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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  February 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. now, abc 2news at 11. >> jurors in the trial of george hugehel see autopsy photographs. what it all means coming up. >> this video of a boy punched in the face and people upset. >> you want your resume to look good but not to good. how women are working to make sure real resumes have a fighting chance. >> and will the weather hurt your valentine's day plans? baltimore's most accurate forecast coming up. >> yardly love, the mere mention of her name would bring butterflies and flying arrows to those who knew her. >> on this valentine's eve we are talking about bruises and blood. >> christian continues his coverage of the murder trial. >>
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>> reporter: sharon love stayed out of the courtroom for much of the afternoon understandable given the subject matter, her daughter's autopsy. over the past nearly two years you have seen this picture of yardly love. in court on monday jurors in the trial of her ex-boyfriend saw a number of vastly different pictures, autopsy photographs showing bruises on her legs, arms, hands and massive bruises on her face. remember it all comes after last week's testimony from love's roommate that she saw love nearly naked the night before she died and she had no injuries. defense attorney is not involved in the case but like much of his small college town he is following it closely. he said those autopsy photographs are particularly helpful for the prosecution. >> if they can't show malice it's not a murder and that's why they are building this evidence. >> reporter: in court the defendant tried to avoid
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looking at the photographs. in cross, his defense team attempted to demonstrate that love's injuries could have happened with as little as one impact. a minimal amount of force. the prosecutor said that if members of the jury want to know how many times she was hurt, they can just check the autopsy report. >> the prosecutor has a burden in this case to prove there was a murder, not just an act of passion that resulted in someone dying which is what the defense is arguing. >> reporter: they will continue presenting its case on tuesday. we expect to hear from more experts including those on brain injuries as well as those you can collect from fingernail scrapings and blood spatter. reporting from charlottesville. >> you want to stay up to the minute on the trial you need to follow christian on twitter. his coverage has been the best. you have to go and read the
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tweets he has been doing. outstanding. >> a man shot outside of a family dollar store on green moment has died. police said just 30 minutes ago he is an adult male, late teens to early 20s. he was shot a number of times around 5:30 tonight. he was rushed to the hospital in critical but did not make it. also new, a baltimore man charged with molesting a middle school girl. he told the girl that he could mentor her and help her get into a good high school. he was never a part of the mentoring program though. the girl said he picked her up from school and molested her. when she got home she told her parents. >> a person is dead after falling from a parking lift here in townsend. it happened between ten and 11 here at the palisades. the garage includes a state-of-
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the-art system that essentially parks your car for you. police haven't released the victim's name. investigators are trying to find what happened this morning. >> good news for homeowners, the mayor said there has been a lot of progress in the past two years in the state of the city today she said she is proposing the largest property tax drop in decades. the mayor said violent crime is down and she is look for ways to increase the revenue stream t may not be popular. a three cent increase to the bottle tax. >> i'm embarrassed by the physical condition of some of our schools. our kids deserve better. [applause] as a mother and as mayor of this city i'm not going to stand by and do nothing about it. >> we will hear morn when she released her budget in the next few weeks. >> everybody is a photographer
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these days. when christopher saw this scene two years ago he started rolling. the officer tried to stop sharp who continues to roll. now sharp feels that this is a first amendment right to record police activity in a public setting that the taking of his property has a violation. >> embarrassment was even worse. also i feel that if this is happening at a place like there, what else is happening out there? . >> a judge think itself should go to trial and the police have warned officers about rolling cameras. this past friday there was another scene and the photographer seemed to know the policy more than the police. it's a hot buton issue, same sex marriage. those four and against have been trying to get the support they need and those pushing for it spoke out hoping to convince lawmakers who may be on the
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fence. don harrison. >> let is shine. >> reporter: supporters gathered in the shadow of thurgood marshall statue who fought for equal rights in the 50s and 60s hoping some of his powers would rub off on marry land legislatures. >> thank you for coming here. >> reporter: the governor said a vote may happen as early as this week. this year the bill is being heard from a joint committee if california's court declaring the band unconstitutional and washington state today legalizing same sex marriage, this is encouraging for those who support it here in maryland. it's encouraging because i think maryland is one of the next states to go. we have a good strong heritage of people who care and a strong heritage of civil rights and i think that the right for
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everybody who loves someone else to marriage is coming soon. >> reporter: some hold firm against same sex marriage. >> it's bad economic poll six bad social policy, it's bad political policy. i just don't want to be around it. >> reporter: others disagree. >> this issue is about equality, it is about treating a family in a state of maryland with dignity and respect. >> reporter: in annapolis, don harrison, abc 2news. >> and also tonight there were -- [inaudible] domestic violence. legislators gathered with victims and their families. it's a time to remember the men, women and children who died from it in the last year. tonight was about raising awareness. >> it's a substantial problem as we go through harder economic times people losing jobs and homes, creating more family problems and creates
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more problems for domestic violence. >> those who attended say it's important to get the word out, especially now when there are economic problems, domestic violence tends to rise. >> tomorrow the council will hold a hearing on a gender identity protection bill. four of the seven councilmembers are sponsoring the bill and they want supporters to wear purple to the hearing tomorrow. >> temperatures continuing to cool off out there after a somewhat mildler monday and then a frigid weekend we had. 36 now, 40dc, 37 easton and we have 36 in wilmington delaware. across the state clouds rolling in. still dry, other than perhaps a couple of light snow showers out toward deep creek. that's the opening round. with a question as we track
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this next mainline of precipitation, will this be a heart breaker for valentine's? not so much. upper 40s, yes the chance for hit and miss showers through the day. keep the umbrella handy. we will talk more about the impact and look to the rest of the week coming up. >> tonight baltimore -- will throw a few punches hoping to make u spokane washington in the trials. we have been following this them for months and we will let you know. >> steven briere robbed last week while in the caribbean on vacation. a man with a machete surprised him. he got away with about a thousand dollars this cash. nobody was hurt. >> we are learning more about the death of whitney houston.
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there were prescription drugs in the hotel room but they aren't say figure it had anything to do with the death. fans have been leaving flowers all day outside the hotel where her body was found. an autopsy was done and there were no indications of foul play or obvious signs of trauma. her family took her back to new jersey where a funeral is being planned. >> the case against jerry sandusky could go to trial in may and also the judge ruled to let him spend time with his grandchildren. he said he is relieved about the judge's decision. >> you know competing for a job is tough enough. now put in other resumes, stacked against yours, that may have a fake degree and fake employer. >> three women say they have seen it all and have had enoughful cheryl connor with more on how they are taking action. >> reporter: yeah. they turned to the web and
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created a database for employers hoping to call out the bad and help out those who are honest. the work is hands on -- arrange activities and medical care for their disabled clients. >> our new rn. >> reporter: like any business it's the employees aren't reliable the company could fold. the frustration lead to another venture. >> i would say 80% of the resumes aren't true. >> reporter: kim and her business partners have heard it and seen it all, even registered nurses fool. >> when i confirmed her with why she had forest haven down she said she never worked there and i said that's not true and they left. >> i have had a text at four in the morning stating that this is a job for me, see you and that's from an rn. >> reporter: they have spent
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years frustrated to day one. >> it's absolutely insane. it's like nobody wants to work or keep a position. >> reporter: work agriculture long side several attorneys they created employee for $100 a year an employer used a federal id to subscribe and write information about employees. the content is monitored but lets for key points, dates of hire, rates of pay, if the employee is eligible for retire and if they gave a two week notice. >> we spend so much money training new employee that come in that it's frustrating because they pay other people to give us fake college degrees. >> reporter: and there are online company that will act as a past employ ear, talk about making it hard, we found this one that seems to allow anyone
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willing to pay to make up a career history and provide fake references. the owner answered but didn't follow through with an interview. randy louis runs resume boutique. >> i don't see that in my business. they don't want to over state because they want to be able to talk about it and be comfortable in interviews. >> reporter: the owners say the lying, and cheating won't end until the him posters are called out. 30,000 employees have been added since it launched. >> i didn't do it to make money but to stop the fraud. >> right now the database only stores names of employees in maryland but they hope to go nationwide. employ ears can't browse, they can only look up an employee with information that comes from an interview. i got this note late tonight. the site is down for the next 48 hours after so much business
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that it needs updates but by wednesday you will find a link in this story on abc cheryl connor. >> what do you think of the dad who shot his daughter's laptop? there. are those who understand but wait until you hear what police said. >> was the race to be the best gpa in class based on race? how a high school is handling this issue. >> and we continue to look out for our friend up here in elkton. you have seen the story, bullied at school. tonight we find what the school is going to do. those and the weather when we come back.
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. there is your laptop. you see it's out here on the ground. this right here, is my 45.
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>> there you go. tonight we have the update from the dad who got so angry at what his daughter put on facebook he shot her laptop. the posts on the facebook page we know jordon has -- chased several tv crews off and been visited by police who he said gave him kudos for the video. social services stopped by too and plan to interview his daughter and he expects they won't find anything wrong with the way he treats her. speaking of his daughter she said she is taking this whole thing well, better than the rest of america. >> wow. georgia they are asking if a high school made a major decision based on grades or race. cody will be one of the two val disc for yans. the school said it picked two students because their gpa's were so close. steven's mother said it was bad cody would have been the first
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black valedictorian. >> [inaudible] dot do the right thing. >> reporter: the school district says race had nothing to do with it. the superintendent said the other student's gpa is just one hundredth of a point lower than stevens. they call . >> two polls show if american has to pick a gop nominee today it would be a throw up. santorum and romney appear to be in a dead heat. a poll, shows a two point difference between them. just a month ago it showed romney with a big lead. another poll shows the same thing. now the put in the margin of error and they are in a tie. we first showed you this clip back in january, it broke
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a lot of hearts. a autistic child bullied caught on camera. >> tonight a show of support from his community and a lea from his parents for the school to do more. preston explains >> reporter: you have seen the video over and over again. 11-year-old student punched in the head by another student while everybody else watches. >> i knew i was probably going to get hurt. i knew i was going to be scared because i knew what would happen. >> reporter: he is not the only one. at tonight's board meeting parents reached out to officials to do more. >> something that needs to be addressed in this area. >> reporter: her son also has autism. she is not convinced the school system is doing enough to stop bullying, especially for children with special needs. him outlined a lot like hanging out posters in the schools, they aren't going to change a child. it's the influence of adults.
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>> reporter: officials provided additional insight on their programs and initiatives to help. >> instead of just being one of those that sits back and says there is nothing we can do, what can we do, we will step up and say what do you need. >> reporter: donald heads up the chapter of the hogs and her others foundation. they made it very clear tonight that anything they can do to help just ask. they hope the school system takes them up on the offer. >> i believe most of them who have children just as well would be great mentors for the school system >> now, maryland's most powerful radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right. weather wise its been a clear and cool evening out there. temperatures continuing to drop off a bit as we take a look at the inner harbor. pretty quiet scene.
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36 degrees. wind is calm and humidity very dry, very little moisture in the air. take a look at our hd camera across the state. want to show you how clear it is. until right isn't sunset. we start to get the leading edge of cloud cover off the approaching system. hard to see in baltimore. as we go to kent island you can see the additional clouds rolling in as we finished out the day. the radar, where is the precipitation, out well west of us. that's the leading edge, ahead of the main area of moisture and precipitation with the system but you know if a few winter type showers toward w isp and garret. yes, a little bit of precipitation in the state but it's well to the west now. temperature wise, just above freezing, most of maryland, 36 in baltimore, 32 winchester and 37 in easton and as we come in tighter you can see today we got up very close to 50, the
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average high up to around 45 for the baltimore area. get -- pretty nice stuff, a few degrees warmer than average after a much colder than average saturday and sunday. dry weather, very dry weather and there will work in the way of showers, we will keep the chance for showers and a couple of snow showers mixed with rain showers, if that happen it'll be early in the morning and perhaps late tomorrow, most of the day just hit and miss rain showers, not much moisture to work would. dry air at the surface, all of this working against much of anything and as we look to the west we think the bulk is going to split off and track further south and the dynamics across the midatlantic won't lend themselves to this continuing to ramp up or get stronger. as we look at the trend you can see what happens here. that area of moisture a lot of it goes south. we get a little across the state but a closer look, this is 10:00 tomorrow morning.
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cloudy, perhaps a hit or miss rain shower through the day tomorrow evening, if we get a few showers could there be a few wet flakes, it should add up to little. just keep the umbrella handy. trend showing a clear, dry wednesday and a new chance for rain late thursday. overnight down to 28, clouds on the increase, rather cold, valentine's warm up to 48, cloudy and cool, scattered rain source, thence for a few flakes early or late tomorrow but i just don't see much at all. the seven day forecast looking ahead and finding really just mild temperatures, thursday and friday up above 50 degrees. chance for a few rain showers thursday, dry in to the first half of the weekend, so on the whole february getting back to the way it's been after a pretty cold weekend. >> there you go. coming up man's best friend earns his nickname. >> first a look at night line. >> coming up on night line the
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latest on whitney houston's death. her path to fame and her tragic final moments. and the story on her most famous recording. that's coming up after the news at 11.
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. all right. man's best friend turned in to a hero for a texas pastor. he has a require condition that causes tumors to grow so if he turns in the wrong direction he can pass out. his dog saved him. he passed out while putting water in the bathtub.
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the dog jumped in, grabbed him by the ankle and pulled him out of the tub. when he woke up there was his dog -- giving him the cell phone. >> amazes me daily. >> even more amazing, he was rescued from abusive home where he was sprayed with a water hose constantly so you think he would be terrified. >> gave him a cell phone. here you go. >> dialed with his nose. speak english. take a look, little bit of weather to the west. as we look at the radar you can see where it is. it's mainly extreme western maryland toward w isp. bit of a snow band. i don't think that make itself into baltimore. we will keep the chance for showers, probably mainly a few rain showers, you see a few wet snowflake that will be the
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. don't forget about your sweetie tomorrow. >> ever hart. >> hart forever man.
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