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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 30, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EST

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and leash on lola and ivan and a rescuer pa perappelled down. ivan tells us he wants to treat the fire fighters to dinner and says he will be back in the hills soon how he gets his daily exercise. finally if he had to go over the edge again to rescue his dog he would do it. clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> anybody who has a dog understands. understands. apparent leap hear much more about the rescue and from the young man later this morning on "gma" get a chance to hear more from him. >> lot of thankful people out there for that one. >> to the presidential race and republican voters have put mitt romney back on top in the latest national poll. romney has a four-point lead over newt gingrich and the first type since early november that the national poll shows romney ahead of gingrich. ron paul is in third place. since early december, romney has
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gained five points in the poll. gingrich has dropped 14 points. paul is now up 3 points. romney also leads thele polls in iowa, that is where he will face his first test next tuesday. in that state's caucuses. he is expected to finish first or at worst second. but as abc's jonathan carl reports, the hawk eye state is not a slam dunk for the former massachusetts governor. ♪ >> reporter: for mitt romney this is the time to close the deal. >> what a crowd! >> reporter: riding high, trying for a knockout punch in iowa. with a new ad he is already looking to a race against president obama. >> and in the campaign to come, the american ideals of economic freedom and opportunity need a clear and unapologetic defense and i intend to make it because i have lived it. >> reporter: romney may be in the lead in iowa, but that 25% support means there are still 75% of republicans looking to somebody else. how does he finally get those anybody but romney republicans?
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he is trying to convince them that he is the one with the best shot of beating obama. and it may be working. just look at the most recent iowa poll. by a large margin, iowa republicans, even many who don't yet support romney say that he has the best chance of beating president obama. in new hampshire, even more say that. newt gingrich has-runner to fou. romney'sle allies are kicking him while he is down. >> ever notice how some people make a lot of mistakes. >> probably a mistake. >> i an not going to respond with inning tinegative ads. >> reporter: there is rick santorum, once a long shot he now moved ahead of gingrich. no wonder he is under attack. this ad from rick perry. >> wheel on washington. which republican running for president voted for the bridge to nowhere earmark. yes, susie from des moines. >> ruk santorum? >> correct. >> reporter: while republicans
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have been beating up on each other another less visible campaign out here in iowa, the obama re-election team is gearing up for caucus night and claiming to have a bigger organization out here, even more campaign offices than all of the republicans combined. jonathan carl, abc news, des moines. >> bottom line is you can't count any one out. right. interestingly enough, mitt romney's sons manned the campaign phone banks last night in iowa, he now possibly has a chance to win. i think a couple weeks ago, let's remember herman cain, the field was broader. >> literally done to the wire. michele bachmann wrapped up her tour of 99 counties of the state, rick santorum did. the pressure is really on for next tuesday. >> perhaps she is a contender, who knows. if you are a germaphone like he, a study on hospital bathrooms in britain might get your attention. researchers discover when the toilet is flushed with the lid up, a fine disgusting spray of
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germ-filled water spread throughout the bathroom settling on surfaces. analysts point out though that these were germs in a hospital setting, so you may not have the same risks at home, although you might put the lid down before you flush. the albatross around my neck, public bathrooms. i am traveling later with my children. i have purchased -- the travel -- the travel john. it comes look this. instead of using a public restroom. inside what is una din a diaper. you give tight your kids. adults can use it. you don't have to mess around with. >> male/female. >> man, woman, child. >> that's interesting. >> we were talking about it. looking at me like i am crazy. the germaphones watching. you feel me. >> trying to figure anatomically how it works. >> no problem. no problem.
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>> switch one way, man. >> with the bag you throw it away. >> okay. i would rather just hold it. nothing look an old soda bottle as well. >> here is your weather for this friday. light snow from minnesota up to michigan. rain, speaking of -- from chicago to the ohio valley. across the northern rockies and pacific northwest. 2 feet of mountain snow, idaho, the cascades. >> 50 here in new york. 59 in atlanta. beautiful 77 in miami. kansas city, 54. indianapolis, 50. 50s from boise to albuquerque. and phoenix hits 73. >> ha-ha. >> well, it's that time of our friday morning. time for our -- "favorite story of the day." >> despite your enthusiasm from the last story. >> this story comes to us from tulsa, oklahoma. >> where arleta fulton restores old dolls for a hobby. and does it all for a very good cause. >> when the dolls are ready she
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donates them to a center for abused children. over the past few years passed along 100 of the spiffed up dolls and preparing more for delivery next week, next year rather. my favorite story. >> that is very, very cool. more "world news now" just ahead. ♪ give a little bit give a little bit of my life for you ♪ [ dog ] i am a rockstar. my coat? solid gold. my insides? pure platinum. [ female announcer ] a healthy outside starts inside. new iams simple & natural has chicken as its number one ingredient and zero fillers. it works inside for health you can see on the outside. [ dog ] i can't be a rockstar on the outside if i'm not one on the inside. [ female announcer ] new iams naturals. you'll like what's in them and love what's not. [ dog ] i am an iams dog. [ girls ] he's so cute!
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[ dog ] groupies!
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♪ should old acquaintance be forgot ♪ ♪ and never brought to mind should old acquaintance ♪ >> just as sure as the ball will drop on new year's eve in times square, dick clark will be there. for 40 years the two icons have been synonymous. >> yeah, what celebrities and musical guests will be rocking in 2012 on the show? well abc's bill weir got a preview from host ryan seacrest. >> reporter: in the beginning the ball had a few dozen, 25 watt bulbs. a bit dimmer than today's 22,000 l.e.d.s in waterford
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rocking eve. >> 1973! >> reporter: blood, sweat, and tears was the headliner as they set out to create a hipper version of guy lombardo's party on cbs. while saturday night you will get pit bull who had a number one record this year. ♪ a little justin bieber, carlos santana. ♪ maria >> reporter: at midnight, lady gaga. ♪ i was born this way >> reporter: stunning to think about how much has changed over 40 years of count downs and party favors. >> i remember as a kid standing in my living room and i was allowed to stay up and watch dick clark with the headset and microphone and big abc logo. >> hi, dick clark with you. >> reporter: long before "american idol" there was this guy, a consummate pro with the teenager's soul. >> i was always in pressed with how he could make you feel so
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comfortable. watch at home and feel look you were part of the party and he was just talking to you. >> reporter: the man in charge is now 82. and seven years since the stroke that changed his beloved broadcast. >> how is he doing? >> good. he is excited about this year. he gets excited every year. looks forward to this. >> reporter: will he make an appearance? >> he will. >> reporter: yeah? >> are you kidding he still runs the show. >> reporter: can we go see the actual? >> go upstairs. >> see the ball. >> got me up there? >> don't press anything. or break any crystals. >> when i saw it on tv. i thought it would be bigger. >> i felt the same about you. >> so did america. >> what is your resolution for 2012? >> i believe the resolution this year to be a little more present una moment and enjoy where you are for that second without trying to plan the next one. >> reporter: right. does that count right now? are you present now with me? enjoying this moment? >> i am think of the e news --
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should we use the same location? how is the light. >> that's why you are the modern tycoon. >> thank you, brother. appreciate it. we'll be watching. >> we will be watching if you want to watch dick clark and ryan seacrest, dick clark's rocking new year's eve. >> 5 1/2 hours of performances, reports. >> they got gaga, the big get. >> of course, dick clark. no one can count us into the new year like dick clark can. >> coming up the final week of the nfl regular season. >> plenty to decide on the gridiron and more importantly in the "world news now" picks competition the you have got to stick around.
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welcome back, everyone. week 17 in the nfl. in the trawl competitive "world news now" picks competition. let's refresh everyone's memory. >> when we left off monday. our day side friend, tanya rivero clinging to the lead. one game ahead of jack, bob, and rob, david was two games behind that. >> as we will see in the picks there is still plenty to be decided in the standings like there is on the field itself. so let's just get right to it. >> all right. our featured games start with the red hot indianapolis colts visiting jacksonville and san diego chargers go up the coast to face the raiders. >> also the sea hawks they head to the dedesert, sunday night, cowboys, giants. playoff over in jersey. that's for the nfc east title. >> now the picks. tanya looks to win the regular season championship picking jacksonville, san diego, seattle and the giants. >> picks commissioner, jack, the jaguars with oakland, seattle
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and his father's new york football giants. >> fireman bob must have been peeking at jack's payer again. buzz he also has jacksonville, oakland, seahawks and giants. >> now rob declared in an e-mail he's going to go for the win. picking the jaguars, raiders, cardinals and dallas. >> david shakes it up a bit as well. going with indianapolis, sanding de, seattle and the cowboys as well. >> so for more about how all this is playing out joined by the commissioner jack sheehan himself. early happy new years to you. you brought along tanya as well. >> she is here again making trouble. try to keep her quiet. last time, what, last time. monday morning. >> the whole discrepancy about the e-mailing in of the picks. >> tanya saved the cause. santa claus was here and involved in the whole thing. as you recall. >> yes. >> interesting. >> so here we go. week 17 of the nfl. there is actually as you said a lot to play for.
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>> yes. >> three division titles. playoff seedings. home field throughout the playoffs in the afc. and the wild card spot. one wild card spot in the afc. still to be decided. so all good. >> all good. >> not a week to miss. time to roll the -- the video. cowboys/giants. might remember that they played back on december 11th. >> yeah. >> a crazy game. excuse me. also on a sunday night. tony romo -- eli manning, both were over 300 yard. passing. the giants won the game. and it was all good. >> evan taeryone talking about game. they'll do it. sunday night. last regular season game. blocked field goal. saved overtime way back when. they will do it again and decide the division title. we were hoping to have notre dame football highlights for sunny's last day. >> ouch. >> but it didn't happen. >> they lost last night.
2:52 am
18-14. to florida state. however, we do have some great highlights. roll the other ones. baylor/washington. the highest scoring bowl game ever. >> little tebowing there. >> baylor, 67. and washington, 56. >> ouch. >> there were 17 touchdowns. >> holy cow. >> in this game. >> 1,377 total yard. and count them, 59 first downs. the. well, thank you, thank you, thank you. commissioner. and we -- >> and tanya as well. >> tanya as well. >> quiet down over there will you. >> we'll be back with newt year's polka. oh, oh. oooh! will love ever come my way? oh my! ♪ i believe in miracles [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. swiffer sweeper's new, thicker cloths get deep into ridges picking up more dirt, dust and hair than a broom
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to help leave your floor up to three times cleaner. you sure are a pick-me-up! [ male announcer ] swiffer cleans better or your money back.
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♪ sunny for that smile upon your face ♪ ♪ sunny >> that is your song. that is your song. so fitting. so fitting. >> thank you. >> time for the friday morning papers. there is just one headline today. the big headline, it is your last day. >> oh. >> everyone. >> my goodness. >> you guys are going to make me cry. >> there you go. >> sunny's last day. >> oh. thank you. i have had so much fun on this show. the crew is just amazing. dan, you are amazing. rob has been a pleasure to work with. you guys are going to make me
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cry. >> we put together a scrapbook of the memories and times you have had here. honestly, everyone has been walking around moping with big sad faces on. because, you have just, obviously you have made a huge impact on the show. >> you are messing up my makeup. >> thank you, everyone. >> the best way to welcome in 2012. couldn't have a better time than this. >> thank you to the fans. they have been tweeting me and facebooking me. i really appreciate the warm welcome. >> we love having her. >> yea! >> thank you. thank you. >> cheers to the best, all the very best in 2012. >> thank you. >> send it out for a very special new year's polka. >> polka! ♪ what you wearing i can't wait good luck william love you kate it's the royal polka ♪ ♪ tea party members only the patriots polka.
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that's the -- it's late at night, you're wide awake, you're not wearing pants grab your world news now mug and everybody dance have some fun be a pal be like barry and al politics and foreign wars, all the weather all the scores ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ now same sex couples can get married here in new york state ♪ ♪ hire me and my squeeze box when you set a date ♪ the mayan calendar i fear says the end will come next year that's the world end polka ♪ soon it will be new year's eve when they drop the ball in iowa they'll holler merry caucus if obama we should dump next year president donald trump
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that's the new year's polka ♪ ♪
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this morning on "world news now" -- risky rescue. a young man and his dog and their frightening ordeal after falling 150 feet down a cliff. >> they dangled and hung on to what they could until a skilled rescue team saved the day and their lives. it's friday, december 30th. very good friday morning, everyone. i'm dan kloeffler in for rob nelson on this new year's eve, eve. >> new year's eve, eve. i'm sunny hostin. the young man and his dog were out for a walk in a rugged hillside area of los angeles when something rather unexpected happened that could have cost their lives.
3:01 am
we'll explain that and see how they were brought to safety. >> you look at the pictures and you wonder how can you even possibly get in a situation like that? >> yeah, just, just not the daredevil type. >> makes your hands sweat. what iowa voters see in ron paul? his surge in the polls before tuesday's caucuses and how his political rivals are reacting to that going back and forth who is on top, who is on third, and quite an interesting mix going on in iowa. >> later this half-hour, two new hollywood releases getting oscar buzz, from meryl streep's performance as margaret thatcher, to a dramatic story about a beloved horse, sent off to war. stay tuned for insomniac theater. >> it is like an uncanny resemblance she has to margaret thatcher. >> she is great in everything she does. let's face it. we are talking meryl streep. >> the pro. first this friday morning, a dramatic rescue of a man and his dog dangling from a cliff in southern california.
3:02 am
>> it started with littering and involved a dog a little too trained. abc's clayton sandell reports from a rugged hillside in los angeles. >> reporter: it started as a normal family hike that in an instant plunged 19-year-old ivan into a nightmare. ivan was hiking with his brother and father when his dad threw a bottle over the edge of a 300 foot drop. that's when lola, a german shepard mix, fetched. she slid down the side of the ravine, 150 feet from the bottom. ivan tried to rescue her and then needed his own rescue. >> the terrain was very steep. >> 35 fire fighters responded as ivan and lola waited 90 minutes dangling as rescuers inched closer on an unstable hillside. they wanted to use a helicopter to hoist them out but the wind from the rotor blade forced them to plan b. >> able to take members from the top of the ridge top. rappel down, secure the victim with his dog, and lower them to safety. >> reporter: rescuers were able
3:03 am
to get a harness and leash on lola and ivan and a rescuer rappelled down. they were unhurt. we met ivan at the bottom of the ravine. how long were you up there? >>hours. >> reporter: how scary was it? >> very scary. what do you think of the fire fight whu fighters who call to rescue you? >> appreciate it. >> reporter: two hours later ivan was back in the arms of his family. ivan tells us he wants to treat the fire fighters to dinner and says he will be back in the hills soon to hike. that's huh he gets his daily exercise. he also says if he had to do it again, go over the edge to rescue his dog, he'd do it. clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> so he went after his dog. got to tell you i have three dog. i would have gone after my dogs. >> i think any pet owner would do the same thing. an hour and a half, though, hanging on the side of the mountain. see the way the guy came down. i don't know if he was shell shocked. >> he seemed very calm.
3:04 am
>> he was like. am i going to get in trouble. what's the deal on the rescue efforts. thick fog may be to blame for an enormous pileup in new orleans involving 40 cars, trucks and suvs. the crash killed two people and injured more than 60 others. several of them critically. the mangled mess strauldprawleds i-10. height way close nearedly 12 hours. despite hundreds of tips, police in maine are still coming up empty in the search for a missing toddler at the center of a custody fight. the girl vanished two weeks ago. police decided there will be no more physical searches. >> abc's t.j. winick has the latest now. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, dan, sunny. the active search for 209-month-old from maine its over until there is new evidence in the heartbreaking and frustrating case. 20-month-old ayla reynolds has not been seen since the night of december 16 when her father
3:05 am
insists he put her to bed in his waterville, maine home. now for the first time in two weeks, police will not conduct a physical search for the baby saying the trail has gone cold. late wednesday night, the father released this statement. it is important that the public hear it from me personally that i have no idea what happened to her and i am not hiding. on nbc's "today" show his estranged wife publicly expressed doubts he is telling the truth. >> he says he is not in hiding. why won't he come out? why is he staying away? >> reporter: he also addressed allegations made by ayla's mother he may have been abusive. the little girl recently suffered a broken arm. >> he said, well, her and my niece like to go down on stairs. it could be from that. and i just, i didn't believe it. >> i would never do anything to hurt my child, he says, the questions of ayla's arm or bruises or anything else being said are simply ludicrous.
3:06 am
although ayla's parents have been in a bitter custody battle. authorities say both are cooperating and believe someone kidnapped their daughter. >> we strongly feel that someone took ayla out of that house and the circumstances surrounding that we are not sure of. >> so far police have received close to 400 tips. more than 100 since monday when a $30,000 reward was offered. dan, sunny. >> all right, t.j. >> it's difficult about this situation, this starts to play out publicly. and you start to have these interviews back and forth. i think sometimes you can speak to this as a prosecutor some times that can be difficult trying to get to the bottom of where is the child, the number one concern? >> the investigation is ongoing. you have a child missing. i think it is odd that we have seen so many of these types of cases. i don't know if there are more of these types of cases or maybe just more interested as a society about them. we are talking about children missing. >> i know. i know.
3:07 am
very heartbreaking. >> well turning overseas to a horrific accident in the capital of venezuela. a gasoline-filled tanker truck crashed and burned into flames burning several cars and a bus. at least 13 people were killed and nearly 20 more injured. the truck driver apparently lost control right before the crash. but of it is unclear why. military analysts are casting doubt this morning on iran's threat to shut down one of the world's most important walt waterways. those doubts come as iranian video of the u.s. aircraft carrier passing through the strait of hormuz was shown on iranian television. the video taken during iran's current naval drills. analysts are saying iran would only be able to harass marine traffic at most as owe posed to completely closing the strait off. north korea sending a stern warning to south korea and the rest of the world. kim jong-un is north korea's new
3:08 am
leader and says they do not expect any changes in the policies there. the declaration by national defense commission came as the two weeks of mourning ended for the supreme leader kim jong-il, his father. a new poll gauging the republican race for president reveals it is still very unpredictable. but this gallup survey shows mitt romney with a four-point lead over newt gingrich and the first time since early november this national poll puts romney on top. ron paul is in third place. since early december, romney has the gained five points in this poll. gingrich has dropped 14 points. and paul is up 3 points. two of the republicans are in the middle of a different kind of battle in virginia. rick perry and newt gingrich are frying to get on prthe primary ballot there right now. republican voters will have a choice of romney or paul. perry and gingrich failed to submit enough signatures. a federal judge in richmond turned down perry's request for
3:09 am
an emergency order but will reconsider next month. >> as we head into the iowa caucuses there is a surprising front-runner. congressman ron paul of texas has been largely ignored by the media and the other republican presidential hopefuls until a surge in the iowa polls. now, as the abc's correspondent reports, he is a prime target. >> reporter: ron paul is surging in iowa. sensing a threat his opponents are on the attack. firing missiles at what they say are paul's weak spots. >> ron paul thinks it would be fine itch the iranians obtain nuclear weapons. >> one of the people running for president thinks it is okay to allow iran to have a nuclear weapon. >> allow iran to have a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: ron paul isn't responding and stand by his hand-off approach. meanwhile, rivals insist his foreign policy position is out of step with what the country needs. >> ron paul would be dangerous as a president of the united
3:10 am
states. >> reporter: if he could even get that far which gop candidates say is highly unlikely. >> if he were to get the republican nomination. >> he won't. >> let's say he were. could you vote for him? >> no. >> he would be the least like low to win against obama. >> he is not electable at the end of the day. let's be real. >> reporter: ron paul has one of the strongest organizations in iowa and polls show him within striking distance of winning the first in the nation cautious next week. authorities in north carolina are investigating allegations of animal abuse at a farm that raises turkeys for butterball. deputies raided it yesterday after an animal rights group claimed the birds were kicked, dragged and beaten. that group, mercy for animals claims it has a video of the mistreatment. butterball says it has zero tolerance for abuse. if you are a verizon wireless customer. listen up. check the fine print carefully next month before you pay your bill.
3:11 am
here is why, the largest cell phone company will start charging $2 for certain online or telephone payments. you can avoid the fees by using an electronic check or automatic payment or mailing a check or money order. in fact verizon will even accept cash. how to avoid the $2. do that. don't pay the $2. >> i don't get that. $2 to make your payment. >> apparently so. costs money to make money. >> here is your friday forecast. up to 2 feet of snow in the cascades and northern rockies. rain, seattle, portland, boise. snow showers around the twin cities, green bay, northern michigan. rainy in cleveland and lexington. >> beautiful sunny, hear that in the background? nice homage. 70s from dallas. 59 in atlanta. 50 in new york. chicago, at 44. 52 t. billings. and 73 in phoenix. of course, sunny, your last day here. >> my dad used to sing this song to me. >> the whole show is dedicated
3:12 am
to sunny. >> ha-ha. well, wildlife advocates in indonesia are ending the year on a good note. these rhinos are the reason why. >> yeah, these are some of the dozens of endangered rhinos recently captured by cameras in a park. 35 different rhinos in all. the total number is likely much higher. >> despite poachers, researchers are happy. they had no idea there were so many rhinos in the park. iffage in just sort of strolling around the park and running into a rhino? >> and like the size of a small bus. you know? and when the things are going to charge at you, you have got two choices. >> the little baby was cute. >> cute, cuddly until they get big. always the way it happens. we'll be right back with more "world news now." ♪ everybody knows you got one tail for feet, 12 toes. mr. rhino look what grows two big horns on the tip of your
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♪ ♪ >> tip uktypically at this time show you our rewind, a look back at the week. >> with new year's coming up we decided to look back at the entire year. after pouring over hours of tape, here are the sights and sounds of our 2011 rewind. >> i spoke directly to president mubarak. he recognizes that the status quo is not sustainable. and that a change must take place. >> they love me all. >> but if they do love you. >> they will die to protect me, my people. >> the united states has conducted an operation that
3:17 am
killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. and a terrorist responsible for the murder of thousands of of innocent men, whippen and children. >> mark, her husband, was so excited. honey if you can see us, if you can see us, give us the thumb's up. and she not only gave the thumbs up, she literally raised her full arm. >> this is the most humble day of my life. >> what's important for me to say is just thank you to everyone who has believed in me. >> you can't tell me definitively it is a photo of you or not a photo of you? >> i am reluctant to say to you anything definitive about this. >> herman cain will put america back in the united states of america. >> i would do away with the education -- the -- commerce -- and let's see -- i can't. the third one i can't. sorry.
3:18 am
>> i will tell you what -- $10,000 bucks? $10,000 bet? >> we're tired. we're mad. we're angry. and we're saying something about it. >> we the jury in the above entitled action, find the defend, conrad robert murray guilty. >> you and this show have been the great love of my life. >> i am on a drug it's called charlie sheen. it is not available. because if you try it once you will die. your face will melt off. and your children will weep over your exploded body. >> winning. >> tiger's blood, tiger's blood out there. 2011 was a crazy year. a lot of things going on. >> what about 2012, predictions? >> resolutions what do you have? >> i always do that. i will work out more. >> you don't need to do that. >> eat belttter. too much bacon. >> have more fun. more fried food. >> yes. more white castle.
3:19 am
which by the way got some yesterday. >> you were. >> coming up the fashion industry has a reason to thank the duchess katherine. >> coming up.
3:20 am
♪ you're beautiful ♪ you're beautiful >>. ♪ you're beautiful ♪ it's true >> this is, that's your song as well. the whole show, that is an homage, play list of sunny. >> i love you. kate middleton might be the future queen, but she has king midas' touch when it comes to fashion. >> everything she wore turned to gold. much of it is affordable even for us commoners. >> reporter: the duchess,
3:21 am
scientific, almost is, kate wears a dress and it sells out. online, in store and anywhere, the princess wannabes can get their manicured hands on it. kate donned this $275 reese creation to greet the obamas, the website crashed. this one $310 in store. the duchess effect, immediately selling over $1,000 on e-bay. whatever she wears sells this b within hours. but she gained the most from her royal blessing. reese has shrugged off the ill chill of recession and seen sales soar by $50 million. so fashionistas might get sniffy. >> some types the proportion of the jacket are too short, lacks modernity, some times dresses older than her years, you know. i think she needs a good stylist. >> reporter: no one is saying kate is adventure us, a
3:22 am
knee-high boot and hemline. >> she is the every girl. that's what is so inviting. i don't need her to break new rules in the world of fashion. want her to look beautiful, gorgeous and happy. that's what she really looks. >> there is a sort of elegant conservativism to the way she dresses which is entirely appropriate. current and future role. >> reporter: and the key to the duchess effect, kate's regal, refined look is a fordable. you too can look like a princess and it won't break the bank. nick watt in london. >> i fried tried to get the dre engainingment photo dress. i was all over it. gorgeous. i didn't get that dress. i got this one. [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games.
3:23 am
let's get a recap, merv. [ merv ] thanks, other merv. mr. clean magic eraser extra power was three times faster on permanent marker.
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>> well, finally, it's time for some insomniac theater. if you are thinking of hitting up a movie this weekend maybe we can help you pick which one. >> we have insight. sunny will preview "war horse" first i will start with a film getting oscar buzz for meryl streep "the iron lady." this just an amazing picture of meryl streep portraying margaret thatcher, of course, the, the first and only female prime minister of the united kingdom. the film takes a look at the times from meryl ear as's ascen
3:26 am
her role there. to overcome classism and sexism. a clip from one of the more dramatic scenes she has dealing with members of parliament. a >> we will stand on principle or we will not stand at awe. >> margaret wut all due respect. when one has been to war. >> with all due respect, sir, i have done battle every single day of my life. and many men have underestimated me before. >> and from that performance, rotten tomatoes gives this one 66%. from "l.a. weekly" saying the film fudges the damning and incidental as relevant on this, saying it gives justification for thatcher's life as a real in 60 years. >> other option is "war horse" one of the new steven spielberg movies opened up over christmas weekend. basically a story about the loving relationship between a young boy, albert, and his horse, joey. they are separated because of
3:27 am
world war i. and it sort of tells the story of -- of the war, of the war from the horse's upon the of view. take a listen. >> will you listen to me, albert? i promise you man-to-man that i will look after him as closely as you have done. i will respect him and all the care that you have talk etaken him. if i can, i will return him to your care. >> now there its a lot of oscar buzz about this movie. but one review in wasn't very generous. they say it was sort of too sugary sweet, a disconnected affair, they say sort of forced emotions for the majority and gave it two stars. but again, a lot of oscar buzz. many people are saying that they love this movie. so very, very good options. >> great options as well. meryl streep, how can you beat
3:28 am
that, right? >> you cannot beat meryl streep that, right? >> you cannot beat meryl streep in get up to a one hundred percent scholarship to college. and up to sixty-thousand dollars in assistance. get paid to learn valuable job skills. maybe make an extra twenty grand when you join. all while you serve your community and your country. learn more at
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this morning on "world news now" -- now hiring. the hopeful trend of the employment market after years of layoffs and downsizing. >> the jobless rate just hit a milestone and economists are expressing new optimism for the american work force in the new year. it's friday, december 30th. good morning on this day before new year's eve. i'm sunny hostin. >> i'm dan kloeffler in for rob nelson. if it is your new year's resolution to find a job, or a better one at least, you'll see why 2012 could in fact be your time to make a move. why economists are so upbeat about the employment market and really what is behind this turnaround.
3:31 am
seems to have happened quickly. numbers pretty dramatic. >> terrific to go into the new year with these types of numbers. also this morning, hazard on the highway, the deadly pileup on a foggy new orleans highway, how the chain reaction crash started and what you should do when you are driving in thick fog. some important information coming up. >> so surprising, happens in rain, snow, for fog, kind of unusual. the results can be tragic there. >> later this half-hour, the big test, before tomorrow night's confetti drop on new york's times square. check out the preparations at the crossroads of the world. a bit of a dress rehearsal. they have to make sure the confetti will fall the right way. >> i love it. i love it. look, they're just tossing it out. >> only in new york can you get away with it. >> it's raining. >> we begin with good news on the economy and the outlook for the employment market. >> the number of americans filing for unemployment plummeted last month to the lowest level in three years.
3:32 am
as abc's cecelia vega reports, it could be a very encouraging sign. >> reporter: 2012 could be the year of jobs, millions of jobs in fact and it will be all over the economy. new hiring in the energy sector and health care industry. from retail to restaurants. manufacturing to construction. >> unemployment claims have been dropping, the economy is slowly growing, coming out of the doldrums we have been, creating more jobs. >> reporter: we reached out to dozens of economists and if their forecasts for the new year prove true there will be 177,000 new jobs created every month for the next year, more than 2 million new jobs up for grabs. and jack just landed one of them. >> in 2012 i will be employed. >> reporter: out of work for four months he starts a new consulting job days after newt year begins. >> it is a fabulous late christmas present and a great way to start newt year. >> reporter: economic forecasts
3:33 am
show job creations will pick up by 33% in 2012. and when those job prospects do turn around, one portion of the population may have an advantage, young women in their 20s, more than other folks have used this downturn to head back to school rather than search for work. you are really turning what is a horrible time in our economy for job prospects into something positive for yourself? >> i saw the recession as an opportunity. >> reporter: they're arming themselves with an education, so when the good jobs finally do come back, many in the coming year, they're ready to apply, college degree in hand. the number of americans signing contracts to buy new homes shot up past 7%, just in the last month alone. far exceeding expectations. all around the country, the best place to be though is out west where pending home sales reached 15% higher. that is a good sign for an industry that was at the center of this recession. cecelia vega, abc news, washington.
3:34 am
>> this timing could not be any better. so many people need work out there to. get the kind of numbers is great. the markets responded pretty positively. wall street closed up, dow up 136 points last trading session of the year. >> optimism continues on asian stock markets as well. very, very good news. oil prices went up. asian markets are up. really just based on optimism in the u.s. >> hope 2012 is the year we will turn it all around hopefully. not that there was any doubt. it is now official -- kim jong-un is north korea's supreme leader. he has a warning for the world. the president of the parliament made that announcement at a rally on the last day of two weeks of mourning for kim's father. north korea warned what it called the puppet government of south korea that there will no longer, won't be any changes in how that country is ruled. >> military analysts now doubt iran's threat to shut down one of the world's most important waterways, those doubts come as iranian video of a u.s. aircraft
3:35 am
carrier passing through the strait of hormuz was shown on iranian television. that video taken during iran's current naval drills. those analysts say iran would only be able to harass marine traffic but not close it entirely. >> back stateside to the presidential race. the only thing that seems to be predictable about the republicans mitt romney's ability to stay on top. in fact a new survey shows the romney with a four point lead over newt gingrich, first time since early november, romney was in the lead nationally. ron paul he is in third place. since early december, romney has gained five points in the poll. gingrich dropped 14 points. paul is up 3 points. just five days away from the iowa caucuses, candidates, their supporters, they've have spent $12.5 million on ads. >> mitt romney has returned to iowa to push for victory. abc's karen travers has the latest. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, dan. good morning, sunny.
3:36 am
there are still a sizable number of undecided iowa voters if you can believe that. for the next five days, the republican contenders will do everything they can to try to win them over. mitt romney's goal is clear. >> sure, i want to win iowa. everybody wants to win iowa. >> reporter: for a while it looked like romney would ignore iowa and focus attention on new hampshire. then he went all in. campaigning across the state. running television ads. between now and tuesday's caucuses he'll hold nearly a dozen events in iowa. his aggressive effort may be working. a new cnn poll has the romney at the top of the republican field there. he is followed closely by ron paul. newt gingrich plummeted to fourth. his loss has been rick santorum's gain. the former pennsylvania senator has been working 'round-the-clock to court iowa voters. he's visited all 99 counties. many more than once. today he dismissed those who wrote off his campaign. >> you know who pundits talk to -- each other.
3:37 am
they don't talk to iowans. they don't even talk to the candidates by and large. >> reporter: what happened to gingrich? three weeks ago he had a commanding lead and was showing swagger. >> i am going to be the nominee. >> reporter: then came the assault. gingrich has been crushed by negative ads. more so than any other candidate. he hasn't fought back. now he is hoping to win over undecided voters. >> tuesday night, probably a third to half of the people will walk in will be open to changing their mind about all of us. i think everybody is trying to sort out what is going on. >> reporter: keep an eye on ron paul. he is drawing large enthusiastic crowds across iowa and has the organization needed to pull off a victory on tuesday. dan, sunny. >> thank you, karen. unbelievable. >> it is very unbelievable. and very frantically campaigning throughout the entire state. michele bachmann finished up her tour of all 99 counties in the state there following what rick santorum did. >> it's interesting. at some point, someone has to really emerge as the front-runner.
3:38 am
it's just shifted so much. >> we are counting now to hours. literally hours now. >> yes. >> a big reason to stay off the road on new year's eve. a notorious night for drunk drivers causing fatal crashes. a new study shows that 10% of american teens admitting to driving drunk on new year's eve. the study found most teens would stop driving under the influence of alcohol or marijuana if a passenger says something. females more likely than males to ask another teen to stop driving if impaired. traffic is finally flowing again on busy interstate in new orleans after a deadly pileup in fog there. the scene horrific. 40 twisted vehicles. injured drivers, passengers screaming for help. more now from abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: the pileup left a mangled mash of metal and bodies, more than 60 injured. 22 hospitalized. and two people dead. the crippled cars and trucks sprawled over a half mile of
3:39 am
interstate 10, suvs pancaked under tractor trailers, sedans sliced in half. investigators said a low-rolling fog made it impossible to see the road, fog-related incidents are the most deadly type of accidents. the world's biggest pileup in dubai three years ago, 227 cars, was also caused by fog. >> people wouldn't think twice about not driving when there is a terrible snowstorm. and yet fog can cause many of the same types of problems. >> reporter: if you find yourself in a dense fog, crack the window and listen for traffic. don't stop in the traffic lanes. most importantly, don't pass an exit, use the off ramp to get off the main road and away from trouble. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> those are great tips. you mentioned it before. usually you see the sorts of pileups in the snow or in the heavy rain. but fog -- that was, fascinating to me. >> often times you think you are going to drive through it not going to be any kind of problems you. can see very deadly results can
3:40 am
happen from that. a routine stop at a rest area turned out to be anything but for two drivers in central florida. their cars swallowed up by a giant sinkhole. about 40 feet wide. one car quickly pulled out. but it took crews a few hours to remove the other one. both cars belonged to one family heading home from disney world. >> in southern indiana, a post-christmas prank that was captured on camera. two teenage boys stole seven baby jesus statues from nativity scenes around the town of fort branch. surveillance shows them placing the statues on the steps of the public library. they even stepped back to look at their work and perfect the figure's positions. >> said they had some figures on their steps. when i arrived they had seven of the baby jesus figurines on their front steps. you had to smile. you had to smile.
3:41 am
because it was -- it was rather cute. it was different. >> i am very proud of the community and the county. i live in. it's hard for me to realize anybody that would do something like that. >> chief parker who you heard from there also says pranks like this are rather common. all the statues have been returned to their owners and police say the teens are unlikely to be charged. >> i've don't quite understand the motive behind this. >> teens will be teens, you know? >> i suppose. did you steal baby jesuses when you were a kid? >> no, i do remember organizing an april fool's day prank when the teacher came in, we were facing the opposite direction. >> that's harmless. >> i remember that. >> troublemaker. your forecast -- rain from seattle to northern california. much lighter snow from minneapolis to northern michigan. showers from chicago to cleveland. moving later into pittsburgh then into buffalo. >> 45 in boston. 53 in baltimore. and a nice 74 in new or leans. 40s from omaha to detroit. 32 in fargo. phoenix gets up to 73, and
3:42 am
seattle a wet 43. i have got to learn how to say fargo differently. >> fargo fargo you have to pronounce, bring the o out. >> i am a native new yorker, i feel look saying fargo. >> you get a headcock in there as well. native new yorker for you. a woman in texas says if it wasn't for her dog she wouldn't be around to welcome the new year. >> meet the hero, a labrador, sadie. kim montgomery said -- sadie came barking in her room when an electrical fire was burning down her house. which she shares with her children and husband. >> she was home alone. hubby was away on business. the kids visiting their father. montgomery gives all the credit to sadie to making a fuss and alerting her to the danger. >> man's best friend. keep telling rob to get a dog. they can save your life. >> they absolutely can. listen, not to say anything about cats, do you think a cat would do that honestly? >> yes, definitely. >> from the control room. i have cat lovers up there. we'll be right back with more
3:43 am
"world news now." ♪ someone saved my life tonight ♪ ♪ someone saved my life tonight ♪
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kids make stains i use tide boost to super charge our detergent. boom. clothes look amazing, and daddy's a hero. daddy, can we play ponies? right after we do foldies. tide boost is my tide. what's yours? in the past, when there was a plane crash of any kind, investigators mostly relied on the information they found in that important black box. >> but in the age where cameras are everywhere, and carried by just about everyone, finding answers in an investigation is getting easier. abc's lisa stark reports. >> reporter: when disaster strikes in the air and on the ground. >> whoa, whoa, whoa! >> whoa, whoa, whoa! >> reporter: people grab their cameras and what they're capturing is proving invaluable to investigators.
3:45 am
>> some times it can be the key piece of evidence that we need. >> reporter: on a rare tour of the national transportation safety board video lab we saw shaky raw footage from cell phones, dashboard and surveillance cams. spun into investigative gold to help prevent future accidents. home video caught the engines coming off this 707 military tanker. >> we can see an engine separate from the wing and fly up into the air. >> oh, oh my gosh! >> reporter: without the video investigators may have thought an explosion caused the crash. knowing the engines call off before the fire, helped pinpoint metal fatigue. now the ntsb is poised to make recommendation on new inspections. and it's not just in the air where video can help prevent future tragedies. investigators used image from a camera at an aquarium to show a philadelphia tourist boat was hiding in a tugboat's blind spot. he is bearing down on this thing without evening knowing it? >> correct. >> reporter: your video allowed you to figure that out?
3:46 am
>> it did. >> reporter: sound too can be critical. an incident in san diego, a speeding coast guard vessel which moments later smashed into a pleasure boat and killed a little boy. the sound of the boat's engines proved -- proved. >> speed to be approximately 43 miles per hour. >> reporter: is that fast? >> it's too fast for conditions. >> reporter: and this scary grand canyon flight was shot by a tourist, one year before a fatal accident. but with the same pilot. it helped prove that pilot was reckless. it turned out to be deadly. >> turned out to be deadly. >> reporter: today there are cameras everywhere. ntsb investigators are relying on them more than ever to help solve their toughest cases. lisa stark, abc news, washington. >> oh, those images. >> i hate seeing that. that is why flying freaks me out. >> freaks me out too. i am terrified. >> three confidence drinks to get through it. and that kind of video that's not allowed in court? >> no, typically it isn't.
3:47 am
they want the board just to focus on improving transportation safety as opposed to placing blame or finding criminal charges or civil charges. >> amazing. >> civil litigation. isn't that amazing? >> it is. >> coming up, kelly clarkson's, controversial political endorsement. >> michael jordan makes a very big decision after a three-year courtship. that's coming up next in "the skinny."
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪skinny so skinny ♪ >> it's time for "the skinny," friday "the skinny." well, guess what? michael jordan, the sports legend and icon, is engaged. >> oh. ladies, he is off the market. >> he is off the market. he is 48 years old. that's a picture of michael with his cuban-american model, yvette prieto. they have been dating for three years. she is a bit younger. >> how old is she? >> in her early 30s is my understanding. >> okay. >> they have been dating for
3:50 am
several years. he's been divorced from juanita quite some time, divorced in 2006. he has three children, and juanita has most of his money. >> not at all what we are trying to focus on. we obviously wish them the best of luck. >> best of luck. >> must be for love not money. juanita has his money. >> sure he's not hurting for cash. all right. >> juanita has the a lot of it. >> she probably has most of it. probably true. kelly clarkson first "american idol" winner caused an uproar because she made a political endorsement. tweeted she is supporting ron paul. she then said i love ron paul. i looked him a lot during the last republican nomination. no one gave him a chance. a lot of her fans have replied back saying that they feel that he is racist, he is homophobic, and are pushing back. she said you know what, i respect that you have that kind of opinion. if you don't want to follow me. don't follow me. she is not backing down from the endorsement. >> she said she heard he was
3:51 am
racist or anything like that. bottom line -- there has been a lot of coverage of that controversy. i think when you are a public figure and come out and make this sort of endorsement, you got to do your home work. >> this is the danger with twitters. these days. we do a knee-jerk reaction. if we look at something, we have to be the first one, and then get the facts later on. >> not too much home work there. >> no. >> kid cudi, a rapper, apparently a young boy, his name is ben breedlove, he made this sort of video farewell shortly before he died from a serious very serious heart condition. and the rapper broke down after seeing the two-part video posted on youtube by the 18-year-old fan out of austin texas. he died shortly after this. sort of gave this homage. and this -- >> if you get a moment. go on to youtube. look this up. it is very emotional. very touching. >> it is. >> it just is an amazing thing. for cudi to do that. very cool. >> goes to show you how musicians and artists and a lot
3:52 am
of people really mean a lot to their fans. >> they pay attention to their fans. >> zoe de chanel sing what are you doing new year's eve. it's very appropriate and timely. ♪ in the game ♪ i'd ask you just the same ♪ what are you doing new year's eve ♪ ♪ new year's eve ♪ who's going to be the one who holds you tight ♪
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but you go in pieces. [ female announcer ] you can't pass mom's inspection with lots of pieces left behind. that's why there's charmin ultra strong.
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its diamondweave texture is soft and more durable so it holds up better. fewer pieces left behind. charmin ultra strong. ♪ be ♪ should old aquacquaintance ♪ ♪ be forgot auld lang syne ♪ >> it is here. confetti is here. >> without confetti it wouldn't be new year's eve. in less than 48 hours the stuff is going to be everywhere in new york's times square. >> the question is where does it all come from? how do they know it is going to work and fall the right way. here is wabc's jamie roth with the answer. >> two, one! happy new year! >> reporter: on the eve of the eve of new year's eve, a crucial rehearsal. love that confetti. make it fly. >> it's flying. it's floating. >> reporter: new year's eve organizers put the confetti through the paces at the air worthiness test.
3:56 am
>> oh, my golly, we're looking for the float and the flutter. that's what it is all about. i have got to tell you -- we had a great test today. it went everywhere. if it spread and doesn't clump and spreads. it's like a blizzard. times square in new york. the best colors. >> reporter: now the risers and stages are up. record crowds are expected. and the confetti is ready. >> thought i missed new years. came out of work and saw confetti. >> i love the colors. screams new york new years. >> thumbs up. for the confetti. >> who wanted to cut that up? that's the job i don't want. >> reporter: the confetti comes from a pennsylvania factory. on new year's, 100 volunteers stand on seven rooftops and toss it. mixed in wishes from the wishing walls. all the colorful, handwritten hopes flutter and float to the ground where, yeah -- >> you know we actually had a year where we had confetti issues. too much wind. it actually blew and downtown they celebrated new year's eve. because all the confetti was down there. >> i am coming new year's.
3:57 am
>> you are going to be here. >> i will be here new year's. >> hopefully the test worked out. >> hopefully. i am ready. >> got to have the confetti. bottom line. he's going to be there for new year's. >> you better believe it. >> our face book question, what are your plan for new year's eve? let us know. what are your plans? >> thinking a box of wine and age appropriate puzzle. >> that sound like a blast. what are your plans? >> i an going to be on a beach in puerto rico. with a pina colada in one hand and a magazine in the other. >> to each his own. >> maybe i will smuggle on board. >> join me. >> i am going to do that. we have it on tape now, invitation. >> your husband is not going to mind, right? >> no, not at all husband, kids. see, see. there we go. >> we need the real thing out here now. >> we do. i need a glass of champagne. >> getting an early start. no hangover after this party. you will still be ready for tomorrow night. >> there you go. that's going to be the news for this half-hour. don't mi facebook at
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