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tv   News  ABC  December 30, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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now "good morning maryland." what you eat can make your hangover go away. i am linda so. we will have the lift of best foods to make you feel better. governor o'malley wraps up the year. what he had to say about the year that was and what is he speced for 2012 that could --
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expected for 2012 that could impact your wallet. >> reporter: a student is accused of killing a kill list targeting fellow classmates. heart full story coming up. it's friday, december 30th. good morning. the final friday of 2011. and thanks for starting it off with us. let's check the forecast now and say good morning to meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. 50:31 on the clock. -- 5:31 on the clock. going back to manchester and yesterday. it just felt like a homecoming we had flakes and little surprise and you can see it in the time claps camera and a nice coating of white. manchester and extreme northern county. parkton and adams they got lightcoating of snow. and again that was a little bit of a boost from what we expected because it should have stayed dry around here. but as a result, we are still pushing in temperatures that are holding below freezing 29 bel air joppa 25 from towson to
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wood bine. -- woodbine. the cloud trying to rollback in. and the next surge of warm weather for the weekend we will talk about in a moment. it's 5:31. follow the wakeup window at the bottom of the screen and now angela for a check of the traffic. >> reporter: thank you. on the roadways a. checked in with anne arundel county police and all is quiet. the earlier collision we rootered in odenton has been moved -- we checked in in odenton has been moved. traveling through columbia pretty good. we continue to see mild conditions on u.s. 29 making your way past clarksville pike and jfx light traffic flow as you can see here. northern parkway clear all the way down to 28th street. back to you. many of us enjoy ringing in the new year with a little something to drink. but if you find yourself hung over the next day, there's food you can eat to help. abc2 news health reporter linda so is here with a list and i am sure this is a list you have not tried out. >> reporter: no. i am not a drinker. but, for you before we get to
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that list here's key. when you are hung over you are dehydrated and electrolight level is slow. so drink plenty fluids. kristin is a register pack triggser and says soup is a good option and have a sports drink before going to bed or as soon as you get up to replace the lost electrolytes. if you eat eat foods high in b like salmon. fructose in fruit can help get the alcohol out faster and if you feel kweisi try a jink -- weezy, try a -- weezy -- kweisitry a little ginger. study-- >> studies tho show that specific -- specifically in women. >> reporter: if you want to avoid a hangover drink a glass of water with every drink you have. new year's resolutions are
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easy to make and even easier to break but what if awed reminder in your pocket. that's -- if you had a reminder in your pocket. will are apps for weight loss and quitting things like smoking that tracks your progress and keeps you on track and another hit is posting your goal on social media so connections can cheer you on. the ravens will board a flight and head over to cincinnati where a lot is at stake come sunday. the ravens will beat the bengals by a touchdown. this was a week ago or a few weeks ago at m and t bank stadium. cincinnati needs a win to make the playoffs but now this is an away game and a sellout crowd and they did it using a 2 for 1 deal to make the game a sellout and avoid the blackout in cincinnati. this is the second of the year. ray lewis says no worries, he is used to sellout crowds. >> whether there's one person or 60,000 in the stands we don't care. we have our own problem and don't have to worry about selling out. we are trying to keep people out.
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and things like that. so, we have a different vibe you know in baltimore. >> kick off is 4:15 sunday. ravens win, the number two seed for the afc playoffs. looks like the bengals are going to be dropping ticket prices for 2012. upper deck prices going down in an effort to fill the paul brown stadium on a regular basis. bengals sold out two games in the 65,000 seat stadium and top rows in the sections are going to be reduced by 20 dollars. a look at news around the nation. a wal-mart customer in one georgia town made a shocking discovery in a shopping bag. they found a syringe. since last month 10 syringe have been found in this one store. they have been found in a nightgown and a hoodie and four customers say they have been pricked by the needles. >> it's dangerous and at some point the needles might be be infected or you know -- might be infected or have something in them that could hurt somebody. >> investigators have not been able to lift fingerprints and possible motive who might be
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doing this remains a mystery. look at this video a man so drunk he fell asleep with his foot on the gas pedal causing the engine to race and caych fire. crews rescued the man before the car -- race and catch fire. crews rescued the man before the car caught flames but he was arrested after that for operating under the influence. there he goes. >> looks like something on the back to the future a man with a jet pack dipping and diving be a float -- and floating on the fly board. the water craft racer invented the jet pack and use as motor pressurized watter to move above the water and in the air. boards are expected to hitretail stores bits spring costing about $5,000 and a boat is not included to get your butt out of the lake. great lakes are a gentel reminder of winter's rathe. where the icy conditions caused major traffic tieups and a maryland mother donates a kidney to her daughter. that story trending well at
5:37 am and this is the story we told you on christmas night. head to the website and check out story and others. again, that's and another way we work for you. time to go to new york for this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites a look back at some of the year's best tech items. first up, the light row camera which sam of the "new york times" calls truly revolutionary. >> you don't focus the picture it collects all that data when you take the picture and then you can decide if you want something in the background to be clear or something in the foreground. >> reporter: next up, turntable fm the free site is a social network for music lovers. >> you are able to inhaibt a virtual -- inhabit a virtual room and you play being a dj and more people join in and it's like a party in your computer. >> reporter: and siri lets you control your phone with your voice.
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>> not just the limit number of commands but a real natural language way that allows you to accomplish more without using your hands. >> reporter: and those are your tech bites.
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now "good morning maryland. drivers in the detroit area got a reminder of the dangers of winter weather behind the trees you can see one of the many accidents that happened. local reports show most of the wrecks were fender benders with cars sliding off the road. more rain and snow showers are expected throughout the area today. time for a check of our local weather with justin. >> a little snow and a problem. angela will talk about it in a moment. we had that come through yesterday. yesterday watch this stuff on through west virginia. looked like it would clip into
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the mountains and adams and york county and we got the snow showers through downtown. some stickage in carroll county and more up to the north. with temperatures near freezing, it could be icy spots this morning. another band of clouds trying to make a return but it is mostly rain back there in the mountains as it will be a surge of warmer temperatures. 28 degrees let's get the latest 29. but 45 in charleston and a sign of the warmup. we expect to have the clouds beginning to increase and we have been counting for that. we are overcast and hitting a good rain. low is 52 on this purple friday. last one of 2011. it's 5:40 on the clock. now the roads with angela. >> reporter: all right. on the roads as you mentioned, getting reports of icy conditions to be aware of that traveling this morning. especially in the westminster area on the low lying roads in the back roads use extra caution and reduce speed out there this morning. now another live look at traffic flow on i-95. we are looking pretty good here in great shape northbound on 95
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from 175 up to the beltway. and here's what you will find on i-# 3 between -- 38 between middletown and belfast a calm and easy drive for you this morning. charley, back to you. a new year brings new laws. coming up a run-down of the key laws going into effect around the nation and they start on january 1st. and a 4th grader in anne arundel county is accused of creating a kill lift. >> reporter: coming up, -- list. >> reporter: coming up why parents are upset with school officials over it.
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now "good morning maryland." and welcome back a cry for attention or something more seriousch that's what parents want to know after a 4th grader at anne arundel county is accused of making a kill list. it haled happened south of annapolis and this morning -- it happened south of annapolis and this morning corinne is standing by with more. >> reporter: many parents received a startling phone call on tuesday from school administrators at deal elementary school saying their students names why on a list titled kill list originally. female 4th grade student who made the list erased the title and changed it to people who are mean to me. officials say the list included 35 classmates at deal and
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celebrity names like justin bieber. only parents of the student on the list were notified by the school but some parents say that was not enough. cool school official should have notified everyone. the girl's troupe leader says she is a good student but bullied at times. some think she should be removed and others are offering support. >>i wish they would have notified everyone because i know a lot of parents weren't happy finding out from the newspaper. >> that is cry for help from the child. >> reporter: now the school has suspended the student. there's no word on any further action that will be taken. coren ridman -- corinne redman. 1978 was the last time baltimore's murder rate was below 200. 2011 the city has a very good chance of marking the 33 year low on homicides. baltimore city police commissioner made getting the guns the singular focus of the administration and is proud to say it's working. baltimore stands at 196 murders
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so far this year. and that number if it holds true through the weekend, it will be the first time in a generation that charm city has seen a number like that. >> the fact that we are making a difference, it is an enormous amount of pride to us. but, are we satisfied with that? and if i said yes, the mayor should yank me out of the store. we can't be satisfied i can't be satisfied we have one murder last year. we have a long way to go. >> and coming up throughout the day here at abc2, we will have much more on the story as brian kuebler interviewed the police commissioner and what's in store for 2012 to keep the numbers droning. numbers dropping significantly and people died on maryland roadways. but there's no doubt last few days have been bad statewide. in our area, the jfx ramp at 695 was close for more than an hour thursday as they investigated the death of a 5-
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year-old boy who was a passenger what car was hit from behind. when you look at overall numbers from deaths from crashes in the state the numbers are down by almost 10%. >> we are seeing safer cars, less impaired drgod and certainly better enforcement and better equipment and safety equipment in vehicles. all those factors certainly contribute to the reduction that we are seeing. >> there are two disturbing trends of the latest data. motorcyclists and pedestrian died on the road nationwide those numbers have increased. and following maryland's lead beginning january 1st, 8 more states begin outlawing texting while driving. north dakota will no long are allow anyone under 18 to use a cell phone at all in the car. and in oregon emergency responders and people who drive for a living will be able to talk on the phone while driving. national transportation safety board is still working to make that band nationwide. and speak of the roads, there's one thing drivers are going to hope to change in the new year. it will be gas prices. but it's not looking very good.
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according to aaa the average cost for a gallon of regular unleaded is at 3.52 and maryland that's two cents lower than the national average and surprise, next year the numbers are probably going to be higher. the highest average this year was back on may 5th. governor o'malley says 2011 has been important and successful for maryland e spoke about several issues yesterday including the state budget and the gas tax and marriage equality and the state added more than 25,000 jobs last year but the governor says that's just the beginning of what needs to be done. >> my resolution is for faster and more job creation throughout the state because no family can protect their home without a job and i will resolved to do everything in my power and with my trust to be a part of the solution that allows to us start creating jobs again. >> governor o'malley says it was another great year for maryland public schools and they received the best schools in the country for the third consecutive year and he says the state has the lowest crime
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level since 1975. justin. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning. 5:48. , 5:49 on the clock -- 5:49 on the clock. chatting online with our friends at ski liberty up and checking in and chatting and anxiously awaiting some of the cold air and snow making abilities. 30 state college in binghamton down to 11 yesterday morning. they have modified and they were down to 30 below now 9 above in mount washington. 6,000 feet in elevation which is a sign of what's happening in mid-levels of the atmosphere. 46 cincinnati and we will watch showers there today. next half-hour i will talk about how the ravens game weather may be working out on sunday. clouds trying to increase. the next weather system is warmer and it's more rain to be found with the system although snow is on northern fringe. that's not going to be an impact for us and as you can see thepivot of clouds will
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push in warmer temperatures. so, i think most of the rain is going to miss us. this is a small chance a sprinkle this afternoon. we are throwing more clouds in our vicinity and expect to have similar look to the sky starting with some sun maybe a beautiful sunrise and hint, hint get the cameras ready in an hour and a half. otherwise, the skies will turn overcast this afternoon. showers for the most part should stay to the north and west. and we may get a shower trying to creep in here overnight early tomorrow morning. and it looks like we stay above freezing and that will probably be rain drops and tomorrow looks like we disburse the clouds and we will have a nice looking sunday which may hurt some of you waking up after your new year's eve festivities. but then we will be in during the afternoon watching the ravens game. purple friday for a 52 ray lewis number and after the cold start increasing clouds and warmer day than yesterday. tonight back down to 40 and maybe a rain shower to start off the weekend. but otherwise we are looking at variable clouds and temperatures quite mild. 53 tomorrow, and 5 5 new year's
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day. falling temperatures throughout monday after a high of 39. there will be snow showers and highs near freezing with lows in the 20s or colder for the middle part of next week. angela. >> reporter: justin, on the roadways you may see some black ice. especially traveling along the low lying roadways. checked in with maryland state police and they are reporting an accident on the east side of the beltway traveling through middle river on the inner loop. you will see authorities on the shoulder as well as the accident vehicles at 7:02. so slowing getting by that scene. in the meantime, no delays but we certainly start to see more activity as you make your drive on u.s. 29 especially in the southbound lanes. and here's a live look at the beltway at baltimore national pike. inner loop traffic is light. picking up a little bit on the outer loop but we continue to see traffic that's flowing freely as we check our drive times. no reported delays traveling mostly around the beltway at posted speeds. now back to you. it was once an idea for the coming september 11th anniversary now a no go.
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up next what brought the 9/11 museum idea to a screeching halt. and you will have to pay for convenience. which wireless provider will charge 2 bucks to pay the easy way. you are watching "good morning maryland." we are back in a bit. i'm just a piece of dirt stuck here in a rut.
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many iowans undecide the gop candidates except for johns huntsman are campaigning across the hawk eye state. only mitt romney seems to have escaped significant attacks continuing the bus tour leading up to tuesday's caulksous. raise the debt ceiling. the obama administration says the government has again reached the borrowing limit and will request another 1.2 trillion dollars in borrowing authority. and the government will be close to 100 billion of the current limit by the close of business today. new york mayor bloomberg says work on the planned world trade center museum ground to a halt because of a money dispute and there's no chance it will be open in time on 2012. the museum commemorate willing the 9/11 attacks is scheduled to open on this september on the anniversary of the attacks
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but the mayor says that's not likely. verizon wireless will make some customers pay for the privileges of paying a bill. company instituting a $2 convenience charge for those making one time bill payments using a debit or credit card online or by phone. that fee goes into effect january 15th. and ravens wide receiver tory smith joins the harlem globetrotters in a comical football team at first mariner areasonna. tickets available at harlem at first mariner arena backs office. proposed law in memory of kaley anthony is going to -- caylee anthony is going to help protect children consequences for not reporting a death or disappearance. if you are driving in new jersey, expect to pay more for the tolls. what's the increase taking effect sunday? and she wanted to see the elephants. that's what a woman said and she has no fear. she gets too close and we will tell you what happened when the 6:00 hour of good morning
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depend. good morning. great day. weert first station to get a ride along with the police. what he says the city could accomplish for the first time since 1978. and two doctors are charged with murder for performing a late term abortion. i am land so. the secret facility where they were taking patients. and the bengals-ravens new year's day and a lot on the line for the playoffs. what ray lewis says he is used to when it comes to playing in front of a sellout. that's straight ahead on this friday december 30th. good morning i am charley crowson. let's over to say good morning to the happiest man in maryland. it's meteorologist justin berk. >> maybe not the happiest. >> close. >> it's friends joining in. that's how


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