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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 30, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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of davidsonville. minutes earlier a series of cars spotted the car. >> i just all of a sudden saw these lights. wait a minute. he's on the wrong side of the highway. >> reporter: somehow the teens got on route 50 headed west in the eastbound lane before hitting this bm killing terry davis of severna park. soon after, emergency responders came upon the twisted wreckage where they learned the high school graduate died on impact. zak rose who graduated from aimmediate da high school had been growing his hair out to donate to cancer patients. >> he kind of held us all
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together. 19-year-old brittany walker was a nursing student and 18-year-old brianna franco was a severna high graduate. counselors waited as news spread of their deaths. >> when we're teenagers, we think nothing can affect us. certainly, tragic accidents like this do happen and we need to help educate the community at large but also for those who are directly impacted by the loss of any life, we want to get counseling. >> reporter: in anne arundel county, jeff hager, abc2 news. maryland state police do not know if alcohol or speeding contributed to the crash. they're still awaiting toxicology reports. officers were called to the 400 block of frankfurst avenue at 9:00 this morning after a body was found in the water. they're not sure how long the
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body had been in the water. in about an hour the group against same-sex marriage will make sure their voices are heard. abc2's brian kuebler has more on how this group will fight against same sex couples. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of the governor's speech on the conference by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. governor o'malley told the crowd he would introduce a civil marriage law and it's something the governor supports this year. the progressive ministers had a hand in defeating this bill last year and will seek to do the same in 2012. they are holding a rally in front of the state capital and said they will be heard at every
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hearing and every vote along the way. >> we uphold in what we believe and we are preventing the state from going down a slippery slope that we will not be able to stop once we get down that -- on that slope. only six states have approved same-sex marriage, and the district of columbia. maryland will not become the seventh. >> reporter: that feet starts in about an hour at a planned rally. we will have much more on that rally and the soon to be introduced bill coming up at 6 and again at 11. >> thanks a lot. now we have the very latest on an attack during a feet outside broadneck hospital. the 18-year-old is still in shock trauma. on friday the 18-year-old was
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approached by a 15-year-old. the two got into a fight off of school property. a former mass mass dentist was sentenced to a year in jail for using paper clips instead of stainless steel in root canals. michael clair was charged with several charges. clair now lives in crofton and was suspended by medicaid in 2002 but continued filing claims by using the names of other dentists in his practice. an ex employee at a queen anne's grocery store takes out his cooler by bleaching meat. 57-year-old john waskey poured
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bleach into the meat case, contaminating pork and chicken. he turned himself in and was arrested on destruction of property and contamination of food. store managers said the meet was removed. all right, temperature wise, things are cool in the low 40s. feeling like a traditional january day, not brutal but certainly on the cool side. we're in the low 40s now and headed well down into the 30s. a steady west wind keeping things on the cool side. so the rest of the evening things will stay chilly, 30s, windy at times, but what a reversal in this trend. you'll want to stick around. johnson and johnson recalled
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baby call me comfort lotion after regulators found excessive levels of bacteria in the sample. it was voluntarily withdrawn in nine states out of an abundance of caution. development is stepping up its investigation into the jeep liberty air bag problem. 50 people have been hurt because of air bags inflating even though it was not involved in a scrash. the national highway traffic safety administration starting vasing back in september. now nearly 387,000 suvs are under investigation. most parents try to do the right thing when it comes to their children's safety but a new study shows they may be cutting corners when it comes to carpooling. some parents are not putting the
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booster seats in and parents do not enforce the rule when their kids are with another driver. they also don't make sure the little ones are in booster seats. in most states children are required to be in a booster seat up until eight years old. half of parents surveyed don't note age of booster seats in their state. if you've never fallen victim to an email scam, you -- you've ever fallen victim to an email scam, you know the fear. there's a big push to get rid of these so-called phishing scams. >> it's called phishing, spelled with a ph. hackers cast their line into unsuspecting consumers, hoping one will take the bait. it's been going on for years, but now some big names are
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trying to put a stop it it. google and aol are adrossing -- addressing ongoing problems. they -- other major players are joining the fight as well. facebook and linkedin are onboard as as well as others. and since many people have received scams disguised as greeting cards. it gives fischers a tremendous financial incentive. hackers are out to steal passwords, bank account information and addresses and email is one tool that criminals use to establish trust. the group says simply inserting the logo gives it legitimacy.
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while you need to be careful, these companies hope to prevent the emails from getting to you. >> investigators are still trying find the cause of that fire that killed 10 people. tonight why investigators believe the fire was set on purpose. >> and viola davis and octavia spencer were the maids of honor. plus, presidential candidate newt gingrich is getting a boost in his campaign. we'll hear newt's new song coming up. ♪
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it was a night of surprise
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winners. we have all the highlights. >> the cast of "the help." >> reporter: the "the help" went on to earn $170 million at the box office. it also earned top honors at the screen actors guild awards. viola davis won best female actress. >> and for mills tyson, they are the stories of our mothers, our grandmothers, and we absolutely feel like these women's stories are worth tment it's like the famous quote says i don't care how putrid a person's life is or how ordinary. if they're going through something, their stories deserve to be heard.
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octavia spencer won in the best supporting actor -- actress. >> i'm thrilled to shine a light on women who haven't been given a voice. >> reporter: jean dujardin for his role in "the artist." i talked to him about his oscar chances. >> supporting acttor went to christopher plummer. >> it's a lovely award because they turn into nice guys for the first time. >> reporter: the sag awards honored the best in television. both trophies went back to last year's winners, boardwalk empire in the drama and modern family in the comedy category.
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they have about a month before the oscars are handed out. >> well, gop presidential candidate newt gingrich has a new tool in his campaign chest. >> everybody vote for newt. hoot, hoot, hoot. >> a rap song titled "hoot for newt." well, president obama's short serenade of let's stay together is music -- i -- so in love with you
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♪ >> al green's hit is making a big come back. the billboard said sales have gone up 490% sing the president sang just a few bars on january 19th. the apollo theater crowd approved, even cheering on the president. got some good news all around. 43 at bwi. humidity is low. it is some dry air right now. wanted to show you a couple of our hd weather camera. nice looking day. we had the chill in the air. not much of a chop in the water. baltimore today with some blue skies over charm city. certainly a chilly start. it is breezy, especially this
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morning. a chop on the severn. we're going to look for a similar day tomorrow. we're going to add about a 15-degree warmup. that's going to mean temperatures of 60 or warmer. how's that. in the meantime, while it's chilly for a few hours we have a couple of elevated snow showers near cumberland. there's nothing left from that. some of those flakes probably never hit the ground. temperatures now 37 in york. 43 in baltimore. ocean city at 42 and it's colder but really not frigid even toward oakland. highs today very seasonable stu. average high, the tail end of january is 42, statistically past our coldest part of the year. humidity wise, extremely dry air. that plays a little bit of a factor in our warmup over the next day or two. dry air it heats or cools than
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humid air. you'll notice that on summer mights. a lot of that is the humidity in the air. just a few clouds drifting across maryland. no nearby weather. there is a little clipper system clipping the great lakes states. so showers through upstate new york and parts of northern pennsylvania. nothing in our area, just a few passing clouds. cool scenario tonight for one more night. high pressure is going to quickly warm us up. as it shifts, we'll get on the warm side. that, plus a lot of sunshine and very dry air is going to mean a wrap up. we're looking for temperatures to head above 60. you can see the warm air is poised not far away. 60s toward nashville, so that is the warmer hair mass that will move over us over the next two
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days. you can see on our trend very little tomorrow, just minimal clouds. we'll see increased cloud cover. a little bit of a rain maker just south of us. i think we'll be generally dry as temperatures stay well above average. overnight we look for 30. yes, a chilly start in the morning but as we look at tomorrow, how about 62 balmy degrees and a mostly sunny sky. how's that for the last day of january. tomorrow night down to 44. check out the seven-day forecast, the outlook the bottom line is we keep this going into wednesday and things will cool off with showers into early thursday but still not bad. then as we look ahead into the weekend, you can see things will trend cooler, kelly, but the first days of february, not looking so bad. >> not bad at all.
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i'm zigging that, too thanks a lot, wyatt. you've heard of flipping houses, flipping cars they opened their doors to give educators a lesson in classrooms. it happens when the teacher's lecture is delivered outside the classroom. class time is used for active problem solving by students and the one on one or small group with the teachers. students can come to class ready to jump into their lessons. >> our homework is what we normally do in class. it's not learning in class and doing homework. you're learning the material. >> i believe that any class can do it. instead of having a teach -- teachers having their back to the students, they can teach you
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face to face. >> teachers are embracing it. >> preparing for graduate school can be intimidates but with the right planning it's not too difficult. sherrie johnson talks -- sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: in some cases it's the next step after a four-year college. students are decides whether to attend graduate school. she is the senior vice-president at the university of baltimore. she's here with more information on graduate school planning. welcome. >> good morning, sherrie. >> reporter: let's talk about the options for graduate school. >> there are so many. first you can go to school full-time, a more traditional way to approach graduate school. today there are so many programs available for working adults. evening classes, saturday
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classes and also online. >> reporter: is graduate school a good investment? >> yes. it's a good financial investment because the lifetime earnings will increase significantly with a had graduate degree and also it's a good investment in the career. it slays to an employer that you want to be head and knowledgeable about your field. >> reporter: and how you pay for this? >> that's always a tricky question. there's tuition reimbursement. many employers will reimburse students who are in school. secondly there are assistantships available with student employment. finally, there are loans, both sub sidized and unsubsidizes to students. >> thank you for joining us. >> coming up information about a
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new treatment for back pain. it's so old that it's new again. it's been used for centuries. find out how it's offering relief for back pain. a surprising new study about caffeine and women. why caffeine affect asian and white women differently. the car on the left was filled up with
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if you're suffering from back pain, a danish study looked at 40 people, mostly middle aged women with barks shoulder and neck pain. some worked out with kettle balls while others did more
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conventional exercise. those with kettle balls had more strength in the core muscles. we're not getting screened for serp -- cervical and breast cancer. 83% of women were screened for cervical cancer, below the target of 93%. only about 59% of the people were screened for colon cancer. rates for asian and hispanics were lower. a new study in the american journal of clinical nutrition found that caffeine affects asian and white women different. caffeine increased estrogen levels for asian women and lowered the level in white
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women. it doesn't seem to cause short-term problems, but in the long term it can change estrogen levels which can play a part in endroa me tree owe sis, breast and ovarian cancer. >> find out if investigators are any closer to finding ut what caused a nightmare crash on a florida highway. a father, a mother and a brother accused of killing one of their own family members. what evidence could help convict the family. plus it was a grim discovery in the discover of a missing maine toddler. this chase does not look like a kidnapping.
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