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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 28, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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winds could gust to 40 miles per hour. highs back to near 43 so the afternoon will be near normal and tonight probably back to normal cold as well. let's see what's happening on the roads. >> on the roadways right now, got rid of those early morning incidents. we'll get to that fire in just a moment but we're still looking pretty good so far heading into the city. volume and moving freely. here's another live look at u.s. 50 and maryland. some slowing now eastbound 50 as you make the way from arnold as motorists get by using just one left lane. the tractor trailer fire u.s. 50 at u.s. route 2. her case remains unsolved exactly one year later. they're planning a rally continue remembering felicia barns. she went missing while visiting family here in baltimore. she was found two months later in the river. >> called to action, they hope tonight's rally will keep felicia's murder in the spotlight. there's still no arrest in the case and they hope to bring attention to all the other missing children and adults in baltimore. she disappeared while visiting her sister at her northwest baltimore apartment. her body was found four months later. police say she was murdered but never said how and no suspects were ever named in the case. barns was an honor roll student
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and star athlete. she lived in north carolina and today her high school will be planting a tree in her honor. tun solved murder case has sparked a lot of attention. family, friends, even strangers have come out to rally for felicia over the last year. it starts at 7:00 at brown es memorial baptist church. also you can find more information on our website if you go to abc 2 it's the first story in our slide show. if you click on that you'll be able to read more on what's planned tonight and the exact address for that rally tonight at browns memorial baptist church. that starts at 7:00. we we're hearing felicia's dad will be at the rally. police are on the lookout this morning and warning drivers to check the backseat of their cars before getting in. a 45-year-old woman got the shock of her life when she got into her car to find a man hiding in the backseat. it happened last friday morning
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in a parking lot. the woman says the man popped up from behind her backseat and demanded her purse. she handed it over and ran away. >> i just trying to be careful. just take precautions, keep my eyes open for what's going on arou. >> anyone who may have seen something should call crime stoppers. a couple from del just south of glen burnie were both injured when their home caught fire. a man and woman both suffered smoke inhalation. they were taken to the medical center. that fire displaced the couple from their home. well, a 23-year-old man from silver springs has been identified as the man shot early tuesday morning in white oak. he was shot in tuper torso. no word yet on his condition or any possible suspects at this time. news time is 5:02 and straight to you this morning some startling statistics out of
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three academies. the pentagon says reports of sexual assaults are up and that include it is naval academy in annapolis. in the 2010-2011 school year there were 64 reports. that's up from just a year earlier. and the drama of child sex abuse on college campuses took the lead for 2000 len. two coaches had been accused of abusing young boys. michelle explains how the legal battles are playing out and how they rocked the campuses and the fan bases in the year 2011. >> former penn state jerry sandusky is charged with more than 50 counts related to sexually abusing ten boys over the span of 14 years. he's accused of finding his alleged victims through the charity he founded, the second mile. sandusky maintains his innocence and is free on bail. he broke his silence admitting
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he horsed around with boys in the showers. >> do you feel guilty? do you feel like it's your fault? >> no, i don't think it's my fault. i've obviously played a part in this. >> sandusky waived his right to a preliminary hearing in the case, entered a not guilty case and paid the way for his trial to go straight to trial in. >> we'll wait the opportunity to present our side. >> news rocked the campus. the board of trustees is investigating how the university reacted when allegations were levelled against sandusky years ea. >> joe paterno is no longer the head football coach effective immediately. >> after more than four decades on the sidelines for the penn state, joe paterno was fired despite announcing he would retire attend of the season.
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weeks later paterno's family announced the winningest football coach is battling lung cancer. >> very unfortunate and certainly not needed at the end of what we've been dealing with the last couple of weeks. >> but penn state is not the only school reeling amid allegations against a coach. stepbrother mike lange and bobby davis say fine touched them inappropriately at least a dozen times when they were boys. >> so where though? >> in my leg and my tennis. >> did you see something to him >> yes, i said please stop. >> a third man is also accusing fine of molestation. head coach denies any knowledge of the alleged abuse. >> when the investigation is done, we will find out what happened on my watch. >> he says he's focused on leading the sir cause team through the season and leighing
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the legal drama off the court. he maintains his innocence. he has not been charged and may never be charged because the statute of limitations on the allegations against him have ex. well, as the ravens gear up to take on cincinnati this weekend, coming up in a bit, the probowl picks have now been finalized. which players will be jetting off to hawaii for the end of january. also, some unwanted gift cards for the holidays? we'll tell you how you can make someone very happy and do a little swapping in the process. the la lakers, they avoided going 0-3 last night with a big win over the jazz, 96-71. we'll continue after this. [ carrie ] i remember my very first year as a teacher,
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setting that goal to become a principal. but, i have to support my family, so how do i go back to school? university of phoenix made it doable. a lot of my instructors were principals in my district. i wouldn't be where i am without that degree. my name is dr. carrie buck. i helped turn an at-risk school into an award winning school, and i am a phoenix.
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news time 5:09. you know in sports it may be quicker to tell you which raven didn't make the probowl team. the baltimore team has a group headed to hawaii for the 13th
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year. ray lewis will play along with ed reed. that's his 8th time. they'll be joined by others. that game will be attend of ja. good morning to you as we check out the winds over yonder we've got ourselves a push of 15 miles per hour d.c. and hagerstown. 26 miles per hour wind in winchester. these are not including the gusts and we're in that 5 to 10-mile-per-hour around the bay. that's when the winds usually pick up, late morning through the early afternoon. 40 is the current temperature in baltimore but we just lost our banner. 35 is what it feels like. there's some snow showers. good news for 7 springs, good news to get some snow back later on. for us though, partly to mostly cloudy sky, winds could
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gust back to 40 miles per hour. here's angela with traffic. >> on the roadways right now got a problem to the east, but if you're coming in from the west an early look at 795 and i-70, both moving without incident or delay. as you make your way to the west side of the beltway. also for those of you traveling on i-95, no reported incidents between the baltimore beltway and the capital beltway at 495. here's a live look at 695 and harford road around the topside on the beltway. your trip around to providence road is clear. traveling on the outer loop and another live look at that tractor trailer fire scene, one eastbound lane of 50 getti. 2012 in just a couple of days and you may want to use the last couple of days of 2011 to your advantage. what you can do to keep those taxes down and keep more of your paycheck in your pocket. and pulling strings backstage at
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the holiday rush certainly didn't help some retailers and has now forced them to close down. more than 100 sears and k mart stores will be closing. sears will close up to 120 stores to cut expepss. the company says the holiday sales were down more than 5%. the particular stores that will be closed have yet to be announced. well, gift cards for the holidays, you're probably not going to use them. well, not to worry. several websites are now offering the option to buy, sell and trade gift cards.
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card as well as other websites are buying those unwanted gift cards. you'll receive payments either by check or an gift card. they've been seeing increase in the number of facebook fraud cases. thieves are conning people to becoming their friends and asking them for money. >> you'll see postings by an individual alleges to be a friend. they take the name off of your friends lacy, post something on your page and says you know, i've been arrested or i've been mugged and now i need money to get bailed out of jail or to return home from a flight overseas. >> to avoid being taken by the scammers, remember three simple tips. most messages that ask for money are fake. never share personal information over the internet unless you know exactly with whom you're talking and remember, messages that are overly urgent and contain spelling and grammatical errors are usually scams. only three full days left for 2011 and that means only 3 days left to boost your tax return. put as much money as you can in a 401k and when you do that that's going to help lower your tax bracket. make your january mortgage payment in december and you'll get the interest deduction in 2011 instead of 2012 and teachers, you may want to stock
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up on your classroom supplys. >> if you're a teacher and you're buying supplys for your classroom you can deduct up to $50 that you spend on those supplys by the end of this year. >> the key is you have to get these things done before december 31st or it won't count on this year's taxes. 5:17. good morning to you. we are looking at something interesting for next week. i wish i could spend a couple of minutes talking about that. 40 degrees the current temperature in baltimore. we slip back a little bit and make a slow progress into the afternoon. 36, 29 in buffalo. that's our source of cold air and thif got some hefty snow bands out toward buffalo, home of the bills where they get more snow than downtown baltimore. it does ease up a little bit but
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still getting moderate snow out toward the springs and that will eventually work its way through the high country of west virginia. this all wrapping around our storm, we'll watch that continuing to slip away. another disturbance here across the northern plains and a very fast moving pattern across the area. temperatures modify a little bit over the weekend but we've got those clouds working in today. we clear tonight and then we'll be in and out of the clouds tomorrow on into friday when the next system tries to push in warm air. we could have some showers on and off over the weekend as well. again, i think most of that just to our north. next week is when things get fun and i'll spend a little more time with that extended forecast in just a moment. today back to 43 this afternoon. we'll slide a little bit this morning and then work our way back upwards, but with the skies mostly cloudy this morning turning partly cloudy and winds gusting at 40 miles per hour, definitely going to feel much colder than that. the winds trying to break and
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tonight's temperatures tanking back to the mid-20s. colder north and west and milder holding right about 30 right near the chesapeake bay. we're looking at temperatures modifying, maybe 40s, but less wind tomorrow. low to mid-50s on friday. low to mid-50s on friday. showers to ourno carrier
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news around the world this morning former north korean leader kim jung il has been laid to rest. on monday that leader's son kim jung un was declared head of the ruling party. he went to see his father lying in state. he is he was seen weeping by the body. it's led to some angry confrontations. a young girl and her mother are afraid they'll be assaulted by the ultra orthodox jews for not dressing modestly e. >> we see streets being separated on holidays, separate street for men, a separate street for women. we see the buses. we see superma. >> the prime minister has spoken out against the gender segregation and is now trying to calm things down. in cairo the government has put a ban on so called virginity tests. several female protesters say they were rounded up and subjected to the so-called
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virginity test while in military detention. at first the military denied the allegations then defended the practice saying the women were not decent girls because they camped out with the male prote. a team of giant elephants took to the field. this is global football. this is not american football. this is one of the events that is part of the three-day elephant festival. two teams of four elephants and their handlers took part in the 40-minute games. some drivers are a bit confused about the traffic circle. the amount the city is willing to spend to give drivers some peace of mind. presidential hopefuls turning on each other. will it hurt their chances when it comes to the polls? >> what's new now on this wednesday, a live look at tokyo as we go to break.
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