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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  July 10, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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and our schools and teachers. thousands of good paying jobs it's the new resort casino at national harbor. but it won't happen unless lawmakers act right now. all that money -- and all those new jobs -- will go to delaware, pennsylvania, west virginia. the only loser: maryland schools. tell your delegate and state senator to vote yes for schools,
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jobs, and small businesses by saying yes to national harbor.
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coming up at 5:00. does smoking in movies influence teens to smoke? what researchers found. as the o's prepare to take on kansas city, we will hear from adam jones and the role he will play. >> he bought this car in 1966, it's still going. the record this man's about to break coming up in a few short months. state leaders are teaming up with google to help small businesses in the state. the program called maryland get your business on line, will offer small businesses free web sites for a year. after the initial year, it will run $7 a year, unless the business owner cancels. the program will launch next week in the leg mason tower. tax free on line shopping maybe a thing of the past, proposed bill becomes law. congress is taking up legislation that would require you to pay sales tax on all
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internet purchases. many companies are against the proposal but officials say they want the revenue. >> we are asking for the government to close the loophole, level the playing field and let everybody compete on price in a free market. >> nothing could be less fair to america's small businesses. >> a clause in the senate bill exempts small retailers with less than $500,000 in reported annual sales. news around the world, officers in brazil destroyed 40,000 weapons, they have been seized during criminal investigations. it was part of an international gun destruction day after officials burned and crushed the guns, they were dropped flower pedals to signify peace.
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first comes the shoe, then comes the gun. a live debate in jordan turns violent. he pulled out a shoe, a sign of disgrace then a gun. the gun never went off, no one was hurt. police expected to charge a south korea man after he drove his truck in to the gates of the japanese embassy. he crashed the truck in apparent protest over the ownership of islands claimed by both countries, no one was hurt. south jew south sue dan is one of the world's poorest nations and an influx of refugees is putting a strain on the infrastructure it
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has set up. time to start the 5:00 hour. if you plan on doing the laundry or running the dishwasher today, you are asked to think twice. i'm linda so, why people living in the city and countys are asked to conserve water. arundel county executive will get his day in court. more details on the charges against john leopold. ms a results are released today taking a look at students progress. i'm sherrie johnson. live reports coming up. i'm charley crowson. megan pringle is off today. lynette charles is back and loren cook. did you see the video of the jordanian debate? tossed the shoe and pulled a gun. the weather is not too much for you. it was last week, we had the heat wave, it was broken yesterday, which is a good sign. today seasonable. a few showers to talk about this morning. we start you out with maryland's most powerful radar.
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not a lot going on around our area. as we slide south, maybe if you are traveling to st. marys, dealing with a thunderstorm to the south of lexington park, and also around montrose, showers and thunderstorms across the area. warsaw, dealing with a nasty thunderstorm across the area. let's go back to where we are, we have light showers around jarrettsville and bel air, the roads are going to be slick. this will continue as we go through the rest of today. isolated shower or storm to pop up in the forecast, dealing with a little bit of visibility issues around us. winchester, you are dealing with showers and storms, culpepper, more of the same there. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. you are talking about a house fire. >> yes , there is a house fire baltimore, north of patterson park. it shuts downlinwood at fayette.
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stick with lakewood. the fire department confirms no one injured. if you are traveling on 895, all the construction continues south of the harbor tunnel toll plaza. not causing a back up. later, stick with the fort mc henry or the key bridge as your alternate route. as we look at 95, eastern avenue, everything is up to speed. nice easy ride in to the city this morning, here is a look at 695, parkville, harford road. 11 minutes from 95, up to 83. that's a look at you time save traffic. today you are asked to limit the amount of water you use, dpw workers will be testing city water mains that need repair. linda so is live this morning with how this could be affecting you. >> reporter: there might be a chance you could lose your water for an hour today whether u at wok or at home. the service disruption could happen as workers test a wa main that needs to be fixed in the city. here are the areas affected by
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today's testing. people in the wilkins avenue area to theno, i-95 on the west, 895 south, west of cherry hill and east, up to and how. dpw workers will cut off water to check problems with the water main. since everyone's water is connected, people in the countys are asked to pay attention to how they use their water. >> beginning this week, we will begin testing water systems adjustments redirecting flows which would last for 48 hours. this is to ensure that we can provide adequate supply water for customers when we begin repairs. we are calling on citizens to conserve water. >> reporter: ways that you can conserve water, they are asking you not to water your garden, top off your pool, hold doing
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your laundry or dishwasher until late at night. if you live in the city and lose water, you can call 311 to report the problem. if you live in the countys and lose water, call this number, 410-396-5352. live in arbutus, linda so, abc2 news. a scheduling hearing will take place for the man accused of killing his roommate and eating organs. he faces murder charges in the death of family friend. attorneys will meet with the judge today. police in baltimore city are trying to find a man wanted for murder. this man, 23-year-old kiko stern, he hangs around the bel air edson area, wanted in a murder that happened in may. if you have idea where he is, call 911 as quickly as possible. all of the people charged in the st. patrick's day attack
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in baltimore pled guilty. the attack on the tourist was caught on cell phone video. the suspect was seen punching and man and sentenced to three years in prison but will serve a year. the other two suspects are on probation. the fourth suspect, baldwin, faces three years in jail as well. arundel county executive will go on trial. leopold is accused of losing security detail to cover personal matters. he is charged with misconduct. he will go on trial september 4th. no comment from the office. we learn how students performed in the maryland school assessment test , the results were made available at 9:00 this morning. let's turn things over to education reporter sherrie johnson, she is out live this morning with a look at the upcoming results on what could be coming for the next school year. >> reporter: charlie this is a big day today, i tell you, the
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state department of education will release the thousand 12 state education assessment results. it takes place at 9:00 at the state office downtown. they are looking at students progress, information on elementary and middle school progress under the new accountability system. ms a exams are given to third through 8th grade students in reading and math. the data basically is used to determine whether or not schools meet the no child left behind requirement, charged the progress of the student population in the grades tested and once again, those results will be released by the state department of education at 9:00 this morning, and coming up at 5:45, we will talk life to the new superintendent of ball mow county public schools and talk to dr. dallas about the upcoming school year. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. one of the world's most beautiful phenomenons.
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we will show you what storm chasers saw dancing in the skies and a delight to many around the world. what teens say about the way movies effect smoking and their decision to follow suit. we will tell you what they told a group of researchers. showers and storms popping up this morning. i will tell you how long those will last, coming up. [ snoring ]
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this time lapsed video of the northern lights began sunday, display was brief. they danced around the sky for half an hour. that never gets old. >> it never gets old. it's beautiful to look at. the satellite and radar, picking up on showers and storms, to the south, of baltimore for today. we are seeing them over in to portions of texas and also new mexico. the activity is on the southern side of things.
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that stationary front could shift off towards the north and we could get in on a couple of showers and thunderstorms in to the afternoon. st. mayries, a thunderstorm. virginia or southern pat of the state, be prepared for wet weather. upper 60s itemsville and jessup. humid with the dew points in the 60s. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning, there is a house fire in baltimore city, north of patterson park. it shuts down northlinwood avenue. you want to be sure to use lakewood as your alternate route. 895, the construction continues south of the harbor tunnel. no delays as of yet. stick with the fort mc henry or the key bridge, if u using 95, no delays towards the tunnels
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or south towards 495, a live look at the west side, baltimore national pike. 11 minutes from 795 down towards 95. if you are planning the wed, the most expensive item is most often the wedding gown. brides maybe able to put away purses and step in to a gown for free. what health officials say about life expectancy. and how it affects how much time you spend sitting, we'll be right back. here you go little man.
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if you planned a wedding one of the biggest expenses is the bridal gown. the lace and long train, going to be given out for free to military families. cheryl conner is here with the details. >> reporter: this gown was priced at 1629, it's 799. >> reporter: there goes the money. the gown is often one of the
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biggest expenses. rachel moore has been dreaming of this day since age 3, she is going to get it right. >> i think it's going to make somebody look really beautiful. >> reporter: moore picked up her own dress from tlc bridal in frederick, the price tag about $1200, this one is free. not for her but for the military women who will stand on the same platform on tuesday. >> these men and women deserve all of the credit and all the help that we as free people can give them. >> reporter: the owner is working with a nonprofit group, brides across america, to give out the dresses. >> i had a girl call and ask if there was sales tax. no, there is no sales tax. >> reporter: her family's story helped her understand the meaning of sacrifice. her son-in-law is in active duty field surgeon in
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afghanistan. >> me and my daughter have been trying to have a child, she is five months pregnant. he was deployed three weeks ago. >> reporter: he will give away 100 dresses, $95,000 in retail inventory. designer names at no cost. the only transaction is a military id and proof of a current deployment within the past five years. >> it's an amazing opportunity for people who do so much for us. >> what a privilege to be able to do this. >> reporter: for good morning maryland, cheryl conner, abc2 news. about 40 people registered but that leaves 50 spots available. brides need to show up. the deal is good for future military spouses or active duty women. the doors at tlc bridal will hope at 10:00 and they will stay open until even is fitted.
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go to ow website, time for a cheg check of the roads. >> if you are headed to frederick, no concerns. a house fire north of patterson shuts down lenwood. as we look at other main lines, the topside, delaney valley, everything up to speed, nice ride up towards 83. 11 minutes on the west side from 795, towards 95, the jfx nice and clear if you are using that to get in to the city, southbound from 695, looking at an 11 minute trip. through the not mc henry to the toll plaza, an 8 minute ride. here is lynette charles with a look at the forecast.
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we look at the most powerful radar, a couple of light showers in harford county. the main action to is south. if your travels are taking you to st. mary's county, showers towards the east. it is going to drop tremendous amounts of rain. showers and thunderstorms with lightning around richmond, it's going to be on the dicey side this morning on the roadways south of baltimore. we look at outside, we can see that bel air is a little bit on the wet side this morning, it will continue to be so possibly as we go through off and on today. a chance for showers and storms to pop up in the afternoon. i will show you the stationary front in a second. temperatures are quite mild this morning, quite warm this morning, see the 70s in northville, good morning edgewood, 71, upper 60s chestertown and northeast around 70 degrees. lots of moisture in the air. the measure of the moisture.
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the dew points when they get in the 70s you are feeling it. mid-60s feeling it. uncomfortable in the mid-70s. we won't see that for today. here is the weather pattern, this front stalled out front is to is south of baltimore, could edge to the north. that's why we will have the chance for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. storms to the south along the stationary front. throughout the day, temperature will be around 86 degrees, nice and seasonable. still a little humid outside. we will take what we can get for today. temperatures will begin to warm up. see that in the seven-day forecast as we head in to next week. take it all in, as we go through time, things are looking good for now. listen to this, health news this morning, sitting down for more than 3 hours a day can shave a person's life expectancy by two years. even if you are physically
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active. reducing sitting time to fewer than be hours a day, may add two years to your life, and cutting tv viewing time to fewer than two hours a day may extends your life by a year and a half. that's how you add 3.5 years to your life. get up and run around. the report looks at whether smoking and movies influence teens. researchers surveyed 6500 children, between the ages of 10- 14, kids who watched movies that included smoking were said to be more likely to smoke themselves. requiring an r rating for those movies would help decrease overall teen smoking. making a second appearance in the all star game tonight. jones talked about what his experience has been like for him. where the kentucky derby and prakness winning hours is calling home sweet home.
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the boys of summer taking over kansas city tonight for the major league baseball all star game. the orioles will be represented by more than one player. weeder and johnson were selected by the american league manager, washington. jones he was voted in. >> not a lot of people get to experience it. fortunate enough the fans voted me in and coaches, whoever voted me in, somebody did. i'm fortunate enough, i appreciate it. >> this is the second all star weeders and the first for johnson. first pitch tonight from kansas city, 8:15 eastern. the owner of i will have another sold the kentucky derby and preakness winning horse to a farm in japan for $10 million. the price far exceeded the amount he was offed here state side. i will have another was retired the day before he was to run in
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the bellmont stakes in attempt to become the first triple crown champion in 34 years. $10million. i guess that is good work if you can get it. they were in court for stand your ground hearings, what sent fists flying outside a florida courtroom and got a step father and accused murder arrested. 
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water coming out of your faucet may not be running the way it should. the work done that could affect your water service. >> information leading to four men accused of killing immigration patrolman. why the u.s. government needs to find these men. the fight against affordable care, by the discussion likely is not reversing the supreme court's decision. those stories and more coming up on tuesday, july 10th. >> it is an lc sandwich. >> we planned that. we are like, loren. >> loren clark, lynette charles. >> loren cook. >> did i say loren clark? i have no idea who you are. >> take pi


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