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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  July 4, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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now "good morning maryland." >> reporter: it's the july 4th holiday but the work doesn't stop for bge crews. i am linda so. where things stand with power restoration and how long before everyone is back online. >> and an edgewater teen shocked by a downed power line survives with serious injuries. the amazing story coming up. >> also ahead, more security at the inner harbor this year to make the 4th of july celebrations safer. what's being done to prevent violence. details straight ahead on the 4th of july. happy 4th i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. a lot of people want to celebrate but they want to know about the weather. >> here's the deal. it's going to be hot. and there's going to be storms this afternoon. i don't think it will be a problem for the fireworks.
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>> sauna like. >> steam bath citych the area you can wear. >> yeah that's gross mike. >> yeah i know. annapolis socked in with the clouds. and we have one flare-up of maybe thunderstorm action moving towards northern delaware. that's going to cross into delaware and be delaware's problem over the next 25 to 30 minutes. the line break up but there's a batch of showers near frederick county sliding in carroll and northern baltimore county over the next 25 to 35 minutes. 78 in town. that's the real story and that launching pad 78 to going -- is going to take us to 98 later today and for -- there's heat advisory because temperatures will be in the 90s pressing close to 100 this afternoon. by lunchtime 92. 98 and we will talk about gusty storms after the 4:00 hour coming up in bit. guys mike thanks. this morning around 108,000
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people are still without power. they are going on six days without electricity in hot humid conditions. linda so is live aras more crews arrive -- live as more crews arrive. >> reporter: contractors from all over started to arrive. you see the bus. they are coming in after a couple hours of sleep n background we have a lot of construction or utility workers getting ready for the day. they are getting their bags of ice and heading out to their work assignments. this is the command center for bge by bwi. this is where they report before the start of the day of work. crews from as far as california and canada and in fact we spoke with a contractor from california this morning. he got here on sunday and has been work nonstop. goat about 2 or 3 hours a sleep a night and one thing did he share with us, when they are out working, he said the biggest challenge is the amount
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of people who actually stop to ask when are we going to get our power back on. throughout the day, you know 20 people ask they say that takes away if their times to work on the problem. keep that in mind if you are without power. another thing he says is people driving too fast as they head into the work zones coming around curves and that puts their safety in jeopardy. the crews will be working nonstop today. they work 12 to 16 hour shifts and are making good progress and over the next two days, bge will be able to put a dent in the number of people without power. again, that number right now is at 108,000 customers who are still in the dark. but as they get into the weekend, you will notice progress will seem to slow down because that's when the crews will start focusing on the homes the single homes troubleshooting those. so the numbers won't come down
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as drastically as they have during the week. now the big variable is if we get anymore storms. bge says if we get any additional storms over the next couple days, that could really put a dent in the progress. you see right here the buses arriving with more contractors heading out for the day to get pool's power back on. we have also learned that starting today, bge will on a limited basis, start to let people know when their power could be back on only if they are on the work and they are confident they can fix it. if you are without power one thing they will start doing today is if they know and have a good idea of when they will be able to give you an estimate on when your power should be restored, but again, back out live, at this command site you can see the crews reporting for another day of work. they are working 12 to 16 hour shifts hoping to put a dent in the number of people without power. live in length couple, linda
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so, abc2 news in we have been tracking the area in towson and they have been without power for four days. but last night, the power came -- power came back on. 500 customers are waking up to cooler brighter homes on this 4th of july. >> my daughter and i drove and saw the lights in the front and screamed right? we screamed and said yeah we have power. >> another part of the neighborhood has about 3,000 customers in the dark. but, they can expect to have their power back on today. hopefully if anything goes well. some customers reported the power has gone back off since being restored and bge says it's a temporary outage while all neighbors are being restored. bge crews have been working long hours. they are tackling down trees and power lined. this morns we have a story of survival involving a young man and incredible story. we have more on the kid's
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incredible tale. >> reporter: there's lot of downed trees and four lines. 19-year-old dylan luiza stumbled on a power line and lived to talk about it. the mcdaniel lacrosse player could have been killed after the storms. he was walking in the dark with some friends in the field when he hit a fully active power pole and the wires that were strung waist high across the field. dylan was knocked unconscious and spent two nights at a burn center with severe third-degree burns on his thigh and feet where the surging electricity left his body. his friends took a picture of his head that and it was along wires and dead deer that hit the power lines. >> kind of hard to think back to it. when i do, i just don't see how it happened to me, and it's kind of hard to take in. >> considering what could have happened, he is pretty lucky. >> reporter: bge says they
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repaired the line and power pole. sher vie johnson abc to -- sherrie johnson abc2 news. a red code heat alert has been extended through tomorrow. four deaths has been caused as a result of the high temperatures. cooling centers are across the state and each has free watt erin ac. if your power is out or if you know someone whose power is still out. you may want to check those out. a list is at make sure to check on your neighbors if you have power and you can hear us, check on those you know who are still in the dark. make sure they are safe. to beat the heat the city pools will be opened one extrahour and operate on two hour segs from 3 to 3:30 and check the website before you head out. it's some are still closed due to power outages. 7 minutes after 6. three baltimore city fire companies slated to close last sunday will remain open until next
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monday. truck 10 in west baltimore squad 11 in southeast baltimore andtruck 15 in baltimore are staying in business to help with the storm recovery. the city extended the final day until tomorrow. but now the three fire companies are going to be opened even longer. the night is the big fireworks display in the inner harbor. last year a man was stabbed to death and a young boy hit by a stray bullet. so baltimore city police have new plan to keep the peace. a fence of bike racks will be around the inner harbor as a part for crowd control. they are watching visitors by camera and there will be a helicopter in check. 200,000 are expected in the inner harbor for the fireworks. 9 people including three churn were rushed to the hospital following a who will -- children were rushed to the hospital following a following a holiday celebration. >> the fire department was called to a home.
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>> sabc can-- abc2 is working for you to show you how to keep it save if you are trying fireworks displays. >> a kit to detect hiv when it's available and how long it takes for the results. more information on that. mike. >> we are talking about theshowers starting to diminish but we have the heat advisory for everybody. the full forecast coming up on "good morning maryland." >> reporter: in today's tech bites on the road back to facebook. several reports say general motors and the social network are talking about the automakers' return as a paid advertiser. two months ago gm said ads were not effective. and apple may plan a smaller ipad to compete with the new tablets from google microsoft and amazon. the downsizeed was felt for half the price matching competitors. netflix subscribers are
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watching movies at a record pace on devyings. they streamed 1 billion hours of content last month. but internet users are buying tickets for movie theaters. fan dango says sales are up 28% with purchases by cell phones more than doubling a year ago. they say sales for the avengers set a record. those are your tech bites. when a carpet is clean and fresh,
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don't just vacuum clean, resolve clean. now good morning maryland." >> 6:12. thanks for staying with us. 9 people are recoughing after fireworks went off a back deck in new hampshire. the house was filled with smoke and police and firefighters helped outch the initial report
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was -- out. the initial report was thefireworks blew up inside. the neighbors say the neighbor puts on a large fireworks display. we are work for you to make sure that doesn't happen to you. making sure that doesn't happen to you. megan is out back with dan a phantom fireworks talking about the best ways to keep yourself and family safe on this 4th of july. boom goes the dynamite let's blow something up. >> as well maybe we will hear booming in the parking lot. i am here with dan and hay and hay has -- and he has been with us to tell us what's popular. >> light up bark yards from -- lighting up bark yards of america from coast to coast. >> why not parking lots? >> they are probably not the most common venue for consumer fireworks but we will make it work this morning. >> we will make it work. you brought my favorite so light this up and show us what we have over here. >> great. will be happy to.
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we will use pyro torch which is used for lighting fireworks. gives you something safe to light with and keeps you away from the fireworks. >> i will going -- i am going to step away from you can i light this? perfect. go ahead. this right here tell me the name of it again dan? >> this is a morning glory sparkler and that's what you have as well. >> all right. >> and this is the new york harbor show 500 gram fountain. >> great. this sound serious like a no joke. how long does it take to go off? >> right now. >> right now. that's fast. >> this fountain will go for four minutes and it has any variety of different colors and effects and sounds-it's great
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and something the kids and families like. it's something you can do in maryland. >> and this is something -- how far away do you have to stand in we are safe right now right? a we are safe right now. you want to have 15 or 20 feet minimum. >> you said it's important to mention children are -- i didn't know we had noise. you didn't prepare me for howfun this is. >> this is the second interview. >> you gri another one? -- bring another one? i know what rear doing during the commercial. you mentioned kids should never mess around this with. >> never. there's no consumer fire work made for kids and that's a question. what he something good for the kids the kids with sparkleers and jumping jacks. >> i love it. >> these are best left for the adults. >> so charley we will send it back to you in the studio and we will set off more fireworks out here. and in the meantime maybe the next time we check in with you live this morning, we will look at some that are not legal in
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maryland but other places. and don't bring them across the state line but visit your friends in pennsylvania right? a looking forward to it. >> thanks. now back to you. >> i am so jealous. i am so jealous. she gets to have all the fun. mike and me are in the studio. but if you leave it to the pros the 4th of july celebrations start do you hear that? >> like a car. >> yeah. they start tonight at 8. the dress rehearsal for the national mall was interrupted last night by thunderstorms. check this out. the national symphony orchestra was on stage an hour after they were removed because thunderstorms they were in the area. we can celebrate the 4th of july and head to the facebook fan page and join the conversation and what you have planned for tonight and mike, i hope people can hear this because here's the thing. i put a stopwatch on this and that fire work will go four minutes. you got two more minutes of it. >> yeah. >> how about weather?
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a we can see it on the black. there's a plume of smoke that comes across. >> i can smell it. >> i think the cops are on the way. >> you can smell it. >> look at that. you know we thought it would be a sparkler and that's blowing up in the parking lot right now. this is good tv. >> great tv. >> there you go. let's get into the weather. i could sit there and watch that. this is going to be it tonight. we have a big show lined up so if you liked what we showed you,get down to the harbor at 9:30. festivities start at 7 and 9:30 is the fire work action. the band of showers moving across the area this morning. not a big deal. if anything we have been noticing you can hear it popping. you notice the band still starting to break up that's good news. now we shift towards the heat and that heat advisory in effect for today, tomorrow, also going into the week wend heat indexes between -- weekend
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with heat index between 105. st. louis 102 this morning day. 107 in st. louis. 110 memphis and man it's going to get hot. not only here but for really much of the eastern third of the nation. and 98 degrees today. hot and humid. spotty storms. and tonight we will go down to eventually 75 but i think at the time when we are seeing the fireworks, we will be well into the 80s. your exclusive 7-day forecast shows 100 degrees for tomorrow. heat indexes running between 105 and 110 and fly, same -- friday, same deal. saturday a cool down. 99 degrees. that is tremendous heat wave and it's going to continue well into sunday and then again gusty showers and thunderstorm possibility on saturday and sunday. guys. >> all right. mike thanks. i want you to know your car is out thereit's 6:18. time for health news. the fda has aprobed a new over- the-counter -- approved a new
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over counter hi -- over-the- counter hiv test that aous you to test for it's in your home. it is designed to detect the presence of hiv using a mouth swab within 20 minutes. government officials estimate that about 240,000 people who are hiv carriers in the united states are not aware that they are infected. the kits should be available at the pharmacy by october. best known for the role of andy taylor. >> this morning we are going to remember the life of the tv legend andy griffith. @ [ barks ]
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now "good morning maryland." thanks for staying with us. apedy griffith a beloved tv icon was known for his role as andy taylor from the andy griffit show. >> he passed away -- griffith
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show. he passed away-- away at 8 # years old. and we learn about his life. [ music ] ♪-- 86 years old and we learn about his life. >> reporter: that whistle calls viewers to maybury wherefore 8 years beginning in 1960 he starred as sheriff andy taylor oppi's a. >> you have been taught the golden rule do unto others. >> yes, a. >> you think you've been following that rule. >> sure tommy did it to to me. >> reporter: after learning of the passing ron howard the actor who starred tweeted her persuit ofence exlen and -- i am foreof grateful rest in peace andy. >> well. >> reporter: with his wise words and southern drawl was the straight man in the popular comedy about small town america. >> what's the accident here? >> reporter: she had to go to
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mount pilot. >> we going to check the locks? >> no. we are going to take in her laundry. >> reporter: the real maybury was his hometown of mountary north carolina -- mountary north carolina. it's a monday -- mount airy north carolina. he got his first break with a monolog about football. >> both bunches of the men wanted this funny looking punk pumpkin to play with. >> reporter: he was appealing on broadway and starring in movies like no time for sergeant. >> i am plo. >> you're what? >> permanent latrine orderly. >> reporter: he had a good boy grin and funny. hollywood took note and gabe him the andy griffith show when he went off the air it was the number one rated program. 20 years later, he made a comeback as yet another southerner this time a guitar playing lawyer named ben mat lock. >> you had no idea she didn't think for a minute that you
6:25 am
would kill him first. >> reporter: fans and friends are now leaving flowers at his star on the hollywood walk of fame. elements of his personal life would have distressed aunt bea he was married three times e said he wished he could have been more like sheriff andy taylor. abc news, new york. >> i loved that show. >> it was a great show. >> rambling about religion, terrorist and september 11th. >> this jetblue pilot will not go to jail. we will have more on the judge's decision and what it's all about. >> it's knots the traffic hazard on a major highway. a video clip out of chicago you do not want to miss. [ snoring ]
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wow, thanks! courtesy of chase freedom. oh boy! earn 5% cash back at gas stations this quarter. activate your 5% cash back at now "good morning maryland." another long day of work is just beginning for workers from out of state to help with the power restoration. i am linda so. where things end and how long before power is back on for everyone. we are getting ready for the fireworks display. a few extra precautions to make sure everyone is safe. >> those stories and much more
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coming up on this 4th of july morning. good morning. i am charley crowe. >> how fun was that out back. >> awesome. >> wasn't ate great? everything is cool and we are going to do it again i think he will show us more. >> bigger ones. >> he brought some that are not legal in maryland and is not going to set them off because he's safety guy which i appreciate. >> a kid at heart coming out of us. >> yes. love fireworks. >> let us do it this one time we won't do it again. >> we promise. let's look and get ready. the big show tonight. 9:30 that's when the fireworks will kick off. go down now and grab a good seat. this morning, we have a couple scattered showers right oversees you will county and port deposit and aberdeen the showers running into your area bel air road seeing that. the line is breaking up moving towards the south and east. 78 in town. that's a guarantee that we will get into the upper


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