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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  December 15, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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district over alleged bullying. i'm sherrie johnson, more on that case as the trial starts. >> and a energy merger, what is expected to happen today? on this thursday, december 15th. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. we're almost inside the weekend and ever closer to christmas. let's check the forecast with lynette charles >> happy friday eve to you and everyone out there. we're looking pretty good right now but for the headlines, you may not like this, the wet weather could move in as we go into the afternoon. we could see scattered showers in the forecast. it will become windy as we go into tomorrow and more sunshine is in the forecast for the weekend. as we look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar as of now though we are nice and dry, we will stay that way as we go through this morning and into the early afternoon time frame but then we start to see the wet weather possibly working its way in here. as we check out temperature this morning your heading out the door, 45 degrees. while this should be the high for this time of year, so it's not really too bad but i suggest you take the coat with you.
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also take the rain gear because as we go into the afternoon that is when you're going to need the rain gear. in sykesville temperature now went from 42 to 41 so you got a new update on your way out the door. let's go to angela with the traffic. good morning. >> good morning. and good morning, everyone. on your way out this morning still following the serious accident in harwood on route 2 at polling house road. now getting reports of an overturned vehicle in the gwynn oak area on whitehead road at security boulevard. police on scene there. if you're making the drive down 29 this morning, southbound getting a bit heavier as you make your way through the columbia region. also a live look at i-95, we're seeing more traffic in the southbound direction here. this is 95 going through rosedale making your way to the top side of 695. not seeing any problems as far as your drive times are concerned. once you get past that point on 95 southbound from whitemarsh boulevard to 695 looking at about a six-minute drive. back to you. happening now, live pictures out of baghdad, iraq,
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where u.s. defense secretary leon panetta arrived overnight to formally shut down the 9-year war in the country. he and other u.s. leaders took part in the symbolic ceremony where the u.s. flag and forces were officially retired about an hour ago. the u.s. invaded iraq in march 2003. this is a live look at what is going on now. 4,500 troops lost their lives, thousands injured and price tag roughly $800 billion. while you were sleeping 20 miners made it out alive in a rock burst outside of a mine in idaho. it happened in the western part of the state. about two hours east of spokane, washington. medics took seven of the miners to a hospital. they had minor injuries. right now anne arundel county police are looking for a man accused of raping a woman. authorities say it happened yesterday morning in glen burnie. the victim allegedly met the suspect at a bar and they were walking in the 300 block of hospital drive when she says he sexually assaulted her. police say the suspect has tattoos on his neck, twists in
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his hair and this is a composite sketch. if you recognize this person or can help call anne arundel county police. police in the district of columbia will hold a news conference to announce a campaign to help catch a man linked by dna to several sexual assaults and murder in the washington area. today officials will unveil a web site dedicated to drawing attention to that case. the man is suspected in nine attacks on women from 1991 to 1998. and the murder of a 28-year-old woman in georgetown. a new wide-ranging study shows rape and sexual assaults are more common than people think. the centers for disease control and prevention surveyed 9,000 women and 7,400 men. among findings one in four women say at some point they were violently attacked by husbands or boyfriends. one in five women say they've been the victim of a rape or attempted rape. the results from the cdc survey come as a surprise to some experts on sexual violence who say it's not common for victims
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to feel intimidated by attackers or feel law enforcement won't believe them or possibly even help them out. >> i think a lot of crimes we see here at the agency, they feel that way, well, i sort of knew it was coming and i tried to protect myself and nobody was there to protect me. >> this is the first year for the cdc survey and plans to conduct one every year from now on. you can view the entire survey at our web site, a shocking survey at the university of vermont, got one from terp -- fraternity in pretty hot water. they are under suspicion. more on the questionnaire and what some fraternity members may have said. >> it's shocking they would even put this out there but they did and now they are in hot water. the question started as routine but ended with a shocking inquiry. if someone could rape someone who would it be? the leadership of the fraternity's national office
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were on the ground in burlington yesterday looking into the document that surfaced on-line earlier this week. uvm temporarily suspended the fraternity and talking with students to collect more information but to make matters worse the fraternity is already on probation for alcohol violation and now they face additional sanctions. the university could also dissociate itself with the from -- that fraternity. it says it would consider expelling students behind the questionnaire. news time 6:05. today the governor will make an announcement about a proposed merger between exc elon and constellation energy. a news conference will be 9:30 this morning at the statehouse. baltimore parents are taking action after they say their son was bullied and taunted by children. baltimore city educators did nothing to help. he had abc2 news' sherrie johnson live with more on this developing story. >> reporter: we have the
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court documents here detailing what the parents say happened here. why they are so upset. in a few hours right here at courthouse east that trial is all set to begin. the sullivan family has filed a lawsuit against the school board of commissioners and the principal of hazelwood and glenmount elementary school and middle schools. seana and edmund sullivan say their 10-year-old was bullied and taunted by classmates at two baltimore city schools. sean is a special needs student and parents say he was tormented by classmates at hazelwood elementary school and that the school system did nothing about it. the couple says they went to the principal numerous times but the bullying wasn't stopped. the last straw they say was when their son was attacked outside of the school. they say he was chokedded until he passed out. the couple then moved their son to glenmount which was also a problem. the bullying continued and they say she received no help from administrators. the parents hope this trial
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will send a message for the school system to stop the bullying. i contacted baltimore city schools and a spokesperson told me that the district does not comment on active or pending litigation. once again that trial starts at 9. 30 this morning right here at courthouse east. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. right now police are searching for a suspect in connection with a shooting in east baltimore. this happened before 7:00 last night in a barber shop near the 2200 block of harvard road. police say the male victim was probably shot as part of an attempted robbery. they say critical condition. a man accused of breaking into a model apartment building in towson is now held without bail this morning. police say that gerald diggs got into three different units at a complex on southerly road. what he did, he made himself at home, he made dinner, slept in a bed and used the display towels. the realty company who rents the building found him on december 5th. he was charged with burglary and theft.
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abc2 news exclusive for you this morning, "good morning maryland" spoke with former maryland governor bob ehrlich at a coffee shop in annapolis yesterday. we also learned he wants his friend and former massachusetts governor mitt romney to be the next u.s. president. >> he is a problem-solver. this country today demands a problem solver, strong manager, with regard to the olympics, with regard to job creation and private sector an his record has proven he's a leader. >> governor ehrlich's book centers around social issues like education and race. it also gears up for next fall's presidential election. mr. ehrlich released the book in november, plans to make the appearances on national network shows. the mega millions jackpot has climbed up to $135 million for tomorrow night's drawing. one harford county man knows what it is like to strike it
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big. jose antoinetta from havre de grace won $1 million in the powerball game. he bought the ticket at a liquor store on revolution street. what does he plan to do with the money? he's going to pay off his house, pay off credit cards and visit family in florida. u.s. mint unveiled its designs for two new coins highlighting fort mchenry's role in the war of 1812. it marks the 200th anniversary of the writing of the star spangled banner during the battle of baltimore. 200,000 gold coins and 500,000 silver coins will be minted and on sale beginning in march. moneys raised will be given to the war of 1812 bicentennial commission. abc2 news launched a new i-pad app this week. a great way to stay connected to what is happening new, now and in your town and also around the world 24 hours a day. if you don't have an i-pad no worries, we've got you covered
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there as well. the apps can also be used on other smartphones including the i-phone. we have you covered there too. one woman in florida is feeling much better this morning following her search on craigslist. what she found and how her health is now improved over what she did uncover. plus, a routine cable repair turns terrifying for one technician. what made this man run from the job. lynette? >> maryland's most powerful doppler radar is dry now. but i'll tell you when the wet weather is going to move in and when it's going to move out. and the cold air will replace that. coming up. >> on the roadways, route 2 in the harwood area, a pretty serious accident we're following. we have possible alternates for you. coming up next. good morning. topping "america's money" -- poverty growing. the latest censustata shows 70
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million americans fall into the low income category. another 49 million are below the poverty line. the insurance industry says cars are getting safer. it's given top awards for 115 cars this year, the most ever. toyota and its brands have the most models on the list, 15. general motors has 14, and there are 13 from volkswagen. more of us will be hitting the road for the holidays this year. a a expects nearly -- aaa expects nearly 92 million americans to travel a significant distance. overall travel will be up but the travel club says air travel will go down 11%. and "forbes" says lady gaga "far and away" was the top earning woman in the business this year, more than the combined earnings of taylor swift and katy perry. that is "america's money." i'm sunny hostin.
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you never know what you are going to encounter on a service call. a cable repair man in new jersey hailed an un-bearable experience. he discovered this animal, in the basement. david cornine says he was just doing his job fixes the cable when he heard a growl. let's listen to dave. >> i heard the growls and heard him growling, didn't know what it was. kept on working. heard it a few more times. and just kept on working and flashed my light around, finally saw him and ended up throwing the light, my tools and ran out. >> the animal evolution, people. workers tranquilized the bear and got him to safety. what is your safety tv show? president obama says he's a fan of two popular cable shows, hbo's "boardwalk empire" and showtime's "homeland."
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mrs. obama and the daughters enjoy "modern family." the president and first lady talked about life in the white house in an interview with "people." my new favorite show now is "revenge." >> you like that? >> yeah, good one. >> give us abc2 programming. i'm going to pump the weather. right now not too bad. 46 degrees in baltimore. roanoke 41. hatteras right now 51. st. louis at 60. and to go further west, 36 degrees into des moines now and that is courtesy of a cold front that is dropping through the area. there's a cold front there and this is going to be pushing into our region as we go through the rest of today and we'll get cooler air in. in the meantime that mild air is definitely being pumped in. you can see rain on the map here. we have a chance for the showers to move in as we go into the afternoon so as you head out and about this morning this is what i need you to take with you. i need you to take a coat. you won't need it so much in the afternoon but you'll also
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need that umbrella that i need to you take with you this morning. as we look at future trend, well, that line, you see that potent line of showers there. that starts to weaken a bit as we if into the afternoon -- go into the afternoon. your rush hour may be a little wet, take it easy out there. but i do believe it will be scattered in nature meaning not everybody is going to get wet as we go into the afternoon. on the back side of the system, that cold front will pump in cooler air. so maybe some snow showers into western pennsylvania, around the great lakes, here at home we won't be dealing with any snow. 57 degrees for today. it's going to be a mild one. with those afternoon showers, maybe even lingering into the evening. by tonight that temperature will be around 42 degrees, not as cold outside. and tomorrow temperature around 49 degrees, mostly cloudy, the big story for tomorrow, it will be windy. a check of the 7-day forecast, i think you're going to like the weekend. it gets a little colder with -- but more sunshine is in the forecast. that will continue as we go into the first part of the
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week. as we see showers possible on tuesday. then wednesday the sunshine returns with that temperature close to 50 degrees. angela? tell us about the traffic. >> we're following a pretty serious accident in harwood, route 2 blocked with a downed pole and wires at polling house road. anne arundel county police say route 468 is going to be your best bet to get around the entire accident scene. in the meantime, i-95 at maryland 175 northbound gets a little heavy approaching 695. here's a live look at the top side of 695. no incidents reported to complicate your drive there. also no problems to report for those of you making the drive on 95 passing maryland 100. our drive times still looking pretty good for the most part on the west side outer loop. 695 from 795 to i-70, going to take you about seven minutes. a florida woman finds a kidney donor in the most unusual place. 28-year-old selina hyde in craigslist in july, put an ad,
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received hundreds of responses and one just miles from her palm beach gardens home. it was a life-saving match. >> it's amazing that somebody would put their life out to a complete stranger >> kidney donors are true heroes. they have nothing to gain from the procedure and it's actually a gift of love. >> the 23-year-old stephanie grant was the person that stepped in to help. the surgery was successful. they will remain in the hospital for the next few days so doctors can closely monitor their recoveries. so far the family said both women are doing just fine. so, you think we're still greedy and not a giving nation? think again. here are a few random acts of kindness taking place all over the united states. there's a holiday mystery in minneapolis, has people in great spirits. someone is leaving $1,000 in salvation army kettles, five in the area to be exact. keep it in mind. in montana, a man walked into a local k-mart and made christmas special for a few lucky families. he went to the layaway
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department and said he wanted to pay off some customers' bills. it cost him more than $1,000 to do so. >> he walked in and wanted to pay for some layaways i asked him what ones he wanted -- he said some that weren't going to have christmas. i want to relieve their payments. i thought maybe pay off one or two. he ended up paying the whole list. >> same thing happened earlier this month in michigan. this week it also happened in the state of nebraska. you still have time to make the holiday season brighter for many area children. the annual it's kindertime toy drive is available until december 22nd. this is a live look at the abc2 studios. we'll head out there in a moment. you can donate new unused toys and also used instruments. the dropoff sites outside of the abc2 studios or walmart stores, and also fire station in anne arundel county and
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baltimore counties. for more information go to controversial bill on display -- billboard on display in new zealand. why the church that puts it up says it's trying to achieve their meaning. an unusual find on the island in the coast of vancouver. why it may be related to the japanese tsunami. we'll be right back. 6:20. >> hey, this is from kuwait. hello to my mom and dad, merry christmas and happy new year's in maryland. my proper, hope you guys are doing great. love you and miss you, hope to see you soon. óo
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in eastern india, at least 200 people dead, dozens more in the hospital after drinking moonshine. police say 600 people drank the
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illegal beverage and the death toll could rise. four people who sold the cheap liquor have since been arrested. a afghan woman who was sent to prison after being raped is now out of prison. her plight gained national attention when she agreed to marry her attacker to gain her freedom and legitimatemides your daughter. it's been nine months since the devastating earthquake and tsunami that rocked japan. the debris was pulled back out to sea. since march it's been carried through the currents across the pacific and a huge floating debris island now making its way on the west coast. the first may be washing ashore. take a look. >> friends said they found unusual amounts of bottles and items with asian writing on it. >> some of the speculation is that the debris that washed ashore along vancouver in an island in canada is directly related to the last spring earthquake and tsunami that
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rocked japan. look at this massive flooding in parts of new zealand. a state of emergency declared across the island. heavy rains caused a mess and roads destroyed by mudslides. hundreds of people being forced to flee from their homes. a billboard controversy in new zealand, a sign showing the virgin mary holding a positive pregnancy test. the church said it was meant to spark conversation that is why they didn't include text under the photo. they want you to imagine what her situation must have felt like. newstime 6:25. a dramatic scene on tape. a man faces a string of charges as he's driving his truck through a store. what police say this man -- take a look at this video, what he was trying , it's going to shock you on this thursday morning. you're watching "good morning maryland."
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i'm corrine redmond. when it comes to marriage in this country many people are choosing to say i don't. i'll explain coming up. >> a report on the number of teens. smoking and drinking, now out. one says it's up, the other says it's down. and investigators may have
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uncovered more than they originally thought in the hazing incident at florida am. what information that school uncovered about the school barnd. all that -- band. all that coming up on this thursday, december 15th. i'm charley crowson. let's go to lynette charles with a look at the forecast. what can you expect? >> they can expect mild temperatures and as we go through the day we could see rain in the forecast. grab the rain gear. let me show what you is going on now, as we look at the satellite and radar, it's picking up on clouds but there is a little bit of a break around dc heading into howard county. we will get a little bit of mixture of sun as we go throughout the day but mainly we will be cloudy so don't think we're going to see lots of sunshine. satellite and radar expanded out, you can see the rain i was just talking about with charlie, that is going to start to move in through the afternoon time frame but all in all it will start to die down a little as we go into time. right now the temperatures are on the mild


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