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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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welcome to "world news." tonight, attack on americans. two u.s. officers assassinated inside what was supposed to be a secure compound in afghanistan. our correspondent in kabul. and word tonight of bin laden rebel. martha raddatz standing by with new pictures. crude awakening. 30 days separating with gas prices on the rice. tonight families forced to make changes and images of thieves going to extremes. and the medical breakthrough for those suffering from migraines. what doctors predict. the dancing dolphins caught on tape. >> oh, my god look at this. >> scientists exploring images tonight. and higher calling. the young actress who famously
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kissed elvis but then gave up hollywood. on the eve of the oscars, why hollywood is calling her back. good evening on this saturday night. and we begin here with that brazen point blank attack on american officers in afghanistan. assassinations carried out in what was supposed to be one of the safest places for u.s. officers a secure compound in kabul. the deadly attacks come after growing anti-american rage triggered by the burning of the koran and other religious materials being thrown out by the u.s. military. here's what we know at this hour. the two american officers were shot and killed inside the heavily fortified military inside the cap. captain john allen immediately ordered all advisers out of secured location. we begin with abc's nick schifrin in candle. nick.
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>> reporter: david, i've been to the area where these advisors worked. to get there, you need to go through three checkpoints, each with pat-down searches, and then go through a metal detector. either the gunman was from the ministry interior or working with someone on the inside. after five days of fury, many american troops in afghanistan are worried nowhere is safe. this afternoon, a man -- believed to be afghan -- walked through the ministry that controls the police. he opened a door with a keypad lock. inside, a u.s. major lieutenant colonel had placed his guns and bulletproof vests on the floor. the man shot both in the head. he has yet to be captured. immediately, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan withdrew every one of his 200 advisors from afghan ministries. he was fully aware just how dangerous the koran burning could be for u.s. troops. this week, he pleaded with afghan forces not to punish americans. >> we admit our mistake. we ask for forgiveness. we seek to move on. >> reporter: but apologies have not been enough.
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many afghans want revenge. if the mullah asks you to attack americans, would you attack me? would you attack other americans on the streets of kabul? >> "we don't care about you," he says, "but if you were a soldier, we would tear your skin off." >> reporter: and that will deeply disturb how americans and afghans work together. we could have to ask the soldiers to be superhuman, not to expect them to be a little less trusting of their afghan partners as we move forward. >> reporter: two senior nato officials told me today's shooting a quote, "cold- blooded murder. the afghans while increasing are still rare. in fact, half a dozen afghan prisoners were injured this week defending bases from angry protesters. >> nick schifrin in kabul. thanks so much. i want to bring in our senior
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affairs correspondent martha raddatz. you've reported on this delicate relationship with the afghans. aside from the immediate loss of these two american officers, there's a mump bigger loss here, too. >> there is, david. this is a very effective strategy by the enemy. i've been with these forces many times and this will separate the afghan security forces from the americans not only physically but psychologically, at a time when the americans really need to have eye strong influences on the forces. >> immeasurable setback there. martha, another head line developing, we remember the images after the capturing of osama bin laden. now comes word of the bulldozers moving in? >> bulldozers have moved in. we have those old pictures and pictures from today. the pakistanis did this in the deep of night. you can barely make out the compound in these pictures. cameras were kept far away when the bulldozers came in. now that are compound may
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symbolize america's success in getting bin laden but this was an embarrassing chapter in pakistan's history, as you know, david. >> even though they have chosen not to level this compound. >> well, right after the raid that killed bin laden, americans urged them not to and they were let into the compound but the intelligence value is long gone so the americans are not complaining about its destruction. >> martha raddatz and nick schifrin. the soaring price of gasoline. up 14 cents just this week, rising for 30 days straight now. tonight some americans families already making changes and thieves already in on the action. pulling up to the gas station and as mark greenblatt shows us this is what happened next. >> reporter: you're looking at a blazen heist. >> reporter: the target, not cash from a bank but gasoline.
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this van pulls into a tampa bay b.p. station and parks right over the underground storage tanks. then, a hidden trap door opens up and thieves drop a line down do pump up the gas with the tanks hidden in the van. >> we're seeing an evolution in how gas is stolen. >> reporter: the higher prices go the more creative thieves get. but even law-abiding citizens are feeling the squeeze. small businesses like sheaffer's produce in cleveland are finding it harder and harder to fill the delivery truck. >> we're doing everything we can to hold off. >> reporter: and whether you blame intentions in iran or wall street speculators for driving up the price of oil -- >> there's nothing worse than rising gasoline prices. >> reporter: rising they are, the average price has soared from $3.25 to $3.67 since december. economists say if the price tops $4 a gallon and stays there,
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americans will be forced to pull back. >> if we have to spend more on gasoline, that means we have less to spend on everything else. >> reporter: and when that happens, the chief economists say it could cause a cascading effect on the economy. impacting retail stores, jobs and nonprofits alike. david. next to the wild and whipping weather across much of the east this evening. look at the images coming. these pictures from raleigh, north carolina. new york, 65 miles per hour. boston, 54. cape cod, massachusetts, winds 63 miles per hour. let's turn to meteorologist mike watkins standing by at the power out station channel 5 in boston. mike, you were telling me this is the most wide ranging today but it's boston's in the bull's-eye. >> it certainly is. we've got this high pressure system south and that is the putting a funnel effect in right over the northeast.
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in fact, winds right now, sustained winds holding 25, 35 miles per hour, strongest down towards the cape. occasionally, we get the gusts stronger than that. >> all the way up through new england. when it this out of here? >> well, david, usually, we see the winds dying down. in this case, we may actually get a second blast through midnight which means the winds are with us through sunday. >> mike and the team, thanks to you. we're turning to politics, "your voice your vote" with three days to go until the next big vote in arizona and michigan, new questions about how far they will go to capture the conservative republican voters in the primary and how that might play later in the all-important independent players who play a major role. here's abc's david kerley tonight. >> reporter: they are ratcheting up the rhetoric in michigan. rick santorum suggesting mitt romney is is an elitist. >> i'm not going to let the
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elitists come up with phony ideas and rob of your freedoms. >> reporter: and romney still trying to prove his conservative bona fides. >> i can contest to someone who will endorse me in the 2012 campaign. >> reporter: he's talking about this, santorum's endorsement a few years ago. >> mitt romney is hitting you in stride. >> they say mitt romney. >> reporter: running to the right is primary partisan politics. but establishment republicans are starting to worry. santorum who leads some national polls have spent a week talking about social issues instead of jobs. everything from abortion, prenatal testing to contraception. >> i've always been very public, as president of the united states, i will defund planted parenthood. >> reporter: in the past 24 hours, the conservative page of the "wall street journal" ran two pieces on santorum asking is
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he a moralizer in chief? conservatives including radio host rush limbaugh aren't buying it. >> the republican stabt is essentially saying the conservatives are making a mess of this. >> reporter: all of this talk on issues, this move to the right apparently is not happying any candidate on that important vote of voters. mitt romney, abc news poll shows him with a gap of 14 points and rick santorum is seeing his infavorability up as well. >> we're back at home spending the last 24 hours listening to rick santorum and mitt romney on the stump. we asked political analyst ron brownstein just how important that manage battleground. >> how crucial is it? >> it mitt romney loses michigan
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it will be a blow. the fact that he's able to have the resources. if he's unable to win here it will not only send a message, but give santorum a huge burst of momentum going into tuesday. blue collar, lunch bucket states. and a loss here could immediately cascade into that. >> reporter: we're standing in forbes field right now, if that romney team is huddled in the locker room, what are they saying about michigan? >> they have to do whatever it takes to win the stakes. >> reporter: mathematically he could survive, but politically? >> it would be an earthquake. >> he says it would be an earthquake. the stakes enormous for mitt romney and rick santorum on tuesday. stay with the powerhouse team. and tomorrow morning, george interviews rick santorum, that's the first thing in the morning on "this week" with george. the group is trying to evacuate sick and wounded
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civilians caught in the bloody crackdown with reports more than 70 people have been killed inned violence today alone. and to yemen where they were marking the swearing-in of a new president there. at least 25 people were killed today at a suicide car bombing outside the presidential palace. the new president replaces the old president. for and nelson mandela, one of the world's greatest leaders is in the hospital. we're told he's recouperating. >> reporter: david, nelson madela is spending his second night in the hospital tonight, but his doctors say he is not in danger and is in, quote, "satisfactory" condition. the 93-year-old former president had what the government will only say was a diagnostic test for some type of abdominal problem. mandela's health has been declining in recent years. he now lives under 24-hour medical supervision by a team of military doctors and no longer
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appears in public. in fact, one of the last time, we got a glimpse of him was in a photo he took with first lady michelle obama and her girls when they visited south africa last summer. tonight, his family says he is doing well, and is expected to leave the hospital in another day or two. david? >> all right. thanks to you tonight. and back in this country, a trial now under way in a landmark case raising questions about privacy, prying eyes and what constitutes a hate crime. a former student at rutgers university in new jersey is accused of using a webcam to spy on this gay roommate. abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: worse than a bully, they're trying to convince jurors that dharun ravi is a bigot. >> they were not a mistake. they were mean-spirited, malicious and they were
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criminal. >> reporter: ravi was a freshman at rutgers university when he allegedly used a webcam to spy on his 18-year-old roommate tyler clementi. the prosecution claimed ravi's actions weren't a college prank, but a hate crime. >> they were meant to expose tyler, his sexual orientation. >> reporter: three days later, clementi, virtuoso judged from the bridge. featuring encouraging video posts for gay youth, even the president submitteded a video. >> and every day it gets better. >> reporter: but in the courtroom, clementi's suicide is not on trial. it's not at issue. but proving what ravi did because of a hatred of gays could be difficult. his defense arguing -- >> just because we do something
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stupid we make mistakes, especially when year young. it doesn't mean we're hateful, bigoted or we're a criminal. >> reporter: ravi faces charges ranging from invasion of privacy, and a hate crime that alone carries up to ten years in prison. linsey davis, abc news, new york. still much more ahead on "world news" this saturday night. the science behind those headaches, those migraines. and why doctors now say they're able to predict something else for women. those amazing pictures off the coastline. those dolphins dancing at sea. and we wanted to know how do the scientists explain this. and later tonight, the young starlet who kissed elvis and then kissed hollywood good-bye. tonight, in the wake of the oscars we reveal where she's been all these years. wow. wow.
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it's just so painful, you're holding your breath because it hurts to breathe. >> reporter: and as if that's not enough, this study looking at 36,000 women over 14 years finds that migraine sufferers like trisha are 40% more likely than other women to develop depression in life. her depression started six years after the first migraine. >> some do it as hypersensitive. >> reporter: of course, you think if you're dealing with all that pain, who wouldn't get depressed? but doctors don't think that's what's happening. they believe depression and migraines may follow similar physical pathways -- in the nerves or chemicals in your brain. their proof? the fact, from earlier studies, that depressed people are also more likely to go on to develop migraines. and some medications seem to treat both problems. >> i was already kind of lethargic, not wanting to do anything. just lie in bed.
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not interact with anybody. and on top of that, i couldn't take the sound and the light because my head was throbbing. >> reporter: but the new research does tell doctors to be on the lookout. that the pain of a migraine now might help them treat women so they can avoid depression in the future. richard besser, abc news, new york. and when we come back here tonight, that breath taking spectacle at sea. those dancing dolphins. do scientists know why? when bp made a commitment to the gulf,
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whale watchers on a boat in southern california caught a spectacular sight this week. what's called a dolphin stampede. it is beautiful. >> reporter: as many as 2,000 dolphins jumping in and out of waves swimming at speeds at 25 miles an hour. technically, it's called a mega pod. in southern california may be the best place in the world to see them. experts around sure why the mega pods form every so often. i guess because the dolphins aren't responding to the same message that there might be food ahead or they're racing from the same predator. so maybe they just do it because they can. as the sun sets there in southern california. >> it was something this week. when we come back here, whatever happened to that
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swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. and finally tonight here, on oscar eve, the starlet who famously kissed elvis who then turned tinseltown away. she's about to be back on the red carpet.but where was she all
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these years. he's abc's abbie boudreau. >> hello, sam. >> reporter: they called her the next grace kelly. the quintessential hollywood starlet. 50 years ago, dolores hart was on top of her game appearing alongside robert wagner, montgomery cliff. >> they don't need me. and you don't need me. >> reporter: she's even acted the all dream of every women of all time sharing a kiss with elvis presley in the movie loving you. after all of these years, dolores hart is back on the screen. this time, at age 73, playing herself mother dolores. in the hbo documentary "god is the bigger elvis." >> i often wonder why the lord gave me such an opportunity to audition for elvis.
6:28 pm
there were so many of us that day. and i just can't believe that i got the part. >> reporter: but everything changed when she visited a connent in connecticut to get some rest. >> the abby was like the grace of god that entered my life in a way that was totally unexpected. and god was the vehicle. it was the bigger elvis. >> reporter: after six years of fame and mounting fortune, she says she left the hollywood spotlight for a higher calling. >> i was in love with god. >> reporter: not your typical hollywood ending, but a love story, nonetheless, that just may be worthy of oscar gold. abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> extraordinary return to hollywood. the hbo documentary debuts april 5th. the oscars tomorrow night. i hope you see you. good night.
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