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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  July 12, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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today and the jerry sandusky case. the other story a crash that killed a 17-year-old. it left three in bad shape. >> i have been here for almost five-years. i can't begin to tell you how many car parts i have picked up. . >> reporter: she spent the morning cleaning up debris. >> four young people in an audi, going really, really fast, going toward 175 and missed the curve and wrapped around are a tree and you can seat shattered glass. >> reporter: it may take a lifetime to come to terms with the crash that killed her boyfriend and the father of her daughter. >> like turned his life
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around. he had been through so much and i got him to turn his life all the way aaron. he a job, he got a baby, he been through so much and i just helped him pull it together and now he is gone. >> reporter: police say he died instantly when he control of his car and wrapped it around this tree. worker has to cut the top off to get three others out. >> this point we think speed was a factor and we are also looking in to the real possibility that the crash may have involved alcohol. >> reporter: it's a deadly combination accidents are common here. >> it's probably an accident here two or three a month. >> reporter: in howard county, jeff hager. >> the three passengers who survived that crash, a 21-year-
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old, troy jones and another 20 -year-old. they remain at shock trauma. aaa said five of the ten deadliest days happened during the summer months, july 4th the worst day, followed by june 10th. august 14th, august 8th and july 9th and on average more than 16 are killed on each of those days, experts say teens tend to drive more and with less supervision during those time periods. breaking news update on the penn state abuse report over sandusky. that was released today but in the last 90 minutes the chair woman of penn state's board said that the panel believes that joe paterno, is many now marred. he said they take full responsibility for the failures that happened. the investigation into the
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scandal says that paterno and others kept secrets, critical facts relating to the child abuse to avoid bad media attention. it was led by a former fbi direct ear. the report says paterno and the president and others, failed to protect against a child sexual predator harming child for a decade. >> the most powerful men at penn state failed to take any steps for 14 years to protect the children who sandusky hurt. >> they both lost their jobs and joe died. his family released a statement saying that joe wasn't perfect. he made mistakes and he regretted them. he is still the only leader to step forward and stay that with the benefit of looking back he wished he had done more. for as hard as it is for
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some to see the failures of penn state others say it's an important lesson. we sat down to get abuse center's take. it's a road map of how to avoid a similar scandal here at home. the executive director said each local institution should now have a plan for their employees and try to learn how to report the abuse. >> to be able to say to your great institutions here, our john's hopkins, as well as our local schools and our summer camps and any place is to say are you prepared for this? do you know what to do if allegations happen? >> he said the organization has already done training at unbc and has been reaching out to other schools like the university of maryland and johns hopkins to do the same. we posted this store online and the reviews have been
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mixed. head to the wmar facebook page to weigh in about the report. >> no complaints about the weather. temperatures holding steady in the upper 80s. we could see another round of temperatures in the lower 90s pretty soon. let's check in with mike. he is here tonight with a look at the forecast. that's not good. >> no. it's not good. we know all going to end. look outside. a beautiful shot. we have a very packed house down around the harbor. watch the water taxis come in and out. it's a beautiful evening. take a look at the temperatures ; these are all high temperatures, 87 and will fall back into the 80's. 85 for -- on the way for the 60's. we have three inches of rain in parts of atlanta georgia. that's three inches, just a lot of rain but we go out toward the west. we had temperatures in to the 90's today. 98 in oklahoma city.
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this heat is aligning to be pushing war toward the east. >> thank you. caught on tape look at this. authorities trying to identity two suspects seen in this video robbing a exxon gas station and hit a clerk with a gun. it happened last friday morning. you see him call the police. and a north carolina man is sitting in jail after maryland state police say they found heroin worth more than $100,000. officials made a traffic stop in cecil on 95 yesterday. police brought in a dog unit. >> actually 5,000 individually
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packaged units of heroin ready for street sales, another bag with heroin as well as over $78,000 of cash. >> boyd is in custody on $200,000 bond tonight. new, four people locked up this evening accused of transporting cigarettes illegally across state lines. anyly 26 packs were take eastbounderren during the stop just south of hagerstown. officers took two cars that were used to transport all of them. you know just last month, [inaudible] announced a 6-cents hike per pack. it matched the price tag of the marlboro cigarettes the average price is now more than $5 a pack. new, baltimore city will
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receive seven and a half million dollars of a 175 million-dollar settlement with wells fargo over accusations it discriminated against minorities, in violation of fair labor laws in 36 states. baltimore filed the suit in 2008 because of the subprime lending practices targeted minority neighborhoods in the city. >> if you are african american or latino, you are more likely to be placed in a subprime loan or pay more for the mortgage loan though you are qualified and deserved better treatment. >> they have agreed to commit to lending more than 400 million in baltimore city for the next five-years with more than 100 million for low and moderate income residents. new report showed foreclosures are up from 26% from the end of last year. california based report says
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that one in 300 homes in foreclosure in maryland. they report there is about a 8% drop from this time a year ago. that pit bulldog rolling in maryland is on hold after the court ruled that pit bull owners would be liable if the dog bites without previous evidence -- guarantee the dog as considered to be dangerous. the assistant attorney general issued a motion on tuesday. it must get past an appeal before it becomes law. >> to actually state that one specific breed is dangerous without taking in to account that individual dog that we have concerns with that. >> the court avenue peals ruled in april that pit bulls dangerous by nature but a group of lawmakers doesn't want to hurt the owners sosa. some have enjoyed your power and luxury of having your
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power back on. how did your -- when and how you will be able to sound off on how you feel about it. and do not think that it health professionals get a pass when it comes to having a back. how technology is helping the pain. . >> and take a look, nothing going on closer to home but let's expand the shot on the mobile app. you can see showers and storms working over the carolina's. more storms toward the west. nothing here because this big heat, which will detail it coming up. [ mosquitoes buzzing ]
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. you're watching the station that works for you. abc 2news at six. >> have you suffer from back pain in it can hurt a lot. tonight abc 2news tells you about a special video game that's helping detect who is at risk for back pain and the best way to treat it. . >> as a nurse in a rehab facility barb has seen it, bending over to treat patients and lifting them out of bed can take a toll. >> we have had different nurses that had strained backs, pulled muscles. . >> they will use this tracking system to get information. >> we will have them play a
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video game with their back and depending on how they do on that it tells you if they have a deficit or not. researchers say if these models can predict back problems they can try exercise or physical therapy and that may just be the beginning. education, physical aspects, mental, they have to think about it. >> reporter: by training people how to use their backs properly they hope to find who is at risk for back problems. . >> now if you want the very latest health news you can get it on liking her facebook fan page.
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few of those cloud from time to time. all the which out to the west. a mix of sun and clouds, jet skiing, go out toward the west. that will be the cooler spots.
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74 around 11:00. a warm day but low humidity. a few cloud as cross the area and that's the theme for the forecast. we will give the radar a break for another day or two and you notice this amount of weather over the south and jackson, memphis, notesville. that's the heat and humidity for the weekend. we will be in to the 60s for the overnight. timeline tomorrow afternoon and it's a beautiful day again. upper 80's to near 90 and as we move it again. here comes the humidity.
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notice how we start to see showers, perhaps a thunderstorm, right around 90 degrees for saturday, but again with humidity making it feel like the middle and upper 90's. the forecast for the rest of tonight will get down to 66. if you liked last night lue love tonight and even tomorrow night but more on the way of humidity friday night. forecast for tomorrow. two degree guarantee of 90. seven day looks like this the 90's for friday, saturday and sunday but the difference for saturday and sunday will be the humidity so while we hit 90 it'll feel like 95, maybe perhaps like 100 by sunday. humidity in place monday and tuesday but warmer at 93 and i think inside this heat wave by tuesday, especially wednesday with temperatures in to the middle 90s. more about the shot of cast and if you will head out to the beaches, all of that coming up tonight. >> creeping back up. thank you. new, get ready to voice your concern on how power companies
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handled that massive storm outage last month. the commission that regulates the utilities will hold eight public hearings in august for the public to sound off. the dates haven't been set but they will take place before the utilities are questioned by the public service commission in september. you can also send a written testimony up until september 10th. . >> posing as bge employees to gain access to your home and office. all employees and contractors carry company identification and bge will bill you for all repair work and not ask for
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that payment when they show up. take a vacation this summer? you may have booked it through a travel website. what about at a department store? john tells you about a new way to travel, what shoppers may think of so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: when you start planning a vacation many people go online to sites like expedia or we call a trusted local travel agent. what about going to sear's in that's what they want you to do. they are offering a big incentive to do it. most of us think about moms, washing machines and fridges. what. >> would you consider it? >> sure. sure i would. >> if the deals were good? >> sure. >> reporter: they said they
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were interested in learn about the new travel website. what interested them most was learning that unlike other travel agencies, they would offer lay away just like mom's washer and dryer. a college student is going to europe and said it would have been a help. >> that's really good. i know a lot of times, especially to europe and -- i -- like the plane ticket cost a thousand dollars. >> reporter: the struggling retailer hopes lay away, century old brand name and great starter deals will lure travel customers. with their reputation a bit hurt, tough competition from established websites its anyone's guess if many will visit the new softer side of sear's. right now some of the start up specials look like pretty good deals, you do need to book them by the end of july. they hope that if you do you will come back again, for more than just some vacuum cleaner
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bags. it may be worth checking out so you don't waste your money. >> and remember what they said sounds to good to be true it usually is. a live look at a 695 north of maryland, that puts -- no traffic tonight. that's what we like to see. [ barks ]
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. a look tonight at 11. >> cannot stop. she can't start --. >> just accelerating. >> a frantic mom calls the police as her daughter's car goes out of control. tonight we gowned the hood to reveal what may have led to the accident and how hundreds of thousands of similar cars could pose the same risk. that story and more tonight at 11. it's a story you can't afford to miss. that. will be a good story. we have again 90s on the boards, low humidity tonight and tomorrow and then saturday the humidity comes back in. we are at 91 sunday and then it'll be unsettled period through the weekend this to early next week. this will be the third heat wave now, all indications well into the 90s and ten tuesday and wednesday hot. next week 95, numbers close to 100 so it wouldn't be july if it wasn't close to 100. >> not july, it feels like
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august. >> feels like august. a whole second month. >> see you tonight at 11.
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