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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  January 9, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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i will head to my bets on the lower side because of the moisture. it may get the light rain or snow nearby. maybe this evening you get a light coating on the grass. 5:00. let's get the look at the monday morning traffic. >> reporter: good morning to you. we had an a early look at 795 for those of you make the drive from owings mills. so far so good especially in the southbound direction. all the way to the northwest side of 695. here's a live view view at i- 95. no reported trouble especially for those southbound making are way to 495 the capitol beltway and glen burnie off to a skyet -- quiet start at i-97 and maryland 100 which is moving well between i-97 and i-95. 11 seconds in one play and that's all tim tebow and thomas and broncos needed to end the
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pittsburgh steelers season. the 29-23 overtime win all tied at 23 at the end of regulation, and then you had this. that pass to thomas racing 80 yards for the game winning touchdown the first play and quickest ending in a overtime game in history. 11 seconds. drive home safely. broncos face tom brady and patriots prime time saturday night. >> the giants are headed to grown bay and lambeau field next sunday. eli manning and the boys held ryan and falcons to 2 points. final score from the game yesterday that's nix. 24-2 and they move on. here's the playoff picture. saturday, you have the saints take on jim harbaugh and 49ers and prime time saturday night t bow and broncos head to foxborough and sunday at one,
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baltimore playing host to the texans and late game is going to be sunday night. new york against green bay and what will probably be be a very cold lambeau and we know most of the -- most of you are geared up for the game and send us your best fan photos and upload them to the fan page and let us see how you are getting ready for sunday's big game. an important recall. abc2 news health reporter is here with all you need to know. >> reporter: we are getting new information regarding the recall. novar tis posted new information on the website. here are the drugs affected. excedrin no zoz and bufferin and gas-x. it applies to all botels with a expiration december december 20th 2014 or earlier and bufferin and gas-x
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these are over-the-counter drugs informed by novartis. they are voluntarily recalling the drugs because they may contain broken or stray tablets from other products. the company suspend operations at the nebraska plant where the products were made. if you have any of the medications, stop using them and return them to novart fires full refund. call -- novartis for a full refund. we have a link to the website that outlines the lot numbers go to allergy concerns prompt a new york company to issue a recall for a arugula pastery which may have left out eggs as a ingredient. they are recalling a batch sold in 14 ounce round containers
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between november 2nd and december 22nd last year. the pastery is sold here in maryland and massachusetts and as well as new jersey. anish you've hot debate. many of us gearing up for the battle over same sex marriage. in the 2012 legislative session that begins on wednesday. sherrie johnson has more on what to look forward to. >> reporter: well, charley, those for and against same sex marriage will square off in the 201 legislative session. unlike previous years governor o'malley will response outer bill and pretty much says in videos produced by equality maryland and other groups the videos are aimed at gathering support to change maryland's law and also allow same sex marriage. but some ministers with the maryland marriage alliance disagree with same sex marriage and say allowing same sex marriage would infringe on their rights and beliefs. >> i am governor martin o'malley and i am a governor for marriage equality. as free and diverse people of many faiths we choose to be
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governed under the law by certain fundamental principles among them equal protection for every individual and the free exercises of religion without government intervention. >> our message is clear and very simple. marriage is defined between one man and one woman. period. >> reporter: both sides of the issue say they will push for victory in the general assembly. if the bill pass, opponents will attempt to repeal it on election day in november 2012. coming up at 6, we will show you how one state's governor wants to pass it in his state. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. and this morning friends and family are mourning the death of an airman first class matthew seidler from westminster who was in afghanistan when he and two others were killed by an ied blast. the 24-year-old was an explosive ordinance technician emmett graduated in 2006 and went to carroll community college before joining the air
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force. he entered the active duty in 2009. a hunting accident in prince george's county lead to criminal charges. a group of five people were hunting deer on oxon hill road when one person accidentally shot by another person who was shooting at a deer. charges have been filed against the shooter and other members of the party for neglect hunting and hunting without written permission and illegal use of buck shots. the shooting victim suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. -- injuries. edward payton will receive a award for his bravery. he was off duty when he learned about a gunman at the discovery building and went to help hostage and provide de-- hostages and provide details about the scene. news time is 5:06 and power outages now. [audio not understandable] what mother nature has planned while giving residents a break. age and memory. you may not be too young to be
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forgetful. we will tell you why and how when "good morning maryland" continues on this monday, january 9th. ♪
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now good morning maryland. it's going to be snowing until tuesday in austria they got a brief reprieve from the storm that allowed them to clear the snow. the snow caused blackouts for hundreds of households blocked off roads and even resulted in some avalanches. time for a check of the forecast. 29 degrees outside right now. but this weekend, justin, felt like mid-may. >> yeah, something like that. i know, it's january and winter and where's winter right? what is winter anyway? we got 32 in easton. and 28 in baltimore. that's at bwi marshal dropped to 22 clear skies and a lot of it will tank off. the edge of the system dropping snow back into the mountains we are dealing with a mix of clouds and clearing but the clouds will filther in by the time -- filter in by the time most get out the door. mostly cloudy to overcast. rain to the south and disorganized system trying to pull itself together and by the
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time it does so it will scoot down out to sea and on the northern fringe and today will play out with the thickening clouds and there will be some showers to develop. there will be a steady band of light rain snow mix or light snow. but with temperatures above freeze and ranging between 39 and 41, the road wet but if there's stickage on the grass and light and after dark this things end by midnight. we will talk about it. it's 5:len and let's go back to the roads that are dry with angela. >> reporter: good morning. on the roadway the state highway administration is advising you to use caution if you are traveling on 95 southbound heading to the fort mchenry tunnel. debris in the roadway where we are blocking the right lane just after you pass eastern avenue. so a brief slow down for you there. in the meantime, we are looking pretty good on 29 especially for those of you making the drive through the elk ridge region. no reported troubles on 108 up to i-70. and a check on your drive on
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the harrisburg expressway. southbound i-83 traffic is moving freely through the parkton region down to 695. and as we look live at the harrisburg expressway, merging into the baltimore beltway. charley. health news this morning, age and memory loss can start cerne than originally thought. for years experts thought changes in memory began closer to age 60. british researchers found mental and memory decline will begin early as mid to late 40s. dekind in younger people were modest but they were there. disturbing trend in rodents may make you think twice. high fatty food can damage the area of the brain responsible for hunger and thirst. three days of high fat foods they showed signs of inflammation and injury and a long-term unhealthy diet left permanent damage which could shed light on why it's hard for obese people to keep the weight
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off. a body found on the royal estate has been identified. hoe physicians say it was and how long this person -- officials say it was and how long the person had been there. where do you want to find -- where did you go to find the place that smokes the most pot. you are watching good morning maryland" news time 5:13. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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j. the remains of a woman found on one of queen elizing about the's estates belongs to a 17-year-old missing girl reported from missing from her home in august. the body was found by a dog walker on new year's day about 3 miles from the royal residents. police have no suspects at this time but the royal family is reportedly not a part of the investigation. and a new study claims australians and the new zealanders are the biggest pot smokers. the study says 15% of aussies and kiwis between 15 and 64 use weed in 2009. and americans came in at 7% and part of the reason pot is so popular down under is because there are plenty of remote
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areas to grow it. it's also more culturally accepted there than in other parts of the world. a milestone birthday for kate middleton turning 30. they will celebrate the birthday at private low-key manner many she and prince william last night attended a london premier of warhorse. time for check of the weather. let's go back over to justin. >> we look at the regional perspective and temperatures are below freeing. this is important because with the next storm, comes in and we are right on the northern fringe. there's moisture to be had and computer models edging their bets up towards the north. i am not too exciteded about this. it's dis-- excited about this system, it's disorganized. and i don't want to get too excited about an even vent after a warm weekend after the ground is warm. most of it will fall during the daylight and again we are watching our future train keeping most of the moderate moisture to the south. i mentioned earlier and people asked me this morning online,
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about the better chance being to the south and that includes ann arunde county. so yes, glen bernie and pasadena and annapolis, shadyside and you are along the bay stevensville and easton and eastern shore you are more target for precipitation. it's in liquid form and the cold air catches up and even if you have a little rain or mix today during the evening we will probably turn that over. there may be just enough to get a coating on the grass and the roads should be in okay shape and most moisture to the south all that stuff is out of here by midnight. tomorrow a sunny day to warmup and the pattern with the next storm likely to ride overhead. that's going to reach us during wednesday afternoon or wednesday night and we could have really heavy rain on the way mid-week. today, 41. there's a chance of rain or light snow mix that will develop probably during the afternoon. 41 means upper 30s. west and north of the city and we cool down we will get back to about 31 light snow and
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especially around the bay south of baltimore to the eastern shore overnight. don't expect road problems tomorrow and look at warmup. temperatures to get back up to 51 tomorrow. and 48 with heavy rain and thunder especially wednesday afternoon and evening. 56 thursday. and then the cool down comes friday into the weekend in the 30s and flurries and snow showers for the ravens game but i don't see a storm at this time. angela. >> reporter: all right. on the roadways right now, traveling 95 southbound, we have got some debris blocking your right lane southbound 95. just as you past eastern avenue, but once you get around that, you are pretty good. smooth sailing through the fort mchenry tunnel. no reported troubles passing maryland 175. if you are taking a trip on the top side all lanes moving without troubles. and the mta early this morning, light rail on a 15-minute delay this morning. over to you charley.
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baltimore ravens get ready for hosting the playoff game sunday against the texans. but gft game -- before the game they are getting inspiration from the youngest of fans. corinne redman is live in timonium with details. >> reporter: good morning. we are live at the giant in timonium where fans are encouraged to drop off letters of support not only the youngest fans but all fans can come in to the giant stores to drop off letters of encouragement to the team as they head into the playoff game on sunday. this is heather who is with the baltimore ravens. first, tell me why this is so important and tell me about the mailbox program is. >> it's an opportunity for the wrungest -- youngest fans to touch base with the team and let them know how important it is to see them win and succeed and play hard. and our players really feed off the energy that the kids give them. they have gotten unique with some of the examples here.
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they are working hard and turning in cool things. players stop by on the way to practice every day and stop by the windows to see what the kids have done. tory smith stopped by and said i remember what it was like to root for my home team. it's good and heart warming and encourages the players. >> reporter: how does this work? fans come into the store and design their own and bring it into the mailbox and when are they picked up? >> every wednesday evening and they are brought to the facility where we hang them all over. so when they come in on thursday morning, there's brand new letters there. >> and we are -- >> reporter: and we are also joand by the ravens cheerleaders. how important is it for fans to get involved especially when we have the big games coming up. >> it's important to get us all motivated and excited about the game. just to have the opportunity for them to take part in an amazing experience for the baltimore community. >> reporter: how have the
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fansbeen. you've been out in the community how important is it for the fans to be equally involved. >> it's very important. the whole organizations feeds off their energy and we kick off purple friday this week. hope everyone heads out for that as well after checking the website. >> reporter: tons of stuff to support the team. when fans come in and fill out the letters, there's added benefits. >> they can fill them out or down load them off the website and fill out the information. one lucky child will be chosen to brem themselves and three guests to the game and then the school who enters the most letters into the mailboxs will actually win an appearance by the cheerleaders and poe. >> >> reporter: that sounds like something you can't mess up. so there's no reason not to come out to the local store to fill out the letters and try to win tickets for the game and students of schools with the most entries can can win a visit from the beautiful cheerleaders and the ravens mascot. corinne redman, abc2 news you may have noticed you have
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now "good morning maryland." goose prices are going up. average price spiked more than dime pushing the price of a gallon of regular unleaded at 3.that's average. we are sitting at 3.36 and we are work for you to find the best gas prices in your neighborhood. and head to and click on the traffic and then gas prices tags and you will enter the zip code and find the cheapest gas in your area. it's 5:26. if you are worried about the kindle e-reader running outs of
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juice while reading in the park, it's the solar kendall cover. the cover has a solar panel which siphons the power of the sun to keep the battery charged up and the cover keens it alive a little longer. it's available online. at the weekend box office the dark side prevailed. the devil inside took in around34 1á million dollar in the first of three days to capture the spot stot. mission impossible was bumped from the top spot to move to the number two and just more than 20 and a half million. and sherlock home came in third. the protest song that has a former marylander on the political beat. also, the latest on the race for the white house. we have live reports from gop candidates heading out to new hampshire for tomorrow night's crucial primary vow. you are watching "good morning maryland" what's new now and
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next on this monday january 9th. ã
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