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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 6, 2012 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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check if for good morning america. jimmy kimmel is next. we'll see you tomorrow. up next on "jimmy kimmel live," louis c.k. >> i've got these sideburns, now, big sideburns. and says, would you mind shaving è the sideburns. >> shut your face! >> zoe kazan and music from katy perry. >> you're a tough nut to crack. >> i don't crack. >> coconuts crack. >> have you done time? where did you come from? >> an all new "jimmy
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's jimmy kimmel live. here is jimmy kimmel! thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host.
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thanks for watching. thanks for coming out tonight. thank you, i'm jimmy. thank you for watching tonight. mostly, i have to say, thanks for all the clapping. i appreciate it. hey, are any of you mad at facebook today? no? [ laughter ] i read online that facebook has made a lot of their users mad. they took it upon themselves to change the primary e-mail address to every facebook profile to the e-mail address. that's the one good thing about myspace, they don't change anything. [ laughter ] is as is. but facebook changed everyone's e-mail address. they also made changes to the profile pictures. look at this, they gave everyone's head a mark zuckerberg mini perm. look at that. they gave him a perm. her a perm. them a perm. like oprah, they gave everyone a perm. facebook has a reputation of being pretty loose to their
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customers' personal information. you really shouldn't just go in and change someone's primary e-mail address. i guess they want to us start using facebook e-mail. and the forces of zuckerberg will stop at nothing to make sure we do. ♪ ♪ what's happening? put your hands up. ♪ >> freeze! police. don't you move! why aren't you using your facebook e-mail? >> i didn't know i had one. >> put your hands up [ bleep ] hands up here. check that facebook e-mail! check your facebook e-mail and like it! >> okay. >> what's all this noise in here? >> why didn't you put somebody in the time line yet? >> i don't know, it looks weird. >> revolutionize. you'll get used to it. check it now! >> okay. okay.
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i've done it. i've checked it. >> okay. great. we're asking about your experience at facebook so far. let us know how we can do better. >> ahh! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that was very fast. there's another controversy brewing over regular -- remember those old time books with the paper and pages in them? there's a book right now, in louisiana private christian schools in the state employ something called the accelerated christian education program. that is a.c.e. for short. one of a.c.e.'s new biology textbooks uses the loch ness monster as proof that dinosaurs and people have lived together on the planet. [ laughter ] that makes sense. why not throw in the cookie monster.
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we live on the planet with him, too. this is the photo they used as proof. if i was trying to disprove the theory of evolution, this is not the photo i would use. this is the photo i would use. they have been at it for six seasons now. [ applause ] they haven't evolved a bit. the final state primary election of the season happened quietly in utah today. it was meaningless because mitt romney and barack obama clinched the nomination. it's fun to go get a sticker at the booth and do all this stuff, right? the primaries are over. but the real contest begins, november 6th, which ever candidate has raised the most money will be declared president of the united states. that's what the supreme court decided, right? president obama had a fund-raiser in symphony hall in boston last night. he got booed at his own
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fundraiser where he got paid to come see him because he's a white sox fan. the white sox traded kevin youkilis. >> the crowd did not appreciate the president's joke. >> i just want to say thank r y. [ boos ] >> i'll have to change the color of the sox. i should not have brought up baseball. i understand. my mistake. [ applause ] >> jimmy: wow, since when did boston start caring about sports? how funny would it be after all this, the election came down to a kevin youkilis joke? mitt romney picked up a complement with retired senator dole. in an interview dole was asked if his epidorsment with tem ped?
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dole endorsed romney back in december with the same bubbling enthusiasm that most people show in accepting a linkedin request. then he added, i'll say this, "romney looks like a president." let's be honest, he looks like he should be in an outdoor bathtub on the set of a cialis commercial. what does that mean he doesn't look like a president? you know who doesn't look like a president? this guy. looks like a buggy driver. looks like the kind of guy that would do homework on the back of a shovel. and use that shovel to kill vampires with. mitt romney can't seem to get enthusiasm going. from his fellow republicans. george bush sr. said he likes romney now that perry is out of the race. rick santorum endorsed him 17 paragraphs into a late-night e-mail. even his own wife gave him only three stars on yelp.
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the important thing is, he looks like a president. hey, here's something that looked like a reality show. we have a new show here on abc call "the glass house." it's 14 contestants competing for $250,000 living in a glass house wired with cameras. we're finally going after the much sought-after peeping tom here. viewers can vote on what the contestants get to eat and where they sleep. it's like a choose your own adventure with herpes kind of deal. one of the emerging stars on the show is a woman named holly. holly claimed to be an art history major. once her housemates got to know her, they started to suspect maybe that wasn't true. last night, three women were talking about holly behind her back and made an interesting point. >> holly is an interesting person. i've enjoyed getting to know her. >> you've gotten to know her? >> there's a couple bumps. i want to know why you have to lie, tell me you're an art major when you never were an art
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major. >> i don't think she was. >> i know she wasn't. when you can't tell me who painted the sistine chapel. >> or any of the first chapels. >> jimmy: later in the episode, the brain trust got her to confront holly. she admitted she was lying and found a way to trump that 16th chapel remark. >> i'm a bad liar, my major was in psychology. i thought you wouldn't believe i was in psychologist if i said it. that's honestly why i said it. >> what was the biggest paper in psych you remember writing? >> probably in my -- probably -- >> give me one psychologist and their viewpoint. just one. >> dr. phil. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i have no further questions. your witness, counselor.
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[ applause ] >> jimmy: that was a great answer. that was the best possible answer. her major was psychology with a minor in daytime talk shows [ laughter ] a scary moment in a retirement community in new jersey yesterday, lightning struck the building and started a fire. they had to evacuate the residence. everyone was fine but it was a harrowing ordeal to say the least. >> seniors here at this complex has taken clear class in now, and surviving the fire that tore through her building was a neighborly affair as well. >> they yelled get out, get out, your building is on fire. the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. [ applause ] >> jimmy: they'll make a billion dollars. and the ncaa champion kentucky wildcats is expected to be the number one quick in the nba draft, anthony davis. anthony is known only for this
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basketball skills but also this spectacular unibrow which he's trying to convert into cash. earlier this month, he trademarked the phrase "hear the brow and raise the brow." he doesn't want anybody to grow a unibrow and make money off of it. i don't think anyone tries to grow a unibrow. it just happens. you just wake up and there it is. one other thing. i started giving fake lie detector tests to kids. guillermo and i. guillermo is dressed as the truth fairy. we brought kids in and hooked them up to a polygraph machine. people seem to like it. this is a young man named ethan. ethan's parents gave me parent about him. i used that information to extract even a little more than the truth from ethan. enjoy. ♪ >> jimmy: i'm going to ask you some questions, and all you'll have to do is tell me the absolute truth, okay? >> okay. >> jimmy: are you capable of doing that? >> yes.
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>> jimmy: okay. good. we'll start off with your name. what is your name? >> ethan. >> jimmy: very good. what grade are you in, ethan? >> second. >> jimmy: how old are you? >> 8. >> jimmy: 8 years old. do you have a girlfriend? >> no [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: i'll ask you again. do you have a girlfriend? >> no. [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: what is your girlfriend's name? >> nobody. >> jimmy: you can tell us, you're around friends. this is guys talk. >> guillermo: we won't tell your mom. [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: it's getting crazy. let's move on to another topic. have you ever been in trouble at school? >> yes. >> jimmy: for what? >> i went to an inappropriate website because of my friend -- >> jimmy: a website? >> yes, he said it was a game website. >> jimmy: it was a what?
12:14 am
>> a game website. >> jimmy: a game website. >> but it wasn't? >> guillermo: what it was? >> jimmy: what it was? >> inappropriate. >> jimmy: oh, were there naked ladies on it? >> yes. >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. did you like looking at that website? >> no. [ buzzer ] >> guillermo: just a little bit? >> no. [ buzzer ] >> can we go to another topic? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: a different topic? >> yeah. >> jimmy: let's get back to your girlfriends. are there any girls you like at school? >> no. how do you know all this stuff? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it just knows. it can tell when you're lying. something about your body lets us know. has any girl tried to kiss you at school? >> no. [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: a little bit? >> no. >> jimmy: wow, you're a tough nut to crack.
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>> i don't crack. coconuts crack. >> jimmy: coconuts crack? have you done time? where did you come from? >> can i ask you questions? >> jimmy: i'd be happy to answer some questions. ask me questions. >> do you have a girlfriend? >> jimmy: yes, i do have a girlfriend, just like you do. >> i don't [ buzzer ] >> how does it know? >> jimmy: it can sense you from over here. >> have you ever been in jail? >> jimmy: no. [ buzzer ] >> you were in jail because you were acting like a policeman. >> jimmy: no, i wasn't. [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: ask me about your girlfriends. >> what color hair does she have? >> jimmy: i knew it. her hair is colored, too. >> she doesn't have hair. >> jimmy: oh, she has no hair? you have a bald girlfriend?
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>> no. >> jimmy: yes, you do. take him away truth fairy. don't you ever try to bring your lies into this room again. you understand me. i'll catch you! [ buzzer ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight on the show from the movie "ruby sparks", zoe kazan is here. we have music from katy perry. we'll be right back with louis c.k. so stick around. ♪ to make the bruschetta in applebee's new florentine house sirloin, we start with fresh tomatoes. look at that deep red color. that's a product of mature lycopene content, which is generated about 50 days into the growth cycle. [ male announcer ] carl, you're doing it again. i-i was gonna say it -- [ male announcer ] you're talking about tomatoes like they're your children. we love you, buddy, but you're going a little deep here.
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you have to see this. i've already seen it, nana. like a hundred times. [ male announcer ] why limit your iphone? switch to sprint. the only network with truly unlimited data for your iphone. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. tonight on the program, the young writer and star of the new movie "ruby sparks" zoe kazan is here. we've got a big music performance tonight. hollywood boulevard has been completely shut down. the homeless superheroes have been locked away for katy perry, her new film concert. "katy perry: part of me" opened july 5th. this is hir cd too. tomorrow night, we'll be joined by matt leblanc, and chris bosh from the miami heat and linkin park.
12:21 am
please watch us for the rest of the week. >> jimmy: our first guest tonight is an intentionally funny man. he is the writer, producer, director, and star of the great show "louie." its third season premieres thursday at 10:30 on fx. please welcome louis c.k. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you? >> jimmy: i'm doing good. >> jimmy: just happened to chat with you briefly backstage, the new show, i got to see a couple episodes. it's so funny. >> thank you. >> jimmy: not just funny, excellent. >> oh, thank you. >> jimmy: thank you, louis c.k. >> you're welcome. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: one thing that surprises me, i would not have guessed this about you -- >> bad? i'm kind of fat. >> jimmy: no, no, in a way you've revolutionized how things are viewed and sold on the
12:22 am
internet. >> right. >> jimmy: you started with your stand-up special. >> yeah. >> jimmy: which you offered exclusively on my website. >> it was a special that i shot and put out on the site for $5. and made it easy to seal and just asked people not to. we made a million bucks in like ten days. >> jimmy: it worked. >> yeah, it's remarkable but weird. >> jimmy: i don't think it would work for everyone. if i asked people not to steal, they'd come and take everything out of my house. for you, they decided not to steal. >> yeah, it sits there and sells. people enjoy it. it's cheap. it's five bucks. if you steal something for five bucks, you're a real [ bleep ] i also made it easy. people deent have to get e-mails. there's no companies. there's nothing to join. >> jimmy: there's no mailing list. they don't sign you up? >> only if you want it. >> jimmy: now, what you've done with the concert tour is interesting, because the tickets can only be purchased on your website? >> i'm doing exactly the same
12:23 am
thing. we're going around the country in theaters, you can only buy tickets on my website. they're cheaper. all those crazy ticket prices, we've got rid of those. >> jimmy: people can't scalp the tickets. you don't have to go through ticket brokers. >> that's right. you got to actually call me at my house and say, hey, i sold this to this dude. we have a clause that's not in the terms and conditions thing that nobody reads. it's right over the "buy" button, it says if you sell this for more than it's worth, we'll turn it off. we'll give you your money back or cancel the ticket. there are some site that a guy is doing it. like these cops. it's really fascinating and weird. but it won't work 100% of the time. if you buy a ticket from somebody for more than 45 bucks which is what all our tickets are, it might die before you get
12:24 am
to the show. >> jimmy: i like that. >> it's a risk. when you get to the venue, they go, this ticket is not good. >> jimmy: i wouldn't imagine you being so tech savvy. are you into technology and that sort of thing? >> some of it is too much, you know? like i had -- i didn't have an iphone -- i had an iphone, it's so absorbing, it's like having a pencil that can [ bleep ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you know, i just want to write something down. i don't want a whole panoramic experience. [ laughter ] and i think people are naive about what they're giving away. people are excited to have geo tags. there's a company that knows where you are. are you nuts? and they want you to go to the cloud. they're selling it as a great idea. you don't need your stuff, just give it to us, we'll keep it on the cloud. that's fine. for pictures, we'll just keep it on the cloud. [ laughter ]
12:25 am
you pay a little rent to have it on the cloud. the way they talk you into this you get to have a smaller device because you don't need to keep the stuff on it. somebody gave me this iphone. this is where the iphone is right now. they tell you want to keep it on the cloud. the next iphone is just going to be this. [ laughter ] >> and it's just going to be this thing. because you need this to store all your movies and stuff. but you're just going to have this. and you just rub and go ooh, i want to see tom [ laughter ] >> and tom cruise will be all around your face. then you want to see salma hayek and that's how this thing is going to work. >> jimmy: i'll give you $10,000 for that thing right there. you're reminding me a little bit of the euna bomber. but that's okay. >> i won't touch that. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: have you been enjoying
12:26 am
your success? you're a guy, every comedian loved for a long time, most people didn't know about you. but now a lot of people know about you. >> yeah. >> jimmy: in my imagination, that doesn't work for you. is it a good thing? >> well it's weird. i'm at odds with it. i'm kind of famous. it makes me uncomfortable. i'm just a guy. sometimes, people come up on the street and say stuff, that's kind of nice. sometimes, i'm with my kids and they do it. they don't give a [ bleep ] about me and my kids. they step between me and my child and say, dude, i want a picture. people don't respect children. i'm with my daughter -- a lot of times she's crying -- because i'm a bad father. this happens to me a lot. my daughter's crying and some lady sticks her face in my kid's face and goes why are you crying? great. first of all, no one cries unless it's intensely personal. nobody cries that you would tell a stranger oh because my mother
12:27 am
doesn't love me. [ laughter ] >> and why ever she is crying you are definitely not the solution with your big red, meaty face. >> jimmy: really, you've made the greatest validation you could get as a comic and actor, the emmy nomination -- but being asked to be in a woody allen movie. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's right. yeah, that was -- [ applause ] >> that was really nice, yeah. >> jimmy: and how did that work, exactly? >> well, i grew up loving woody allen. he's a beacon artistically. >> jimmy: you can see that if love in the show. >> i found out he was interested in me being in a movie. he wanted to me to read for it. he wanted to meet me and audition. so i went to see him in his office. i mean, my heart was pounding. it was really difficult. >> jimmy: yeah. >> he was very nice, he said, i
12:28 am
know you can act. i just want to see you try this part, a really tough guy. like tougher than you in person. so i tried to be this kind of tough guy. but my heart was beating. like i was really nervous. >> jimmy: it was probably good. >> well, tough guys don't get nervous. >> jimmy: yeah, but if your heart stops beating, you die. that's right, good point. you got to be grateful. so obviously, you did well. >> i tanked it, i didn't get the part. >> jimmy: oh. >> well, he said, here's another part. way smaller. and i'm happy with the little part. because the other one made me nervous. it's a really tough guy. so then i find out they gave that part to andrew dice clay. dice is playing -- first of all, the fact that i auditioned for a part that dice got is really bizarre. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: like the two of you are interchangeable. >> so guys got the part. and i know him. he called me to both of us say, hey, we're in this movie.
12:29 am
he told me the story of him meeting woody. and it was the greatest pleasure because he did himself and woody. like he did his own character and he did a beautiful woody allen impression. >> jimmy: really. >> he's like yeah, i'm talking to woody and i've got these sideburns and woody says, would you mind shaving these sideburns. is that a problem? i'm like, woody, i'd do anything for you. and my retinas -- >> my retina's -- >> jimmy: louis c.k. we'll take a break. when we come back. [ boy voice ] what's that green stuff?
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hey, hey, that's my car. >> okay. >> i got to get it out of there. >> well, we're working. >> well, you say -- you didn't say you guys were going to be doing all that. >> well, you shouldn't have parked there. >> what the hell are you guys doing, anyway? >> i don't know.
12:39 am
[laughs] [ applause ] >> jimmy: louis c.k.! the third season premiere of "louie" is thursday night at 10:30 on fx. louis, i have to admit, hilarious. i find it heartbreaking when i see a car destroyed. >> well, there's picture cars, when you want to destroy a car on tv. they get you a car that looks good, but the engine is dead. usually, it's a ford taurus. for 700 bucks. i know all these prices. the character on the show i am it's me, drives an infiniti. a black infiniti of the current era. you have to get the car. that was $11,000. >> jimmy: you got to get that shot right? one take, too. it's funny, you had to have an infiniti, yet on the show, we look back, your neighbors are different people.
12:40 am
you'll change a cast member randomly. >> that's right. i've had two different mothers on the show. three different sister characters who have come and gone. a brother who has come and gone. only been on one season. >> jimmy: they suddenly are different people. >> it's not like the killed the character. >> jimmy: the second episode, your wife ex-wife -- >> first time i've had an ex-wife. >> jimmy: -- is african-american. your two daughters are extremely white. >> my wife is played by susan -- [ bleep ] [ laughter ] [ bleep ] you find out later is she related to larry? [ laughter ] anyway, she's really good. i feel so horrible. she's good enough to play the person. i didn't care. as far as her being black. she's very different from my
12:41 am
ex-wife in real life. my ex-wife and i have a great relationship. i feel lucky that i'm raising kids with her. i really do. this woman on the show, she puts a lot of pressure on me. she's harsher. she's a professional, and she wants me to step up. there's a scene earlier in the season where she wants me to get a real job. when a black woman tells me to get a job, it's just more -- [ laughter ] -- it just hurts me. she's just bringing a different pallet of ideas and language. >> jimmy: were you flexible with -- >> yeah, i don't care about the racial. the character works for the show. but it's got to be a black infiniti. >> jimmy: your concert tour. tell me if this is correct. you guys sold 80,000 tickets in one day online? >> that's right. [ applause ] >> jimmy: are there any tickets left? >> very few. 15 shows are sold out.
12:42 am
we were adding shows in every city. more than half the shows are sold out. i think it grossed 4 million bucks and it keeps going. sold out in a week. then i got to do the show. >> jimmy: if you want the last chance to get the show go to it's very fun. "louie" is thursday night at 10:30 on fx. we'll be right back with zoe kazan. ♪ >> the bud light paradise music festival. two bud light cruise ships are taking people to islands for a two-day music festival. don't miss the boat. here we go. [ male announcer ] the inspiring taste
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we're back. still to come, katy perry will be here.
12:52 am
as both an actress and screenwriter, our next guest got to write all of the things she says in her new movie. it's called "ruby sparks" and it opens in select cities july 25th. please welcome zoe kazan. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: you smell very good, zoe. >> oh, that's so nice to hear. >> jimmy: i heard this is your first talk show appearance. >> it is. i'm shaking. >> jimmy: are you nervous? >> yeah, a little bit. i'm really scared of public speaking. it falls into that rubric. i'm in three weddings this year. doing the wedding speeches, it prepared me for speaking to you. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, really. have you already done -- would you like a glass of champagne, perhaps? how do you do the toast? do you have to say something -- for the bride or the groom as well?
12:53 am
>> for the bride. i'm a girl's girl. i think it's like giving a eulogy, except they're still alive. [ laughter ] >> you say really nice stuff and they smile at you. >> jimmy: and there must be pressure on you because you're a writer and they think, she has something great. >> yeah, they have this idea that i know what i'm doing. >> jimmy: the best thing is don't forget about the groom entirely. >> okay. >> jimmy: don't tell sex stories about the bride. >> oops. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: did you get advice from anyone before preparing for this? >> i did. i actually -- i like hulued and watched 15 of your interviews. >> jimmy: i've never been hulued before. that's exciting. >> i got a good vibe it. my boyfriend is excited that i'm on the same show as katy perry. he has a big celebrity crush.
12:54 am
he saw her on "snl," and i think he thought she was a comedian. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, he thinks she's a comedy genius. like some metatheatrical -- where she was going to punk everyone. >> jimmy: is it possible he's confusing her with tyler perry? [ cheers and applause ] >> it's entirely possible. >> jimmy: when we're done with this, i'll give it to you to give to him. >> he already has a copy. i gave to to him for his berm birthday. >> jimmy: wow. this is impressive, especially at your age to write and be so involved in your own productions. that's a pretty big deal, right? >> yeah, i guess i'm a control freak, i guess. so write it and act. >> jimmy: how fortunate for paul. >> yeah, really fortunate. he didn't know what he was doing when he started sleeping with me. >> jimmy: he didn't, huh?
12:55 am
>> buyer beware. >> jimmy: what is the movie about? >> the movie is about a writer who paul plays who's a kind of -- he's at a point in his life, a big success, now, he needs to follow up. he's in this silly depressive place where he's gotten a job to make him feel better. it only makes him feel worse. he starts to dream about this girl and starts to open all creative doors. the more he writes, the more real she becomes to him. he wakes up one morning, she's in his house, he thinks he's going crazy, and it turns out everybody can see her. and he manifests himself in that person. she's total real. >> jimmy: and you are a real person in real life. >> maybe. >> jimmy: and you got big stars to be in this movie, too. >> yeah. >> jimmy: paul's a very talented
12:56 am
guy. who are some of the people in the movie? >> we have antonio banderas. [ cheers and applause ] >> except for you, he's the most beautiful person i've ever seen in real life. >> jimmy: thank you, thank you. we do have a similar look. >> you do. he's got a baerd in the movie. >> jimmy: when i have a beard, they say i'm very banderasesque. >> and annett benning is in the movie. i cried when i found out asunset was going to be in the movie. >> jimmy: they read it, and they go, this is great. i'd love to take a shot. >> our directors are the directors of "little miss sunshine." they're awesome people. [ applause ] i can't take credit for any of the amazing stuff that's happened.
12:57 am
including the people coming on to movie. in the movie, it's all because of jonathan and valerie who directed it. they're like the captains of our ship. >> jimmy: don't you feel that the director gets too much credit. the writer is doing most of the work and the director gets most of it? >> not in this case. not in this case. they're a couple, and they work together in this crazy symbiotic way. they can share sentences, you know. >> jimmy: but they're your sentences that they're sharing. >> it's all me, totally right. >> jimmy: congratulations. great to meet you. i hope it went as you hoped it would do. >> it ranked somewhere wean my first and second wedding. >> jimmy: wonderful. "ruby sparks" opens in select cities july 25th. when we come back, music from katy perry.
12:58 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: her new movie is called "katy perry: part of me." her album is called "teenage dream, the complete confection." here with the song, "wide awake", from hollywood blvd, katy perry. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ i'm wide awake ♪ yeah, i was in the dark i was falling hard with an open heart ♪ ♪ i'm wide awake how did i read the stars so wrong ♪
1:01 am
♪ i'm wide awake and now it's clear to me that everything you see ♪ ♪ ain't always what it seems i'm wide awake dreaming for so long ♪ ♪ i wish i knew then what i know now wouldn't dive in ♪ ♪ wouldn't bow down gravity hurts you made it so sweet ♪ ♪ til i woke up on on the concrete fallin from cloud nine ♪ ♪ crashing from the high i'm letting go tonight i'm fallin from cloud nine ♪ ♪ i'm wide awake not losing any sleep i picked up every piece ♪ ♪ and landed on my feet i'm wide awake need nothing ♪ ♪ to complete myself i'm wide
1:02 am
awake yeah, i am born again ♪ ♪ outta the lion's den i don't have to pretend and it's too late ♪ ♪ the story's over now the end ♪ i wish i knew then what i know now wouldn't dive in ♪ ♪ wouldn't bow down gravity hurts you made it so sweet m ♪ til i woke up on on the concrete fallin from cloud nine ♪ ♪ it was out of the blue i'm crashing from the high i'm letting go tonight ♪ fallin from cloud nine everybody over there come on i'm wide awake ♪ i'm wide awake i'm wide
1:03 am
♪ it was out of the blue i'm crashing from the high you know i'm letting ♪ ♪ go tonight yeah i'm letting you go i'm fallin from cloud nine ♪ i'm wide awake ♪ i'm wide awake ♪ sing it with me i'm fallin from cloud nine ♪ ♪ it was out of the blue i'm crashing from the high you know i'm letting ♪ ♪ go tonight yeah i'm letting you go i'm fallin from cloud nine ♪ ♪ i'm wide awake i'm wide awake i'm wide awake ♪
1:04 am
♪ i'm wide awake ♪ i'm wide awake [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i want to thank louis c.k., zoe kazan. apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time. tomorrow night, matt leblanc, selma blair and linkin park. her movie is called "part of me." it comes off july 5th. playing us off the air with "part of me." once again, katy perry! good night! ♪ ♪ days like this i want to drive away pack my bags and watch your shadow fade ♪ ♪ you chewed me up and spit me out like i was poison in your mouth ♪ ♪ you took my light you drained


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