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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 11, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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hello, everyone. it's time for great videos and stories right this minute. the fbi releases video of a jewelry store heist. >> where the liberty bell ruby, a one of a kind sculpture was stored. >> hear about the high dollar hall with all the makings of a hollywood caper. two snowboarders are chased down a mountain.
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>> by and unwelcomed visitor. >> who wanted them dead and buried. see the video as they scramble for their lives. we all know smart phones and water don't mix. >> how would you feel if i dumped it in there? >> i would be angry. >> unless kwlou had a new way to allow your iphone to survive a soaking. and a house fit for a spy. >> extremely private. >> they're showing it off to make us all feel bad. we're going to kick things off with a story that nick found for us. >> i have surveillance video of a jewelry store heist with all the makings of a hollywood film. this heist happened back in november. four bandits storm into the jewelers in delaware. this is a smash and grab robbery.
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earrings, platinum, gold, diamonds, rubies, everything. they tie up the four employees in store with zip ties. this all lasted for about four minutes. it's weird to me all but one of them wore a mask. >> it is strange. they forced one of the employees to open the vault. that's where the liberty bell ruby, a one of a kind sculpture was stored. it's worth over $2 million alone. they made off in a rented u-haul van. the witness followed the van at speeds up to 100 miles an hour for quite some time until one of the robbers opened the back door and pointed a gun at the car. that's where the car backed off. stewart kingston jewelers was trying to broker a deal to get people to buy the sculpture and don't it to the national liberty museum in philadelphia, which is
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pretty much where it belongs. >> but if they say it stole something that is so unique, how in the world can they get the $2 million back work? >> they think the thieves stole the diamonds and sold it for $10 thou ,000. but the rest there's not much they can do with. a couple of guys cutting it up on what looks like fresh powder in austria. one guy has it. then they get interrupted by an unwelcomed visitor. whoa! >> wow. in a split second, they take off. they sound nervous. they sound scared.
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you hear them shouting. it sounds frantic and tense. a guy waps the snow from his lens to see his buddy worn out, out of breath, covered in snow. they just ran from a little avalanch avalanche. >> they take shelter behind what looks like a shed or garage but after they recuperate, they go down and look. >> it looks like lava that would be coming from a volcano because it's moving so slow. >> do i see trees and stuff wrapped up in that thing? it looks like there has to be something. >> you can tell by the look on this guy's face.
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that was a close one. >> i want you to take a look at this cruise ship and tell me if anything looks a little off. is it sitting on something? >> yes. you can hear him talking about what's going on. >> the master of the msc posia turned this ves sal towards the beach, grand bahama and ran it aground. >> it's a 965-foot cruise ship. >> the street just above the water is usually below the water. you can see the stabilizer partially out of the water. the water is about 15 feet deep here. the ship needs 26. >> this gives you a very clear idea of how high up and out of the water it is. look at the size of this. look at that. >> so how did they not see it? >> according to reports, a
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harbor pilot joined the ship and taken control because the ship was so close to the island. so since it was under the harbor pilot's direction, it's hard to blame the ship and the captain for colliding with the reef. >> the ship's bottom dragged here, scraping the paint off. it prooents the growth and fouling of the ship below the water line. on the reef floor it will kill most forms of marine life. storms will move it around creating multiple dead zones for years into the future. >> this coral reef is damaged because of thiser ror. >> i have a hard time justifying human error. it's going to have such long, lasting damage. this is a house on a seaside cliff in california.
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beautiful views. >> there's a two-car parking garage on top and an elevator with a resepg area. once you pass through you come down along t t tnel which ledsou to a bigg revea house it >> to build the house no major machinery could be put in. everything had to be carried. it took them five years to build the house, five years to build the tunnel. >> why are we seeing it now? is it on the market. >> it is on the market for the very affidavitable price of $10 millio million. >> it's definitely burglar proof. it takes forever to get in and out. what if there's a fire? >> there were stairs. you run down the stairs and jump
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in the ocean. >> and it's a private beach with no access to the public. extremely, extremely private. >> how do you suppose starlings create such crazy patterns when they fly? >> there's one band leader. we're going to this way, boys. >> no, that's not it. hang with us and we'll get you a real answer. he's 102 years old. he has a flip board and a
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long.
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>> men have two passions. women and cars. >> that's pretty much right. >> prada figured out how to combine both of them and i'm loving them. those are cool hot rod flaming shoes. print, clothing, purses and shoes. this is one of them. >> who would wear that? listen. >> no, no, no. >> my dad used to have a car with that taillight. >> the entire collection was inspired by 1950s classic cars. that's why you see the bling, the color, the leather. >> wow. >> it's wild and it's cool.
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>> how much are they? >> really expensive. >> they are pradas. >> $1,500. >> they're around there, yes. >> that's more than a car payment. >> i want to show you a mermation of starlings. it's the term for a flock of starlings. it's them flying together in a grou group. >> that is awesome. >> first it was a fish. then it was a work. then an exclamation point. >> it looks like fish do when they swim in schools underwater. >> like the fish from the movie finding nemo that kept doing charades. >> you like impressions? starlings fly in big numbers because it's safety in numbers and they try to fly as close
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together as they can and mimic the direction and speed. if one starlings varies a little bit, you get the changes in formation because there's a ripple effect of them all mimicking each other. >> like one band director. like we're going this way, boys. >> i would be a little bit freaky. i mean, i have seen this. >> it looks like something in a movie where the world is ending. >> we've seen so many dumb criminals, i was shocked when i found a video labeled smart thief. you see a guy carefully maneu r maneuver -- and he's got his eyes on the camera.
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doesn't seem to care about the camera watching him. he back peda out the door. he takes off. and theuy f from the store. smart thief? >> no. we know what he looks like. zbr this might be an ad. >> for the world's slimmest television? >> well done. this is an ad by lg. the world's slimmest television. life is good. over 2 million hits on the video. we posted it at the end of last month.
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the ad campaign, smart. the thief, not smart. it's your worst nightmare. the precious iphone in water. but there's something to protect you from the mishaps. she'll tell us what we can do next. and kids just do the darnedest things, right? we have a cute kid with an unusual and adorable habit. but there's a twist. >> i have a little confessio
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at >> you're a resident english language stickler and grammar kwin. this guy has beef with the english language. and he's 102. >> bum. what rimes with bum? tomb. that's not tom. that's tomb. and if we add a "c." it doesn't rhyme with tomb. it's comb.
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what rhymes with comb? that's not home. if we want home we have to add an "e." >> the guy has a point. >> there are so many odd rules. >> if we were like other languages. we would spell dumb d-u-m. >> his comedic timing is right on. >> if we want every tom dick and harry to be able to write and read, that's the only way is we will ever be d-u-n. >> she's after my job.
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>> very talented. nick, this is your iphone 4s that i'm holding, right? >> yes. >> how would you feel if i dumped it in there? >> i would be a little angry. >> of course you would be. but there's something to protect you from the mishaps. check out this video from the folks. they are pouring water on an iphone. >> and completely submerging it. it seems to be working still. so what's the trick? they claim it protects your phone t headphone jack and the charging port if you get them wet. >> is it a case? is it something you spray on the phone? >> you do have to give them your phone for a while. but after that your phone should be water proof.
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>> so i send my phone to liquipel. they do their hocus pocus and then it's waterr tha that. >> they got an example of how it works with collie an ex. neither side seems to be wet. not having to worry about getting water on the phone, that would be cool. i want to this
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>> it's no surprise that dogs love some fetch. but this dog -- >> she loves fetch! >> see what this pup will dive into just to win the game. and, sand dunes? no match for these fellows. they're taking them on, and we're along for the ride. next.
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how come you didn't get your cousin's talent? >> when you're a year old, you have little worries. he's really sleepy. he's also really hungry. he's eating frank. like a sausage frank. >> okay. >> i think he wants to sleep. dad just said, you have food in your mouth. he's like. fine. i'm going to spit it out. little lee is my nephew.
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he does it all the time. >> his two favorite things. sleeping and eating. he wants to do it at the same time. why not? we're keeping it in the family. right this minute. >> dogs, they love fetch. we know that. willow here, she loves fetch! the owner tosses the willow ball and she dives in head first. look at her tail sticking up. all you can see is her tail. i can't tell if she's really determined or if she has an obsessive-compulsive disorder. >> she's jumping, looking for this thing. at this point we're just seeing the leaves moving around.
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don't tell me she found it. do not tell mehe found it. at the very end she comes out. like, yeah,l. who cares? >> what better way to end the show than with a little bit of motorcycle porn? u all shot on the go. tom parsons down in the glam of sand dunes in california. the sand almost looks like brown water. >> that will do it for today's show. we'll leave you with footage from the glamest sand dunes in california. enjoy. we'll see you tomorrow.
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the harford county teen charged with killing his father appears in court today. find out why a judge denied him bail. are you planning on a winter getaway. find out why this is the time to book that flight. right now a man in a wheelchair is in shock trauma after being stuck beneath a train at the saratoga train station. we have no word on his condition. it's not clear how the man got stuck. we'll continue to update it on abc2 news as well as now to the weather. you're looking at 95 and 100. it's a dreary commute. the big question everybody wants to know is just how long it will stick around. let's check in


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