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tv   News  ABC  December 16, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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troubles to report. here's a live look at 59 with residual delays in the southbound direction approaching 32. to the accident scene at 216 and look live at beltway no extra travel time need. still on west side a bit crowded for you. but still moving at a pretty good pace out of loop west side drive 7 minutes from 795 to i- 706789 back to you -- i-70. back to you. ohio live pictures of the cuyahoga falls a fire is going on. reports are saying that this is one of the largest fires some reporters on the scene have seen through the course of the careers. aid business fire and -- it's a business fire and label manufacturer. the report is that five agencies are on the scene, a five alarm fire. flames reported as high as 100 feet in the air. this is something that's near akron cuyahoga falls. no injuries reported. again, this is is a manufacturing plant and known
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as techni coat. several reporters are on the scene saying it's the largest fire they have seen in the course of their careers. five fire departments on hand. the live shots out of ohio. we will continue to monitor this. live pictures of the u.s. capitol. we are standing by for a potential government shut down. we were here lawmakers and staffers scrambling to find a compromise yet again. this one, though, could get us to october and then a pretty good chance they will do it all over again. corinne redman has been tracking the story letting you know what's at stake for you. and this is something that people who pay attention to this they are sort of getting tired of. this is where the phrase kicking the can down the road came from. >> reporter: exactly. it seems like it comes down a last-minute deal especially before a big holiday break or congressional break. so it's a make it or break it deal. congress has until midnight to pass the plan or face a partial government shutdown and there's a vote needed to packs a tax cut to ensure millions don't see smaller paychecks next
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year. but looks like a last-minute deal is in the works to avoid the shutdown. democrats say an agreement was struck when the spending bill to fun the government through october of next year. democrats have been pressuring republicans to tax millionaires so payroll tax cut could be extended by tying the extension no a government spending package. lawmakers were planning to leave for the holiday break today. but they are aiming to pass the spending bill and extension on the payroll tax cut before that happens. a deal to exten the tax holiday would include an extension of unemployment benefits and despite clock ticking congressional leaders say they can get the job done. >> we hope to come up with something that would get us out here at a reasonable time. >> the congress should not leave for vacation until that -- until they have made sure that tax increase doesn't happen. >> reporter: now failure to pass either bill comes with heavy consequences. no spending bill passed,
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hundreds of thousands of federal workers could be furloughed but the house and senate are expected to approve the spending measure sometime today. corinne redman, abc2 news. new developments to tell you about concerning the investigation into hazing and now financial irregularities at florida a&m university. florida governor rick scott is urging the board of trustees to suspend the president when it meets common. >> this is tragic. i mean it starts with the death of a young man and then it goes to now the you know the -- you note investigation expands into financial irregularities. it's in his best interest to say lookic want to make sure that this is -- there's no question about this university's doing the right thing and is cooperating. >> he says he is confident the investigation will determine the administration has actedappropriately. we are famu.
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>> florida a&m students rallied at the governor's statement and they are upset about of the recommendation to suspend -- they are vowing to stay until he changed his mind. the governor didn't come outside. it was scott who order florida law enforcement agency to joint investigation into the death of the marching 100 band member robert champion. what do you think about this, the school in utah says they shared a student's secret and that secret was the young man is gay. the 14-year-old turned in writing assignment expressing his sexuality and once it was posted in class the teacher feared for his safety. despite his protest the school decided to tell the family about the report. >> it should be a person's individual choice to come out to their parents if they want to come out to their parents but a lot of times parents don't react that kid want them
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to. >> whenever there's a safety issue involving a student at school we absolutely need to involve the parents in that. >> the school has since defended the action saying if others began bullying that teen, and hurt the child on school property, his parents could go after the school for not disclosing what they determined to be a potential life-threatening situation. now controversy in tennessee classroom. a tier's first year on the job could be -- a teacher's first year on the job could be his last. he used a permanent marker and wrote the word stiped on a child's forehead. >> we are here to help not hurt children. one word can break a child. i've got three children and i wouldn't want it done to mine. >> apparently that student was asked and the teacher reportedly respond by writing the word stupid on the kid's forehead in front of the classmates. get this, the school officials say the teacher even wrote the word backwards so the student would be able to read it when he saw himself in the mirror. the freeway outside los
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angeles is still shut down this morning after a massive gasoline tanker fire. crews are now on the scene as the phone lines encased and potentialally hazardous materials is is what's causing the problem. this is impressive. engineers are working with at&t to find the solution but for now, demolition on the heavily damaged overpass stopped. officials hoped the free woe would be reopened by noon today. but they could say it could possibly be later. look at this. the flames are incredible. again, that's a gasoline tanker fire that happened near an overpass in los angeles near montebello, california. well, there's victoria's secret lingerie made with child labor. why the underwear store is concerned about where the products could be coming from. and the nominations are in. who is in and who is is out on the list of golden globenominees. that story coming. and the one with the most knobs have you heard of it? good morning maryland is back
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& good morning maryland. >> and good morning to you guys and all of howard county on this friday morning many welcome back to "good morning maryland" there's corinne. the idea to eliminate the boring driving inincreasing efficiency driver less cars.
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google applied for patent saying the autonomous test cars have racked up more than 200,000 miles. spinning lasers sees the surroundings to avoid accidents. google pat nt predicts sightseeing tours and cars driving themselves in for service and regular commutes. check that out. lingerie designer victor yea secret is in hot water and concern after allegation from the underwear and cotton used to make it could be coming from a report linked it to use child labor. bloomburg reports the cotton used for some of the panty lines comes from west africa where the cotton there is grown by child labor. the company plans to launch its over investigation as it is against the company's standards to use child labor for any products or any of the practices. the golden globe nominations are in and a silent movie is make the noise. artist a sienlt film tops the list of 6 nomination. you heard of it? >> no. >> you heard of it? >> no. >> you?
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>> no. >> angela? >> no one in this studio herd of -- heard of it. we have heard of the help about black servants in the south and george clooney's family drama the descendents received five nomination including best drama. leading contenders on the screen for the small screen rather 30 rock and glee. golden globes will be handed out sunday, january 15th. the army analyst accused of releasing classified information heads to military court later today. sherrie. >> reporter: i will have a look at what this proceeding means and supporters of the accuse red fighting back coming up. >> reporter: a baltimore county family grieves after a pedestrian accident killed their 16-year-old son. the career he wanted to pursue. plus a big hearing several hours away inside a pennsylvania courtroom. penn state officials and coach going before a judge over sex abuse allegations gebs a -- against a former assistant football cope. those stories and much more
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when "good morning maryland" continues in a bit. it's dry now but the cold air is poised to move in. i will tell you when it will arrive coming up. and we are looking at heavy traffic on i-95 around an earlier accident scene. maryland state police trying to clear the lanes at 216 and i- 95. we will have another check of your travel time and a complete check of the roadways straight ahead.
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news time 6:46. this is your abc2 news to g i am charley crowson. let's go over to lynette charles with the latest on the forecast for today. lynette a lot of people are heading out and want to know what to expect. >> they need to take a coat because temperatures will fall rapidly going throughout the day. so other than that, not too bad. it's very breezy outside as well. we are looking at the fact the falling temperatures on this friday going to cause a little bit of havoc with the winds as well as the northwest at 10 to 15 miles an hour. it's going to be colder throughout the day but even colder as we go into sunday. but luckily we will get more sunshine in here. and as we look at the most powerful radar it's nice and dry and it will stay that way through the day.
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but the big story of the day is wind gusts this morning. 26 in sparrows point, 32 in could be why is -- cockeysville and bundle up. and angela has traffic. >> reporter: good morning. you mentioned the wind gusts extra caution on your bridges and overpasses this morning. and we continue to see heavy traffic on i-95 the accident scene is clearing 9 5 at 216 residual delays through the area. here's another look at i-95 at maryland 175 north of baltimore 95 north of maryland, 43 no problems making your way from white marsh to the top side of 695. back to you. coming later today, private first class bradley man will go go before a military judge. his first court appearance since his arrest in may 2010. he is accused of engineering the largest ever leak of classified military documents. though documents appeared on
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the website wikileaks. sherrie johnson joins with us what ex's -- expected today. >> reporter: potentially facing life in prison, 23-year-old private first class bradley manning is due to appear in military court at fort meade. basis for the 22 counts that he faces are transcripts of online chats with a confidant turned government informant. during the chats, manning allegedly confessed to giving classified information toking withy leaks website and -- to wikileaks website saying he want people to see the truth e leaked a 2007 video clip of a laughing u.s. helicopter crew gunning down 11 men including a roisters news photographer and driver. the pentagon found the troops -- roisters news photographer and -- reuters news photographer and driver. man will go have a military article 32 hearing today. >> it's tantamount to a grand jury proceeding with different
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aspects. most important is the accused gets the right to attend the article 32 hearing. and his attorney gets the right to cross examine and present witnesses. >> reporter: supporters see him as a whistle blower that helped he can pose military problems and has a facebook fan page. they are having a vigil today at 8 a.m. at fort meade at maryland 175 and reese road. a lot of people are in support of him he has over 13,000 supporters. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. and today two penn state official will be in harrisburg in court facing charges of lying to a grand jury and failing to report sex abuse allegation. the lawyers will be going forward with hearing and challenging the evidence. earl cert former assistant coach injury sandusky waived
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his preliminary hearing. news time is now 6:49. let's go back out to ohio now where the fire is still going strong. you can see the spray of the water across this. that is manufacturing facility known as tech ni -- techni coat. five departments are on the fire right now. we have learned from our sister station they were cleaning a machine overnight in the label making factory and switching over the process and cleaning it out something went wrong. there were solvents and tons of paper rolls of paper in this facility. that's what caught fire and that's what caused it to spread so quickly. thankfully though everyone on- site and in the building they were able to get out withoutinjury some workers tried to fight the fire that last adamant because things got out of control. five departments on the scene
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there in key hoeinga falls o-- cuyahoga falls ohio. a deadly accident that claimed the life of a 16-year- old. the victim and a friend were walk east on towson -- i mean towson road when he was hit by two cars. neighbors tried to help and ryan chase's injuries were too severe. one of the drivers told our station that they never saw anything and had no time to get out of the way. there's no indication speed was a contributing factor. for the family of ryan chase, they are in mourning just nine days until christmas and a accident takes away a brother son and cousin. we spoke to ryan's family and corinne redman is standing by with what they had to say. it's impossible to put story like this into words especially this close to the holidays and with someone so young. >> reporter: this close to the holidays there are no easy answer for a story like this. ryan chase's family comes from a large family in east baltimore. many of his family members
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gathered still devastated by the news ryan chase turned 16 earlier this month. family members say chase's brother is a baltimore city police officer. they say he walked on east putty hill avenue about every day to and from school and would have been well aware about how dangerous that stretch of road could be at times. family members shared memories of ryan chase saying he could be quiet at times but focus was on school. they say he was a bright and competitive student as a sophomore at parkville high school and wanted to become a scientist the family says they are grieving and they want more information about what happened in the final moments leading up to the deadly accident. corinne redman, abc2 news. this just in to the morning show. our state is getting monies from the federal government to improve schools. 9 states are going to be sharing500 million in grant monies to improve early childhood programs. this is part of the president's education initiative called
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race to the top. the states compete for the federal education dollars and the goal is for the early learning competition to get more children from birth to age 5 ready for kindergarten. and breaking news. bp will be paid 250 million by the maker of the blowout preventor that failed to halt the oil spewing from bp's busted well in the gulf of mexico. under the agreement the announcement was bit ago. bp and cameron international will drop claims against one another. bp says the money will be deposited into the 20 billion dollar fund set to compensate victims from the april 2010 oil spill the largest in memory. five things to know before heading out the door. barry bonds will be in court. former major league slugger is expected to be sentenced for obstruction of justice. they want -- prosecutors want them to spend 15 months in prison. today is purple friday. wear purposewell you head out because the ravens are going across the coast to southern california to take on the san
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diego chargers. it's sunday night football 8:20 kick off in san diego. the ravens currently stand at 10-3. extreme make overhome edition will end after the #th season. the final -- did 9th episode. it will be the 200 series and the crews will built 7 homes from the joplin missouri. senate and house lead verse a plan to avert another government shutdown. we were here weren't we? it will be a trillion dollar government funding bill for today. democrats reportedly dropped the insistence of a congressional extension to the payroll tax cut. and today is free shipping day. more than 2,000 online retailers are including best buy and toys r us are sending purchases made in the u.s. for no charge by christmas eve. and today allow a free treat. it's the holidays. burger king giving away free fries. all to get your opinion for the
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new recipe. they changed the recipe for the fries and go to facebook and let them know what you think free fries again no purchase necessary. test the new burger king frenp fries and now the forecast. lynette, yesterday it was cupcakes and today it's free fries. >> i am loving it. it's a great week and the wind are really gusty this morning. priers coming in right around 5 -- temperatures coming in right around 51. it's make it feel like we are at 46 we are feeling the chill across the area. so the cold front is sliding through. slid through rather and cooler air behind that high pressure is going to be building in going through the weekend. and we we will see another upper-level low try to reek havoc meaning as we go through the evening time frame there's a slight chance we could see a shower late this evening into early tomorrow morning. and then that moves out of here and we will be seeing more sunshine in the forecast especially as we head into sunday on the backside of this system, cold air could bring a couple snow showers into
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northwestern pa and also western maryland and we won't get anything around here. today's temperatures will be around 49 degrees and the winds will subside a little more going into time. 33 this evening. and by tomorrow, that temperature right around 46 and it will be seasonably chilly and here's the check of the 7- day forecast because again it will be colder as we head into the weekend. and we will get more sunshine in here as well and that will continue as we begin into next week with showers possibly by tuesday and wednesday. let's head over to angela with traffic. >> reporter: on the roadways right now seeing a lot of slow traffic especially making the drive southbound on the bw parkway. traffic very slow for you passing route 100 making are way to 175. here on maryland 29, some off and on pocket delays as well as west side of 695. a bit heavy and reports of debris in the roadway on the west side at frederick roads. >> all right. time to head up to new york for good morning america. you never regifted? >> no. >> i have. >> have you? >> no.
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>> okay. >> only with family. >> go to facebook and let us know if you've did that with a gift you didn't want. there's new york. good morning america starts right now.
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