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phone, have you seen an officer ticket somebody for it? >> reporter: the legislator gave the texting while driving law attention last fall. it's called operation eagle. a four month crackdown and focus on distracted driving. specifically texting. >> it's not just about enforcement. it's about educating the public. we will tell the dressers about distracted driving. >> reporter: arundel county police along with law enforcement from crofton annapolis and state police will target specific areas of the county looking for and pulling over drivers on their phones. finding them is like fish in a barrel officers say and invited us for a quick swing.
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we going on the ride alongs quite often. what are the odds we will find someone texting and driving? >> the odds are very good. >> reporter: the corporal with the police was dead on, we didn't go one light before an officer spotted a driver waiting on the redhead down in her phone. stopped or in motion, texting while behind the wheel is against the law, a lesson learned on route 2, in edgewater. >> i never knew that. yes, i see people all the time using their phone, all the time. i find it so annoying. i would never text while i'm driving. i don't. it's annoying. i get it. i'm not allowed, i didn't know that. >> reporter: she didn't get a ticket which would have been a $70 fine and a point on the license. rather a warning but more importantly face time with an
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officer to explain the annoyances and the dangers of distracted driving. >> the focus is education. we are not necessarily trying to write tickets, we've done a little bit of both today. >> reporter: so far, since the law went in to effect. arundel county police issued electronic tickets of 22 while happening out nearly 50 warnings, the 4 month saturation should increase and the hope is to increase awareness as well. brian kuebler, abc2 news. maryland has been waging a war for years against distracted driving, in october 2012 a bill was signed making it illegal for drivers to use happened held cell phones while driving. it was a secondary offense at that time meaning drivers couldn't be pulled over just for using their phone. in october of last year changes were made taking the law one step farther. it's considered a primary
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offense, drivers can be pulled over if police see them reading or writing or sending a text message behind the wheel. in many cases citations are too late. distracted driving are responsible for 257 death as year in maryland, 30,000 people are injured in crashes involving distracted driving. the three maryland counties with the most are harford, frederick and arundel counties. police are not sure whether distracted driving was involved, this was a deadly week for teen drivers on the roads. monday night aleck, a 17 year old student died in a car crash in owings mills, on the way home from swim practice when he hit a tree on green spring avenue. a howard county teen is dead and three other people sent to shock trauma. a 17 year old jumped the curb
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and wrapped the audi he was driving around a tree. howard county police say speed was definitely a factor and investigating the possibility of alcohol. staying alert and following the rules of the road can save lives. the administration has tips to keep drivers focused behind the wheel. if you need to make a call or send a text, pull off the road or ask a passenger, finish doing hair or make up or eating before getting in the car and never drive when you are drowsy. for more information on distracted driving, the texting ban and two teens killed in crabs this week, head to our home page, that's not a bad afternoon out there. a lot of clouds, we had a spot shower across the area. everybody enjoying it. the clouds will be a theme to
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the forecast. a peak of sunshine allowing the temperature to boost to 89. eastern shore, more sunshine than clouds, 88 that was shared from dover towards easton. here is what going on, dry overhead. towards the knot north and west, showers from deep creek, along the maryland, pennsylvania line. everything remains towards the north and the west towards the overnight and a batch of showers trying to wok in by tomorrow morning. the folk for the rest of the evening will feature clouds, spot shower out towards the west. this is a tremendous amount of activity continuing to develop towards the west, scattered showers and storms. you hop over the mississippi river, we have this area of high pressure that built in, allowing the wind to turn towards the so you recall direction. we will talk about that in the seven-day forecast coming up. now an update to the breaking news we first broight
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you on good morning maryland. a sykesville man is dead and the allege ed gunman is behind bars after a shooting outside a carroll county bar last night. it happened after midnight outside the cheers lounge on liberty road. jeff hager joins us now with more on the arrest. >> the shooting came outside the lounge with no warning and no apparent provocation, as a group of people stepped outside to smoke during open mic night. 24-year-old jacob ber cher of westminster pulled out a handgun and fired in to the crowd killing a man and injuring another. ber cher was new to the lounge, the workers held on to a credit card to run a tab and that's how investigators ultimately tracked him down. >> the troopers were able to talk to the suspect on the phone. he surrendered to police after 7:00. >> the man killed is identified
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as 36-year-old david garrett. the second victim was medevaced to shock trauma and suffered a gunshot wound to the arm and expected to survive. jeff hager, abc2 news. baltimore county police identified the man who was shot and killed by officers this morning in reisterstown. roomed melvin cox was shot and killed during the execution of a search warrant. officers say they went in to an upstairs bedroom of a home on high meadow and cox swung a sword at one of them. police say the officer opened fire to stop the attack and hit cox, his body has been taken for an autopsy. the officer is a 17 year veteran and on routine administrative leave while the shooting is investigated. a massive fire in montgomery county forced dozens of people out of their homes. it happened in burtonsville. 17 people had to be rescued
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during the fire which may have started from an electric short from a ground floor apartment and spread up to the higher floor about 100 firefighters responded. 70 people displaced as a result of this. around the nation starts in southwest texas, storms caused flooding problems. high waters stranded cars and drivers, one man stood on the roof of his car to stay drive after getting stuck. the storms caused thousands in the area to lose power and relief is not expected soon. the national weather service is forecasting more rain over the next couple of days. what was supposed to be a fun peaceful evening turned violent in los angeles. during the art walk event, protesters clashed with police , the protesters chalked the street that was in defiance of a police order not too but things became violent when the
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demonstrators began throwing cans n?ms:eátááhbottles. >> i was just here for art walk. i walked towards the group of people and i saw the police and turned around because i don't want to get in trouble. >> 20 people were arrested. the fallout continues from the report in to a massive cover up at penn state university. how some believe the sex abuse scandal will taint coach joe paterno's legacy. forget made in the u.s.a., at least when it comes to the uniforms our olympians are supposed to wear.
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made in china, as karen traverse reports, athletes and politicians are outraged. >> reporter: competing for america, the u.s. olympic team, should they wear uniforms made in america? they will sport the red, white and blue uniforms by ralph loren. from head to toe, it's all made overseas. >> made in china. >> china. >> reporter: outrage from coast to coast. athletes are scratching heads. nick simmons twitted abc news, outsourcing will always be a part of the global economy but the ceremony outfits? that seems wrong. >> i think they should take the influence, put them in a big pile and burn them and start over again. >> they should know better.
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>> reporter: more than just the athletes uniforms, if all the merchandise was made in america, analysts say keep $1 billion in the country, create countless jobs. ohio democrats sharon brown says the factory in his state could crank out new clothing before the olympics. >> they can make the blazers in the next ten days, get them to london in time for our athletes. >> reporter: with the u.s. olympic committee -- would the u.s. olympic committee consider it? >> they are made by an iconic american company that brings your team to the london games and our team gets there because of the support. >> reporter: the spokesman called the controversy nonsense. so far ralph loren declined to comment. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, the forecast certified most accurate. >> outside, a beautiful afternoon, we had a lot more in
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the way of cloud coverage in comparison to yesterday. it's a packed house. it's probably tough to get a table downtown. fed decent amount of clear skies. we had a spot shower that came through the area this afternoon. manchester getting ready for the big season, big football season and all conditions look pretty good out there. over to deep creek if you are going to go towards deep creek, jet skiing this weekend, looking pretty good right now. he is what is going on temperature wise, 87 in town. we had cooler air out towards the west, that's because of the rain, 78 hagerstown, easton 86. 85 dover. the dew point map, we have been looking at this all week. 59-degree dew point. out to the west, notice the dew point values coming up, 66 frederick. 66 hagerstown, that's the warmer and more humid air that's going to arrive by
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tonight. 89 we got to bwi, that's one above the normal stat of the daytime high of 88, that will stay in the books for a year. that was 97 set back in 1909. maryland's most powerful, nothing over the city limits, towards the west, notice the showers along the pennsylvania- maryland line, western maryland seeing the showers, then you go about 200 miles to the south and west, all of west virginia seeing rain showers. spotty showers and no thunderstorms to speak of. here are the clouds, they are in place again for tonight. that reflects in the planner. 8:00, 83 degrees. down to 77 degrees around 11:00. there could be spotty showers that tries to develop by tomorrow morning. 74, more humid air, and on our way for 8 87. stationary front separating the humid hot air to the south. cooler more stable air to the north. it's trying to wobble north, we are seeing the scattered showers. that will be with us as we head
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in to the next 24 hours. this is a very slow moving thump but this will override the drier air on top of us now and soupy air. shower or thunderstorm tomorrow and going in to sunday, the indications are, saturday might be the weather of the next two days. 85 new york city. here is the school cool spot with the rain. west towards the mississippi river, beyond that to oklahoma city, 96 degrees, a day in to the 90s. that is the heat that moves in by early next week. we are forecasting heat and humidity next week. future trend showing us tomorrow, scattered showers, time line in to tomorrow afternoon. 8 7- 90 will do it. this is not picking up on the shower or thunderstorm threat but a chance we will be watching. a shot of showers and storms come in as we head in to sunday with temperatures running in to the 90s. a big game down at camden yards for tonight. first pitch 7:05, temperatures in to the 80s.
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87, to 85 degrees first pitch, first inning. walking out of the park at 78. just clouds, not dealing with precip. overnight temperature, 72, mostly cloudy, late shower or thunderstorm possible. headlining that towards the dawn hours saturday. seven-day forecast, again, heat and humidity come back. 88 to 91 on sunday. you love that humidity and heat. 94 on monday. could be isolated shower or thunderstorm. tuesday and wednesday 96 degrees. >> it was going so well for you. we had nice weather. you got to ruin everything. >> every time i work i bring the extreme, tornados, the heat. i was here in 2010, it was 100 and like 700,000 degrees. >> you had bad weather genes. it's like a bad break up. switching gears tonight on
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2020, vacation can be so much fun, at least when they are not ruined by the weather. shopping for the perfect place to say. easy for the hotel business to rip you off. hotel review website, uncovers the tricks of the trade, rooms full of cover on the website, that turn out a little warn and gray in person. here is the moe of all photos, the website for this polish hotel shows a peaceful flower covered inn. we want to show you the blue sky view and inviting sunset. when 2020 arrived, they found nothing cozy about it. this little gem is on a noisy street. the cooling tower and smokestacks of a huge power plant. chris cuomo investigates during a 2020, 2 hour abc special, vacation confidential, tonight at 9:00, followed by abc2 news
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at 11:00. could there be a way to lose weight without dieting, that sounds like an incredible story. the results of a new experimental drug, how and why doctors think it could work. this next story stings, find out how to minimize the pain of a bee sting.
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a health alert for you tonight, a new experimental drug maybe able to trick your body in to losing weight. researchers tested mice and learned the drug turned their schedules upside down. the mice that received the drug couldn't figure out the difference between day and night, became less active but lost weight. the changes were not due to
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eating less but due to the metabolic changes that caused them to burn more energy. good news if you take some of the most popular drugs on the market, they maybe more affordable. ims health says ten drugs including singular, plavix and boniva will be available by the end of the year in generic. the patents will expire. you are not the only one that wins, this will also help businesses and government funded health care programs that help to pay for the medications. bee stings are a big summer problem, there are things you can do to minimize the pain if it happens. the best advice, get the stinger out as fast as possible. parents need to lookout for a possible allergic reaction. >> you might notice local swelling, then swelling around your mouth. you have to pay close attention to whether the child is able to speak clearly, breathing, sometimes they drool if they
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are nonverbal. >> if your child is showing signs of an allergic reaction, it's important to get right to the hospital. one look at the lawn, you know we need rain. your landscaping isn't the only thing taking a hit as we near potential drought conditions. breast-feeding in a kiddy pool gets a mom in hot water. what other moms did to show support and get the park to apologize. two chimps become dangerous fugitives, they look adorable but put a neighborhood on lockdown. we will show you where it happened.
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getting you up to the minute on the top storys. arundel police will be cracking
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down on distracted drivers, especially those who are texting. since the texting while driving law went in to effect last october, only 22 tickets were issued but that will change. a westminster man is in jail tonight after maryland state police say he shot two men kill killing one of them. police say jacob ber cher shot and killed david garrett of sykesville. the second victim is expected to be okay. a baltimore county officer is on routine paid administrative leave after shooting and killing a sword swinging man. it happened on high meadow road in reisterstown last night. officers were serving a warrant related to attempted murder case when police say ronald cox jr. swung a sword at an officer. the fallout continues after the release of a scathing internal penn state investigation report. the report revealed a cover up
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in the jerry sandusky sexual abuse scandal at the highest levels in the penn state football program and the university. because of what that report revealed about when long time head coach joe paterno knew, nike will remove paterno's name from the child care center. >> there are calls today from bobby -- to pull down the statute of joe paterno. what do you think of that? >> that's a penn state community matter. the penn state community will address it in due time. we know my feeling for joe coach paterno, i think it should stay. >> there are calls to suspend the football program. >> i have no comment on that. >> whatever happens with the statute the fallout is just beginning. the university has already spent more than


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