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tv   News  ABC  February 17, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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deadly shooting in a federal building. what led to the death of an international agent. and getting paid, certain cities are better than others to get a job in social media. what a report says about where you want to go. those stories are just ahead on a friday morning. thanks for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. fog a problem this morning, so mind your commute as you head out the door. let's get an update on your commute from angela. reporter: you want the low beams on, not the high beams, you want to see more of the road and less of that fog. we're still going to have a fab friday, right? the sunshine will return as we go into the afternoon. temperatures will be in the low 50s once again and we do have some rain and some snow on the way. dense fog advisory in effect until 6:00 a.m. this is for anne arundel county. everywhere else we're dealing with just some patchy fog this morning, but still fog is fog nonetheless. visibility is definitely reduced this morning. we see zero into baltimore, also into d.c., along the eastern shore into easton and
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two into fredrick this morning and three into york, pennsylvania. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. just a little bit of misting out there, and it will stay that way as we go into this afternoon. let's get a check now of your traffic with angela. good morning. reporter: good morning to you, lynette. and the fog certainly a factor this morning, especially crossing the chesapeake bay bridge and also in baltimore city. we'll get to some live shots in just a moment. want to mention the accident, the overnight accident we had on i-95 northbound in hartford county. we're still diverting traffic at 5:43. that's maryland 5:43 from northbound 95, your northbound lanes still shut down. again, u.s. 40 a good route, also seven, philadelphia road a good alternate to get around that. here's a look at 695 at the bw parkway. as we mentioned, very foggy conditions out there. another live look at russell and lee streets making your way into downtown. and, of course, we are tweeting updates all morning. follow us on maryland traffic. charley and megan, back to you. new this morning fire
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gutted most of a downtown baltimore business early this morning here in the 2800 block of west lafayette street. >> investigators have been on the scene since a little after 2:30 when that fire started inside the pride and grocery and liquors. no cause yet for the start of it, so be sure to avoid north dukeland and west lafayette street when you're heading out this morning. 5:32 right now. flags across new jersey will fly at half staff tomorrow to honor the late singer whitney houston as plans for her weekend funeral starting to take shape. now, investigators continuing to look into actions -- her actions and days before her sudden death. abc 2 news' sherree johnson joins us with more on this story. reporter: megan, on saturday, one week after her death, whitney houston will be laid to rest in her home state of new jersey. the private service at her childhood church will include about 1500 mourners. there will be performances by stevie wonder, aretha franklin and bbweyon. her exhusband bobby brown has been invited to the funeral,
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putting to rest rumors that he's not welcome. sources close to her investigation say the singer was partying and drinking heavily in beverly hills shortly before she died. houston's past addiction has some questioning why new jersey's governor decided to fly the flags in the state at half staff today. new jersey will be houston's final home. the cemetery where her father rests is her final resting location. >> instead of the big superstar sendoff, it's going to be that baby girl sendoff, and she's going to be surrounded by people who absolutely loved and adored her for who she was. reporter: now, police say there will not be a customary funeral procession on saturday. fans can watch the funeral on tv and on the internet. sheree johnson, abc 2 news. a man who costarred in houston's greatest movie hit will speak at her funeral on saturday. kevin costner was in the 1992 hit "the bawrd" with the
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singer. stevie wonder and aretha franklin are scheduled to sing at the service. "20/20 will air a special. it's going to take an in-depth look at the voice of the century from her achievements in music and her legacy, also her battles with addiction and her rocky personal life. again, that airs tonight at 9:00 right here on abc 2. 5:34 right now. the trial for a woman charged with performing late-term abortions in june, that's when the date is going to be set. dr. nickel oreilly will be charged under a state law that allows prosecutors to go after murder charges in the death of a viable fetus. the law had not been used against abortion doctors, so her attorney is arguing that she's immune from prosecution. she's accused of performing these abortions in elkton. her former partner, dr. steven brigham is also being charged with murder. news around the nation, a work place dispute escalated into deadly violence in thursday night in southern california. it happened in the immigration and custom enforcement agency
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offices in long bch, also known as i.c.e. authorities say a confrontation between an i.c.e. officer and a supervisor likely escalated into gunfire. an officer shot repeatedly at his supervisor before a third agent stepped in and opened fire on the gunman. the gunman died at the scene of that attack. construction is expected to continue this morning on the world trade center site after a crane accident yesterday. officials say that crane snapped, dropping a steel beam some 40 stories onto a flatbed truck. one worker suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene. a southern california woman was arrested after breaking into the home of country superstar kenny chesney. the woman triggered the alarm system when she got past the gates of the nashville home. when police arrived, they found her in the bathroom with a bottle of wine. she claims that the singer invited her to his home. however, kenny chesney's rep says he does not know the woman. chesney was not home at the time of the break-in. dash cam video of when
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police found a missing mother and daughter in mexico. there was an amber alert first issued for that 11-year-old. >> i'm going to help you out, okay? >> that mother kidnapped her daughter jessica smith, but then the two got stuck on a snowy highway. police believe jessica and her mom had gone without food or water for as long as two days. >> are you okay? how's your mom? >> now, authorities used cell phone technology tracking the couple down. jessica was brought back to fort worth, texas and is now living with her grandparents. her mom, she's in jail facing kidnapping charges. passengers aboard a frontier airlines flight from omaha to milwaukee, well, they were delayed this morning. >> the problem wasn't a typical weather problem or a mechanical issue. a hotel shuttle bus driver called airport police and said he thought the pilot was drunk. officers met the pilot near the departure gate, kept him from boarding. >> well, the plain thing is we
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were kind of joking, you know, like where's the pilot, do they have to get him up out of bed, was he drunk, you know, where is this guy. and sure enough, i mean, we get off the plane and they're hauling him away. so it was bizarre. >> pilots can't fly or perform any safety-sensitive operations within eight hours of consuming alcohol or if they have a blood alcohol concentration of .04% or higher. a frontier spokeswoman says the company has a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol. stay with us this morning. are you a social media junky and just can't seem to get enough of things like facebook or twit sner >> you could possibly make a career out of this. check this out, where you can snag a job using your social media skills. what caused the production on the colbert show to be abruptly suspended. we'll have details on that ahead. there's no rain today, but the forecast brings some big changes with some rain and some snow. those details coming up. and on the roads this
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morning, dealing with a lot of dense patchy fog at the chesapeake bay bridge. also an accident on i-95 got some northbound lanes closed, and an update on street closures in the city with that overnight fire. we've got all of that coming up next on "good morning maryland." when it comes to paint... ...there's one brand that always tops the charts. so let's grab a few of those gallons- at a price that's now even lower. 'cause when we mix behr ultra paint and primer in one... ...with a few hours... ...we get more than just color...
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so do you love to tweet, post or pin? i know what two of those things are. what is pinning? is >> it's a new social media craze. >> i'm -- how about getting paid to do it? the city looks at the best cities to snag a social media job. baltimore came in at number seven. the highest volume of social media jobs are new york york. rounding out the top five would be boston. keep in mind you do have to do more than just twitter or have more than a twitter account to succeed if you want to be a social media professional. >> it is inaccurate to have the assumption that if you've got a lot of facebook friend that is you're going to paid a lot of money just for doing that. >> if you're really good, you can make some pretty good
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money. salaries for the most experienced professionals in the top markets are around $117,000 annually. i would say that's pretty good money. listen to this, stephen colbert hasn't delivered his sharp-witted newscast for the last couple of days. comedy central said is temporarily suspended production of "the colbert report" without much explanation. the network said they repeated episodes due to "unforeseen circumstances." so to be continued on that one. stay with us this morning because the federal government is tackling the issue of driving. >> the recommendations they're now making so car makers -- they're focusing on car makers to keep you less distracted while behind the wheel. and it's scary to even think about it, several toddlers get lost in d.c. i'm linda stow, how it happened and which day care centers they're from.
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news time 5:45. the trial of the man accused of murdering yeardley love is expected to pick back up this morning. the judge postponed the trial yesterday because one of george huguely's attorneys was sick. huguely's defense team was expected to wrap yesterday, but now the defense could rest today. republican delegate wade catch has received a credible
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threat and has been offered protection by maryland state police. maryland delegates say today they will debate the same-sex marriage bill on the house floor. this story will make any parent cringe. a group of toddlers in day care got lost in washington d.c. abc 2 new' linda stow is standing by to tell us how this happened. reporter: we've learn the the toddlers were on a field trip at the verizon center to see disney on ice. they somehow got separated from the group after a day care worker took six kids to the bathroom. when they came out, we are told the kids got lost in a crowd of people leaving the show. five kids were taken to the guest services office, but one girl about 2 or 3 years old ended up alone on f street in front of the metro stop next to the verizon center. two women who were walking back to work from lunch saw the little girl and got a police officer. >> if you see her wandering around, we had actually stopped the little girl because she went out to run toward the street. reporter: the toddlers were with kids bridge day care center in camp springs,
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maryland. the director there says this should not have happened and all the children got back to the center and were safe. linda stow, abc 2 news. and new this morning, for the first time the federal government is now proposing recommendations that would encourage car manufacturers to limit the number of distractions for in-vehicle electronic devices. the voluntary guidelines issued by the department of national traffic safety administration would establish specifics for electronic devices install inside cars and trucks. it also means that drivers will not be allowed to text or dial numbers while the car is moving. more than 3,000 people died in 2010 in crashes that were blamed on distracted driving. president barack obama is sending a presidential delegation to the holy city this weekend to watch the evaluation of archbishop edwin f. o'brien. o'brien served as a everyonebishop here in august until the pope appointed him to a new post as cardinal. o'brien will serves as adviser to the pope and be eligible to vote in a paper election until
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he turns 80 years old. he and 21 others will be evaluated to card -- elevated to cardinal in a ceremony tomorrow. the maryland state senate will schedule today recommendations to censure a senator. senator curry failed to disclose $45,000 he was paid in a grocery store chain. if he was is censured, it will be the first time the senate has done so in 14 years. a consumer this morning for parents. this morning you need to know about a brand of electric toothbrushes. it caused a chipped tooth. it can actually cut the gums and they say also wreak havoc on your face. we've been talking about the battery-powered spin brush, a toothbrush that was sold with both the arm and hammer and the crest symbol on it. parts of the toothbrush have broken off during use, causing them to be released into the mouth with a lot of speed, causing broken teeth and presenting, of course, a choking hazard. the fda advises that the spin
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brush users never bite down on the brush head when you're using it and follow all the instructions that have come with it. they say its recommended replacement guidelines for the product can be found. more information we'll post for you on executives right now, they want to build a high end casino at the national harbor near the nation's capitol. that would cost about $1 billion to build. maryland lawmakers right now would have to pass legislation to allow the casino. voters also would have to approve the idea in a referendum and it would be the sixth casino in the state of maryland under the law. sad sports news now, on the eve or the beginning of the baseball season, hall of famer gary carter, he was a catcher with the expos and the mets. he passed away thursday after battling inoperable brain cancer. >> he drives to left field, back to the wall goes mcreynolds. gone. >> i still remember that. nicknamed "the candidate kid,"
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carter was an 11-time mvp. he played 19 major league seasons and won a world series with the mets in 1986. baseball the way it automatic a be. he was in his third season as head coach for the palm beach atlantic university sailfish. gary carter dead at the age of 57. check this out, this high school from pennsylvania made a ridiculous alley oop dunk. down comes the backboard. shattering the backboard. don't expect to see this kid wake in college park. forest. the game was on its way to being suspended. it'll be finished another day thanks to the broken backboard. lynette. >> let's talk about what's going on with the weather today because this morning dealing with a lot of fog out there. we do have some patchy fog, but we do have a dense fog advisory until about 6:00 and that is for anne arundel county. lots of clouds in place this morning, a little bit of misting out there as well, but we are mainly dry. high pressure is going to do its thing as we go into the
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afternoon and we will get a northwesterly flow around that high. the winds will pick up a little bit more, i'd say at about five to 15 miles an hour. but the big story is yet to come. future trend goes into motion and we can see the fact that we will stay clear, lots of sunshine for today, but we also see a storm, cyclone genesis is happening, this is the formation of a storm that's going to be happening i'd say over louisiana and into mississippi and this storm will track off towards the carolinas and then up the coast. and with this, well, we could see a nor'easter. once again, the track is still in question and also how much cold air that will wrap into this system is in question, and it won't be until the next couple of days that we really hone in on what's going to be happening. but we will be seeing some rain and snow. we just won't be able to give you the accumulations yet because of the fact we don't have those two answers to the questions that i just proposed out there. but for today, that temperature will be right around 53 degrees. we do have that morning fog, breezy with some sun and some clouds through the day.
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and then tonight's temperature will be right around 30 degrees. clear and cold. we will have a light northwesterly breeze. tomorrow's temperature, well, not so bad. i think you might like it, coming in right around 52 degrees. we still will be above average. let's get a check now of that traffic with angela. good morning. lots of fog out there. reporter: good morning, lynette. you are right, a lot of fog out there, especially downtown right now and crossing the chesapeake bay bridge. we'll get to some live shots in just a moment. first want to update you on two situations on the roadways. first that fire we mentioned in the city, overnight business fire, lafayette and dukeland. city police now say they have shut down lafayette and ash burton for an investigation as well. so expect slow traffic in that area. now, traveling northbound on i- 95 through hartford county, we're looking pretty good here at maryland 152, but once you get to 543, police are still diverting traffic as northbound lanes are still closed. we're saying route 40 or route 7 as a good alternate. hopefully they'll be outta there soon with that overnight tractor-trailer incident. and a live look at foggy
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conditions, i-95 at i-395 heading into downtown. also if you're traveling on u.s. 50 trying to cross that bay bridge, very foggy, dense fog out there, so be aware of reduced visibilities. megan and charley, back over to you. whitney houston will be laid to rest. there's a state of mourning right now in new jersey. >> what's being done across the state to honor the pop icon: if you're craving a girl scout cookie, now it's as simple as checking your phone. let's all say it together -- >> there's an app for that. >> atta girl. you want the thin mints or the samoas? we'll let you know how when "good morning maryland" returning.
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congressional leaders are expected to vote today to renew a payroll tax cut to 160 million workers. the legislation continues a two percentage point cut with social security payroll tax. that's about $80 per month if you make $50,000 a year. it also renews jobless benefits as well. early jury betting has begun in this case of rutgers university student tyrone robbie. he's accused of installing a camera in his dorm room and posting video online of his roommate tyler clementee. clementee later killed himself.
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new jersey flags will fly at half staff tomorrow, honoring the life of whitney houston. the pop icon died in los angeles last saturday at the age of 48. houston's funeral is scheduled tomorrow at her hometown church in newark, new jersey. the funeral will be streamed online. if you're wondering where you can get those girl scout cookies this year, guess what, there's now an app for that. the girl scout cookie locater app is available today. it displays gps locations of the nearest cookie booth of where you can find them and it's universal, it's available for the iphone and the android. >> never you have to be far from your cookies. >> samoas. stay with us this morning. if you have a baby in your house, this could change the way you're feeding him or her this morning. >> what's being revealed about the amount of arsenic in some baby foods. plus why more and more couples are turning to social media to help build their families. and oprah could be coming back to a theater near you very soon. the new role she is considering playing. details coming up in the 6:00
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hour. "good morning maryland." we're back in a few minutes.
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