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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  July 3, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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70,000 people. 700,000 people. if towson had a target on its back, it was right here at stevenson and bellona. abc2's cheryl conner has more. >> reporter: day four, here we g yesterday we were told around noon the power will be restored to about 160 customers. we're at stevenson and bellona. you can see behind us the trucks are still here. the crews have laid a number of new polls and several new lines. there's progress and a new goal. doug is taking a break. thank you. what can folks expect? >> our goal is to get this line
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energized. and the traffic lights will be back on as soon as we get that energized. we work a total of 11 poles. one was renewed and that was a transformer pole. it has to be to our standards. when you're working 11 poles, that takes time. >> reporter: it's tough to nail down an exact time. yesterday you were thinking noon. >> before dark. >> reporter: you said, too, you're not going to least area. >> they have to get bus back to the hotels. we should be here, i'm guessing, maybe another hour, hour and a half. i'll make sure it's energized. >> reporter: this area, just quickly, it's not the only area
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bge is focusing on. you are seeing this in other hears. >> we can't even work the jobs that we're given. we >> reporter: thank you for the work you're doing in the heat. get back to it. we'll be watching you. i was also told that a lot of reports of people getting power back and it going back off. here's what they say. when bge goes in and restore has neighborhood, sometimes they have to take this back off line to then bring another neighborhood online. so they call this most likely a temporary loss. there have been reports of this in the newsroom. >> if your power came on and went back on, you have to be patient. wheel join you at 6:00. maybe, maybe, we'll see lights in this neighborhood. >> 90 minutes. well, the horns are working.
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it's like we've been stuck on june 29th, the night the storm hit. we'll take you back to one baltimore neighborhood. abc2's charley crowson has more. >> it's hot. >> reporter: dave spent the morning running extension cords. he's in the dark and they have power. >> getting my computer and my -- i'm going to use, again, my neighbor's wi-fi. hopefully, you'll be able to get office work done. >> reporter: he his had several appliances up and running since baltimore within the dark. he's got to keep his family cool, especially his two huskies. by the looks of things, you can count them, almost a dozen
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extension cords running from one side to the next, neighbors helping neighbors in the most simple ways. she's relying on her neighbor. he's directly across the street keeping the refrigerator running. >> we didn't lose any food. and it was just like the neighbor across the street that extended his power to us. >> neighbors in mind. i'm sure they would do the same thing for me oar bge is saying they may not have power. if it knocks out a power line, no one has come to fix this. >> our side is on a different grid. >> reporter: whether by design or pure luck, those different grids are keeping these neighbors as comfortable as possible during difficult times and serving as a good example for the rest of us.
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>> serve one another. this is very simple, but we tend to complicate it. >> reporter: in baltimore, charley crowson, abc2 news. >> listen, that tree out back knocked dave's tiki bar down. tom murphy said problem with the tree is who's responsible. bge said they can't get the power restored until the tree is gone but neighbors said the tree is the city's property. so as we stretch into another day of heat and another day without power for some we are finding stories of neighbors helping neighbors. windsor mill, we have carl. is there a neighbor that you'd like to thank or someone that you have come to in a team of need? share your pictures. let us know the good stuff
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that's going on. share it at listen, if you're using a portable generator, only use it outside away from windows and haven'ts. we almost lost one in prince george's county. someone put a generator near an open door and that caused carbon monoxide. someone else put a generator too close to a home and that caught fire. so be careful. tracking the storms out west. garrett county, cumberland, it. is a broken scattered line. although there are intense cells, this is nothing like the line we faced on friday evening, just to clarify that. that is not another duratio.
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still, scattered storms. mid-90s. so we'll continue to track it. so hopefully you'll ride that gauntlet, one south, one north. we're still bringing in the chance for storms. more on your forecast coming up. we want to remind you again, this isn't the dayton na. be careful going through intersections with no traffic lights. you pull up. you stop. you look all around and make sure everybody is clear and you proceed with caution. look and cross safely. all right. enough tonight we're getting new information a trial date has been set for the man accused in a drunk hit and run accident that killed a man on memorial day weekend. he will go to trial in september for the murder of matthew chess
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wick. he was arraigned on negligent homicide by car, driving while under the influence and leaving the scene of the accident. police said chess wick was trying to cross the coastal highway in may when he was hit. does your car know when you're driving too close to danger? that feature is not that far away. >> we run into bumps in the road occasionally. take a look at what happened when one road just buckled. we'll be right back. >> multiple storm apps to keep you up to date. text wmar to 46988. that will bring you to a page with all of our abc2 apps. we'll have much more on your forecast coming up. [ snoring ]
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a major bump in the road cause as crash and it's all caught here on tape. check out this. this is a buckled road, and it sensed the suv hair born. this happened on a wisconsin highway. the road buckled during the extreme heat a woman shot it and the two people in the suv had to go to the hospital. the road has since been
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repaired. who hasn't wanted to will the out their anger to a cell phone provider. this man in england tears whoever displace before hosing the place down with a fire extinguisher. he had been involved in a verbal haltercation. well, this cat spent four years on the lamb. soba has finally been reunited with her owner. the cat bolted out four years ago and turned up monday with a group of strays brought to the austin habitat for -- austin humane society. >> a microchip helped identify
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soba. all right. the last thing you need in the bathroom is someone talking to you, right? some men are hearing voices coming from the urinal. that's coming up tonight at 5:00. plus, a new political ad has one side crying foul. is it a fair shot or did it go way too far. before copd...
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we know there will be a lot of people out celebrating the 4th of july day off. if you have plans to drink, have a designated driver. you can always call for a free cab. they will start wednesday night at 10:00 until 4 in the morning on thursday. put this number in your phone. tipsy taxi. >> preventing you from getting behind the wheel while drunk is
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sifnlgt there's a talking urinal in bathrooms across michigan with this recorded message. >> lessen up. i'm talking to you. had a few drinks? maybe a few too many? do your self-and everyone else a favor. call a sober friend or cab. don't forget. wash your hands. >> men are three times more likely to drive drunk than women. we can target them with the urine hall communicators. it helps to generate a conversation. >> the motion activated message is part of a statewide 4th of july education and enforcement effort. let's take a look at our weather for tonight. >> yeah. the heat continues to swelter. the humidity is creeping up. with that the chance for more thunderstorms. >> but nothing, nothing like friday night. >> again, now i feel -- and
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we're all gun shy. a few storms on the radar. we do not see that at this point but any storm unwelcomed. a couple of storms out the cumberland way. oakland is included in this reaching into the cumberland area. so several storms here that we're tracking. this is a rather large thunderstorm moving toward chambersburg now. if it survives as it pushes further south it could rumble into hagerstown and several hours from now eventually into the western baltimore county. but, again, this is still at least one to two hours away and these have the potential to potentially lose some strength. we'll see. this doesn't tbheen look like what -- begin to look like what we saw. there will be the possibility of storms. we'll be tracking it here. you can track it 24/7 or with
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one of our weather apps. and through the day it was hot and sticky. that was the scenario in baltimore. dundalk today mostly sunny but hot and hazy for much of the day. the weather has remained clear so far -- so far. overnight into early tomorrow could be different. even in carroll county, a few clouds beginning to edge in. we watch the storms to the west. temperatures statewide hot and sticky, a carbon copy. humidity, while it could be higher, could be more oppressive, it's not there yet. that is oppressive humidity in southern maryland. for central maryland northeastern, the humidity levels are not as severe as they are further south. unfortunately, we think they will be there. the heat index values now upper 90s. heat warnings only in effect for
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west virginia, ohio and the philadelphia region. our severe thunderstorm warnings are well west of us. even those fairly robust thunderstorms in pennsylvania are not severe storms. they have no warning on them but they will contain lighting. it will keep the potential of a storm for a few days. the heat of the day could spark some storms for the 4th of july. sweltering heat continues into your thursday afternoon. and the possibility until 2 a.m. the main storm continues to stay north and west. 73, partly cloudy and muggy. 4th of july forecast 98. hot, muggy, storms still possible into tomorrow evening. can't rule them out. no guarantee. can't rule them out.
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humid and hotter. got a new computer model run-in. that's what we're facing. so we want the power on fast. now to democracy 2012 news. the white house is sharpening its attacks on mitt romney bring out a brand-new had that the romney campaign calls misleading and false. romney's business record is being brought up. >> reporter: today the obama campaign released a fourth ad accusing mitt romney of outsourcing jobs. >> mitt romney's companies were pioneers in outsourcing u.s. jobs to low wage countries. he supports tax breaks to companies who ship jobs overseas. >> reporter: romney said the president is misleading voters and trying to distract them from his record. >> outsourcing versus insourcing. it matters. >> reporter: so, by the way that
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new ad is set to hair in nine key battleground states. >> all right. tory dunnan tonight. coming up all new tonight at 6:00 here on abc2 news, there are more than 140,000 people still without power. we are live in parkville with more on how people are dealing on day four in this heat. >> after a deadly stabbing and a 4-year-old shot in the leg, we'll lack at how the police are preparing for the 4th of july and the message it has for every one of us in the inner harbor. we have those stories and more.
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here's our consumer alert, a warning to riders of those all-terrain vehicles. be careful. the consumer product safety commission said the number of deaths and injuries rise in the summer. already this year 128 adults have died since january in atv incidents. atv drivers should take a safety class. always wear protective geerks especially a helmet. never allow more people on the atv than the vehicle is designed to carry. don't drive on paved road. children younger than 16 should not drive or ride on adult atv's. july 4th is the most dangerous day on the highway. more people die on that day than new year's eve. there's forward collision avoidance, radar or lasers built
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into the drill alerts you that you're about to rear end or slam into a car. >> here we go. it's going to beep and i'm not going to do a thing. so it does hit it. you run over it and kill it. >> well, the insurance institute has adapted headlights that reduce crashes. it also helps drivers see in blind space,. anything that works, right? >> all right. they're coming in from all over the country to help us out a look at how bge's reinforcements are coming along with the possible storms tonight from wyatt, on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. here we are, four days out
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from friday's de structtive storm. eight are dead. more than 140,000 are still without power. day four of no power, oppressive heat, frustration in baltimore county. >> i don't think it's anything less than a miracle that he's here. >> an edgewater george shocked by a downed pole. his amazing story only on abc2. all right. there are still more than 140,000 people without power in our viewing area. some may have gotten their power back on, only to lose it again. here is where things stand right now. baltimore county and baltimore city continue to be the areas with the most outages. we have baltimore county pat 53,000. the city at 36,000 followed by anne arundel, howard and carroll. let's take a live look at
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parkville. they're cleaning up from last friday night's storm, but now there's another system -- another system coming in. let's check in with wyatt everhart. we're tracking a line of scattered thunder storms as they push in from the north and west. right out of the gate this is not similar to anything we're facing. unwelcome news. this is a robust garden variety. no severe warning on this storm. the however, we do have a severe storm moving through garrett county, more offing into cumberland, containing quite a bit of lightning. it's an area we have to watch as it pushes from southwest to northeast. after they clear the high country, we could see scattered storms moving into the western suburbs, carroll county and baltimore county. it's unwelcome because that would disrupt power line work which we should continue to


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