this wednesday, december 14th. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. we have 10 shopping days left until christmas morning. so, get out there and get it done. time to check in with the forecast with meteorologist justin berk. >> funny how you put things in perspective. you say 10 shopping days. i say 10 days for flakes. i got tunnel vision. >> you have tunnel vision and i'm the procrastinator. it's cold, the clouds came back in. you may not see much from annapolis. we have not had much in the way of cloudiness during the mornings this week but it's been mighty frigid. this morning it's a little bit milder thanks to the cloud cover. 38 arnold, 39 sparrows point.
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a pocket of chillier air to the west in ellicott city and they are normally cooler in the valley at 28 degrees. 33 v#ta÷laurel. down in the mid-30s again from westminster back towards sykesville. we have clouds coming in with rain in west virginia and that little slug of moisture will try ever so hard to get across the mountains. i had to account for at least a chance of showers coming in anywhere from midday through the afternoon. we'll get up to 52 degrees. we have two shots of at least light snow or flurries in the forecast. we'll explain in a few minutes. here's angela with traffic. >> right lane reopened on i-95 southbound through jessup. that is just past 175 approaching route 32 but still very slow getting past the accident scene. you may want to jump on route 29. southbound lanes a little heavy at 29 and maryland 108 but still a better bet instead of i-95 heading through howard county this morning. as we look live at the jfx here this is just before the bottle
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neck situation northbound on 83 between northern parkway and ruxton road. your right travel lane taken out there. and we're a bit sluggish on the top and west side of the beltway as we check our drive times, top side outer loop from bel air to providence eight minutes now. also eight minutes on that outer loop west side from 795 to i-70. back to you. amateur athletic union is set to announce changes to its policy. the announcement comes after a sexual abuse investigation started in tennessee around the former president. if you look at the timeline of events penn state, syracuse, now this. >> reporter: that's right. they have a lot of things going on today, and we'll get to it. the aau called a news conference in jearld today, it's expected to announce the formation of two task forces to look at the internal protocols and policies for athlete safety. memphis police say investigators are trying to follow up on allegations that ex-aau president bobby dodd
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molested children 30 years ago but they have not yet received a formal victim complaint. investigators have received information from the aau about accusations but are not saying whether they are investigating one or several. the interim president of the aau spoke about what the organization did after reports first surfaced on espn. >> like syracuse and citadel we acted immediately. we didn't wait six months to find out if this was a protective thing because of a executive director. we acted immediately. we formed our own internal investigative process. and then once we found out who the accusers were we immediately went to the police department. we didn't sit on this. no one has acted any more properly than the amateur athletic union regarding these accusations. >> reporter: the 63-year-old bobby dodd retired last month. the aau says he has colon
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cancer. an unusual sight in miami, florida. a police car vertical on a utility pole. the officer was apparently reaching down to get a dropped pen and wasn't paying attention and well, you see the result. the officer was not hurt but suffice to say a bit embarrassed. watch your screen. look at the truck in kansas city, missouri, a suspected burglar decided to break into a store earlier this month. that suspect backed into the front door. the officers say the suspect stole $1,000 worth of goods and caused $80,000 in damages to the store. bizarre story from california. this may be the most unusual going out of business sale ever. a medical marijuana dispensary is going out 6 business so it's planning a pot giveaway. it's happening friday. with police cracking down on dispensary owners a lot of them forced to close, they are focusing on the larger fight and making medical marijuana completely legal. looks like the presidential dollar coin will be a thing of
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the past. why the treasury department says they are going to stop making the money and how much they are claiming it will save. plus, the vermont man has a divine idea and in time for the holidays. as we go to break, we go to the gateway city. a live look courtesy of earth guam, in st. louis, missouri. @póo
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that good morning coming to you from the kids at the y in central maryland. 2-year-olds. good morning to you, thank you for beingum with us. changes in store on the money front. it will save the federal government $50 million a year. production has been stopped on some of the dollar coins. back in 2005 you may recall congress mandated the treasury
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mint dollar coins with the likeness of every dead president. now the treasury says they've gotten enough coins to sit around for the next decade so they will stop and save $50 million a year. for the procrastinators macy's announces it will keep more than a dozen stores along the east coast and midwest open for 82 consecutive hours. this is going to begin on december 1st for the last-minute shoppers. they can get in there and get what they need. again, 82 hours beginning on december 21st and wrapping up at 6:00 on new year's eve. now to a divine idea in time for the holidays. a vermont businessman designed the holy toastmaker. your bread pops up with the image of jesus christ on it. he said the idea popped up a year ago when he bought a toast we are a cartoon character on it. for $32 you have your choice, a peace sign, star of david, virgin mary and of course jesus christ. put your hands on the wheel
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and your cell phone in your pocket. >> the nationwide push by the federal government to put more focus on your driving and less on your social life, coming up. >> plus, more than 300 occupy wall street protesters will go before a judge this week. the charges members of that group are now facing. the action the fcc plans to take in getting those blaring commercials turned down. >> not as cold this morning but we have cloud cover. no snow but a little rain starting to creep into western maryland and we're tracking what is happening in the ohio valley. could creep in here late morning to midday, would leave showers. we have shots of snow, we'll talk about that next. >> we cleared out those accident scenes but starting to see a lot of volume delays around the beltway and some other major roadways. we'll have a complete check coming up. ♪
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good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. we have a lot going on so let's get right to it with
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meteorologist justin berk. justin, things have been really calm here lately. we need snow, man. >> we need something. we need everyone to go to facebook and because under that mug and video you put up this morning, theresa wrote the nicest thing. good morning to her. she said her grandson is also named justin. she's paying very close attention to what i say. this is for you. good morning. we've got more clouds this morning and as a result of those clouds, like a blanket, it kept us up. not too much of a spread of temperatures. the clouds rolled in which means we don't have sun glare to fight for the the morning commute but also rain in west virginia and ohio. it's crept farther east than a lot of models indicated. i'm going off models here and the chance of showers trying to creep in midday into the afternoon, especially to our west. we'll shoot our temperatures back up into the low 50s and mostly cloudy day. yes, we have two chances of at least light snow. we'll talk about that in a moment. here's angela with traffic. >> we reopened all lanes on the
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jfx northbound approaching 695. so we're back up to speed there. as you get ready to head out and normally take the harrisburg expressway southbound 83 now slow approaching timonium. we're looking at a live shot of 95 at maryland 175, it's going to get a bit heavier once you pass 175 heading to the capitol beltway. there's a live look at our beltway, 695 at providence road, starting to see a fair amount of volume delays on the beltway's outer loop as you approach providence road. also the west side with pocket delays from i-795 to baltimore national pike on the outer loop lanes. back to you. the national transportation safety board can't impose restrictions so it's asking states to pick up the fight and invoke bans across the board. sherrie johnson has the story. we were first told no handheld cell phones, no talking.
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now they are saying the whole thing, hands-free, all of it, forget it. >> reporter: the basic thing is they just want your eyes on the road and steering wheel and focused so we don't have to lose any more lives. basically we've been doing a little digging this morning and found texting and driving is banned in 35 states and the district, handheld cell phone use is outlawed in 10 states and district but it's not good enough. a warning shot went out from the nation's top safety officials. the ntsb put any driver who talks on a cell phone or sends a text message behind the wheel on notice. the ntsb says enough is enough already. they say states need to take action, tough action and are calling for phones to be off limits while you're in the car. this means no hands-free devices, no bluetooth and for anyone who does not comply with the penalties it could be pretty steep. distracted drivers cause 600,000 crashes and 3,000 deaths each year. the ntsb is calling this a full-fredged crisis on the nation's roads. >> you need full focus i think
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to operate a car, to navigate, especially in the city. >> we know that accidents happen in the blink of an eye. you have to be paying attention all the time. you never know what call, what text, or what post could be your last if you're doing it behind the wheel. >> reporter: right now texting or e-mailing on your phone is a primary offense in maryland. talking on your phone is a second dear offense. you can be cited for it if the officer first catches you doing something else illegal. aaa plans to push for talking with your phone without a hands-free device a primary offense in the upcoming legislative session. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> what do you think in head to the official facebook fan page, leave your thoughts. is a total ban on all portable devices behind the wheel needed? ok, texting makes sense, but they are calling for a all out ban across the board, no phones at all. go to and weigh in. a baltimore man is expected
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to be extradited back to baltimore city after police say he raped a woman. officers and u.s. marshals made that arrest in charlotte, north carolina yesterday morning. this is a picture of that suspect. kendall thomas lynn accused of rape and assault of a woman back in december 2006. u.s. marshals are not saying how they tracked lynn down to charlotte, north carolina. more than 300 occupy wall street protesters will be in the new york courtroom this week. defense lawyers say 160 arrests in october are due back in court today. some have court dates tomorrow. others have them friday. most of the demonstrators were arrested for disorderly conduct in the charges. the operator of a baltimore incinerator agreed to pay nearly $78,000 in fines to fill an aelected air pollution alleged air pollution violation. the department of environment says the incinerator exceeded its mercury emission limit during a 2010 compliance test. they reported an employee
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mistakenly shut you off a mercury control system. a maryland senator and new york senator are going to introduce a bill to create two new stricter civil penalties for those trying to intimidate or suppress voters. cardin and schumer say the proposal is narrowly tailored to apply to communications to the last 90 days of the election cycle. you'll soon pay more for a cab ride in the nation's capital. prices going up 44%. cab drivers complained the fare structure is hurting their revenues and the fares are lower than other jurisdictions. the new rates could go into effect as soon as february 3rd. today mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will unveil plans to make the inner harbor swimmable and fishable by 2020. it's part of a partnership and involved with the living classrooms foundation. it hopes to come up with solutions to things like trash, sewage leaks and stormwater runoff.
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the news conference is set for 10:30 this morning. the department of education says graduation rates in maryland show an achievement gap in minority especially between men and women. graduation reports say among the women out there, they are much higher hand their male counterparts. we're learning more about the athletic programs in jeopardy now at the university of maryland. "the new york times" reports that the track program needs more than $4 million by july 1st or it will be cut. that and five other programs at maryland will be eliminated unless more money can be found in the coming months. a web site has been created to donate to the track programs. we're working now to get the story on our web site, -- in 10 minutes you can
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read more on how to donate. southwest airlines is bwi marshall's biggest carrier. southwest placed a huge order for more fuel efficient boeing 737s. it's the largest order ever for boeing. 208 planes with a price tag of $19 billion. >> we're very excited about that. it brings in a lot of efficiencies, a lot of fuel savings. it's quieter. it's more climate friendly. >> the planes are expected to be arriving by 2017. american flight attendance are none too thrilled with actor alec baldwin. they want his show "30 rock" removed from his flight. he was kicked off when he refused to turn off his phone, according to the airline. the flight attendant's union said they would retract the petition to remove the show if
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baldwin apologizes to the attendants. a particle to show unsolved mysteries about the universe. a press conference for this is set for later today. time now five things to know on this wednesday. president obama will visit troops in fort bragg, north carolina. thousands of troops from the base will help close down operations in iraq. the president and first lady will be on hand thanking troops and their families for their service. >> the man accused of firing shots at the white house in an attempt to kill president obama in november will be back in court this morning. oscar hernandez is going to have a 9:30 court date to determine if he's competent to stand trial. lindsay lohan will be back in a los angeles courtroom this morning. a judge wants to determine whether the actress is keeping up with her strict probation requirements, that includes working at least 12 days a month in the county morgue.
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and singer fantasia had a baby boy. "people" reports the "american idol" winner gave birth tuesday to dallas barrino in north carolina. the baby was healthy. no word yet on who the baby's father is. barbara walters revealed her 10 most fascinating people of 2011. in a primetime special tonight. the special could have profiled the life of the kardashians, pippa middleton and derek jeter, starts 9:30 on abc2. if you're tired of the commercials being so loud you can't hear them from another room, relief may be on the way. a new federal rule will prohibit commercials from being display louder than tv shows. the fcc imposed the rule tuesday after a flooding of complaints. that won't take effect though for another year. we'll try to keep the volume down. maybe one or two things to shout from the hilltops. with the clouds at 36 degrees, a milder start but a darker
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start for you. especially for your commute, at least you won't have to fight off much sun glare. to the west a warming trend to the 40s and 50s ahead of this storm system. high pressure still in control. that high pressure trying to protect us but there's this slug of moisture that continues togance farther east -- to advance farther east and we're accounting for the chance of showers trying to sneak in here late morning to early afternoon. it's really attached to a storm system that will stay to our northwest. this is essentially a warm front. once it comes through and there's a chance of late evening showers to the north in pennsylvania, it will bring in warmer temperatures. we will have ourselves a push into the 50s today, and even warmer tomorrow. there's the frontal boundary. the computer models haven't done too great of a job lately. as we head through tomorrow there may be a brief shower passing in the afternoon. the front slides overnight. we'll see the tail end of the front that could camp up to the cold air close enough for at least flurries to start the weekend. 52 today, mostly cloudy and shower is possible late morning to midday. and looking for temperatures
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upper 50s to near 60 tomorrow. the threat of showers and rain will be in the afternoon, more so in the dark hours overnight. 52 friday. friday night and saturday morning there could be flurries especially south of baltimore. another more potent system in the cold air by sunday morning could bring snow showers especially to the local ski areas. on the roadways, northern baltimore county getting reports of an accident on middletown road near walker road. be prepared for a slowdown there and all our routes heading into the beltway, crowding up now, u.s. 29 also crowding in the southbound direction. as you make your way towards the dc side. here's a live look at the west side of 695 where we're seeing heaviest delays, seeing inner loop and outer loop delays here at wilkens avenue. >> remember the news is always on at, 24/7. time to go to new york for "good morning america." we'll be back in 25 minutes for a check of weather and traffic and news.
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