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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  December 16, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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i am sherrie johnson with more on the army analyst accused of releasing classified information. today he heads to military court. a teen is killed in a tragic accident along a busy baltimore county road. details of what his family is saying this morning. >> and new developments in the penn state sex abuse scandal. who heads to court today. and what a judge could decide. those stories and much more ahead on this friday december 16th. good morning, i am charley crowson. time for a check of the weather and we say good morning to meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning. hope you are having a good friday morning. we are dealing with cloud cover across the area as we check out the satellite and radar compositings. but we are not dealing with rain -- composits, we are not -- composits, we are not dealing with -- composits. we are not dealing with rain. temperature into baltimore coming in at 51. the last time i showed you, it was around 56. you can see the temperatures are beginning to fall.
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and that's the story as we go throughout the day. speak of going throughout the day, well, the temperature will be right around 49 degrees at noon. and then 47 by 4 p.m. and we will get a mix of sun and clouds and i think we will have a little more cloud cover than the sunshine. let's go over to angela with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning ever whyone. starting to get -- everyone. starting to get busy as traffic involves increase on 259, bw parkway northbound drive is sluggish approaching 695 on up to russell street. we are still in great shape on u.s. 29 at maryland 108. traffic volume is increasing as we mentioned but no reported delays. also, a bit crowded u.s. 50 at i-97. so expect sluggish conditions there. as far as drive times are expected this morning, so far not a lot of extra time needed. as you make your way on the west side of 695, just a 6 minute drive make your way to i- 70. >> gl later this morning a hearing is expected to get
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underway regarding the wikileaks fallout involving a army analyst accused of laboring classified documents and sherrie johnson is here with new reaction and how the hearing differs from the civilian court hearing. sherrie. >> reporter: yes, today fort meade will host a high-profile military hearing. he is accused of leaking thousands of classified army sake rites toking withy leaks among the items he is handing -- accused handing over a video showing a helicopter crew laughing while killing 11 men this hearing will determine if manning's case moves to a court martial. hearing will lay the groundwork for future proceedings. >> it's tantamount to a grand jury proceeding. it has important different aspects. most important is the accused actually gets the right to attend the article 32 hearing. his attorney gets the right to cross examine and present
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witnesses. >> reporter: now supporters see manning as a whistle blower who helped expose military problems. he has a facebook fan page and if you come over here, it is called occupy fort meade support bradley manning. there's over 13,000 likes on this page and today at 8 a.m., they are having a protest in support of bradley. and it's happening at fort meade at main gate at 8 a.m. it gives you directions and the location at maryland 175 and reese road. so again, lots of people posting on here this morning talking a little bit about this issue whether you are for him or against him and they are planning a protest at 8 this morning at fort meade. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. two former penn state administrators head to court for a preliminary hearing. gary schultz and the athletic director tim curley are charged with lying to grand jury and failing to report child sex abuse allegation against jerry sandusky. a judge will decide if the cases should go to trial.
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baltimore county police are trying to determine what caused a deadly pedestrian accident that killed a high school sophomore. it happened yesterday afternoon at the corner of putty hill and wilson avenues in parkville. authorities say the 16-year-old ryan chase was hit by two cars he's tried to cross the street. we are told both drivers are cooperating and no charges have been filed yet by police. news of this accident spread quickly as family members you can only imagine how horrible this is nine days until christmas. we spoke with his family and this morning abc2 news is is standing by to share -- news is standing by to share more. it's a heart breaking story. >> reporter: it is and the family is searching for the just that, answers. ryan chase's family gathered at a home. as you can imagine they are deeply devastated by the news of the death. ryan turned 16 earlier this month. family members say his brother is a baltimore city police officer. they say he walked on east putty hill avenue about every
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day to and from school and he would have been well aware the stretch of road could be dangerous at times. family members shared memories of ryan saying he could be quiet at times. but his focus was always on school. they said he was bright and competitive student as a sophomore at parkville high school and wanted to become a scientist. >> real smart. real, real smart child. straight a honor roll student. he was talking about was being a scientist e always wanted to be -- he always wand to be more than what anybody -- wanted to be more than what anybody else was doing. >> reporter: this accident is under investigation but the family says they want more information about what happenedin the in the moments leading up to his death. corinne redman, abc2 news. teen is in the hospital after being shot by officers following a chase. authorities say the 19-year-old didn't stop when officers tried pulling him over. he led them through a chase through baltimore city and baltimore county. the driver pulled no a neighborhood in highland area and hit two police cars
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injuring one officer e then got out of the -- he he then got out of car pointed a-- he then got out of the car pointed the weapon at himself and then at police and that's when they opened fire. police are -- 35-year-old charles ductett's body was found in the reservoir e was a sanitation worker in washington, d.c. montgomery county police say there are no signs of trauma nor any signs of foul play. a woman arriving at dulles airport is accused of trying to sneak in close to $50,000 in the u.s. custom agents say the 52-year-old stashed the money inside envelopes and a book and cell phone holder along with several other small items. court documents shows she lied three times to authorities about the amount of money she was carrying be a she is -- and she is charged with violating federal currency reporting regulation. meat loaf dinners sold by harris teeter are being recalled. it contains anchovy but it's
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not listed on the label. it's for the 17 ounce packages of the fresh food market american cuisine meat loaf with redskined mashed potatoes with a use by date of december 20th and was sold in maryland, virginia and the district of 14 weeks of training in narcotic detention school, six detection text dogs and handlers will graduate in maryland. four will work across the state and two dogs complieded 14 weeks of nare cot -- completed 14 weeks of narcotics and two others of explosive trainings in the detection field. abc2 news wants to give you a chance for a quicker and faster and easier way to launch an ipad app. go to the app store and down load it and it's available for iphone and other small phone devicer. we will be -- we don't have a choice who we will be sitting with on the next flight. an airline is giving outoption to friend people before getting on the flight and sit with
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them. before you runt tablet your child wants for the holiday, you need to note pros and cons to decide if what you are getting is the right gift. lynette. >> reporter: well, it's gusty out there this morning. i am going tell you when the wind will start to die down and when you will need the umbrella again, coming up. and it's look pretty good -- look pretied good -- looking pretty good on the roadways. we will update the drive times and give you a live look at traffic flow he around the region. time to head up to new york for the latest in business news. you watching "good morning maryland." >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, mortgage rates are at record lows. the 30-year fixed rate loan is tied with the record set in october 3.94. and 15 year mortgages are at 3.21 also a record. economists say the rates could go lower. and the chinese company is agreeing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for damages caused by defective drywall. it is known as plaster board and caused metal to crowed. most were in the gulf -- cay
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road. and -- corrode and most were in the gulf coast region. pension and retirement plans and stock ops and it's like 36 1/2%. one executive made more than $145 million. and today may be your last chance to get free shipping and have it delivered by christmas. more than 2300 online merchants have signed up to participate in free shipping day. but a minimum purchase may be require. that's america's money and i am sonny hoffman.
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in montreal across the border up north montreal canada. a life look courtesy of earth many more shots from
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the around the world coming as good morning america continues. how would you like to choose with whom you sit. klm is teaming with up facebook and linked in to give that idea a try. the carrier calls it social seating. klm says the goal is to help travelers book a seat next to a friend or someone they think may have similar interests. the launch is expected next year. no word on exactly how much the cost of that would be. now lynette charles, i know. >> right. >> you want to fly with me. >> i would, charley. >> you would take my candy and toys and ipad. >> i would. >> give me all that. >> you got it right. so that could be a good thing. only if i could sit next to you. weather wise for today, the big story, the first story is the fact we are very windy this morning. we have sustained wind now close to 20 miles an hour into baltimore. and hagerstown around 13. starting to die down a little bit in hagerstown. about 23 a little earlier. and 15 in winchester 13 in washington and 14 in easton and
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all the winds now out of the northwest. so you can see that the front has passed and that's how you know the front passed because the winds will turn to the north and northwest. so we are looking at this. this is the second story of the day. we are waiting for the cold air to move through the area and it will do so as we go through the rest of the afternoon. we are started out at around 61 at midnight. then we went to 56. and now we are at 51. our cooler pattern is definitely in effect. that cold front moving through. high pressure is going to be building in behind that. we are not dealing with the wet weather. wet weather back toward the south here into tennessee kentucky as well. check out the future trend. trying to throw me a curve ball. i don't appreciate that. look what we have. a little bit of rain inching in as we go later into the evening tonight and also early tomorrow morning. that is a possibility but it gets out of here and we will see plenty of sunshine especially by sunday. colder back towards northwestern pennsylvania. and also into western maryland. maybe cold enough for snow
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there. nothing around here. temperatures today right around 49 degrees. and breezy as we go into the afternoon. 33 by this evening and a little on the frosty side and by tomorrow, there's the forecast. 46 degrees. seasonably chilly and variably cloudy. all right. let's go over to angela with your traffic. good morning would you want to sit by me on the plane? >> reporter: of course i would and we will talk about sitting near charley later. but in the meantime, an update on the roadways. a new incident going to affect i-95 northbound 95 at 216, the right lane is taken up with accident activity. as we go live at 95 at maryland 175, expect delays traveling through howard county make your way towards prince george's county with the accident. here's 95 north of maryland necking delays approaching the accident scene. the meantime, around the beltway 695 at liberty road, even with the increase in volume your drive times looking pretty good for the most part. on the outer loop top side from bel air to providence road, about 6 minutes.
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back to you. angela, thank you. the government is placing new restriction on chimps and medical research. national institute of health says the science is advanced that chimps are rarely needed to develop new medicines. research funding is temporarily been barred and the new nih will be reviewing the ongoing project to see if they should be phased out. ladies if you want to lose weight a women who cut back on carbs two days a week lost more weight than women who dieet full-time. brit shall researchers found women who avoided bread, pasta potatoes and rice two days a week and ate normally lost an average of 9 pounds during a 4- month period. women who were in full fledge diets over a 4 month period only lost 5 pounds. looks like teens are counting calories after all. researchers have conducted an experiment posting three signs in a convenience store. one said the average bottle had around 250 calories of a soda
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drink. and the second said the bottle contained 10% of the teen's recommended a calories per day and the third said you have to jog 50 minutes to burn off the calories from the drink. now according to the information,40% of kids dropped the sugary soda and went with water or diet drinks. parents are thinking about getting your child if you thinking about getting your child a tablet, abc2 works for you with pros and cons in weighing in before you put the expensive toy under the tree. here karin caifa. >> reporter: mom of two dana marlow keeps up with work and family using her ipad but her 3- year-old interested in mom's tablet has prompted the question, should he have one of his own? >> that's come up recently for us especially with hanukkah and christmas around the corner here in our house. >> reporter: like a lot of techsavvy parents she sees it as tool to teach lifelong
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digital skills and says her son is benefiting from kid friendly apps. >> focused on content learning the alphabet and numbers and couldors and shapes and other related kind of concepts. >> reporter: but putting a techdevice in a hands of a youngster who may not understand how to take care of it is a concern. there are tablets cheaper than ipad or kindle fire for kids. and kid tech expert leslie says another alternative is is a parent's hand-me-down cleaned up. >> make sure that you secure that device so you want to sweep it of any personal information. particularly credit card information. >> reporter: new tablet or used, she advices setting limits. >> we do really recommend setting limits on the use of technology. any screen time you want to seat limit whether it's one hour or two hours depending on the age of your children. >> reporter: and balancing tech time with other kid stuff like outdoor play. i am karin caifa and you are
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now clicked in. a chance to make holidays brighter for a child in need. abc is a proud response oft kinder time kid drive. listen. >> on behalf of the john w anderson and member of the baltimore city sheriff office we want to whereby you all a merry christmas. we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas smote. & and a happy new year ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ we wish you a merry christmas. >> drop off new unused toys at any or or oh. -- oh. that's what i am talking about. new unused toys at local wal- mart stores or the fire station in baltimore and anne arundel county and donate used instruments for the bsoorkid program. details listed in the holiday
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section of utah school district called a teen's parent following a writing assignment. why they had concerns about him being bullied what they told the parents and what the parent begged teach noters to do. and imagine cars driving them -- teachers not to do. imagine cars driving themselves and possibly avoiding accidents. how close this is to becoming a reality. time for birthdays addison noelle turns 2 today. mom, dad and your sisters they want to wish you a very happy birthday and so do we addison. have a great day. if you've birthday to share, anniversaries, pets, what have you, morning show at we are back in a bit. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's easy to see what subaru owners care about. ♪
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news time 6:22. a live shot this morning of tokyo japan. it's almost 8:30 in the evening and that -- in that country. hard to think almost a year ago we had the massivearthquake and tsunami -- massive earthquake and tsunami that rocked the
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area. they are still recovering but a live look thanks to earth of toke o. 51 here in baltimore. now a check of your news and these are headlines around the world twin tower caught fire in vietnam and as a result 30 people were evacuated yesterday. about a dozen had to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. but they are expected to be okay. the 33 story buildings were under construction and are not expected to open until next year oa. physicians believe it started in the basement and that's where construction crews were reportedly worker. in germany berlin police are searching for a man accused of lacing alcoholic drinks with poison. police say he was handing them out at a christmas market telling shoppers he was a new dad and celebrating. authorities say the drinks contain a knockout drop that can be deadly. at least 13 people so far have gotten sick. a rescue caught on camera. four fishermen spent five days strand at sea. coast guard rescued the crew 50 miles off the island of the
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bahamas. they were found after a plane spotted two broken boats and notified the coast guard which rescued them by helicopter. you think your child is asking for a lot for christmas. it's nothing compared to this. a shopping mall in romania is trying to create the longest wish list for santa. so far the list is more than 132 feet long with more than 100,000 requests. kid have been asking for toys and candy but adults are more ambitious. one man said he would like a 365 day vacation and one woman says uh-oh. she doesn't want a husband. this woman wants a new husband. yeah that's never any good. news time 6:24. it could be a rough morning for commuter in the l.a. area. a major freeway remains shut down after a massive tanker fire. we showed you the video yesterday. we will take another look and the aftermath of what's preventing crews from reopening highway. all that -- reopening the highway. all that straight ahead. good morning maryland continues
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confidence, with depend in color. now available in gray. looks and fits like underwear. same great protection. depend. good morning. great day. you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." congressional leaders reach a compromise over government funding to avoid a shutdown. i will tell you about last- minute deal in the works coming
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up. florida a&m student rally outsight governor's mansion. and what a tennessee teacher wrote on a student's forehead that could cause him to lose his job. that's straight ahead on this friday. i am charley crowson. you have 8 days left of shopping for the holidays. christmas morning is on december 25th. so it's plenty of time out there. let's turn to check of your forecast with lynette charles and i know you have done your shopping. >> i have not. i still have to do -- i know. i have to do shopping. i am going today. but i am going to wrap things up. and today is a good day to do shopping except for the windy conditions. go in the afternoon because the wind will die down then. >> you shop in enclosed buildings. >> yeah but the hair is blowing. >> the hair. >> i'm woman and spending for the women. lady, go in the afternoon towards the evening. so, for today, we are going to be dealing with plenty of clouds out there. and then maybe a few peeks of
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sunshine as we look at the satellite and radar. you can see what i am talking about. but again, that big story is the fact we will be be windy and tough go down into tennessee and kentucky to get the wet weather trying to move in across the area. and as we look at your gusts, 26 in baltimore, dc coming in around 21 and easton at 20 and we have sustained wind at about 10 to 15 miles an hour right now out of the northwest. temperature wise, 51 in baltimore. that temperature is well above average but once you factor in the wind we are feeling more like we are in the 40s. take the coat because even if you don't use it this morning you will need it through the rest of the day. now over to angela with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and as you mentioned windy conditions out there. so extra caution on your bridges and overpasses. and as we check our traffic right now our biggest trouble spot remains on i-95. the accident scene northbound just as you pass route 216. we just reopened your right travel lanes but as expected slow traffic leading up to the scene. making the


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