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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 30, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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i'm beth troutman and we have some great stories and videos for you right this minute. a breezy attack in an ocean as a man gets attacked with a machete. talk about crashing a press conference. >> out of nowhere this bus pulls up. >> see why this driver is not
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going quietly. it's the shot that proves it only takes a second -- okay, half a second -- to win a game. and meet the ultimate 49ers fan. >> you thought the 49ers would be in the super bowl? >> the story behind the video that's an instant classic. we begin our show today with some exclusive video from costa rica that you won't see anywhere else. guys, you won't even find tst w nt directly tous. now, take a look at this. as this video begins, you see two guys out in the ocean. it looks like they're on a kayak, right, and you see a paddle. you don't know exactly what's going on, but let me tell you exactly what's happening. the guy in the kayak who is holding the paddle is apparently a local.
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and allegedly he attacks this man here who is a u.s. ex-patriot with a machete. the man gets in the ocean and swims away, but get this. as the guy gets away in the ocean, he approaches another surfer who is also an ex-patriot. the surfer puts out his hands and outcomes a machete! >> oh, my god. >> he hit the guy with his board and he paddled away. >> he hit the guy with the surfboard and then he starts beating him with his paddle! >> what is wrong with this guy? >> according to the guy, he almost hit these this man and his daughter with his surfboard. >> you're going to kill somebody
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because he got too close to your daughter? that's crazy. >> t area of southern costa rica called pona. it's a beach town that is known to be tranquil, and according to some people, these kind of threats are happening more and more. and that's why this video was released to us, because they wanted to warn u.s. citizens about what is going on. >> if you've done enough flying in your time, you've probably flown in one of the smaller planes the airlines run there, those turbo prop planes? what would you do if one of the engines stopped in mid-air? >> start praying. >> this horizon airplane was taking off out of portland. soon after it took off, passengers heard a thump, an explosion, looked out the window and saw the right engine propellor just kind of winding down to a stop. >> all of a sudden, everything
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stopped and it got totally quiet and everybody started to panic and every phone was out. >> what do you say? you don't want to call and scare anybody, but you want to tell them, hey, this might be it! >> this is terrifying. when i saw this, i got weak in the knees when i saw this video. >> they always say if there's going to be an accident, it's in the takeoff orland i landing. >> in the first ten minutes, the plane immediately turned around and safely landed at an airport in seattle. those few seconds of watching that propellor just go -- >> pretty scary. it was complete silence and it just stopped -- the propellor stopped. we all have pictures of the propellor in video. >> there were 55 passengers on board. no one was hurt. did you guys ever have one of those bad days that just keeps getting worse and worse? >> oh, yeah.
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>> listen to this. they're building a casino in cincinnati called the horseshoe casino. on friday, workers were pouring cement on the second floor when something collapsed. these workers fell around 30 feet. 13 people were injured. >> 911, emergency. >> this all comes after another incident this past december at a horseshoe casino in cleveland, ohio where a parking garage collapsed. rock gaming, they're the developer of both of these casinos, they say the incidents are unrelated, but steve ro rosenthall, who is a rep for the gaming, went on air live in cincinnati. watch what happened. >> quickly transported people to the hospital. at this time, the work site is closed and work will not resume
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until the construction team and osha -- >> what is going on? >> out of nowhere, this bus pulls up and starts beeping their horn and almost hits people who are at this press conference. >> so the press conference is probably set up somewhere where this bus needed to go and honked the horn to get them to move, and when they didn't move, just drove through the press conference? poor steve is still trying to take questions when this goes on, and then the bus driver gets out and has something to say. >> you need to move out of my way. i've got passengers on this bus. >> is she serious? >> did they know it was a bus stop they were blocking? >> they weren't thinking of the bus route when they set this up up. really? when they reopened, they invited a guest and two others
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that people weren't expecting. those are animatronic dinosaurs. this little boy was like, hey, i thought jurassic park was fake. >> i love it. it gives you a sense of what it was like when dinosaurs were around. >> that poor little girl was crying, though. scared the kids. it rides the escalator! >> yes, it does ride the escalator. >> who is controlling these things? >> this is an animatronic dinosaur. you can see the legs. >> there's somebody in there. >> you can see the legs underneath there. >> it looks real. if they were around, i bet this is what they looked like. >> so imagine you're in brisbon and you decide to see the movies
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and there's dinosaurs walking around. i've often wondered what it would be like to see one face to face and now you can see one face to face. a thrillseeker has a crazy new stunt. flinging himself off bridges. >> bungee style but without the
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. welcome back to the show, but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. there are some kids born with natural abilities. take four-year-old nate, for example. nate lives in los angeles and nate is a great golfer. look at him go. >> oh, wow. >> one after the other. >> like a little mini fairway. >> watch his back leg as he
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swings. he does the whole -- you know, after the swing with the professional golfers, the finish. >> yeah, yeah. he's definitely got a really good swing, especially for being four years old. i'd like to see him out on the course and see what he's really made of. >> you know, he is only four years old which means he's only going to get better. he's going to be a maze and maz we'll be like, tiger woods who? >> and all these people who play sports, you always see them starting at such a young age. >> he's at a driving range with a little difference than the front yard. >> straight as an arrow, too. >> he does have a lot of control, which is amazing at four years old. >> awwww, he loves golf. >> and he's a leftie. i'm always jealous of lefties.
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sometimes i pretend i'm a leftie just to look cool. i'm a big fan of adrenaline-inducing videos, so i'm going to show you one right now. the videographer decided to spend a week with mark wilson, and if paragliding isn't enough for you, this man likes jumping off bridges bungee style but without the bungee. >> what? >> he piles to a bridge, mike balz o bails out. >> that looks like it hurts. >> the climbing rope is designed to stretch and slow you down, you don't just stop. here they lengthened the rope a little bit. he falls down and takes a little dip in the river. >> that's a pretty narrow gorge.
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how does he know he's not going to swing right or left into those jagged rocks? >> and how do they know they have enough rope or too much rope? >> i'd like to think that since their lives are sat stake that they would check, double check and try things out a couple times? >> how do you do that? do you stand there with a tape measure? >> i think they would look at their -- and say, yeah, we double the size of your -- >> that is how guys would do that. >> it is very scientific. >> that explains a lot of short bridges in this country. there's not much you can do in .5 seconds, a half a second. not very much time at all. one thing you can do is win a
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basketball game. this is the end of a game from december but the video is trending on line now. it's from fort wayne, indiana northrup high school versus south side high school. it's 65-64, .5 seconds left. this student inbounds the ball and basically football tosses it the length of the court -- >> no way. are you kidding me? >> his teammate carter rump catches it with .5 seconds left, puts the thing up, 66-64. ball game over. the crowd goes wild. wayne 15, a newschannel in indiana, has another angle of the shot. >> i came up with it about six years ago when i was a jv coach.
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it's a play called jump. >> get that, the play is called jump. >> they all probably went out and partied their rumps off after that. next time on "right this minute." glee meets miss sigh gottaigon >> in jail. >> that's next time on "right this minute." eight years old and she's got killer chops. >> i want to be in her her. >> meet the english girl whose guitar video is lighting up the web. and some dramatic video from the middle of an
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your minds are about to be blown by some incredible talent. this is eight-year-old zoe thompson and she's playing "str "stratosphere" by strativarius. ♪ >> it's incredible, right? >> i want to be in her band. >> it looks like the video is in fast forward. >> eight years old, she started taking guitar lessons at the age of six. so she's only been taking
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lessons for two years. >> i'm jealous. >> i'm very jealous of her. she's not from the mini band, is she? >> that's a good eye, yes. she's a guitar player from the mini band. we've seen her on this show here before. and she's even amazing without the mini band with her. so joining us right this minute from newbury, berkshire, england, we have zoe thompson. >> hi. >> this video is incredible. your talent is amazing. how do you do it? >> i sit down and practice a half an hour every day. >> what guitar do you use? >> a papuchi. >> i'm a van halen fan. can you give me a little van
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halen? >> i can do something. ♪ >> oh, man, she's awesome. >> that, of course, was "guns a and roses, "sweet child of mine." >> this might be crazy, but what do you want to be when you grow up? take one. >> oh, oh! most of the country is snowed in. it's cold, it's slushy, it's not that winter wonderland when we think of the winter at christmastime and all that, so
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it's time to start thinking of spring break, a holiday, warm sand, sunny beaches, that kind of thing. bikinis. speaking of bikinis, it's time to think of yacht week. when we think of spring break vacations, we think of ft. lauderdale, havasu, going to mexico, but yacht week is something i hadn't heard of. it's in the british islands, and in the spring it focuses on the british virgin islands. you can get six or 14 of your friends together, spend $1,000 to rent a yacht and they'll even throw in a skipper. >> can you get the professor and gillig gilligan, too? >> they take you to a different place every day. listen to how this guy heard about yacht week. >> my name is miguel from new york, and i found out about yacht week through some friends
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in europe, and it's been the best week of my life. >> does this look like the trailer for some nude mtv reality show? >> yes, it does. >> you take 14 of your friends, you get one of these yachts, but you have to sleep skpeet aand e stay on the yacht. some of these yachts don't look like there's much room. >> on the deck, but where do you sleep? >> you don't care about that whenou're 18. >> a mieryoca find all e or on right this minute today at >> lots more great videos all day long 24/7. it's old news that the 49ers lost last week, but some fans aren't taking the news as well as others. here's a mini meltdown that will make you melt, and the dad who made it all better.
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when the 49ers lost, i didn't know the cameras were rolling on me. >> what's wrong? >> i can't believe the 49ers lost. >> you thought the 49ers would be in the super bowl. >> the world knows that's the
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couple from california. >> maybe next year they'll be in the super bowl. >> he's so heartbroken, this little child. >> his dad must be so proud, though. he's like, yeah, my son is already a huge 49ers fan. >> listen to the conversation. >> are you going to watch the super bowl, anyway? we can still watch the superbowl. >> how? >> the 49ers just won't be in it. we'll watch the patriots and the fricking giants. >> okay. >> and it will be fun. >> okay. >> i still love you. you still love me? who's got it better than us? >> nobody. >> aww, i heard that. >> the reason dad is telling that to little johnny is because coach jim harbaugh tells it to his players in the locker room,
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who's got it better than us? >> i love it when he says they can still watch the super bowl and he says, how? >> and the kid is crying and suddenly his emotion turns a little happier and he's got a chocolate mustache. >> who's got it better than us? >> nobody. that's going to do it for this episode of "right this minute." we're going to leave you with visions of deserts and oceans. stick around, we have 30 more minutes of "right this minute" headed your way.
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